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One Of My Favorite Quotes By etthehiphoppreacher Is "I Don't Care If You're A Gazelle Or A Lion,  When The Sun Is Up! You Better Get To Running!"🏃🏾‍♂️💨 Todays Workout Was All About Burning Calories & Fat. warriordash I'm Coming To Become A Epic Warrior 🦸🏾‍♂️ 💪🏾Background Music 🎧 By nipseyhussle 🎶 Last Time I Checc'd 🎶 evogen allmaxnutrition gnclivewell nutrishop tlmresearch xtend beyondraw prosupps cellucor bpisports vpx optimumnutrition rsp blackstonelabs questnutrition lennyandlarrys savagerace spartanrace warriordash toughmudder ebonyfitness fitchicksrock fitspo beastmode beardgang gainscity 24hourfitness beatsbydre thickfit ripnipseyhussle 🧧Treadmill Incline Fast Walk 30 Minutes,1.88 Miles,678 Calories 🧧Seated Close Grip Cable Pull 130 Pounds 2x18 Reps 145 Pounds 2x16 Reps 160 Pounds 2x14 Reps 175 Pounds 2x12 Reps 205 Pounds Til Failure 🧧Iso-Lateral Side Lat PullDown 181 Pounds 2x20 Reps 201 Pounds 2x18 Reps 🧧Barbell Bent Over Row[🎥] 135 Pounds 3x8-12 Reps Super Set Barbell Military Press[🎥] 135 Pounds 3x8-12 Reps Super Set Barbell Squats[🎥] 135 Pounds 3x8-12 Reps 🧧Cable Rope Triceps Pushdowns 100 Pounds 3x18 Reps Super Set Cable Rope Hammer Curls 100 Pounds 3x18 Reps 🧧Dumbbell Alternate Hammer Curls 30 Pounds 3x14 Reps Super Set SkiERG[🎥] 100 Meters 3 Sets 🧧Barbell Close Grip Bench Press 135 Pounds 3x25 Reps Super Set Dumbbell Palms Up Wrist Curls 30 Pounds 3x25 Reps 🧧Bench Press Hold With Flutter Kicks 135 Pounds 25 Reps 225 Pounds 20 Reps 🧧Treadmill Incline Fast Walk 17 Minutes 36 Seconds,1.11 Miles,522 Calories

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Music of the day goes to Ozomatli - yo Cumbia de Los muertos is legit one of my all time faves worked out with my trainer as I do also lately I’ve been taking beyondraw litpreworkout and I gotta say - on days I’m not feeling too into working out - this has helped I don’t drink it always - just when I’m feelin exhausted after work or on a day like today where I felt sluggish got through my workout and I felt 💪🏽👍🏽😬

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I dropped something

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“Girl don’t hang your head low, don’t you lose your halo.” 🎶😇 . Got a facial this morning from one of my besties, destroyed my back & Bi’s at the gym, picked the up from school and now it’s time to go play outside and enjoy this near 80° weather we’ve been blessed with 🥰☀️ . Happy Monday gnclivewell revfitness fitlife fitmom bootygains doitforthegains momswholift heath happiness liftheavy growbootygrow fitness growth imsore already fitnessmotivation womenwholift growbabygrow strength struggle perserverance mindset love faith positivity gnc LIT beyondraw

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Hey guys here’s a video of sandbag lunges/a sneak peek of a legs workout I’ll be sharing this week. I’m always trying new things to keep my body reacting and growing. If you want to see any specific exercises or workouts please contact me directly and I will help you! Get your supps at hilycordgnc and your training sessions with me! 🔥🔥🔥 paytonpersonaltraining legsday lunges sandbagworkout quadsworkout calves cincinnati nky ohio gymmotivation igfitness igfit fitspo beyondraw gnc underarmour asics gymmotivation bodybuilding bodybuildingmotivation cincygram fitnessmodel fitnessmotivation model beastmode personaltrainer vpx roguefitness

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セッション✨ セッション中のBCAA👍 アイスティーレモネード💛 試飲して好きな味✨ で納得購入🎶 . Hawaiiへ行った時に 色々と購入してました! 後は開封してからのお楽しみ😜 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ▪️ 🔸RIZAPでボディメイク中💪✨ ▪️ 🔸念願ホノルルマラソン2017・2018完走🌴 🔸大阪マラソン2018完走 🔸今年もフルマラソン挑戦❕ ▪️ 🔸Hula🌺頑張ってます🌴 ▪️ ▪️ 🔹diet🔹trainin🔹travel🔹hula🔹food🔹beauty ▪️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . . RIZAP rizap ライザップ パーソナルトレーニング 糖質制限 低糖質 ライザップごはん ライザップ中 ライザップ生活 ダイエット ボディメイク 美ボディ 美背中 胸活 美尻 美脚 筋トレ 筋肉 腹筋 bcaa beyondraw

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Had a great day of fitness thanks to cstabbs and kearneycrossfit. I honestly can't think of a better place to work out. The environment and atmosphere cannot be matched. I wore the vest for the entire workout Trevor and I did. I felt photogenic afterwards and took a cheesy photo. raizingainz beelite beyondraw crossfit Octobersunzoutgunzout ohhhyeah

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Today was a good Monday, I finally hit 405 without a belt. The only assistance I use is a belt, I have never worn knee sleeves or anything else. I trust all the coaches kearneycrossfit and believe in the programming. They have played huge roles into shaping the "athlete" I am today. I hope that I can keep improving, and I know I can count on them and the gym to continue to guide me. I also take side lessons from cstabbs lol. I am grateful for the gym, and the amazing community that comes with it. immortalsareforgedbyfortis beelite beyondraw crossfitcommunity alwaysimproving lifelonglearner crossfitbooty

