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🏜 در سر من چیزی نیست بجز چرخش ذرات غلیظ سرخ وَ نگاهم مثل یک حرف دروغ شرمگینست و فرو افتاده من به یک 🌙 مى اندیشم من به حرفی در شعر من به یک چشمه میاندیشم من به وهمی در خاک من به بوی غنی گندمزار من به افسانه ى نان من به معصومیت بازی ها و به آن کوچه ى باریک دراز که پر از عطر درختان اقاقی بود من به بیداری تلخی که پس ازبازی و به بهتی که پس از کوچه و به خالی طویلی که پس از عطر اقاقی ها سخنى بايد گفت بخشى از شعرِ در غروبى ابدى از فروغ_فرخزاد ❤️

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Aprender, partilhar, compreender, cultivar, enriquecer. Florir com pessoas que nos fazem largar rótulos, pessoas que nos fazem sentir em casa no outro lado do mundo, pessoas com menos que nos dão mais - trocas e simbioses na sua mais perfeita harmonia. Na verdade, a vida irá trazer-nos dores e angústias só por si, a nossa responsabilidade é criar um pouco de alegria. Learn, share, understand, cultivate, enrich. Bloom with people who make us drop labels, people who make us feel at home on the other side of the world, people with less that give us more - exchanges and symbioses in their most perfect harmony. In fact, life will bring us pain and anger all by itself, our responsibility is to create a little joy. Tuapamdula [obrigada] Província de Malanje, Angola africa abandoned_excellence explorers natgeoadventure natgeocreative natgeohub africanprints travel travelphotographer worldtravel travelblogger igersoftheday travelculture igers globalcapture bestcapture igworldclub_landscape natures photooftheday natgeoyourshot exploreeverything exploreafrica exploreeverywhere travelgram travelphotography travelstory portrait portrait_vision portrait_mood

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📸 credit 👉 chimarrao_paixaoqueaproxima Mate most likely is a unrevealed magic infusion outside Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay. With the first time the novice likes the mate tea promptly or wonders what this hulk juice is ❌ If you don't like getting featured or reposted 👉 please DM Repost eve_kolberg ( get_repost) ・・・ amazing bestcapture bah chimarreandopelomundo meumate chimarrao_br canalvoce turismonosul suldobrasil mtur igers ig_riograndedosul_ rsnalente gauchoviajante interiorgaucho

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Happiness, peace, no sufferings. Prayer wheels at Tibetan Refugee Centre An old man walked up to me and asked, don't you want to spin the prayer wheels? But I don't know the mantra, I said. He said 3 words - happiness, peace, no sufferings. 🙏🏻♥️ prayerwheel ig_bestshots tibetanrefugeecentre sikkim northeast bestoftheday peaceofmind peaceful prayerwheels excellentshots bestcapture pray photo photography bestpicture instagram ig ig_color igdaily india nature_good india_everyday india_clicks india_gram follow4like followtofollow backpacksetgo

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जिस उम्र में हम कंचे गिना करते थे उस उम्र में ये चवन्नी अट्ठनी गिना करता है। निपट भयंकर एक शर्मिला लड़का -सोनू। portraitofaboy photography tbt bestcapture bio kid lifephotography instagood instagpod supertalent shy inspiration motivation idle career shyness sandeepvizantaphotography portraits portraitphotography portrait instaportrait profile portraitphotographer indiapictures business artist art artphotography candidphotography nikonindiaofficial nikonasia