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4 minutes ago

Bliss. It's written on their faces. Thanks as always for a wonderful evening of musical bliss my friend ❤️ katjaaujesky and frau_judith gifted us with a beautiful performance last night. If you haven't checked out Katja's new arrangements on her new EP Blauer Mond, please do so. It's worth it. aboutlastnight livegig trueartists thosetwo livemusik concert konzert musicislove musicislove musician singersongwriter germansinger deutschsprachigemusik ihavetalentedfriends anditookmysloth datenighttotheconcert allinallabeautifulevening katjaaujesky blauermond ilovethenewarrangements acoustic bliss

7 minutes ago

Picking out flowers for summer ruxley_nursery. Hope they will last autumn and winter, with every changing season, we age a little more, so, when is the right time to think about what we really want in life. It’s a hard question to answer when the routines are so hectic and fast-paced. I am really appreciating every breath I take and every move I make! Loving life to the fullest right here right now! amazinglife atpeace bymyself lovinglife happy happiness bliss

9 minutes ago

That moment when you are with your most loved ones enjoying a lovely lunch within the surrounding of colourful Meadows . The beautiful ambience and the cool climate of the hill station embellished with great service. The softly playing country songs by the bar singer elevates you to the high mood. You are at bliss. Pic location :Kotagiri bliss songs hillstation jive emotion love philosophy poetry poem thought whatsyourstory photography dkb

14 minutes ago

Your Spirit -J

20 minutes ago

One should consciously cognize, keeping the mind beyond the movement of thoughts, free from any doubts or root cognitions that the whole body and even the whole universe, indeed, are simultaneously of the essence and nature of Consciousness in the infinite space of Oneness, then the Supreme Awakening happens where one manifests the cosmic body. VijñānaBhairavaTantra consciousness shiva paramahansanithyananda divine beyondhuman peace soul harmony awareness bliss meditate healing counseling depressioncounsellingindubai divineconnection anxiety higherconsciousness

21 minutes ago

My cousin Kya and I family bliss when I went to visit Cali 2017 Snapchat fun

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New Market, the heart of the city.

4 hours ago

Oase van rust. Opladen. Clear my mind. Om te groeien, moet je dingen loslaten. Dat is mijn focus tijdens deze reis. Rust.✨ Focus.🧘‍♀️Groei.✌🏼 Natuur🌴Liefde💕

19 hours ago

Hello weekend 📸 ter.woj