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I saw a picture of this style last year on Instagram and i thought it was too cute! So I decided to recreate it. Let me know if you want a full tutorial 😊. I used my favorite taliahwaajidbrand apple & Aloe products to give my hair adequate moisture, softness and shine for this style! Products used: 1)Apple & Aloe Leave in Conditioner 2) Apple & Aloe Hold me Down gelle Don’t forget to get your naturalhairshow tickets Click the link in their bio, $5 right now‼️‼️‼️ taliahwaajid naturalhairshow ad apple&aloe

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Looking off into the distance towards paradise. I hear the islands calling my name. 🌺🧘🏽‍♀️

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I’m still so in love with these sunnies. I dropped these just in time for spring. Shop the “Beach Babe” sunnies for $9.99 until April 8, 2019. Also sold individually. 🦎🕶

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For all my ladies with style and grace 🌹

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shaexjohnson 🌹🌹 SOUL TEA is available now, on Amazon.

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Can anyone guess what this week’s NowTrending spotlight will be? 💕Comment below with your guesses and let us know what other trends you want us to feature 👇🏿

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I use to always dream about doing a photoshoot at a Café specifically in Paris. I would search and find images of women dressed so eloquently in Parisian Café inspired Fashion Editorials the only issue was I NEVER found women that looked like me in those photos (maybe 1)! The last time I went to Paris I was extremely determined to put an end to that stereotype. I decided to do my own Parisian Fashion Editorial incorporating WomenofColor! It was important to showcase us with our natural hair and natural bodies because natural beauty STILL exists within our community! sxtstyles ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Moral of the Story: If you visualize something in your mind set it free. I want girls to be able to see an image of themself when doing their own research for fashion inspiration ALL over the world we deserve the same love and attention because we are BEAUTIFUL! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I found these two vintage suits in a thrift store the pink one is Christian Dior ($12.99) the yellow one is Yves Saint Laurent ($19.99) 🙀! I developed the concept and called my daughtahhh kelseyashley_ and told her I needed some furs to match and she sent me the PERFECT colors from lavish_furs I ran the concept by o_ray, we looked out the window of our hotel and saw a Café on the corner. The rest is history!

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Curls, curls, curls ➰✨

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TIP OF THE DAY: Use a Body Scrub Glove to exfoliate your body daily! If you are looking for an easy way to get rid of dull, dead skin, you need one of these. ⠀ ⠀ . You can find these gloves in the beauty/bath/personal care department at most stores. They even sell these dollartree ! ⠀ . Simply lather up your body with your favorite soap and gently exfoliate with this glove. Your skin will be smooth to the touch as soon as you are done. ⠀ . Pair this glove with our Orange Turmeric Body Brightening Soap and our Moisturizing Body Oil to have smooth, glowing, hydrated skin! Click Link in Bio for More Info.⠀

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Save yourself some time and energy. Stop trying to change him. You cannot change him. His mother could not change him, his siblings could not change him, his employer could not change him. What makes you think he’ll change because of you? READ NEW BLOG VIA LINK IN BIO 💻📲

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Walk with authority, serve others like royalty👑, you are a light, a key the world needs🔑 so dare to shine & live your dreams. 💖

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Your workout will not yield the best results if you don't manage your stress and rest. 💜

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These floracurl products thoo😍! I learned about this brand sometime last year so I was really thrilled when they reached out to me. Just in time for Spring!🌷🌼 Products used: 🌸Organic Rose & Honey Leave-in Detangler 🌸African Citrus Superfruit Hair Oil 🌸Flower Garden Hair Styling Butter . The Flower Garden Hair Styling Butter was my favourite out of the three. It has some weight to it but it doesn’t leave the hair feeling heavy at all. Shea butter is the first ingredient in this product and overall it did an amazing job at locking in the moisture from the leave-in. I think my hair was craving just a little bit more slip from the leave-in but if my hair were more damp it may have glided a bit better. The hair oil is light so it works nicely when layering other products. Lastly, There are a lot of scents that mingle with each other because each product has its own unique fragrance so that’s something to be mindful of if you’re sensitive to fragrance I really appreciate the fact that floracurl products are made for all curl types and are all natural! They’re all available to order from💗 sponsored floracurl

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Aqui en todos los procesos vívidos y los que me falta por vivir con el cabello rizado. A la verdad que lo he sabido vivir todos, pero el que más estoy disfrutando es en el cual me encuentro ahora. Pues ya por definitiva he comprendido que el cabello no hace una mujer, es un detalle más. ¿Y que de aquellas que son calvas porque una enfermedad no les dejó más opción, son menos mujer? No tengo miedo a cortar el cabello otra vez, no tengo miedo a empezar otra vez. Pues he aprendido mucho en estos dos años inventando con mi cabello. Pero mi amiga, la belleza es subjetiva, porque para muchas mujeres el cabello lizo y largo es lo más bello. Pero para otra el cabello rizo y largo es algo hermoso. Las dos son aceptadas, pues es cuestión de gustos. Con esta publicación quiero dejar dos mensajes; 🎀Acepta cada etapa de tu cabello, abrázala, amala y no te aferres. (Don't be afraid of change) 🎀No te creas la reina más hermosa del castillo, si a alguien no le gusta tu cabello bastante con que a ti te guste. empajonate afro pelorizo peloafro curlyhair rizos pelo cabello cabellorizado rizosdemiisla afrohairstyle curlyhairidontcare colochos cachos healthy_hair_journey blkgirls cwkgirls teamnatural_ amazingnaturalhair respectmyhair

