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bukan nya gk bisa elite tp memang keadaannya begini bro, mau gimana lagi? 😄 beyoursself notKW

3 weeks ago

You may shoot me with your WORDS💯, You may cut me with your EYES💯, You may kill me with your HATEFULNESS💯, But still like air I'll RISE💯😎🔥 📷 Credit: _ilantamil_1208klan.das ❤ ✍️Credit : theva2131 🖤😍 selfmotivation motivation inspiration motivationalquotes inspirationalquotes selflove selfcare quotes fridaymotivation newjourney newbeginnings self timetolead nevergiveup determination determinationquotes noonecares beyoursself loveyourself hatersfuckoff

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DAMIT DU DIE NATUR GENIESSEN KANNST - FREI VON HEUSCHNUPFEN Es ist noch nicht zu spät, sich dem Thema Heuschnupfen anzunehmen. Allergien sind eine "panische Reaktkion" des Immunsystems. Die Frage, die man sich stellen sollte ist, WARUM ist das Immunsystem in eine "panische Reaktion" geraten, die es immer wieder abspielt? Es ist nachgewiesen, dass Stress auf mentaler und körperlicher Ebene das Immunystem belasten können und somit gewisse Anfälligkeiten steigen können. Die Hypnosetherapie zeigt grossen Erfolg bei Heuschnupfen / Allergeien. Und wer möchte denn nicht unbeschwert den Frühling geniessen, frei von den lästigen Symptomen, welche Allergien mit sich bringen? Heuschnupfen Allergie freivonsymptomen freivonbeschwerden glücklich daslebengeniessen beyoursself

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Finally got to wear this beautiful mink eyelashes by imanblashes imanblashes they are extremely soft, light and they have a natural feeling. It’s like they wear made for me Thank you so much for my gift I will definitely purchase more pairs in the future 🥰❤️💕🙏🏻 glamourlook

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Eyelook today. I got a cold, Sneezing, cough and watery eyes, but I had to do something today for my beautiful dolls out there. Hopefully i get better soon. 🤒🤧😷💀😴 makeuplife lifemakeup instamakeup makeupinsta hoodedeyesmakeup hoodedeyes makeupaddiction cosmetics makeupaddict makeupisart bebold beyoursself undiscoveredmuas cutcrease 🤹🏻‍♀️🎭🎨🎯 anastasiabeverlyhills I just love using this pallete so muchhhhh rivierapalette eyeshaw abhriviera makeuppallette ♊️♌️♌️♉️♉️♓️♎️ maybelline maybellinefitmefoundation maybellineeyeliner maybellinetattoobrow eyeliner eyelineronpoint eyelineronfleek eyebrownsonpoint eyebrowns 🖤❤️💙💚💛🧡💜 ardellbeauty eyelashes eyelash lashesfordays ardelllashes

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Bukan seberapa hebat kamu di mata orang,, tetapi seberapa kuat kamu menghadapi masalahmu sendiri,, keepstrong💪 beyoursself

3 months ago

Qual sua melhor versao? qual seu melhor angulo? Isso só importa quando você se preocupa com o que mostrar aos outros, quando o que deveria realmente importar é quem eu sou por dentro. Mostre sempre o seu melhor, seja sempre o seu melhor. Seja benção na vida de outros. What is your best version? What is your best angle? It does matter when you care about what to show others, when it should really matter is who I am on the inside. Always show your best, always be your best. Be a blessing in other people’s lives. sejavocemesmo beyoursself elcalvariochurch dallas texas

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Di saat yang lain berkata dan mentertawakan hasil karya saya. Abaikan saja semuanya, fokus pada apa yg membuat saya untuk tetap berkarya dan menebar kebaikan. Lebih baik berkarya dari pada hanya menjadi komentator tapi tak bisa berbuat apa pun. Just NATO NO ACTION TALK ONLY. Mari belajar menghargai hasil karya orang lain. Dari pada hanya pandai mencela dan mentertawakan. Kompetensi dan karakter anda dapat dinilai dari cara anda memperlakukan orang lain. bepositifandalwayspositif nowayrempong2an beyoursself sayaadalahpemimpinuntukdirisaya andasopansayasegan

6 months ago

Don’t let anyone fool you with wards you might regret knowing the ugly truth play along but do what your heart tells you to do beyoursself beyou cuzyouareyou fatima fatimasohna sohna haja sohna1 Aaaaa me sef this my name ar wan change am any suggested names no insult me ooo ar get pepe 😜😜😜😆🤣🤣🤣lovely weekend

