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Out tomorrow :-)

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Hier ein paar Eindrücke unserer letzten orchesterfahrt 🎺 🎻 Die Registerproben liefen klasse und danach wurde immer schön im See gebadet 🌊 wie sich das gehört, nach getaner Arbeit! 😊 für Lehrer und Schüler ist dieses Wochenende immer ein riesiger Spaß, wir lernen viel und machen auch ein bisschen Quatsch. lookingforwardtonextyear 😍 🎶 . Was ist euer liebster Ort für eine workation ??? orchester jugendorchester registerprobe probe rehearsaltime youthorchestra musikschule tomatenklang musikmitkindern musikfürkinder berlinmitkind berlinmitkindern kulturmitkind berlinkultur jso berlinmusic behindthescenes berlinmusician füreltern fürkinder musikmachtspaß trompete saxophon querflöte cello geige kommtmit

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kieran timbrell’s ‘sweelinck’

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So it happened! My first ever electronic music gig, first ever live modular gig and first time I was on stage alone and with no backup, was quite stressed out 😅 but it was a blast to play! Massive thanks to highwiresberlin for the opportunity to play out! 🤗 My setup with the mixer and pedals is not the most convenient thing in the world, would be easier if I were able to keep it all in the rack, or maybe a mixing+FX skiff. Did anyone of you guys get rid of an external mixer at some point, and what did you do? Full recording posted up on youtube, check it out via the link in bio if you like berlinmusic berlinmusician berlinelectronicmusic berlinelectronicmusician liveelectronicmusic livetechno modulartechno analogsynth berlinparty berlinrave clubkultur berlinnight berlintechno liveelectronics synthmusic analogmusic liveperformance eurorack modular elektron digitakt digitakting acidtechno darktechno livemusic sampling samples synthjam hardwarejam plaits

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i‘ve been locked in my room writing music for the last weeks of summer but honestly i‘ve never been more excited about new songs in my life 😭 sacrificing short term fun for long term growth is always worth it right fam?🧝🏻‍♀️ thanks for snapping this pic egyptian_kitten_ 🐱

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Yaay, my vlogging skills are improving 🍦behind the scenes of ROO ROO (link in bio)

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BIG NEWS! So happy to announce that I‘m part of kat_frankie‘s new project B O D I E S which is also gonna be my first Tour EVER! 🙌🏽🎉 ☁️ Presented by missymagazine, GALORE, diffusmagazin and bedroomdisco ☁️ ☁️ Tour Dates: 04.01.20 Berlin, RBB Sendesaal 06.01.20, Hamburg, Elbphilharmonie 09.01.20 Erfurt, Alte Oper 10.01.20 Leipzig, Peterskirche 11.01.20 Dortmund, Konzerthaus Dortmund Video by smallsessions ☁️ ☁️ musicians concert livemusic artist berlinmusic berlinmusician musicianslife singersongwriter musicartist musik musikerin sängerin musicwasmyfirstlove neuemusik elbphilharmonie hamburg dortmund leipzig erfurt berlin katfrankie

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Holy cow, what a night it was! Massive shout out to highwiresberlin and defriez for making it happen, and to all the artists who set the bar so high, I was genuinely shy to go on with my bleepy loopy techno, had a blast playing still! And to all the people and friends who came by mad props as well. Greatest vibes ever! I'd like to present to you all the fine folks who were playing that night, check their music out! Will put up the video of my set a tad later berlinmusic berlinmusician berlinelectronicmusic berlinelectronicmusician liveelectronicmusic livetechno modulartechno analogsynth berlinparty berlinrave clubkultur berlinnight berlintechno droneambient liveelectronics synthmusic analogmusic liveperformance eurorack modular elektron ambient darktechno livemusic sampling samples synthjam hardwarejam

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On Saturday I had a great time playing a special psychedelic set in the park for my friend aleinnany 's birthday! The weather was perfect. Music was wild. And the people were awesome! 🤩 oh, I had a cancelation the first weekend in September, so I'm available if u need a substitute. Also still a couple dates in October available. Book me🐒 Berlin chimpinaround clubkid berlinmusician queermusician

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Much like everyone else it seems, I've been going through some pretty major life changes this year, which in the past few weeks has eaten up a lot of my time and energy that would have otherwise gone to music, so thats why its been so quiet around herebut i am slowly easing my way back into it, wrote my first new song in some months the other day! This is the first part of it! Unusually folky for me these days, but sometimes you don't really have a whole lot of control over how they come out 🙃 . It's called 'Clementine's' and is about my first half of 2019, which included way too many way too drunk nights out, that all too often ended with me going home while others went to work (and a few times also with me going to work more or less straight from the bar 😅). "Two sets of hands working side by side Constantly questioning what we think is right And my heart beats faster even at the slightest hint of completion, I'm biding my time. Feel the light leave outside And come back up again, a mirror in your eyes We stumble home in the middle of the road Back among the living in the february cold" . workinprogress acousticguitar bedroomfolk newsong newmusic folkpop songwriting singersongwriter alternativefolk songsfromtheheart berlinmusician berlinmusic unsignedartist

