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Shop our gear for on and off the mats at

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Cada um com seus sonhos. Tento levar ela para o ballet mais não tem jeito. Ela gosta mesmo é do Judo e Jiu-Jitsu. Adora o treino da academiaedsoncarvalho. Oss.

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“If size mattered then the elephant would be king of the jungle” Rickson Gracie

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Magic Grip on the Gi when they defend the Kimura, by holding the Belt or what ever material they can grab to stop it It’s no problem at all as we can take our Magic Grip by using the material on their Gi, we wrap it over their hand into ours. Back of our hand to back of their hand Test that they can’t pull their arm out and it’s completely stuck Move round to side control and choke them. You might have the other hand to deal with but Who cares! 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ You can still get it graciefamily bjjlifestyle jiujitsugi collarchoke kimura armlock bjj👊 bjjchoke bjjvideos jiujitsuviciados brazilianjiujitsulife ukjiujitsu ukbjj bjjbrownbelt submissiongrappling jiu_jitsu brazilianjiujitsu bjjmotivation mixedmartialarts usherbjj beginnersjiujitsu grappling brazilianjiujitsucompetitor bjjcompetition jiujitsucompetition

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🤓💯🔥🏆📚🤼‍♂️🥋 •L E A D • F R O M • T H E • F R O N T• ⬇️ Congrats to Nerd Assassins Co-Founder and President Syrus Singh of singhbrothersbjj for getting straight A’s and making Honor Roll 2 trimesters in a row! ⬇️ Syrus is taking all Honors classes and is a full time athlete, academic and entrepreneur who lives and breathes the Nerd Assassins credo ⬇️ When Syrus came up with the Nerd Assassins concept a year ago he wanted to empower like himself to focus on academics, grappling, sportsmanship and live the scholar-warrior lifestyle. ⬇️ He has succeeded in his vision and Nerd Assassins is growing bigger each day. BOOM! 💣 ⬇️ 📚| STUDY 🧠| STRATEGIZE 👊🏽| EXECUTE 🥋| GRAPPLE • nerd-assassins bjjlifestyle jiujitsu jiujitsukid kidsbjj artesuave bjj EverydayPorrada jiujitsulifestyle jiujitsu4life wrestling ibjjf wrestling scway wrestlinglife wrestlingmom grapplersstudio wrestlingmart franktrained girlonthemat usawrestling collegewrestling grecoromanwrestling ncaawrestling grappling freestylewrestling calusawrestling vectorwrestling justwrestle scholarathlete

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almodhyan I was to supposed to face Hassan Mandour who is ranked number 3 FW in Egypt for the AUFC featherweight title but unfortunately he will be able to fight so, i challenge you for that belt as you ranked number 2 (I don't know how😅) anyway if you have the suitable courage to accept that, we will fight at AUTC 21 what's your decision!? سليمان المضيان كان من المفترض ان اواجه حسن مندور المصنف الثاني علي مستوي مصر ف وزن 66 علي لقب بطل AUFC ، ولكن للأسف هو لن يستطيع المشاركة لذلك انا اتحداك في قتال علي الحزام بما انك المصنف الثاني (لا أعلم كيف لك ذلك) عموما لو تملك الشجاعة الكافيه للموافقه ، سيكون قتالنا في AUFC 21 ما قرارك! ؟ aufcegy kuw_kimura saracensmma fightclubkuwait Saracens bjjlifestyle MMA UFC Fight Night Boxing MuayThai BJJ Follow FollowBack cairo bahrain 2017 2019 2018 fight champ muslim good manama bjj explore prince princefaress cairo selfie ready worldchampion

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Fuelling Champions! 💪🏻 Good to have our sponsored fighter and Bjj Black Belt in the house Valmyr Neto 🥇 and honoured to also have with him Frankiko Lima 🦍 4th Degree Black Belt fresh from Training his fighters for the UFC! A real honour to have got to roll with him today 👏🏻👏🏻 and for him to try Muscle Bar 😊💪🏻 vnteam frankikolimabjj fuellingchampions bjjlifestyle bjjchampion ufc mmafighter

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Desde el país de nunca jamas✌ bjjlifestyle

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Confirmed ☑️ wardziak_bjj will take part in the uaejjf World Pro Championship! Do you think the Polish star has what it takes to take the gold medal this year?

