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Just got a bunch of blue stuff and posted this.I think it’s kinda cool.A blue marker,blue eye mask,The thing that looks like candy is actually a pen too,and a strip of ribbon,a random blue bead I found,and the thing that looks like a macaron is a clock. 🐬💧🧩💙 blue eyemask ribbon random bead cool marker shiny candypen clock

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わんちゃん🐶ネコちゃん🐱がお好きな方へ。 わんちゃん🐶ネコちゃん🐱への贈り物に。。。 お子様やペットちゃんがいる家庭にも優しい割れにくい陶器ではなくブリキを使用しています。 ペット用仏花としても可愛らしいので喜ばれるとおもいます。 preuve プルーヴ clay クレイ 粘土 clayart クレイアート clayflowers クレイフラワー handmaid ハンドメイド 手作り flower フラワー お花 北九州 小倉南区 小倉 福岡 rose 薔薇 バラ お花のある暮らし お花好きな人と繋がりたい フラワーギフト ローズ blue ブリキ 肉球 虹の橋

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Blue Suga bts blue User:joke

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This place is so calming. And I find that many things about me changed in the time I was there. I felt this new peace with myself. I wasn’t concerned about the way I looked in a bathing suit, I just wanted to be in the waves. It was small and sweet, and there was pretty much one main road everyone used. But still, not traffic. I learned how much I enjoy running, and how much I truly love my family aesthetic moodboard jekyllisland moodboards aestheticpost niche beach beachy beachaesthetic starfish orange blue suntan sunscreen ice cream moodboarder bathingsuit swimming swim

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You'd be surprised by the amount of time we spent to compare our life to one another, it is the main path that leads to unhappiness & this comparison game is now as old as humanity. The truth is if you compare your hard work behind the scene to other's accomplishment highlight, which is what people normally show, you will always see yourself a failure Always remember, you can’t use other's appearance to judge the journey of your life; it will never be a fair comparison, use them as motivation to improve what really matters instead. The only person in your life to compare is who you were yesterday 💙 . End of the day, the most important question is: Whose measuring stick are you using? 😉 . jsblue jsgaigai

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the day we walked 30000 steps to explore the heritage sits in Athens 😤😤

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tristezza a stento☀️

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så mange fine lunsjforhold i nabolaget⛰☀️