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“ For me, trees have always been the most penetrating preachers. In their highest boughs the world rustles, their roots rest in infinity; but they do not lose themselves there, they struggle with all the force of their lives for one thing only: to fulfill themselves Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. They do not preach learning and precepts, they preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life When we are stricken and cannot bear our lives any longer, then a tree has something to say to us: Be still! Be still! Look at me! Life is not easy, life is not difficult Those are childish thoughtsHome is neither here nor there. Home is within you, or home is nowhere at all. Whoever has learned how to listen to trees, wants to be nothing except what he is. That is home. That is happiness.” . - Hermann Hesse I feel grateful for practicing walking meditation , in midst of such reverent sanctuaries of truth. Speaking on walking meditation , it has allowed me to connect with nature in an intimate way by allowing me to embody stillness of mind. It has been incredibly healing and deeply empowering for me. 🙏🏼 naturephotography tree awaken mindfulness spiritual naturelovers love sydney buddhism picoftheday inspire yogi walkingmeditation consciousness

6 months ago

Tak perlu menjadi istimewa untuk menjadi indah beyoursself

7 months ago

No one wants to be ordinary or plain! So stop 👋🏾listening 🗣👂🏽to those people👥 (including yourself) who are telling you that you can’t. You are capable of doing so many extraordinary things. Things that can & will make you happy.😁 Things that can change your life as well as the lives of others. 1st pray 🙏🏾about what you want, 2nd make a plan & lastly put the plan in motion.🚀 Be bold, operate without fear and always be yourself.🙏🏾😘 liveoutyourdreams dreamscancometrue youvegotthis beyoursself dontbeordinary beextraordinary liveanamazinglife

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“Estar en paz con tu persona y con tu cuerpo” es la definición de belleza que nos compartió cecilazcona mientras aprendía a cuidar su piel en la pasada masterclass. Sin lugar a dudas, sentirte en paz contigo, con tu cuerpo y con todo lo que te rodea, es belleza pura y no hay nada más bonito y auténtico que ver a una persona cómoda. Te hablaremos sobre la relación que "la paz" tiene con "la fe", pues todo lo que te quita paz viene del miedo, la angustia, la inseguridad y estos son claros ejemplos de ausencia de fe, pues la fe es vivir confiando sin ver, sin saber. Sólo te puedes rendir y confiar. Esto logra milagros, los cuales, se reflejan en todos los aspectos de nuestra vida y desde luego es lo primero que notamos en estos bellos semblantes que eligen vivir en Fe = vivir en Paz. BalanceIsINperfectionIsOUT Beautyful Belleza PazInterior Peace Fe Faith Confidence Trust BeYoursSelf BeHappy BeGrateful MindCoach SkinCareStudioSS

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Direndahkan tidak mungkin jadi sampah disanjungpun tidak mungkin jadi rembulan tetaplah pada titik keseimbangan beyoursself

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Sunsets Are Proof That Endings Can Be Beautiful! *** Be Happy, Be Yourself! Don't Hate Yourself for Being Different. Love Yourself Everyday and Don't Let Anyone Bring You Down! Keep Smilling Friends! Love, Diana XOXOOX *** Made by cure_kitty on trendmenet *** Musical Inspiration: Brooke Candy - Living Out Loud ft. Sia *** Link:,,.html *** artset artexpression art nothingisnormal beauty tulips colorfulart digitalart benicetopeople sleepnaked sunsets dreamers music inspiration becreative havefun loveyourlife bekind behappy beyoursself believeinyourself beautiful donthateyourself brookcandy livingoutloud trendme cure_kitty pinkpunkblackgoth

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How’s agoing ranger fans? I’m super stoked next week I’ll be meeting up with ammiecosplay to do measurements for my new suit⚡️ keep ur eyes on my instagram and Facebook page for up coming events I will be attending.💚 mentalhealthawareness londongreenranger canadaslondon beyoursself ammiecosplay stoked cominngsoon powerrangers mmpr newsuit cosplay artist stopbullying beyourself powerful nerdlife comicon forestcitycomicon lndont betherehero bethechange greenranger mightymorphinpowerrangers follow kidatheart

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Irgendwo im Nirgendwo Skandinaviens fahren die „Electric Drivers“ von Ladestation zu Ladestation - mit dem großen Ziel, das Nordkapp zu erreichen. Über die Hälfte des Weges ist bereits geschafft 🤞 smartcar electricdrivers fingerscrossed standoutanddrive beyoursself challengeyourself smartEQfortwo travelpics ridewithstyle instacars carsofinstagram 🔋 smart EQ fortwo mit 4,6kW-Bordlader – Stromverbrauch (kombiniert): 13,0-12,9 kWh/100km, CO2-Emissionen (kombiniert): 0 g/km. smart EQ fortwo mit optionalem 22kW-Bordlader – Stromverbrauch (kombiniert): 13,5-12,9 kWh/100km, CO2-Emissionen (kombiniert): 0 g/km. Siehe auch