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6 minutes ago

Flitzesimba ✌🏻 So ungemütlich das Wetter auch war, die Woche im Trainingscamp und am Hundeoutdoorfestival war einfach super schön. So viele Menschen mit dem gleichen "Knall" 😁🤩 Wir freuen uns schon aufs nächste Jahr 😍 bikejöring bikejoring biketour zughund zughundetraining zughundesport sleddogsports sleddogs sleddog mushing straßenhund straydog tierschutz hundeleben sportmithund sportHund racingdog dogracing runningdog outdoorsports dogstagram instadog dogsofinstagram deutschkurzhaar hundeliebe hundesport

7 minutes ago

Today was incredible, we started with a quick swing through the market (check that Battaglin) then about 30 miles of epic gravel through tiny towns over a mountain pass. We finished the day by descending for an hour to a town that has a Gondor style cliff through the center! Calories were more than adequately replaced with a roast 🐓 and a 🍖 roll bikepacking biketouring cycletouring adventurecycling bikelife cyclinglife bicycletouring bikewander adventure adventurebybike camping travel biketour pedalforever outsideisfree biketravel cyclingphotos touring travelbybike bikecamping instabike bikepacker cyclingitaly

11 minutes ago

It’s gonna warm up, Denver. And you’re gonna wish you’d scheduled an ebike tour sooner! Book your group at today!

20 minutes ago

Gestern 103km im strömenden Regen. Heute dann 78km bei leichtem Nieselregen nach Waiblingen. Hier mache ich jetzt ein paar Tage Pause, verbringe Zeit mit der Familie, besuche Verwandte und kuriere meine Erkältung, die ich seit 5 Tagen habe. Vielen Dank an die holstein_reha_kiel, die Fahrradwelt Bebra und das Druckhaus Waiblingen! Yesterday I cycled 103km in the rain, it didn't stop for one second. Today I went to Waiblingen. I will now take time to visit my relatives, family and try to cure my cold. johannesdurcheuropa unterwegs von sizilien zum nordkap endlich wieder nachnorden gorebikewear goretex regen esschüttetwieauskübeln landschaft biketouring cycletheworld worldbybike bikepacking biketour cyclingtrip friedrichshafen badsaulgau mehrstetten schwäbischealb waiblingen blog blogger

27 minutes ago

3eme jour avec 81km et 1580 de D+ La grande traversée des Corbières 😅 Le vent et le relief et la chaleur ne m'ont pas épargné encore une fois 🤣 Demain dernière étape en attendant les prochaines aventures 😀 Je finirai ce super parcours de ridebike11 plus tard, avec un peu plus d'entraînement 🤣

27 minutes ago

“Şöyle bir dağ başında oturup rüzgarlar ortasında, İstiyorum keyfimce bir çoban türküsü çağırayım. Sonra bir akşam yorgun argın karanlık bir köye varayım Üşüyeyim, ısınayım, bir tuhaf olayım insanlar arasında () Basit bir türkü öğrenip köylünün birisinden, Yollar boyunca hep onu, durmadan onu söylesem. Issız tepelerde güneşe bakıp saati tahmin etsem Haberim olmasa hiç perşembeden, pazartesiden” Turgut Uyar/Kendime Dair - - - - - - - - - - - travelbybike biketravel biketouring bikewander nature naturelovers sunset travel doğa turkey beautiful landscape forest sun orman biketour tour camp bike bicycle bisiklet cycling roadbike cycle biking adalar gölyazı tree belgradormanı bike

35 minutes ago

Nå har siste del av reisen vår startet😢 Vi skal være med på en guidetur med G-adventures i 17 dager. Turen startet i Buenos Aires i Argentina, hvor vi møtte den fantastiske guiden og gruppa vår🥰 I Buenos Aires har vi vært på sightseeing i den flotte byen, festet og sett på tango💃🏼 Byen er verdens tangohovedstad, så dette var en spennende opplevelse! Videre gikk turen til Montevideo i Uruguay, hvor vi bodde på et veldig fint hotell⭐️ Vi var på en 5 t lang sightseeingtur på sykkel rundt i byen. Hele gruppa måtte ha på seg en stor, rund hjelm og refleksvest, så vi fikk mye oppmerksomhet da vi kom syklende midt i byen🚲 Utrolig nok ble ingen av oss påkjørt i den travle trafikken, men det var nære på😅 Etter en lang dag, var det veldig deilig å slappe av i spaavdelingen på hotellet🧖🏽‍♀️ Til tross for endel språkproblemer, trives vi i Sør-Amerika😍 buenosaires argentina tango montevideo uruguay biketour gadventures

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So what exactly have we got ourselves in forover 1000km, 8.5km of climbing and an absolute minimum of 40hrs in the saddle 🍑🇯🇵🙀 what’s the worst that could happen 🤢🥴🤮

42 minutes ago

Happy to have Alex back with us this year! Flew in from Lebanon two days ago and is ready to gallantly lead some tours.

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Join us, along with undercanvasofficial and glampinghub for a Special Edition glamping experience in one of our most beautiful national parks. Click the link in our bio to learn more about this brand new adventure.

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İMPORTANT MESSAGE-ARE IN ITALY I wanted to make a surprise but l didn't make it. 5 months ago l bought a return ticket to Italy for May 10. My grandfather's soul left his body on May 8th. For two days l could not give him this surprise. I wanted to tell him so many things, l wanted to tell him once again the experiences l lived on this other path, but fate once again gave me a hard blow to the soul. If l had fallen a hundred more times l would have risen, but this is perhaps the hardest blow l have haid in my whole life. Only two days left. İf you read this message l'm in ltaly, l had kept this return hidden until the last so l could do a surprise, but l can't find any other way or words to tell you. The journey will continue in September for all of Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina 📷from antonio.diguida

1 hour ago

Let's go that way! It kinda looks like it *could* be a bike path

13 hours ago

Efforts is personality credits. Kunkelspass, a passage through the Glarus Alps revealed me very steep roads. I had to leave the bike and push. 50kg to move forward. During 10km always up. I thought an instant about all my friends on a street that carry their heavy big backpacks. I remember Mika’s one in Lille was 30kg. First day should have been a disaster for him to carry it. The day after already less. He was even pride, was his way to exercice, keep and feel fit. So I embrace this present effort as a tomorrow credit. And pride to make wider the definition of effort.