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Just inside 2 weeks out from my next meet. Sitting at around 122 lbs, eating at maintenance calories, and feeling strong 💪💯🔥 - The next couple of weeks are going to be fun. All the singles and possibly some PRs if I’m a lucky little powerlifter. 🤞🏼😍 - powerlifter 2weeksout

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How I changed my mentality starting with the first second of the day I used to think negatively about waking up and starting a new day and the mentality I used to have was terrible. I realized this set me up for failure: 🔺 I would hit the snooze alarm and go back to bed. 🔺 I would purposely wait as long as possible to get out of bed. 🔺 I never felt like I was ready to crush the day. 🔺 I was always lethargic after a night of sleep. - WHO DOES THIS? How many minutes after you snooze do you FINALLY get up?⤵️ - Do you feel this way?: - I never slept too well because I thought about the moment when I would wake up. I would have to turn my alarm off. I would have to leave the happy place that was under the warm sheets. - I would not look forward to taking them off, stepping off the side of the bed, and heading over to my lamp to hit the lights. When I would hit the lights, there would be this person staring at me in the mirror. They looked unhappy. Sad. Disappointed. - That was me - I used to wake up unmotivated, I would hit snooze, and feel terrible during the day knowing I had to get up and look at myself. - It honestly ruined my day, within the first few seconds. - I still have this mirror on my dresser. I now use it for a different purpose. I use this mirror now to motivate myself! What I did to change this: - Before I tell you how, this is what these changes did for me. 🔹I wake up EXCITED. 🔹I wake up, look at myself and SMILE. I check myself outBECAUSE I FEEL GREAT! 🔹I wake up and turn the snooze alarm off, get out of bed, and ATTACK the day. 🔹I wake up with confidence, feeling proud of myself, and ready to take on some new challenges. - I changed my mentality by beginning a morning exercise regiment. I also have been able to change the lives of my clients with this routine. - What this did for me was: 👊 Improve my sleep quality 👊 Made me excited to get out of bed MOST IMPORTANTLY 👊 Changed the way I viewed myself - Let's chat about this: I used to view myself and see an overweight guy, not confident, and always wishing I had opportunities others had. - Not anymore! You can do this too💪

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TREN SUPERIOR- GLÚTEO En este trabajo nos enfocamos en los grupos musculares que comprenden el tren superior como lo fueron y se evidencian, el bíceps, tríceps, espalda y abdomen, seguido a petición del usuario de ejercicios para fortalecer la zona de los glúteos. Sesión realizada bajo la metodología de circuito funcional teniendo en cuanta la autocarga, tensión y suspensión dentro del ejercicio propuesto. Cabe resaltar que el entrenamiento en suspensión es uno de los que reúnen más grupos musculares dentro de la práctica del mismo, entre ellos la zona core y la zona lumbar. Rutina: 1. Extención de tríceps al FALLO. 2. ABDOMEN bajo tensión 30 rep. 3. Abducción de cadera bajo tensión 10 rep cada pie. 3 VUELTAS DE ESTE CIRCUITO. 🦁💪🦁💪🦁💪🦁 1. Remo espalda prono 10 rep. 2. Abdomen 20 rep. 3. Puente bipodal bajo tensión en cuadriceps y suspensión 15 rep. 3 VUELTAS AL CIRCUITO 💪🦁💪🦁💪🦁💪🦁 1.Bíceps agarre supino 5 rep Isometria de 15- 5 rep Isometria 10 - 5 rep. 2. Elevaciones de cadera 20rep frontales 10 rep laterales. 3. Patada posterior 20 rep cada pie. 3 VUELTAS AL CIRCUITO. DESCANSO ENTRE SERIES 20 SEG. DESCANSO ENTRE CIRCUITOS 1 MIN. julianasalazar18 Amo entrenarte. PREGUNTA POR TU SERVICIO PERSONALIZADO. 3052655956 diaz_jp2506 preparadorfisico fitness nuevastendencias suspencion trxtraining trx entrenadorpersonal personaltrainer ejerciciosencasa preventivelion prevenir lion personalizados ejercicio abdomenplano estabilização biceps diaz_jp2506 tricepsworkout gluteos

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“The tests we face in life’s journey are not to reveal weaknesses, but to help us discover our inner strengths. We can only know how strong we are when we strive and thrive beyond the challenges we face” - Kemi Sogunle ‼️ Don’t be afraid of the challenges that life holds for you, for they are there to be conquered and reveal just how strong YOU are! When you see challenges as tools to test and build yourself, and less as obstacles, you’ll be amazed at what you really can achieve! So don’t fret or tremble at every task that seems impossible to overcome, look the obstacle dead in the eye and say to yourself “Let’s do this” and proceed to dig your heels into the dirt and keep pushing forward till you whoop that challenge’s ass! 👏🏼 Absolutely every challenge can be conquered with enough time, discipline, and consistency - so go out there and achieve some AWESOME things in the pursuit of GREATNESS friends! 👊🏼 MotivatedByGreatness 🐺 💪🏼 Apparel: motivate_by_greatness use “JORD15” to save ya self 15%! Supplements: xclusivejc 💚 - - - challenge challenges obstacles overcome conquer great greatness mindset focus focused goals goal achieve success succeed biceps bicep arms gainz fitfam fitspo fitspiration fitsporation muscle muscles positivity positivevibes 👍🏼