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"Gallbladder 24/Stomach 5" has always been a lethal combo when executed properly. I also found the kid in the video muhammadkmma he actually started training MMA now suicideprevention

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bad🐒bjj grapplers_planet - fbf to when bjjbreakdown was so shocked at leandrolojj while commentating the absolute finals at the Pans, he had to get co-commentator shawnwilliamsbjj to explain what just went down leandrolojj - Repost bjjbreakdown - | Where Jiu Jitsu & Grappling Never Stop - FIND US ON YouTube: grapplersplanetcom | IG: grapplers_planet | Twitter: grapplersplanet - ibjjfpans ibjjf jiujitsu bjj grappling wrestling judo bjjmotivation bjj4life bjjlife jiujitsugoals jiujitsulifestyle bjjlifestyle bjjmoves cobrinhabjj subconsciousbjj grappling bjjlifestyle bjjgoals jiujitsumoves flograppling commentator commentary commentating bjjbreakdown - regrann

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🚨🚨Alan Sanchez🚨🚨 Alan Sanchez alansanchez10p out of 10th Planet San Mateo 10thplanetsanmateo will be stepping on the mats on June 22nd to compete for the Midwest Finishers 2 Welterweight Championship 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🚨Midwest Finishers 2🚨 🏆Welterweight Championship 📆 JUNE 22nd 🕒 6:00pm CST ⚖️ 170 Lbs 📍 10thplanetjj_lombard 📋 EBI RULES 🤼‍♂️ 16-man bracket ⚔️ Superfights 📽️ YouTube/MidwestFinishersSubOnly 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 SPONSORED BY: fujisportsus grapplerunion rmbrclub 10thplanetjj_lombard finishers_subonly dudewipes roll77mma midwestfinishers midwestbjj jiujitsu fujisports subonly ebi midwest submission finisherssubonly finishers submiteveryone bjjlifestyle leglocks nogi noginoproblem trainordont

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Post Training - On a bus, in a country where I don’t know a single word of their language. Wouldn’t have it any other way. martialartist

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For the grapplers out there, I definitely have a reason for showing the varied plank, core strength, and stability movements. Core stability refers to someone’s ability to stabilize their core. Stability should then be considered as an ability to control the position and movement of the core. The major muscles that are involved in core stability include; transverse abdominis, multifidus, external and internal obliques, rectus abdominis, erector spines, longissimus thoracis, and the diaphragm. The importance of conditioning/strengthening these groups through dynamic and static movements is key for improved success in various grappling positions  canyonsfitness stronger  exercise  core

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It’s the 1st of November. Merry Christmas!

4 months ago

Give me a decent tracksuit and I’ll wear it

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Team Ryano was the first MMA gym I ever stepped foot in and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. Everything I know from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and overall technique’s for MMA I learned under Coach Andy Ryan. Most importantly, I learned how to be disciplined! They’re one of the top gyms in Europe for a reason and that’s obvious from their success and hard work from the amateur level to the UFC. I never miss any BAMMA, Cage Warriors or Bellator show that any of the Team Ryano boys are fighting on and never will miss one. Always a supporter of everyone there! I’m forever grateful for Andy Ryan. He’s an OG of MMA in Ireland and I’m extremely lucky to have learned from him on the mats and off the mats! They introduced to the sport and I’ve loved the sport ever since! 🦏🇮🇪

5 months ago

Nice to be back in the Aviva Stadium despite of the result 🍀 faireland

5 months ago

I need to go to another fight night ASAP! Maybe bellatormma in December 👀

6 months ago

Those wedding vibes

6 months ago

I’m sick as a dog right now and all I wanna do is train 🤧😷

6 months ago

Flexibility training going to plan

6 months ago

It’s a sad day when you can’t reach your drink on the table💔😢

7 months ago

A rare site of me taller than someone else hannaoeberg

7 months ago

Back to my first day training at SBG in 2015. A lot of great memories in that gym!

7 months ago

Having fun shadow boxing

7 months ago

Meeting stevecook is still the highlight of my summer

7 months ago

Dying to get back training this week