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Face (5-23-19) 2

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Face (5-23-19)

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Self-Portrait (5-23-19)

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Ciara (5-22-19)

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Sasha Pivovarova (5-22-19)

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Línea tras línea, estas allí escondida en el blanco papel. Pasan segundos y empiezo a verte. Y como cuando se revela una fotografia en blanco en negro en la roja sala, despacio apareces, de bajo el ruido del bolígrafo sobre el papel que te da vida. bolígrafo bicpen pentel inking inktober2go inkillustration illustratorofinstagram color artsy draw portrait love myart design photography kunst canvas artforsale watercolour acrylic artstagram abstractpainting artistsofinstagram contemporary paintingoftheday pencil

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Stella Maxeell (5-22-19)

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Face (5-22-19) 8

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Day 6 part 2: missed a couple days so here's a little extra My body has become a canvas for things that i'm passionate about. I've gotten many 🤨🤔 looks from people about this one. This bic_group pen is in honor of the one man i will unconditionally love whole heartedly; no matter how much we butt heads, fight, or yell. He is the one man whose passing will inevitably rock my world to the core in the worse way possible. This time last year I was terrified my time with him was going to be numbered, so I told myself I was going to get this BEFORE i lost him(even if he doesnt approve of my tattoos) . Thankfully a year later he's still here and making better choices even if his inspiration is to better himself is seeing season 50 of nbcsnl 🙄🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😒 . Day 6 of the 2 week countdown for me moving from Arizona to Oklahoma. My photography will greatly change with the move since I will no longer be in the desert or within distance for a weekend trip to California. Sooo I told myself I would post a picture(s) every day of somewhere I have never photographed in AZ and post every day til May 31st photography photographer canon canonphotography canoneosrebelt6i tattoo tattoos tattoophotography mybodyismycanvas tattoocanvas bic bicpen pen pens pentattoo itlooksreal tattoosforfamily familytattoos tattooformyfather tattooformydad photographylover 2weekphotographychallenge photographychallenge trysomethingnew tattoosareart forearmtattoo blackandwhitetattoo damienmartin_tattoos radatattattoo fatherdaughter

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Gumby (5-22-19) 3

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Face (5-22-19) 7

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Face (5-22-19) 6

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Face (5-21-19) 7

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Face (5-22-19) 5

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Ballpoint pen drawing of tiffany180399. Sometimes I enjoy drawing the same reference photo in a different medium. Contact me via email at brettmbaumgart

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Gumby (5-22-19) 2 (left-hand)

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Face (5-22-19) 4 (left-hand and right-hand) (same time)

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I don’t know where she came from, I only grabbed a simple pen and a post it and she appeared. I love her so much that I will use her for my main story. I can’t wait for it. mermay mermay2019 merfolks postit postitnotes bicpen

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"With wings black as night, black as coal the Raven is a messenger from another world.  When it makes its presence known for you, you are about to receive secret knowledge, knowledge that will benefit you greatly particularly if you engage in the craft of magic or divination arts."

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Face (5-22-19) 3

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Zun dapp, dapp, dapp dapp I often get bored with observational drawing, and i know thats the reason im not better at this, when i go street sketching with friends, i get so bored that i allways start doing other stuff. But i have to beat that bad habit to the ground. I must become a super SKETCHER, tan tan tanBut soon ill start posting more regular stuff again :D observationaldrawing machine bike zundapp minibike ballpoint ballpointsketch vehicle moto sketchbook doodle fun bic bicpen penart ink inkstagram drawing motorizada motorcycle transportation conceptartist design mechanic wheels freedom famel mota viatura