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While Scott and Phil may enjoy sippin’ on the “blue milk” of Tatooine, up in Cloud City there’s only one drink available. trilogypodcast trilpod

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Vin: When I need inspiration, I consider Lando. Are you on your way? trilogypodcast trilpod

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MovieNews - In a galaxy far, far away, the words “And That’s a Wrap!” have been just been spoken ———————————————— In a tweet, director JJabramsOfficial confirmed that initial photography on the currently untitled Star Wars: Episode IX has finished, with a shot of three of the main cast members from the new trilogy of movies. While fans will appreciate the sight of their favorites in a fond embrace and Abrams describing the cast and crew as "magical," they still might feel shortchanged that no title for the movie was revealed to accompany the end of photography announcement — as was the case with The Force Awakens back in 2014. Episode IX hits theaters in December. ———————————————— JJabrams MarkHamill CarrieFisher BillyDeeWilliams Jedi Sith FilmNews Movie Film Blockbuster Podcast Screenwriting FilmMaking Gazillionaire TheDaviesLocker TDL Instagood InstaFilm PhotoOfTheDay PicOfTheDay IGers Amazing NoFilter L4L Like4Like

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J.J. Abrams has taken to social media to announce that “Star Wars: Episode IX” has officially wrapped principal photography. The film, which stars Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyong'o, Domhnall Gleeson, Kelly Marie Tran, Joonas Suotamo, Billie Lourd, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Billy Dee Williams, Carrie Fisher, Naomi Ackie, Richard E. Grant, Keri Russell, Dominic Monaghan, Matt Smith and Greg Grunberg, was directed by Abrams from a screenplay he co-wrote with Chris Terrio. Plot details are unknown at this time. “Star Wars: Episode IX” will hit theaters on December 20th, 2019. What are your guys’ thoughts on “Star Wars: Episode IX” officially wrapping principal photography? StarWarsEpisodeIX JJAbrams ChrisTerrio DaisyRidley AdamDriver JohnBoyega OscarIsaac LupitaNyongo DomhnallGleeson KellyMarieTran JoonasSuotamo BillieLourd MarkHamill AnthonyDaniels BillyDeeWilliams CarrieFisher KeriRussell RichardEGrant NaomiAckie DominicMonaghan MattSmith GregGrunberg Lucasfilm

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MOVIE StarWars Episode9 December20 2019 🎬 日米同時公開 監督 Directedby J.J.Abrams J.J.エイブラムス TheCast デイジー・リドリー DarsyRidley ジョン・ボイエガ JohnBoyega アダム・ドライバー AdamDriver オスカー・アイザック OscarIsaac マーク・ハミル MarkHamill ビリー・ディー・ウィリアムズ BillyDeeWilliams キャリー・フィッシャー CarrieFisher ドーナル・グリーソン DomhnallGleeson ルピタ・ニョンゴ LutipaNyongo ケリー・ラッセル KeriRussell リチャート・E・グラント Richardegrant R2D2 C3PO BB8 Hollywood Disney

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Lando: Here are the pickle barrels, as promised, with your packages inside. IG-88: Jabba will be pleased. He is also looking for a Han Solo, do you know this smuggler? Lando: HanI used to know him, after he took my ship, haven’t seen him for years. 4-LOM: If you see him, notify us immediately, we will pay you a percentage. Lando: Well, I doubt I’ll ever see him again. starwars starwarsblackseries gtptoys spacewalls starwarstheblackseries starwarsphotography TBSFF hasbropulse hasbro hasbrotoypic lando landocalrissian soloastarwarsstory rogueone blackseries6inch starwarsbattlefront ig88 4lom starwarsbattlefront2 billydeewilliams actionfigurephotography toyphotography starwarsfigures customactionfigures toysandphones bountyhunters blackseries bountyhunter

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STAR WARS El director JJ Abrams anuncia él fin del rodaje del episodio IX de starwars y lo conmemora con esta foto de Daisy Ridley, John Boyega y Oscar Issac en él día final de grabación. La película estrena en Diciembre y aún no tenemos ni un título oficial ni fecha para un posible trailer. daisyridley johnboyega markhamill carriefisher leia lukeskywalker kyloren oscarissac adamdriver rey kerirussell billydeewilliams landocalrissian maytheforcebewithyou news noticias indienerd popculture cine

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O diretor J.J Abrams postou imagem do elenco de Star Wars episódio IX com mensagem de agradecimento. O filme estreia 19 de dezembro neste filme teremos novos nomes ao elenco como da atriz Keri Russell. E foi confirmado que a família da atriz Carrie Fisher permitiu o uso da imagem da mesma e assim vamos ter nesse filme a oportunidade de assistir mais uma vez a nossa eterna Princesa Leia. starwars starwarsepisodioIX starwarsepisodeIX carriefisher princesaleia markhamill lukeskywalker daisyridley reystarwars adamdriver johnboyega finnstarwars kyloren oscarisaac poedameron kerirussell billydeewilliams landocalrissian geek nerd darthvader yoda anakinskywalker obiwan obiwankenobi geekbr geekbrasil geekinbox