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A Tree Audio Roots console at The Famous Gold Watch Studio in Berlin. Repost thefamousgoldwatch ( get_repost) ・・・ Bands, artists and musicians! Need top quality EP/Album recordings but at a low budget? Need help producing/composing/arranging your record? We're here to help you and taking bookings for November and December The Famous Gold Watch - professional recording, writing and production studio in Berlin ep albumrecording music musicalbum recordingstudio recording musicstudio berlin mixingstudio producer sound soundengineer musician berlinmusician composing arranging record recordlabel song songwriter recordingstudios guitarrecording pianorecording voicerecording guitar bass drums recordingdrums tree_audio

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ON YOUR MIND - „I See What‘s Meant To Be“ Song number three is all about laying everything out on the table without getting anything back really. I always struggle to write songs that are more upbeat but somehow this one turned out to be just that, but with rather sad lyrics. I‘m still in the learning process and very much looking forward to the day I‘ll be able to write an all in all happy song! 🌝 ALBUM OUT SEPTEMBER 13TH 📸: thomaskuhnph ——————————————— thirdsong whenwillieverlearn musicinthemaking berlinmusician berlinmusicscene songsandstories songwritingtime musiciansdaily musikerportrait femalportrait songsandlyrics blackandwhitephotographyoftheday

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Hey ihr Lieben, diese Woche Sonntag von 18:00-21:00 Uhr findet endlich unsere „offene Bühne" statt☀️😍🎸 Ob Jung oder Alt, Tanz oder Theater, Musik und Lyrik, Zauberei und Magie bei uns könnt ihr Euren Talenten freien Lauf lassen und zu einem tollen Abend im KREATIVHAUS beitragen oder zum Zuhören und Zuschauen vorbei kommen😊🎶 Wir freuen uns auf die fantastischen Künstler, die sich bisher angemeldet haben und auf zahlreiches Publikum😋 . Kommt vorbei, wir freuen uns auf Euch🎤😄 meinberlin berlinart berlingram berlinblogger berlinmusic berlinmusician fun berlinerleben berlinberlin mamaberlin mamablogger papablogger instaberlin spreeliebe zauberei musiclove comedy berlinmitte mitte berlinbühnen offenebühne berlinsound berlinberlin berlinplaces berlindancer berlinmoments berlinsummer berlininstagram

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Preprod 2018 Giving mscbln a hard time on upon a mess. 😬🤛We worked about a year on that song. You‘ll be surprised what alternate versions we had on this onebut for now we gonna keep them. be sure, mscbln will present you some ideas on this one, that may appear on our next album. omnisphere framus line6helix allenheath daddariostrings progressiverock prog analogueconsole logicpro nativeinstruments arturia kemperamps marshallamplification karnivool uponamess arcaneroots oddrythm drumfill oddgrooves electroharmonix bosseffectspedals rockcity berlinmusic berlinmusician

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Happy Birthday to this epic human being As an early childcare teacher, Nico is that friend who always has great insight on how to deal with conflict and get along with others. Thank you for always being there for me and your friends! I can’t imagine life without you and look forward to the conversations, experiences and music to come. Life is good and a lot more hilarious with you in it! See you later 💜 Peace, love, and porridge, Nate natebernardini berlin berlinmusic berlinmusician berlinband originalmusic independentmusic berlinart berlinvibes dance groove berlincity berlinbased songwriter singersongwriter unsigned friends thankful daslebenistschön

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Still dizzy from your last weekend? Then we are here to help! 🤸‍♀️ Come see us at tomorrow at 21:00 at sodaclubberlin for popkulturberlin. And no you can not say it's too expensive, it's free! whatmovesyou soifsauvage music electronicmusic pop photograph musicberlin indiemusic berlin band madeinberlin musician album musicproducer singer art musiciansofinstagram videoclip live concert popmusic musicianofinstagram piano berlinmusic berlinmusician indieartist songwriter berliner livesession musicband

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This is the application that I practice with 🎼 On this video I'm practicing Schumann Romances ( 1 - Nicht Schnell) Hope you will enjoy it! ❤️ About this App 👇🏻 It's wonderful to practice with it! It's not only for oboists. You can always play with accompaniment (orchestral or piano depending from piece) and change tempo which will be comfortable for you! Application is for all devices so you can practice with your phone, laptop or tablet wherever you are 🌴 If you wanna check this app and get 30 days for free follow instructions 👇🏻❤️ 1. Visit (link in bio!), then click on "Go Premium" on the top part of the page. 2. Select the monthly or the yearly subscription offer. 3. Register and create your account. 4. Enter the promocode MIELNIK19 and fill your details.  You will have unlimited free access to the whole Tomplay catalogue for 30 days! IplaywithTomplay tomplayapp oboe oboelife oboereed oboeplayer oboereeds frankfurtammain sheetmusic classicalmusicdaily classicalmusicians weloveclassicalmusic classicalmusiclover classicalmusician classicalmusic igersfrankfurt frankfurtammain musicianlife instamusicians berlinmusician dailymusicians motovation musiciansofig instaclassical practicemakesbetter musiciansofinstagram fluteplayer flute woodwinds woodwind frankfurtliebe

