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2 days ago

This girl does not sit still for one minute! I have so many pictures where she is a blurwe finally celebrated her first birthday tonight, a few weeks late, but she could care less❤️she loved her smash cake and some big blue bucket😂 ourdylanroseoftexas birthdaygirl oneyearold bluesteyesintexas

1 month ago

DO YOU SUPPOSE SHE’S A WILDFLOWER? One of those meant to be free They say if you follow her when she wonders you’ll find her talking to trees She’s one of those mysterious souls, always lost inside herself Contemplating matters of existence, dreaming of metaphysical wealth A place of paradise, where all is free of pain A space that flourishes with the manically insane A collection of minds feeding off debauchery A gathering of souls to rebel the hypocrisy Armed with a mind full of soldiers, ready to win this war of expression She knows it’s up to her to lead free the life she’s destined.🌼 (Jasmine) poetry poetrycommunity literature nature natureawakensdotcom wildflowers texaswildflowers bluesteyesintexas landscapelovers landscapephotography landscape solitude garden flowers healing natureheals bewild wild letherbewild loveherbutleaveherwild mydestiny wildsoul thelifeiamdestinedtolive

1 month ago

We would like to thank Chris Laux of Doppelganger for hosting such a great event yesterday at Bottoms Up Sports Bar & Grill. A lot of money was raised for the families of Jake and Luke and we were honored to get to be a part of the entertainment. Thank you to all of the other great bands that gave their time yesterday, Lady Luck Party Band, Borderline, Blackwater Revival Band / BWR, & Doppelganger. Heres a little a capella warming up. restlessheart theflatlinerband jakeringering brightonillinois altonillinois bluesteyesintexas kylegreenwell countrymusiccoversongs countrymusiccoverband

3 months ago

Spring has officially sprung here in Texas! Just saw the first bluebonnets of the year in Montgomery County and it made me super nostalgic for this photo shoot with sweet baby Hud. I *need* to do this again with Hud AND Coop, so let’s share where’s your favorite Bluebonnet photo spot? These were taken in Montgomery out near Buffalo Springs. Aunt Momo miranda9402 let’s plan a date. 📷

3 months ago

Historians believe the link between humans and lapis lazuli stretches back more than 6,500 years. The gem was treasured by the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, and Rome. They valued it for its vivid, exquisite color, and prized it as much as they prized other blue gems like sapphire and turquoise. preferredjewelersinternational wearepreferred gia lapis bluesteyesintexas