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🤩 R E S T D A Y🤩 Hiya girlies & friends After my workout the other day i am taking a week needed rest day! Rest is very important in the process of getting fit and healthy! PRO TIP Resting should not be easy, laying in your bed or on the couch eating chips is not a useful way to rest your active body! Make sure when you’re resting you’re actively moving throughout the day with some stretching, or even a light yoga session! FUN FACT: after trying a few preworkouts i absolutely LOVVEE this combo, Beyond Raw Lit, Ivy Fireworks is my favorite 🤩🤩😻 Get me moving and motivated! Happy resting 🤩🥰💪🏽 beyondraw beyondrawlit planetfitness preworkout fitness fitnessmotivation fitnessgirl muscle rest recovery

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Soaked out from today’s chest workout. There’s times where I just come here to clear my mind and remember what life is all about, it’s about the relationships you make and the guidance you give. Some people wonder how they can leave a mark for others to remember, the answer to that is display yourself as an example. Be the example that everyone can benefit off of, learn off of, and carry off of to others. That’s all there is to it! Remember that every day is a new slate to either learn or teach, don’t let those days go to waste.🤙🏻🇺🇸 • • • • • • addidas beyondraw beyondrawpreworkout fitness fitnessmotivation gnc grind grindtogrind justkeepgrinding justkeepgoing killcliff keepgoing keepongrindin motivation nike noexcuses performix pushthelimits painistemporary staymotivated underarmour wheyprotein gruntstyle motivator 24hourfitness raiderproject molonlabe lifestyle lifestylefitness nfq

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I HAVE NOT RECORDED IN FOREVER I know I’m tripping but I’m back looking 🔥🔥🔥 I find something new every week that I wanna master but I’m still stuck on Calisthenics I love it ❤️ 197lbs of 💪🏾 GRINDTIME WTFISADAYOFF redcon1 beyondraw

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Weekend Work with nathan.lyons.351 - Go check out the YouTube video I just posted, multiple exercises and pad rounds with instruction! paytonpersonaltraining Make sure you slide through hilycordgnc if you need any workout or general nutrition products as well youtube boxingtraining legsworkout backworkout weekend training ohio cincinnati cincygram cincinnatifitness gains gym beyondraw underarmour titleboxing nky weekendworkout gymrat girlswholift fitgirl igfitness fitspo gymmotivation igfit beastmode personaltraining

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Another happy client I love changing lives, what’s more fulfilling than watching the appreciation on someone’s face when they love the work you put them through and they can already feel the change? I Love My Job Good Work no iG David 🦍🦍🦍• • • Gr8 aSc aStepCloser LoEG LeagueOfExtraOrdinaryGorillas Action Is The Bridge Between Dreams And Reality - BuildABridge 40IsTheNew20Fit FlyAgeless Black40PlusFit Life Living 40 IronAddicts GenerationIron NPC iFBB MrOlympia BeyondRaw BeyondRawCanada TenWater Nike MrOlympiaLLC bodybuildingcom teambodybuildingcom Nutrition Fitness Exercise HyCalTrophy

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Dont ever let anyone or anything tell you that your not good enough or that you cant become something youve always dreamed ofput in the work and make it happen you can do itonce you start noticing a difference you'll never want to go back to the thing you once werenever give up and never stop dreaming. neversatisfied nevergiveup nevergonnastopme noexcuses nobull gymgoals gymrat livetolift bfrbands flagnorfail runeverythinglabs keto ketolife love bodybuilding renegade lift carnivore 5percentforlife 5percentnutrition beyondraw

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Squats felt HEAVY today. 5x3x1 75%, 85% and 95%. Not my best day but oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️ If ya keep swiping, you'll see me take a nice L on 240lbs 👌🏻

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Finally lifting some heavier weight 😋🔥 I’ve missed my old friend the heavy deadlift haven’t someone then in a few months Ima happy boy 👦 😁 - - - gnc supplements chestday legday nutrition backworkout gym bouldershoulders powerbuilder powerbuilding strength fitnessjourney legs durabodyusa chestgainz powerlifter shredding fitness legworkout fullbody legworkout deadlifts strongman workout preworkout shoulderworkout legday beyondraw chestworkout benchpress internationalchestday

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🚨🚨SALE!🚨🚨This weekend only, enjoy a $15 off of a $75 purchase coupon as a token of our appreciation! This even applies to Beyond Raw! 👀👀 We are also sampling the New Grape and Sour Gummy flavor LiT, as well as Coconut cream pie protein! 😋 (Show this in store) . We will be closed Sunday, due to the mall being closed! 😢 Luckily this sale will be until Monday 4/22! Thank you for your continued support! 😎 fit gymtime uiuc gymmotivation fitnessmotivation fitness gnc livewell proaccess beyondraw gymlife lift

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⚡️ NEW GNC VIDEO IS LIT ⚡️ ⠀ Check out this edit by beyondrawcanada and gnccanada to promote their LIT pre-workout! I promised myself I wouldn’t leave without giving 💯 in each shot. Really proud of this shoot and the product behind it. It works, tastes great, and keeps me feeling pumped up! ⠀ Don’t forget my promo code ‘34904’ gets you $10 off a $50 purchase or more in store! Let’s goooooooo! ⠀ gnccanada beyondraw sponsored

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Leg workout 🏋️‍♀️ Squats- 3x10 Leg curls- 4x8 Hamstring curls- 4x8 Leg Press- 3x10 Calf pushes- 3x40