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The Brahminy Kite (Haliastur indus) is a very special birds of prey for Indonesia's capital, Jakarta. This bird is the official mascot of Jakarta since 1989. Its appearance is somewhat very distinguishable from other diurnal raptors in the Indian subcontinent, South East Asia, and Australia due to its red-brown plumage with white head and chest The difference of the Haliastur genus compared to other raptor genus is that they have circular nostrils kites haliastur hawk falcon falconry birdsofprey raptors birds birdsplanet birding birdphotography birdlovers birdman kings_birds bird_brilliance nuts_about_birds elite_raptors nature naturephotography natureshots raw_birds birdsofinstagram losechoshot elite_wildlife kings_birds wildlife_perfection birdlife birds_adored nature natgeowildlife natgeowild Brahminykite

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Hypnelus r. coloratus Esta especie se encuentra en el nororiente de Colombia y noroccidente de Venezuela. En Colombia se distribuye hasta 1200 m de altura sobre el nivel del mar. Entre las presas de las cuales se alimenta se han registrado escarabajos y libélulas. Excava un nido en forma de madriguera, en una colonia de termitas arbóreas y la hembra pone tres huevos blancos. birds nature naturephotograpy avistamientoaves birdwatching birdman avesdecolombia birdsofcolombia allnatureshots ig_worldphoto ig_shotz_le pocket_birds life aves wildlife birdstagram wikiaves weekend  ig_bird aves_del_mundo aves_colombia

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Äntligen får jag prata öppet om min soloakt ”Melody”. energilove är namnet på EP:n jag jobbat med under hela 2018! singeln handlar om mellows uppväxt och kärleken till sin mamma i västra Lund. 070553890 energilove birdman

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Pilgrimaged to visit huge banyan trees and a Kapok too. Shady cool on an unusually hot day. Birds everywhere and Denise and Bob knew them all by sight or sound. snowwhite and the birdman neighbors wherenext

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Golden Oriole Female Looks: Male has bright golden-yellow upperparts and underparts with black wings and centre of tail. Female: Yellowish-green in plumage with brownish-green wings, whitish underparts with blackish streakings. Black eye patch, crimson eyes, pinkish beak are prominent in both. Immature birds are similar to females but with dull upperparts and heavily streaked underparts. Habitat: Garden, well wooded areas, groves, forests ijk kl45 birdphotography bird_lovers_daily bird bird_freaks birdsofinstagram bird_brilliance birdsofkerala birdlovers birds_private birds_nature birdman yellow black home vocation morning clicks enjoylife