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For all of you out there that think you can’t do some things, maybe because you’re scared, or you’ve never done them before and they seem like only “other” people do them. I’m here to tell you that you can do whatever it is that you think you can’t! Painting this wall right there was one of those things that I thought was impossible to get done! I’m the painter in my marriage, I just have to put that out there, I am detail oriented and super picky about paint so this was my job, butI am afraid of heights! Yikes, so what was I supposed to do?! Hiring a painter was too much money when I could technically do it myself, I just was scared Is that a good enough excuse to spend a lot of unnecessary money? The other option was to face it head on, overcome my fears, put that ancestral grit my mom always told me I had flowing in my veins to work, and get ‘er done! This wall is 18’ and it wraps all the way around the steps. Logistically there are spots where there just isn’t a place to stand right in front of it. I could barely climb up to the top tier on this scaffolding at first (it has another level that you can’t see here), my legs were shaking, the whole thing would rattle when I moved, and my arms are weak. ButI did it, and I did it all in one day! Every time I’ve tackled a diy home project that I didn’t know how to do, I’ve learned a little more about myself. I’ve learned that I can do things that I thought were only allowed for the “professionals” or that only men typically know how to do. But ladies I’m here to tell you that YOU can do it! You can run power tools, climb high to paint a wall or even tile a bathroom. I’ve done it! Thisthis is why I love doing DIY’s! I always feel a bit braver, smarter, and stronger when I try something. All of this translates into things that help me in everyday life. Teach me to overcome my fears and keep living my best life farmhouse farmhousestyle farmhouseliving farmhousehome modernfarmhouse modernfarmhousestyle farmhouseinspired farmhouseinspo ourhomegirlshouse woodworking farmhouseswag farmhouselivingroom h southerncharmo fixerupperinspired southernliving farmhousedecor diy boardandbatten

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Budget Beach Shack Makeover Two architects turn a falling-down beach shack into a family oasis Portland-based architects Melody and Brian Emerick ( emerickarchitects; were visiting Seaside, Oregon, when they passed an abandoned beach cottage that was up for sale—and priced as a teardown. The couple bought the 1910 house and began restoring it to its original glory, which meant leveling the foundation, correcting an unsightly addition, redoing the façade, lifting the attic ceiling to create a master suite, and adding new windows throughout. After six months of architectural work, the Emericks faced their next challenge: outfitting the entire house for what was left of their budget, less than $10,000. Melody didn’t want anything new in a house this age, so she and Brian hunted for antiques and refurbished pieces. They modeled it after an old sea captain’s quarters, with cream colors and brass accents. “Old Salty,” as the family dubbed the home, issues a siren call nearly every weekend and on school breaks for the couple and their daughters. Photo by sunsetphoto sunsetmag fixerupper fixerupperstyle boardandbatten exteriordesign exterior_design exteriores chasing_facades brightwhitewednesday cottage cottagestyle cottagesandbungalows beachbungalow bungalow beachhouse beachhousestyle backyarddesign backyardliving backyardoasis sodomino lonnyliving inmydomaine mydomaine bhghome bhgstylemaker abmathome pathport facadelovers facadedesign facadeporn

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🎶 Sweet Home Alabama 🎶 Yes! How sweet would it be to live in this beautiful home? This farmhouse makes a statement with textures such as distressed brick and reclaimed wood. Notice the modern touch with the polished concrete floors! You will have no problem entertaining family and friends in the gorgeous outdoor kitchen area and brick fireplace! Scroll now to see this sweet Alabama home! 🌳 Builder: jmw_building Follow along as I share inspiration and design ideas building our Florida farmhouse! 🌳 farmhouselife rusticfarmhouse farmhouses farmhousefeelsgood farmhouseglam farmhousefeatures whitefarmhouse americanfarmhousestyle americanfarmhouse betterhomesandgardens bhgstyle farmhouseinspired cottagehome farmhousegoals farmhouse farmhousekitchen modernfarmhousestyle farmhouselove farmhouseexterior cottagefarmhouse boardandbatten farmhousehome farmhouseinspo woodbeam cozyfarmhouse farmhousecharm shiplap shiplaplove farmhouse farmhousedreams

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Did some garage rearranging (wellreally Keith did ☺️) today so that we can get closer to working on the sunroom - which is currently pink, only has subfloor down, & full of tools & wood (and lots of sawdust) from projects Excited to have more rooms to renovate & decorate! 👏🏻 Love how much a room can change! Above is our family room today which still has a few things to do! Swipe ⬅️ to see how it was when we bought it! Improvement?! 😉😜 asseenincolumbus middlefieldestate homerenovation homedecor beforeandafter whiteandwood whiteandbright acornerofmyhome mystyle boardandbatten ruggable