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I wrote ‘Bright Blue Skies’ for the band project ‘The One Day Fly’ ( theonedayfly) six years ago. I used to play it all the time, but we haven’t played as a band since I moved to Berlin nearly two years ago. This Saturday, however, I’m happy to announce that all four members are reuniting and playing in Senftenberg. To prepare, I’ve been blowing the dust off these old songs and getting them ready to see the light of day again. It’s been a long time, friend. It’s been a long time Peace, love, and porridge, Nate Original Song: Bright Blue Skies by . The One Day Fly (on Spotify) . natebernardini berlin berlinmusic berlinmusician originalmusic independentmusic berlinart berlinvibes dance groove berlincity berlinbased songwriter singersongwriter unsigned theonedayfly brightblueskies shadow sunlight window acousticguitar daylight summer

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Today the sky was pink for me! Doesn’t matter that it was just in my imagination🔮 I decided to not sit in the corner like Baby in Dirty Dancing. So, i will have news for you soon! Meanwhile you can already meet my Spotify account 🧬🧬🧬 Stay tuned! Have a beautiful pinkie evenings 👛 pinkie pink singersongwriter berlinmusic womenartist dirtydancing redhair berlinmusician berlinphotographer tempelhoferfeld musician photography raisingwomen therapist

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WE MOVED TO BERLIN! LET’S CELEBRATE Hi friends, . We have some special news We were a bit silent for the last few months, mainly because of preparations of our big move, which finally happened Starting from August 2019 we are officially operating from Berlin, Germany. Now it’s time for a new chapter And since for us it’s quite a special moment, we decided to celebrate it with a big and long sale -50% OFF ON ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING TAKE IT ALL! CLEAR OUR SHELVES! UPDATE YOUR KVITNU COLLECTION! BUY A PRESENT FOR SOMEONE YOU LOVE! AND LET’S MOVE FORWARD WITH THE NEW MUSIC ON CHECK-OUT USE CODE WORD: KVITNU_BERLIN . SALE ENDS ON 4TH OF SEPTEMBER . Yours, Kvitnu kvitnu kvitnurecords dmytrofedorenko kotra zavoloka sturqen experimentalmusic plastermusic berlintechno noisemusic techno noise clusterlizard berlinmusician berlinlabel berlinunderground undergroundberlin darktechno darkambientmusic modularsynth modularsynthesizer

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Practicing with a metronome is important. But playing along to my favourite songs is kind of the same AND more fun, right? Today's selection is "Dance-A-Thon 2005" by electricsix1, a great band that I've been following for a very long time now ⚡♥️. Still putting in all the effort to get that double bass stuff running for the next haven_noise show on 28.9 at nukeclub 🤪🐌 berlindrummer practicefailrepeat electricsix senorsmoke samsuncymbals samsuncymbalsgermany ijustwannaplay vatersticks vaterdrumsticks drumordie drumaroundtheclock doublebassdrum pearleliminatorredline berlinmusician drumpractice yamahadrumsofficial yamahadrums berlinmusician berlinmetal haltsmaulhashtag

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To listen fully, follow the link in my bio▶️ For this song I merged to rather gloomy poems. You can find the originals amongst my earlier posts. The picture I took one Christmas Eve on the Baltic Sea. recorded with GarageBand on my iPad voice/guitar - me drums and all other instruments me from GarageBand musicpoetry poetrysinging singersongwriter singersongwriters communityofpoets electropop singersofinstagram poetsofinstagram sadsongs folkpop femalesingersongwriter mindfulmusic igsingers instasinger acousticguitar acoustic garagebandmusic starsuncovered starmusicians songsaboutlife electropopmusic electronicmusic minimalmusic folkmusic folkmusician folkmusicians indiefolk indiefolkmusic berlinmusic berlinmusician

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What a wonderful experience being up in Inverness with some amazing folk musicians. Huge thanks to nickymurray93 and Chloe for hosting us and sharing songs from all over the world. sofarinverness

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Hope you’re having a fun Saturday! I’m currently babysitting. Whenever the go to sleep, I play piano downstairs and practice my songs on another instrument. It’s great having a job that allows me to practice music at the same time. The are a lot of fun to be around, too :) I’ve been their babysitter for almost two years! It’s wild how time flies. Anyways, have a good night! I’m still waiting for the parents to come home 🕰 Peace, love, and porridge, Nate Original song: Unconditional natebernardini berlin berlinmusic berlinmusician berlinband originalmusic independentmusic berlinart berlinvibes dance groove berlincity berlinbased songwriter singersongwriter unsigned piano lovesong babysitting practice klavier