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Lazy Sunday with card games! MTG and AGoT LCG this weekend! Also these are my modded AGoTLCG core boxes that can actually hold all core set contents, 6 Deluxe expansions (up to King of the Isles), and 30 chapter packs (up to Dance of Shadows) while still having more space for probably 2 cycles. If you're having storage problems with games like these that don't provide storage solutions after expansions, check out my video how you can simply hack your own or go with other storage solution recommendations I've included. 🥳 👉📺 mtg magicthegathering custominserts gameofthroneslivingcardgame gameofthronesthecardgame cardgame boardgames boardgamegeek dragonshield theastronomer Tabletop lcg livingcardgame ffg gotlcg fantasyflightgames agotlcg gameofthroneslcg boardgame tabletopgames gaming gamer bgg gaming gamer fantasy medievalfantasy jeuxdesociete agot storagesolutions bgg agameofthrones

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Mixmo es un juego de palabras con una mecánica nueva en la cual uno comienza con 6 fichas de letras y cuando logra hacer su propio crucigrama con esas letras dice Mixmo y todos roban dos letras más. El proceso se repite hasta que todas las letras han sido tomadas. El jugador que tras la última robada logra hacer su propio crucigrama (que por cierto puede variar de rondas ronda) gana la partida. Distribuido en Chile por skyshipchile JuegosDeMesaChile JuegoDeTablero JuegoDeMesa JuegosDeMesa bgg LaBsK Mixmo JuegoDePalabras

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Back in the saddle again with mini paintingthree figures for our new D&D campaign. The third one was rough going the whole way through, so this is unfortunately as good as it gets without stripping and repainting.

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I am so into Tiny Towns! If you have been following me for a while though, you’ll know that I am BAD with polyomino shapes and tile placement but I love it so much. I really leaned hard into making my town all about liquid: fountains and taverns everywhere! Now if only I remembered empty spaces and spaces with just resources lying around on them are negative points 🤦🏽‍♀️ boardgame boardgames boardgaming tabletop tabletopgaming tabletopgames boardgameaddict boardgamegeek bgg brettspiel analoggames juegosdemesa jeudesociété giochiatavolo graplanszowa jogosanalógicos ボードゲーム gaming geekgirl geekgirls gamergirl geekywomen womeningaming geek

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Kublacon Day 2 is a wrap! Got to scratch off several games I’ve been eager to try off my list. Really enjoyed the worker placement game Yokohama, building up pools of assistants to score big actions was satisfying to see. Coldwater Crown has beautiful production values and clearing colored pieces to catch fish was an interesting choice to mimic the patience involved in actual fishing. Fuji was a great co-op that shared some tile elements from the Forbidden line of games but the secret dice rolling and negotiation for moving really made the game for me. Carson City was as ruthless as I expected, definitely has a lot of replayability. Lost Expedition ended our night and boy does it really emulate the tension of going through a hostile jungle, points for gorgeous illustrations. boardgames kublacon kublagamecon bgg tabletop yokohama coldwatercrown fuji carsoncityboardgame thelostexpedition boardgame iloveboardgames juegodemesa boardgameconvention workerplacement coopgames

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❗️Follow the link in our bio to RSVP❗️ Our Next BNB Game Night is logansrunnyc on June 5th. Gaming starts at 7pm! 😆🍻🎲 🙌🏻 Price of admission is $5 for all non-members. Payment can be made via Venmo, PayPal, or cash on site. Visit the Brew N Boards website to learn more about becoming a member today, and get access to drink discounts, raffle prizes, and more Hope to see you there brewnboards brooklyn boardgames craftbeer beerandboardgames boardgamesandbeer nyc newyork newyorkcity meetup nycmeetup brooklynmeetup nycevents brooklynevents gamenight boardgamenight tabletopgame brooklynbar drinklocal drinkny boardgamemeetup brooklynboardgamer drinkbrooklyn boardgamegeek bgg beer nycbeer brooklynbeer craftbeergeek logansrunnyc

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Lovely componants of Pax Pamir Second Edition⠀ ⠀ Photo by Cole Wehrle, posted to Board Game Geek CCL.⠀ ⠀ Image:⠀ boardgames boardgame boardgamegeek bgg

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Last night was GAME NIGHT! We started off with a game of Gizmos, which I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of. But we followed up with two new-to-me games: tastyminstrel's Gentes Deluxified and cmongames's DogsOfWar! They're wildly different games, and both are genuinely fantastic. Gentes is an interesting mid-weight civ building game with a great action selection mechanism. Right up my Eurogame-loving alley. Dogs of War is just amazing. Quite possibly my favorite of Paolo Mori's designs. It's a rare thing for us to spend so much time talking about a game after we play it, but Dogs of War just made us *think* SO MUCH about future strategies. Plus, it has both coins and VP chits that can be replaced, so our copy now has DOUBLE THE METAL COINS! I'm so happy we picked up a used copy, but I genuinely hope CMON reprints it, or lets the rights go to someone who will. This game deserves a wider audience CMON TastyMinstrelGames boardgames boardgamers boardgaming boardgamesofinstagram boardgameday boardgamenight boardgameaddict boardgamegeek bgg tabletop tabletopgames tabletopgaming playmoregames pixelartmeeple

