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KeanuReeves rides his new ARCH motorcycle to E. Baldi restaurant in Beverly Hills after dining there with gal pal Alexandra earlier in the week The internet's boyfriend looked handsome letting his facial hair grow back having lost his signature 'bad boy' look to play TedLogan He had dinner with Alexandra on Tuesday night and looked happy while leaving in her car MORE PICS (LINK IN BIO) keanureeves alexandragrant beverlyhills billandted3

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90’s Night at the Playhouse. Who wants to be involved and how? Let us know (yeah, we know the film came out in 89’ but it feels SO 90’s) still time to get tickets, this screening isn’t happening until 9pm on the 12th of October! Get tickets on our website now on advance. DOPE artwork here from mattryan • • • hamont playhousecinema hamiltonishome bartonvillage hamilton 90s 1990s 90sNight nostalgia billandted billandtedsexcellentadventure billandted3 movie movies tbt throwbackthursday film films cinema indiecinema movietheatre movietheater indiefilm indiemovie indiemovies

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Did you know Bill & Ted are back! With the third instalment of the franchise coming out in 2020 EXCELLENT!

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"Party on, dudes."🤘 Wise words from some most excellent time travelers 🎸 My sister has been on a Bill and Ted kick and I watched the movies with her recently, which inspired this little guy. It's been sitting in my desk for awhile because I felt like something was missing from it, but I decided to stop overthinking it and just let it be done. What's your favorite 80's movie??? ⁣ ⁣ Burned on a small walnuthollow basswood round with my colwood.woodburning Detailer and painted with acrylic craft paints 💕⁣ ⁣ handmade woodart quoteart woodburned woodburning woodburningart pyrography pyrographyart pyrographyartist sparkography nerdypyrography burnbabe burnclub billandtedsexcellentadventure billandtedsbogusjourney billandtedfacethemusic billandted3 billandted beexcellenttoeachother partyondudes billsprestonesquire tedtheodorelogan wyldstallyns 80smovies 80saesthetic moviequotes mostexcellent keanureeves alexwinter

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I get sad when people tell me they need to lose weight before they can wear something.

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HAPPY MONDAY! 🎉🙌🏻⠀ ⠀ I’m currently off work this week so won’t be posting as much, but thought I’d start the week off with this little guy. ⠀ ⠀ I told you all last week that BillandTed is hands down one of my favourite films from when I was a kid, and still is as an adult 📽⠀ ⠀ This doodle is tribute to a scene that cracks me up every time from bogusjourney - if you know, then you know 😂 **air guitar noises** 🎸⠀ ⠀ billandtedsbogusjourney howsithanging howsithangingdeath

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no one is doing it like them ac/ib regimechxlls cc aethophia the power this trio would have had,, *PHOENIX [im a clown bye]

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“Miss Preston, we'd like you to meet some of ourfriends.” • “This is Dave Beeth-OvenMaxine of ArcHerman the KidBob Genghis KhanSo-crates JohnsonDennis Freud. And uh Abraham Lincoln.” _ Can’t wait for Bill And Ted Face The Music! Hoping for a most excellent sequel! _ BillAndTedsExcellentAdventure BillAndTed BillAndTedsBogusJourney BillAndTed3 BillAndTedFaceTheMusic BeExcellentToEachOther MostExcellent KeanuReeves Keanu AlexWinter Rufus SocratesJohnson Socrates BobGenghisKhan SanDimas Excellent IronMaiden AbrahamLincoln MovieQuotes MovieQuoteOfTheDay MoviePins Pins Pin PinCollection PinGameStrong Pinstagram EerieFace TooBrokeMonkeys TheReelConversation

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Hey ted! 😍

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This is our mantra! In the skillscircle lounge, that’s located in the basement of ET. This is our mantra from the 1989 film; Bill & Ted excellent adventure. We need to be excellent to each other. 🚀 I work with people every single day and these are the creative people. 🧠 people are smart, they are more educated than ever before, they have a voice, opinions on the future and the creative lot I work with know how to transcend that into art. 💥being excellent to each other is about understanding, compassion, empathy, support, accepting, tolerance and empowering your fellow human. If you haven’t watched Bill & Ted then you should I would rather have Bill & Ted as world leaders right now than what we’ve got! I just know when these people come into power, these are going to change the narrative. I believe in you all 🚀🙌🚀🤘 “Party on Dudes” Created in adobecapture then cross apped into photoshop Express & finally in adobespark coventryfah_