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Killer Upper Body Workout 🔥 Set 1: Chest Fly (4x12) 20 lbs Superset 1: Dumbell Row R (4x12) with Dumbell Row L (4x12) Superset 2: Shoulder Press (3x12) superset with Tricep Pull (3x12) Superset 3: Front Raises (3x15) superset with Lateral Raises (3x15). You might want to go light on these, these are a killer. Even though growing glutes is trendy right now, it’s important that we build a balanced physique, especially if you want that hourglass shape. workoutroutine workout upperbody shoulders fitspo blackfitness blacktrainers latpulls backday armday biceps triceps gains muscles fitness bodygoals bodypositive summerbody femaletrainer womenworkout blackgirlmagic blackfitness nike fitnessgirl fitnessmotivation gym nodaysoff fashionnova gymshark

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Today was soooo long 😩 I definitely didn’t feel my workout but I still pressed play and did back/bi circuit 💪🏻 I favor working out first thing in the morning ☀️ Week 2 day 2 ✔️ of liift4 with a great trainer joelfreemanfitness Next up chicken and Brussels sprouts 😋 then early to sleep 💤 Do you like working out in the morning or evenings? summerbodychallenge transform20 liift4 biceps backmuscles summerbody mombod postpartumfitness postpartumdepression curvywoman fitnessinfluencer healthcoach

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Let’s talk EASTER. Was it just me or was Easter just trigger fucking central?! 🍫 • My fam & Matt asked me if I wanted / could cope with getting chocolate for Easter. Honestly, I thought I’d be fine, so I said yes. I haven’t binged this year. I have overeaten but have mentally coped with that quite well. I have conquered a lot of eating issues such as: ✅ Binging ✅ Purging (mostly 🙄) ✅ Having trigger foods in the house with no problems ✅ Social Eating without controlling the choice of restaurant or having craxy anxiety whilst reading the menu ✅ Being okay with tracking foods some days and intuitively eating other days the list goes on. Honestly there is so much to an eating disorder recovery so if you’re having issues, deal with them SOONER RATHER THAN LATER. That shit escalates real quickkkkkkkk. 🤕 • ANYWAY Easter was hard for me. I’ve had a lot of social eating events lately where I coped fine and managed to stick to my macros. But CHOCOLATE = TRIGGER CENTRAL 4 ME ☠️☠️☠️ • But. The Easter weekend is over. It’s a new day. A new week. Life goes on. Overeating does not make you a shitty person. Too much chocolate does not mean you are a failure. Gaining weight won’t change who you are. ➡️You are not defined by what you eat. I mean, “you are what you eat” is kind of important as health matters. What I’m saying is, the occasional overeating or overindulgence or extra few kilos SHOULD NOT MATTER in every day life. • Pep talk over. Here’s a photo from a night I ate a lot of juicy delicious protein with bae matthewgorle byblosbar and had no regrets 😋

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I may be crazy for doing a full workout while on vacation in Vegas, but it would be even crazier not to get a pic under this sick lighting 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Week two, push day 1. Less pec/bicep tendon pain today, still no idea what the cause is. But my bench is going up, so I’m gonna keep pushing! Bench 315x5,4,3 Incline Bench 230x5,5 Thanks to ironangler for making sure I didn’t die benching. I don’t think I’ve ever doubled 315 before 😳 still wanted to be consistent with no handoff, at least for now. Hit upright rows and bicep curls too. Should call them tendon curls, since I’m more tendon than actual biceps.

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Mondays are for new goals ⚡️ • • Some bicep & tricep action • Beginning of a new week is the perfect time to set a new personal goal for yourself! Go that extra measure & make it happen! 💪🏼

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Not bad for a back & biceps workout this evening💪😁! Wish I could film my workouts though but i can't at the gym i go to😔. Not even allowed to take photos📸. mondayvibes fitbitversa notbad

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I’m at the airport right now as I’m posting this. I’m super excited to be guest posing as well as hosting a seminar in Erbil, Iraq next weekend 4.26-27th. Right now we are discussing if I might possibly be the first IFBB pro female bodybuilder guest posing in Iraq 👀 Do you know anyone who guest posed there before? writinghistory ifbbpro

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It's been awhile since I've posted cuz I've been really busy the past two weeks! Life has it's crazy moments and sometimes I fall out of my habit for a moment and that's ok because sometimes the body needs a break. As long as that break doesn't last too long, then you're good. So today I jumped back into my workout program and man it felt good! 💪

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Repost muscletone_bashar with get_repost ・・・ So as promised we have went more extreme then ever before with out falling apart. A whole new level never seen before! If you taugh our studs where xtrem before, your jaws will drop at the new stock ! Presenting the future of THE FUTURE OF THE AMERICAN BULLY Muscletone's Nemesisyou think you got a more extrem American Bully even Exotic?be our guest come stack to him at the ABKC NATIONALS THIS YEAR Oh and did I mention he is only half way grown going to double in size , he is still under a year old muscletonebullys uk rbbk nemesis americanbully exteme muscle bone bloodline neverfails abkc muscletonebullys nemesis ambully americanbully muscle studdog futureking massmonster workout gymlife biceps triceps bullylifestyle grime linkuptv 2019

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Rough Days💪🏻 I trained chest, triceps, and shoulders today but it just wasn’t a good workout by any means. I wasn’t lifting as heavy and I probably should have used today as a rest day. Either way, I am glad that I still managed to get in a workout before my classes today. I have a few important exams coming up but nothing I can’t handle. I just have to stick with it and continue to put in the required effort. I hope everyone has a good Monday though and an even better workout if you decide to lift today. Stay positive 👌🏻