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Game: Instanbul 2-5👥 | 60 ⏰ | 2🤯| 🐶 4.5/5 🍖 . In this pick-up and deliver game, players are moving their merchant and 4 assistants through various locations of the market doing specific actions. Plan your moves carefully, as you might be left without any assistants and thus no actions. Be the first to collect 5 rubies, then you’re the winner I love this game; mediums weight economic game filled with lots of strategy! Played it back in 2014 when we started to collect games and was impressed by the gameplay. Have you played it? . 🐕 theupsetpup, 👉💕, or 🗣comment below. Thank you community boardgames boardgame game games boardgamegeek bgg tabletop gamer gaming plays play spiel boardgamephotography tabletopgames boardgamepictures boardgamenight boardgamereview gamenight greatgames boardgamesofinstagram tabletopgaming geek bggcommunity dog dogsofinstagram maltese famous love cute

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. 我終於玩到戰鐮了👏👏👏 . 果然跟大家講得一樣 這並不是戰爭遊戲 而是農場遊戲,哈哈😂😂😂 鐮刀戰爭 Scythe 鐮刀戰爭 戰鐮 Scythe · 推薦:👍👍👍👍 優點: 配件及模型精美到不行,擴充也不錯 戰術及規劃都很有策略性,不錯,推👍 缺點: 吃經驗,第一次玩被慘電 沒有戰爭的感覺,哈哈 互動性有點低 willy0822 桌遊日 桌遊 策略遊戲 想玩可以揪  photooftheday boardgame boardgames instagood taiwan deepseaadventure boardgamegeek boardgameaddict neverboredgaming bgg love tabletopgames game weloveboardgames bordspel boardgamegeek tablegames tabletop  weloveboardgames 보드게임 ボードゲーム like4like follow

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This week I celebrated my birthday which marks 4 years since I started playing modern board games! 4 years ago Daniel bought me Forbidden Island and Pandemic for my birthday and we've been hooked ever since. We'd played some other games before that and I enjoyed Forbidden Island but Pandemic was definitely the one that really got me invested in this hobby. So this got me wondering, what game got you into the hobby? Was there a tipping point for you from playing the odd game to playing ALL THE GAMES?

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INDOOR PLAY The weather is more miserable than I'd hoped, but that's OK - I'd already planned to brighten up this not-so-sunny Sunday with an afternoon of modern board games! We've not bought anything new recently so we're going to grab a cuppa and some snacks and go back through our collection to rediscover some old favourites. As there's usually only me and culturalwriter playing, good gaming mechanisms are high on our list of requirements but I have to say I'm also very easily swayed by cute and colourful components! (Although I'm yet to find a game with a full set of tokens in rainbow colours, and this set of Carcassonne meeples was the best I could find from our collection) If you want to see more of our game geek exploits head over to analoguegamegeeks ❤🧡💛💚💙💗💜 lifeisbetterincolour liveacolourfullife modernboardgames tabletopgames boardgames boardgamegeek bgg meeple gamergirl everythinginrainboworder rainboweverything brightcoloursmakemehappy incolourfulcompany

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The pre-production copy of New Salem 2nd Edition was broken in at gamex2019 yesterday. The battle against the witches will continue today! strategicon

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As mentioned before, we’ve spent yesterday’s afternoon and evening mostly on compering new and old civilization. No surprises here - old one was much more fun us. Ten times more complex, with a lot more interaction between players, ton of possibilities and quite nice climatic graphic design. This game has a soul definitely and it gives a little twilight imperium vibe. ——🎲🎲🎲—— New one is much easier and faster. Same time less interaction, gameplay is significantly less deep and the whole graphic design is kinda meh. Main plus we can find is that game goals are very clear and easy to track. ——🎲🎲🎲—— For us new civilization is a forgettable game, one of many, and we score it not very high. Old one on the other hand is a masterpiece, just sometimes too overwhelming, and we just love it. To be fair - old and new Civ are very different games, and thing that connects them most is mostly sidmeier brand. ——🎲🎲🎲—— tabletopgame tabletopgames boardgame boardgames bgg planszowki planszówki grybezpradu cardgames game games gamer gamers geek nerd geeks nerds gry gracz gaming boardgamegeek civilizationthroughtheages boardgaming

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Loving how each chef has their own unique powers that contribute to both their type of cuisine and gameplay! And this is only half of the chefs! rivalrestaurants

