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We are less than 2 weeks away from tryouts Based on our prep class attendances, we are going to have a great turnout for tryouts If you haven’t made it to a prep class yet, don’t worry, we have one left This Thursday 4-5pm at the Raymond Center! Thank you to everyone who came and made our classes a success newseason bigthingscoming wekeepgrowing blessed thankyou

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Here’s an update for you the last 8 weeks I worked really hard in getting my motivation back and to fall back in love with the gym. How did I do that? I listened to my body instead of making excuses. When I was feeling good I went and I pushed myself as hard as I could, when I wasn’t feeling good, I made myself point out if I actually wasn’t feeling good or if I was just having a pity party. Once you get through that, the rest is easy. It’s you vs you. Which “you” are you going to let win? ❤️💪🏼 PS joggers from flatoutapparel message me for a discount on your own pair 🤫 They are a must have! teamflatout flatoutapparel flatoutfit yycfitness yegfitness personaltrainer cysticfibrosis cyster girlsthatlift fitnessmodel bigthingscoming bossbabe transformationtuesday youvsyou kbadgerfitness kbftribe

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27th of March is InternationalMuslimWomensDay so today I dedicate this to my mother before anyone else! My soulmate • My teacher • My voice of reason • My Angel • My heart and soul! ❤️ Then I salute all the Muslim women out there whom never let themselves be defined by anyone else except their own beliefs and interpretation of Islam! Your truth is not her truth and let’s all learn to respect each other’s differences! But most of all, I dedicate this special day to ALL the women. Mother’s • Sisters • Single ladies • Wives • Daughters • Boss Ladies out there who believes in themselves and their superpower by being the change they wish to see in the world. Let’s not let any religion divide us please, because one thing I’ve learned about Islam is, we are ALL one. THAT’s what it’s all about! OneLove ☝🏽 Last woman I dedicate this to, is a lady in history called Nusaybah bint Ka'ab! If you don’t know her, google her! Soon you’ll know why! Inshallah BigThingsComing Now go Follow amani muslimgirl for being the dopest lady behind this amazing Movement! ❤️ And oh i forgot! I also dedicate this day to my damn self, because I think I’m kinda awesome, AND my mom told me I am. Mama is never wrong! 🤗👑 FuckJanteLoven LoveYourself MuslimWomensDay

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Fizz Happens 🎉 You can wake up and choose your emotion each and every day. Crap happens. BAD stuff happens. But you DO have control of what you take from the good and the bad. I choose to be happy. I choose to be grateful. What do you choose? madeformore bigthingscoming

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Believe in yourself & the rest will follow✨ - We are our own worst critic. It’s okay to challenge & push ourselves, but at the same time we also need to BELIEVE in ourselves & acknowledge what we have accomplished🙌 - Next time you’re faced with a challenging situation, step outside that comfort zone & push your limits to level up! You got this sis 😍 TuesdayVibes OutOnASchoolNight BigThingsComing - 📸 tylerrainbolt ❤️

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And y’all can kick 👏🏼 fucking 👏🏼 rocks 👏🏼 My circle is so small, it’s a trianglejust the way I like it! bigthingscoming ifeelit

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Beyond blessed to be given the honor of being named an 2019 preseason underclassmen All-American. Thank you to everyone that put countless time and effort into working and coaching me. Thank you for all the support. blessed livingadream bigthingscoming

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It’s true, the little kid with the 3D glasses told me. The future is bright!

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I promise 😉 txtim3 and I initially took this picture as a joke about how he loves to make sure everyone knows how weird I am (in the most loving way) but I’m also finding it appropriate to remind myself that I am only a ‘normal human.’ I like to think I’m a super human sometimes and over the last few weeks we’ve had a TON on our plates. We’re making big moves to better things for the gym and our community, we have big personal projects running, and I’m two weeks out from show time and deep into rehearsals. I’ve had a few baby meltdowns and I tend to beat myself up for that, but when I take a step back and look at all the amazing things that are going to come out of this grind time, I both appreciate that I am a ‘normal human’ and it’s ok (and normal) to feel stressed, but I also applaud myself for the fact that I haven’t entirely crumbled with all the directions my brain is being pulled. Big, HUGE things are coming and it’s going to be amazing on the other side, so let’s hang in there. Also let’s be real, I’m still a weirdo. onwardandupward bigthingscoming weird normalhuman superhuman dolife grindtime

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Didn't have a chance to catch our feature yesterday on NewswatchTV? No problem! Here's a clip!😍

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I will never settle, I am not built that way! bigthingscoming 🙌🏼

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MKP Waxing Salon™ is officially TRADEMARKED! We have big things coming in the near future and are coming at you full speed! We are the premire waxing salon in Columbus looking to service each and every body type from head to toe! You have hair you want removed? We can do it. Give us a call or check out our website so we can get you taken care of. "Come in Comfortable, Walk Out Pretty" You can also drop in anytime on Wednesday for our weekly Walk In Wednesday! 10 am- 6 pm. **Apointments subject to 30 minutes to reduce wait times** MKP MKPWaxingSalon Sugaring Waxing Trademarked BigThingsComing Columbus Ga ColGa FtBenning Comfort Sexy HairRemoval Men Women HeadtoToe

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If you are a teacher, instructor, healer, someone who has a skill, talent, class, workshop, that you offer to others to help them find peace and wellness. If you cant afford a big space on your own to offer these but could benefit from an affordable hourly or daily space in a peaceful wellness center in Flagler County, message me ♡ bigthingscoming findyourselfpeacebypieces peacebeginswithyouandme peacebypieceshealingandwellness wellnesscenter wellbeing community weneedeachother findyourpeace

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jortiz51 with a beautiful 100% raw squat single PR with 635lbs

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Used to tell me the sky’s the limit, now the sky’s my point of view 🚀 . 600 lb Deadlift Very happy with how things are going and big ambitions for what the future holds! Road to 700 starts now! Also, just a couple more weeks of growing and then time to start getting shredded for the summer! Put on a solid 25 lb body weight this off season! bigthingscoming big.polak fizikofficial rotorbike hammernutrition rotorbike hammernutrition powerlifting bodybuilding summer success fitness photography gym naturalhabitat

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My suspicious face when things are going too well 😂 *is that trouble lurking around the corner* 🤸🏻‍♀️