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2 days ago

Blessed to call this guy a friend! He and his family have supported rubyjeansjuicery since day one! The “Berry Strong” will forever be a staple on our menu Excited to see what his future holds! synergy berrystrong

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My new thing since people are good at defending rear naked chokes. But it’s a secret.

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Back in 1919 when I first invented deep half and footlocks

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E pra fechar fileirinha, olhos fechados e esse penteado top feito pela espacomazulavras arraste e confira! 😉 . Modelo: _jessysc ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 💄 Curso Automaquiagem 💄 Curso Profissional 💄 Produção para: Noiva, Madrinha, Formandas, Debutante, Convidadas 💄 Produtos Mary Kay 💄 Atendimento com hora marcada 💄 Atendimento com exclusividade 📲Agendamentos pelo telefone! *(35) 99245-4549* maquiagem make makeuptutorial maquiadoro maquiando maquiar maquiagem_insta cores verdinho batom batomescuro berrystrong penteados cabelos ufla formatura

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My lovely view in room 53. The last two days been interesting. I had a bit of fever that led my team to believe that the bottom part of my lungs was not inflating correctly. Once the fever was under control I was still unable to take very deep breaths and my incision site plus my right shoulder have had a lot of pain. They ordered a CT which was supposed to be completed in the am and didn’t get done until after 4 hangry. That CT showed a pocket of fluid between my liver and my diaphragm. The next morning I was scheduled for a CT guided draining of this fluid and placing a new drain if it was needed. This again wasn’t performed until after 4pm hangry. They found some blood in that fluid and my hemoglobin was down so last night I had a blood transfusion. Throughout this whole process my left leg has become swollen with a pins and needles feeling. Things seem very complicated now but I do have trust in my team. I’m not sure when I’ll be home at this point but I’m ok staying here as long as they are continuing to find/fix these issues. Just thought I’d hop on and share an update. teamshiray berrystrong NoOneFightsAlone fightcrc mCRC liverresection stageIV COLONCACNERSUCKS brokencolonstillrollin shutupliveryourefine

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Successful day of training and prep for our meetings on the Hill tomorrow. What an amazing group of determined women! I am so blessed to be a part of it all Now off to the head shaving event on Capitol Hill where almost 30 moms will go bald to raise money for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation! Please consider texting STBALDRICKS to 52886 and let your local lawmaker know childhood cancer funding needs to be a priority! berrystrong morethan4 doitforcaroline rhabdomyosarcoma STBALDRICKS childhoodcancerawareness 46Mommas berrystrongfoundation STARAct PCHETA jointhefight berrystrongforever sweetcaroline

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Bring the heat tourney was a success. Great turnout. Got some great shots.

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No jardim sem cores, no tempo dará flores. Se plantei chorando, sorrindo eu vou voltar. 🎶❤️🙏🌻 (Só para mostrar uma das minhas novas armações 😍) kkkk . cachosdefinidos cachosestilosos cabelocrespo curls curly curlyhair cachosbr cachos cachinhos cabelocurto cachoscute cachosnacachola cachosbra intimasdaray instamoment boanoite goodnight makeup lipstick marykay happynewyear felizanonovo meucrespo crespocacheado makeup bocarosa make makeparanegras berrystrong marcelatais

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I regret to inform everyone that I am switching gyms. It’s been a blast but it’s time to move forward. At least until school is back in and the police tell me stop hanging around.

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My 1st Club Championships was a success. 1st place 800m with a new PR and 2nd place 1500m with new PR. I fought through challenges that came my way and I am proud of myself. NEXT UP JUNIOR OLYMPICS and I WILL BE STRONGER AND FASTER meant2move roadtogreensboro youthrunner igers likesforlikes followsforfollows mzanaiahlator anaiahberry beastmodebarbie track trackirlmagic tracknation futureolympian trackislife spww Berrystrong beastmode trackgirlsrock trackmoms weareaau aautrackam Thendfield sportzpicz trackmomspromo anaiahilate sheplayswewin anaiahlator walkitlikeitalkit

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655.7 m2 American record squat 435.2 m2 American record bench 567.5 deadlift 1658.4 m2 American record total Thanks to the whole jebens.plc.official Family! It was a rough go of it but we executed our plan and hit some good lifts. Made some new friends and saw some old ones.

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I am so excited and humbled to be leaving tomorrow morning headed to Washington, D.C. to advocate for childhood cancer with St. Baldrick's and the 46 Mommas. We will be meeting with members of Congress to advocate for increased funding for childhood cancer research and the funding of the STAR Act. My heart is overwhelmed with so many emotions tonight as I finish packing. Will I have the strength to share Caroline's story, will I find the right words to make a powerful impact, and most importantly would Caroline be proud of me? I made a promise to my sweet girl to finish the work that she started and I pray every day that I'm doing all she would want me to do to raise awareness and funding. A lot of sleepless nights thinking of ideas and ways to make our first event a success. I'm tired and stressed but it's all I can think about doing. I don't want to fail, I can't! I lost my sweet girl and the pain is unbearable most days but that is why I do what I do and I will never quit fighting! berrystrong morethan4 sweetcaroline stbaldricks childhoodcancerawareness 46mommas rhabdomyosarcoma berrystrongfoundation gogold endchildhoodcancer berrystrongforever

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Annual “bring the heat” jiu jitsu tournament today at cmc. Great turnout. I’m really happy with the . They did so well. So much improvement from all of them. Most importantly, great sportsmanship.