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Ebony Magazine, in August of 1985, published an article about what stars of the time might look like in the year 2000.  Michael Jackson, who was at the top of the world at the time, was one of the featured stars.  The photo features what the King of Pop would look like at the age of 40.  Were they correct?  Let's just say the folks at Ebony were not psychics. The photo below depicts what Ebony guessed Michael would look like in the year 2000 at age 40.  The article suggests that he would "aged gracefully and would have a handsome, more mature look.” Welllooks like they were wrong from all angles.  I personally think this picture looks like Lando Calrissian (aka Billy Dee Williams) Here is what Michael Jackson actually looked like in the year 2000 at age 40.  Needless to say there is a staggering difference between the photos.  Somewhere along the line, things got weird for Michael and never returned to normal until his death in 2009. michaeljackson billydeewilliams billydee mjart michaeljacksonart michaeljacksonforever kingofpop wackojacko

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🎬 PELÍCULAS 🍿 ⭐🌌🛸 TERMINAN EL RODAJE EN UNA GALAXIA MUY MUY LEJANA🚀 🤖⭐ Con esta imagen el director JJAbrams anunció que StarWars episodio IX ya terminó de filmarse. En la imagen se ve a los actores y protagonistas de estas nuevas entregas: JohnBoyega, DaisyRidley y OscarIsaac abrazados y con el mensaje que abrams adjuntó: "Se siente imposible, pero hoy terminado de filmar las fotografías del episodio IX. No hay una manera adecuada para agradecer a este verdadero mágico equipo y elenco. Estaré por siempre en deuda con todos ustedes." Los actores que regresaran para esta entrega incluyen a Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, AdamDriver, LupitaNyongo, DomhnallGleeson, KellyMarieTran, JoonasSuotamo y BillieLourd. Uniéndose al elenco del episodio IX se encuentran NaomiAckie y RichardEGrant y además las veteranas estrellas de Star Wars, MarkHamill, AnthonyDaniels y BillyDeeWilliams quién volverá a interpretar su papel de LandoCalrissian.

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And that’s a wrap on Episode 9

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Coinciding with Valentine’s Day, for Black History Month let’s stroll down memory lane and reminisce over some of our favourite black love films.  See if you can name all 7 movies. Which one was your favourite? Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. It is a day to celebrate love in all forms (with family, friends and loved ones) I hope you share, give and receive much love today and everyday. blacklove dianaross omarepps jadapinkettsmith sanaalathan larenztate janetjackson tarajiphenson janetjackon allenpayne nialong billydeewilliams tayediggs blackfilms blackmovies valentinesday love blackhistorymonth BHM365 bhm blackculture blackartists blackactors tayediggsinsta janetjackson tarajiphenson therealbillydee sanaalathan larenztate iamnialong omarepps dianaross jadapinkettsmith happyvalentinesday

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On ValentinesDay. On Love. On preciously rare sightings of blissful Black folk being in love on screen a ThinkCinematic Valentine's salute to 4 of the best: AbbeyLincoln & IvanDixon in NothingButAMan, 1964. DiahannCarroll & JamesEarlJones in Claudine, 1974. DianaRoss loving herself a little more than BillyDeeWilliams in Mahogany, 1975. And the one I adore above all others: ForLoveofIvy, 1968. Ms Abbey Lincoln. Mr SidneyPoitier. A film ahead of its time. Ken Anderson at 'Dreams Are What Le Cinema Is For' writes 'When a film dismissed at the time of its release for being too light and conventional provides: 1) One of the screen’s most independent, dimensional black female characters & 2) The still-rare occurrence of a black romance at the centre of a mainstream motion picture I have a real soft spot in my heart for For Love of Ivy - not just because I find Poitier & Lincoln to be such an engaging couple - I respond sentimentally to For Love of Ivy because the character of Ivy Moore is one of the most satisfyingly believable black female characters I've ever seen in a film. Authenticity is exactly what I find in Ivy, as embodied by the late jazzsinger Abbey Lincoln. Ivy is a dignified, independent woman who wants love and a better life, and best of all, isn’t looking to be rescued or saved by anyone but herself.' ♥