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On my last wash day I realised I have been recycling the same parts in my hair for almost 2 years😲. I learnt this from a YouTube's years ago and it is so convinent😊☺ Do you recycle parts in your hair? How long have you had your current parts for?

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Look! I have hair under my wigs! One day I’ll be the type of girl to have a whole hair regimenbut for now I’m just giving y’all styles. itstillgrowtho 😌 (Full video linked in my bio) • • • • • • blkgirls hair2mesmerize hairtuber happilynaturallit26 healthy_hair_journey healthyhairjourney naturalhair twa naturalhairdaily naturalhairgoddesses nhstyles protectivestyle unconditionedroots weareonyx ecocobeauty silkelements cantubeauty naturalhairstyles naturalhairspot naturalhairisdope

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It’s not me, it’s you🌹. - - - Top: sheinofficial • use code: Q1kristiatolode15 for $$ off

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Hey guys! 👋🏿 so devacurl came out with their first ever oil “High Shine” and i have a feeling that it is going to be a fav this spring. It is a multi benefit oil formulated to add shine moisture and enhance curls (or waves) And this baby smells AMAZING 😍😍😍 it has babassu, coconut 🥥 and other amazing ingredients that was made to give you healthy beautiful curls ! Thank you devacurl for sending me this product💖 • “High Shine” is available at • devacommunity shinemoment highshine

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Day 2 of what I'm terming an "Accidental Work of Art" I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to achieve this look again even IF this was my goal. So I'm gonna enjoy it while I can or whatever! Happy Monday Beauties, Have an Amazing day on purpose smooches 💋💋💋💋 CoCoBella62 blackgirlsrock twistout healthy_hair_journey naturalhaircare natural KinkyCurlyCoilyMe naturalhairjourney healthyhairjourney thecoilycurator healthyhair kinkychicks teamnatural curlygirlsz blkgirls curlconfessions unconditionedroots kinks2curls naturalhairstyles naturalgirlsrock naturalhairinspirations healthyhairjourney healthy hairgrowth howtonaturalhair mynaturalhairisdope twistout twostrandtwist blackgirlmagic wng

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What made you smile today? I had a pretty good day today, I woke up early and seized the day. I caught up with friends and met my daily word target for my dissertation ✅ I can’t remember why I was smiling when I took this picture because it’s hard for me not to smile in any picture 😂 and I genuinely enjoy spending time with myself on wash day! It’s my time to take care some time out no matter how pressing the tasks on my to do list seem to be. I was deep conditioning with almocado which has been a staple of mine for a year now. My mum took the rest of the pot home with her after that wash day 😪 AND asked me to get her a new one too! 😅 We love it 🥰 curlygalchlo mykinkyhaircan britishcurlies naturalgyrls trialsntresses naturalhairlove naturalhairgrowth myhairtexture luvyourmane respectmyhair lengthretention blessedwithkurls 2curls1mission uknaturals type4hair thenaturalslife naturalistas naturalhairdreams naturalgirlsrules mynaturalhairisdope kinkycoilyhair kinky_chicks1 kinks2curls howtonaturalhair healthyhairgoals blkgirls kinksandcoils

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It’s week 5 of _iamlenn & my curlfriendgrowthchallenge 👀 This is day 3 of my aussiehairusa twist-out, but I plan to do a bentonite clay treatment and protein mask later on this week. How’s your growth regimen going?

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Repost cocobella62 ・・・ She's at it again. Stepping all outside (her) box. Doing things she hasn't done since her relaxed hair days. I don't know what you expect BUT you gonna get whatever comes out of these rollers or whatever!🤷🏾‍♀️ Happy Saturday Beauties, Have an Amazing dayOn Purpose smooches 💋💋💋💋 CoCoBella62 blackgirlsrock twistout healthy_hair_journey naturalhaircare natural KinkyCurlyCoilyMe naturalhairjourney healthyhairjourney thecoilycurator healthyhair kinkychicks teamnatural curlygirlsz blkgirls curlconfessions unconditionedroots kinks2curls naturalhairstyles naturalgirlsrock naturalhairinspirations healthyhairjourney healthy hairgrowth howtonaturalhair mynaturalhairisdope twistout twostrandtwist blackgirlmagic wng

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Don’t forget to check out the store today! LINK IN BIO.🦎

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No matter what you do, don’t quit! 🦎💕