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MY GAMES COLLECTION - No. 160 CA$H 'N GUNS / KASA I SPLUWY Cash and Guns is a solid party game. It supports four to eight players and is loaded with foam guns. The guns are comical and the artwork, made by John Kovalic of Dork Tower and Munchkin fame, is lighthearted.  My rating: 6/10 Jeśli nie przeszkadza Ci celowanie do kogoś z piankowej broni - to gra może nieżle bawić, zwłaszcza podczas spotkań imprezowych. Lekka, przyjemna, zabawna imprezówka. Graliście? Moja ocena: 6/10 collection gryplanszowe gra analoggames tabletop game bgg boardgames brettspiel geek playing boardgamegeek partygames planszowki like4like friends spiel kolekcja gamenight boardgaming grybezpradu gamer rebelpl rebel_pl cashnguns kasaispluwy gangsta photooftheday godfather guns eurogame

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Darjeeling tea fields "board"⠀ ⠀ Photo by edroz, posted to Board Game Geek CCL.⠀ Image:⠀ ⠀ boardgames boardgame boardgamegeek bgg

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WEEKENDREPOST⠀ ⠀ Our Drop-in D&D night have been a blast! If you had this personalized figurine, what colours would you paint it? ⠀ ⠀ 📷: grymforge⠀ ✖️ ⠀ Tag us in your photos for a chance to be featured!⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ thehexcafe HXGN boardgamecafe boardgames bgg alberta edmonton yeg hexyeg whyteave oldstrathcona yeggers yeglocal exploreedmonton yegbusiness calgary yyc hexyyc kensingtonyyc yycliving yyclocal yycbusiness capturecalgary explorealberta dungeonsanddragons 5e 5thedition dungeonmaster paladin

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Thanks to jbird_theword for featuring our page and giving me the opportunity to present my own featuredmeeples. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ In this challenge you get to highlight some (usually 3) of your favourite pages/people from our BG community. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I decided to do four. They all post great content and most of all are great people to interact with! So make sure you check them out! tullysgameplay sparrowboardgames boardgamebjornis wandering_rogue67 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Now I challenge them to feature some of their favourites using the same hashtag! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ featuredmeeples boardgame boardgames tabletopgames boardgamegeek boardgameaddict bgg boardgamesofinstagram familyboardgames

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Visiting relatives for the weekend in Kalamazoo. These are the games we’ve played so far 👍 I’ve dubbed the weekend KazooCon. dicehateme bgg

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It’s sundayfunday! Want to join me in at the Sultan’s Palace? Recognize this game? Hint: It won the Kennerspiel des Jahres award in 2014 Follow 🐶 theupsetpup for more games, and 💁‍♀️ attitude boardgames boardgame game games boardgamegeek bgg tabletop gamer gaming plays play spiel boardgamephotography tabletopgames boardgamepictures boardgamenight boardgamereview gamenight greatgames boardgamesofinstagram tabletopgaming geek bggcommunity dog dogsofinstagram maltese famous love cute

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Viticulture! The great worker placement game with one of the smoothest action mechanisms out there - and such a rich theme! It is already a classic and you will see why when you play with up to 6 players (or you can use the well-tuned Automa (solo) mode. Hire workers, plant fields, grow and harvest grapes and turn them into fine wines for your customers! Creatures here is the Second Edition Of the Essential Edition. Credits to Jamey Stegmaier, Alan Stone and Morten Monrad Pederson, with art by Beth Sobel (who also provided artwork for Wingspan).

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Finally "Fury of Dracula"🦇 is getting played tonight! After so many postpones of the release of this longwaited reprint from wizkidsgames and then some time more because of the replacement deck, it's time to start biting some necks! 🤤⚰️ PS:Once you drac, you never go back furyofdracula wizkids dracula wizkidsgames hiddenmovement deduction coop onevsall bramstoker miniaturesgame miniature bgg boardgamegeek boardgamesofinstagram tabletop gamenight brettspiel brettspiele giochidatavolo jeuxdesociete tabletop gamenight boardgamesphotography boardgamesaddict

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✨First Class |❣️8.5/10 | 🎲 8 plays I played 2 games of First Class with my uni friend the other day 🚂 Thank you chocolatereeses26 for indulging in 10 hours of board games with me this week 😘 A tad unhealthy but very fun 😁 We played with Modules B (celebrities + postcards) and D (luggage and passengers) this time, and I think module D is a little overpowered. In both our games (and some previous ones), the person who drafted lots of luggage and rushed their train-building won by quite a big margin. The points and rewards on luggage cards are just too good to ignore 😕 It's still an excellent medium-weight engine-builder with lots of combo-making, and I love how the game ramps up like crazy. One minute you're scoring 4 points in a round, next minute you're suddenly getting 60 points from a single turn 😂 My friend and I can also finish a game within 30 minutes—always a bonus when you can fit in more games afterwards 😃