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Die Mittagspause versüße ich mir heute mit den Früchten aus meinem Garten 😊 von (Wald)Erdbeere, über Blaubeere, Josta und schwarzen und roten Johannisbeeren ist alles dabei. Dazu mein Lieblings Katzenkalender von busse_cat_art ann_kathrin_busse 💜 was will man mehr (hiermit als Werbung gekennzeichnet aufgrund Verlinkungen?👏👏The lunch break I sweeten today with the fruits from my garden 😊 of (forest) strawberry, on blueberry, josta and black and red currants is all there. My favorite cat calendar from busse_cat_art ann_kathrin_busse 💜 what more could you want stephysgartentraum beerenzeit eigeneernte gartenliebe gartenzeit gardening gardenfruit berrystrong beeren berrys

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🎞NFL HIGHLIGHT REEL🎞 • Eric Berry, S (Kansas City Chiefs) • In just the last decade of sports, we’ve seen a historic 28-3 comeback in the Super Bowl by the New England Patriots, a legendary 3-1 NBA Finals comeback by the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James, and we’ve seen countless stories of insipration and determination. However, none surpass that of Eric Berry’s. Eric Berry was long considered the best in the league at his position and had made 3 Pro Bowls, and one All-Pro team in his first four years. Then, tragedy struck and Berry was diagnosed with cancer. Many prayed for Berry and a speedy recovery as Berry even stated some nights he was scared he wouldn’t wake up the next morning. However, Berry came back and completed one of the hardest accomplishments out there: he beat cancer. Berry would later come back to make two conescutive All-Pro teams and win the Comeback Player of the Year award. Every day, Berry serves as a reminder to thousands what pure courage and strength looks like. Eric Berry will always be remembered if not for his play on field but his strength off of it. To many, Berry is a legend that will never be forgotten. • Everypne tag stunt4president in the comments! Let’s get him to see this 😤 • © Copyright disclaimer: Although the highlight reel is an original creation of my own, the NFL holds any and all rights to the footage contained in it. No copyright infringement intended. • chiefs chiefskingdom arrowhead chiefsnation kansascitychiefsfootball chiefs4life berrystrong ericberry comeback comebackplayeroftheyear afc afcwest ericberrystrong dbnation strong hero football footballedits highlights nflhighlights inspiration legend nfl explorepage explore theprimetake

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Monkey grip! 1x2 50 and 3x1 70 for week two of the chin-up progression. Hard to believe I was at 105 for a single rep last year. Hopefully fighting in October so I’ll be back over 100 by then!

1 week ago

Labial Líquido Mate Mary Kay At Play

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¡¡Holaaaaa chicas buenos días☀️ malejandraperezr nos comparte su makeup básico para el dia a dia usando nuestros productos ctgmarykay (usa los colores que desees) ¡CONOCE SUS 10 PASOS SÚPER FÁCILES! ✍🏼 1. Primer o prebase con factor de protección solar 15. Gel ligero que absorbe la grasa y reduce la apariencia de lineas, arrugas y poros- Aplícatelo con tus manos limpias 2. Base mate Mary Kay at play, cobertura ligera que brinda a la piel un acabado mate perfecto para tu día a día y además te ayuda a controlar grasa y brillo; perfecta para todo tipo de piel. - Aplícalo con una brocha lengua de gato 3. Polvo compacto Mary Kay, mantiene fijo el maquillaje y con sus propiedades difusoras de luz suaviza las imperfecciones - Aplícalo con un brocha para polvos Mary kay 4. Polvo Contorno de Rostro Latte acabado mate, Es sedoso, ligero y se desliza de manera uniforme - Aplícalo con una brocha para rubor Mary Kay de la parte superior donde comienza tu oreja, difuminándolo casi hasta llegar a la boca, en el tabique de tu nariz y en la zona baja de tu rostro (papada) 5. Rubor compacto Chromafusion en el tono Desert rose, dale un toque de naturalidad a tu rostro con este bello rubor - Aplícalo con una brocha de rubor Mary Kay en la zona central de tus pómulos difuminando diagonalmente hasta la zona superior del inicio de tu oreja 6. Iluminador para rostro Chromafusion en el tono Glazed, aporta luz a tu rostro resaltando esos puntos altos - Aplícalo con la brocha para rubor en la parte superior con forma de abanico (brocha con 3 funciones) 7. Delineador en plumón para ojos, su punta de alta precisión y anti-goteó, se desliza fácilmente brindando un color intenso y de alta definición 8. Pestañina lash love Lengtheing, Pestañas largas, fuertes y separadas 9. Labial líquido mate Mary Kay at play en el tono Berry Strong, su fórmula espectacular brinda un acabado mate impecable, se desliza fácilmente sobre los labios dejando una cobertura intensa 10. LLEVA TU MEJOR ACTITUD. Esto es lo más importante. Besos💄😘 Accesorios de: alquilerdevestidosmana . ctgmarykay maquillajemarykay marykaycartagena berrystrong rubor deli