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Lando: “Is that?” Han: “You bet!” Lando: “How’d you even get that thing?” Han: “Some old buddies of mine on Tatooine found this in a junk heap some Toydarian was running in Mos Espa. Apparently the desert just spit this out one day and the helmet was still in good condition. The range finder isn’t even bent, which is rare these days. So I bought it, for the nostalgia.” Lando: “That’s pretty morbid to keep Fett’s helmet. After all, we saw him get eaten by the Sarlacc. Shouldn’t you give it to his friends or family?” Han: “You kidding? Where am I gonna keep my snacks then? Looks like you’re also trying to relive the good times huh? New L3?” Lando: “No this is an L4, same concept of a junker but without the personality quirks.” L4: “Would you care for another drink sir?” Lando: “Not right now. Thank you L4.” Han: “And you’re judging me?” I actually really love this L3 figure. Granted it’s articulation is incredibly limited but I just love the design of the figure. For a droid she is very unique and I’m happy to have her in my collection. All the Solo figures have been pretty good, with the quality going up every year I can’t wait for the Episode 9 figures. starwars anewhope theempirestrikesback returnofthejedi theforceawakens thelastjedi hansolo landocalrissian bobafett l337 jedi sith theforce lightside darkside maytheforcebewithyou starwarsblackseries starwarstheblackseries starwars40thanniversary harrisonford billydeewilliams hasbro actionfigures toyphotography toyunion starwarstoys actionfigurephotography toycommunity toypics tcb_detective_pikapool

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The latest rumors suggest that naomiackie is playing Lando’s daughter in starwarsepisode9 -and the tie-in books may well have set that up. Right now, precious little is known about the last film in the sequel Trilogy. We know that billydeewilliams is returning as landocalrissian , although the latest reports suggest he may only have a small role. Ok starwarsfans , we’re 10 months away from the “next chapter “ these lil nuggets don’t give away any plot infoand so far hasn’t made the fans”CRAZY! Glad Naomi is down by law Lol! 😃🤩😎👍🏾🍿 starwars theforce media eggheadsent eggheadsentertainment richardegrant adamdriver domhnailgleeson daisyridley oscarisaac kerirussell markhamill lucasfilm starwarsthelastjedi actionfigures scifimovies scififantasy geeks nerds podcastingwhileblack podcastingnews blackpodcastnetwork blackpodcastsmatter starwars starwarscelebration theforceawakensdaily starwarsxi naomiackieig adam.driverr daisyridley richard.e.grant oscarisaac.ig johnboyega kerirussellofficial justpodcast blackgirlconsazon hitman6971 diceygrenor wandamusic4life robin3stokes nstevenharris edwatsonart it_came_from_beyond_planet_x moviethrill urbanactionshowcase urbanworldfilmfest urbanpulsedirect blackscifi radiofreepodcasting

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🎧 Hiway 🚘 on that spotify or itunes playlist Awww shizz Villa Dom on some billydeewilliams shiizz with this one Iliketo this yall theme music for tomorrow for ya loverboys lol

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The single greatest purchase we've ever made. Things are getting out of hando. We're just members of the bando. Taking commando. Boba Fett speaking Mando, Anakin hating sando. All my other shirts are blando. lando oldandnew donglover childishgambino billydeewilliams starwarsix tshirts solo donldglover - lookin' good in that cape. therealbillydee - y'all wanna come pet the horses? hamillhimself - If you look closely, you can just make out a sillhouette, hanging off the bottom of Bespin.

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Lando Calrissian AKA "Billy Dee" Williams Best known for his role as Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars film franchise, Williams has also appeared in critically acclaimed films like Brian's Song (1971), Lady Sings the Blues (1972), Mahogany (1975), Nighthawks (1981), and Batman (1989), in which he portrayed Harvey Dent. Williams would return as Lando Calrissian in Star Wars: Episode IX. Here is a old story from the Right On! Magazine August 1983 I posted about yesterday. BillyDeeWilliams LandoCalrissian Batman Starwars colt45 mego mikesdeadformats mikekalesbeakidagainmdf

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I honestly had never watched Star Wars until my husband (then boyfriend) wanted me to see it. When I realized that Billy Dee Williams was in it, it made the series all the better for me, even if was only in two of the movies. I just love Billy Dee Williams. He looks like a classy guy, that smells like classic movies. Did you know that Billy Dee Williams name is actual William December Williams Jr.? I would have called myself Billy too, to be honest. I think it's really cool that he is apart of the Star Wars franchise. It wasn't until recently that you got to see a lot of different people of color get a chance to be in sci-fi/fantasy/action roles. It's been over 30 years and he is still playing the the character Lando, whether he voices him in a game or on a tv show. He also played Harvey Dent in the 1989 "Batman". Now of course, Billy Dee Williams has been in deeper films than Star Wars and Batman, (No offense to the fandoms) but I chose to highlight those because I am a nerd. It's safe to say that Billy Dee helped pave the way for Black-American actors in the sci-fi genre. blackhistorymonth billydeewilliams landocalrissian starwars theempirestrikesback returnofthejedi blackactors history sciencefiction scifi batman harveydent ladysingstheblues mahogany classicfilm classicactors

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Have you ever noticed how Lando is wearing Han’s clothes at the end of Empire Strikes Back? I’ve always thought it was weird so I wrote a cloudcitysoundtrack song about it. And then I made a video. Link to entire video in bio.