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HAPPY BIRTHDAY KLADE sxnfwr ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ AHHHH WE WANTED TO MAKE YOU A BIRTHDAY COLLAB AND EVEN THOUGH ITS NOT THE BEST WE DID IT WITH LOVE 💕 Part one: me Part two: astroaverys Part three: gxllagher.r Part four: marvels.aidan Part five: umberellacademy We love youuuuuu uwuwuwuwu • • birthdayedit umbrellaacademy aidangallagheredit aidangallagher umbrellaacademyedit numberfiveedit numberfive five fivehargreeves fivehargreevesedit fiveedit tua tuaedit theumbrellaacademy theumbrellaacademyedit nrdd nrddedit nicky nickyharper nickyharperedit nickyrickydickyanddawn blueneon

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🇬🇧Hi guys This is my "finish my edit" Tag 2-3 editors Publish it in your story Finish on 25 may 1 place:4 coloring, 2 Collab with me e 6 overlays 2 place:2 overlays e 2 coloring 3 posto:1 Collab with me e 1 overlay Good luck🧸 .🇮🇹Ciao ragazzi Questo è il mio "finish my edit" Tagga 2-3 editor Pubblicalo nella tua storia Finisce il 25 maggio. I premi sono 1 posto:4 coloring, 2 collaborazione con me e 6 overlays 2 posto:2 overlays e 2 coloring 3 posto:1 collaborazione con me e 1 overlay Buona fortuna🧸 { myeditingbitch aidan aidangallagher 1k aidangallagheredit five numberfive fiveedit numberfiveedit umbrellaacademy umbrellaacademyedit nicky nickyedit nickyrickydickydawn nickyrickydickyanddawn nickyrickydickydawnedit nickyrickydickyanddawnedit nickyharper nickyharperedit blueneon aidansarmy}

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American beauty