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Our entryway bench got a much-needed makeover this weekend! Our home came with this built-in bench, which was a huge selling point for us. We also have an entryway closet, but find that we use this so much more! That also means it can become a dumping ground for anything in our hands when we walk in the door. 😳 A quick trip to Home Goods brought these yellow pillows home, and we already had the rest of the decor! It’s so refreshing to walk in and see a clean entryway now. 🌿 • • • modernfarmhouse farmhouseinspired farmhouseliving boardandbatten lightandbright springdecor homegoodsfinds farmhousedecor farmhousediy entrywaydecor entrywaybench brightandairy sherwinwilliams giveusthisdayourdailybread springcleaning whitefarmhouse entrywaydecor farmhouseentryway halltree craftsmanhome moderncraftsman cleanandsimple simplefarmhousetouches yellowdecor easterdecor springvibes freshfarmhousedecor bhghome farmhousefeatures farmhousefresh fixerupper

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On Friday I finally took on what I’ve always wanted to do to this wall! DIY board and batton. Honestly, I’m surprised I didn’t mess it up. It might be the home project I am most proud of. You can swipe to see before and during pictures. It was such an inexpensive way to change our whole “entryway”. That’s in quotes because we didn’t have one, but it feels like we do now! Drop a comment down below if you liked watching the stories of the girls and I showing a diyhomedecor from start to finish. • • • • • • diy farmhouse farmhouseinspired farmhousedecor boardandbatten diyboardandbatten budgetdecor

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I hope everyone had a great weekend with their families and friends💗 We celebrated my MIL’s birthday yesterday and Brynley’s friend’s today🎉 We had lots of housework to get done today- Tom is 1/2 way done our boardandbatten shutters; but tomorrow, I will start staining what’s already completed. I’ve been getting questions about the chickencoop. It won’t be fully built until the thorns are cleared outback; we are just waiting for all this rain to stop so we get it up and in place. • Approximately 20 minutes after I creeped this shot (of my 6yo that looks 12), this threw up chocolate cake all over the trashcan and floor in the bathroom🤮 • • thisismotherhood honestmotherhood motherhoodthroughinstagram clickinmoms motherhoodmoments momswithcameras newlymama tdg_letsgetdigital nicoledigipresets momlife letthembelittle childhoodeveryday momswithcameras momtogs worldoflittles justmomlife rawmotherhood lifestyleblogger homedecor myhomestyle bluehome grayhome homeinterior frenchcountrystyle motherhoodblogger dailyparenting candidmotherhood homedecor

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Finally posting a beforeandafter of my diy boardandbatten wall treatment I did in our dining space. The walls were already smooth, so I measured out where each board would go without interfering with switches or outlets. I also used a trim piece across the top of the baseboard to make a seamless transition to the bottom of the boards since they were slightly thicker than my baseboards. After caulking everything, I painted it with a semi-gloss white to match the cabinets and molding throughout the house. It looks like it was always part of the house and ties in perfectly with the original wood paneling we have in our atrium. One wall was definitely enough - Instant character.

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Sunday’s agenda ~ get stair project going We decided to relax outside and soak up some 🌞 rays instead Sometimes ya gotta remember to take a timeout, and enjoy the little things, sundayvibes 💯 Hope y’all had a great weekend ❣️ smallwoodhome sodomino boardandbatten eclectichome diyhomedecor antiquedoors howyouhome entryway ruedaily farmhousefanatics americanfarmhousestyle fiveandunderfriday thecottagejournal fivetotenonfriday modernfarmhouse modernantique monochromehome antiquefarmhouse fallingforyourdecor cozycottagefarmhouse myfarmhouseantiques shareafarmhouse fixerupperstyle howwedwell lonnyliving refreshyourspace

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Can't even believe this is the same dining room I use to skate around in with my slippery socks as a small ! So much time my mom has put into this renovationwe've helped her along the way but she's tackle so much on her own. I love doing renovations with family we all bring unique skills to the table and it's great to learn from one another. I'm so happy for her diningroomrenovation kitchenremodel boardandbatten graywalls renovation

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Happy Sunday Friends! ~ How was your weekend? ~ We finished up a few projects around here, one project I've put off forever is to finish painting the brick under this bench and now I'm not sure why I waited so long because I love it😘 ~ Another thing that finally happened late last night was an impromptu date night that consisted of returning a couple items, a little grocery shopping and a quick dinner🤗 I'm always up for an adventure 😉 farmhouse farmhousechic boardandbatten whiteandwood whiteinteriors bhghome betterhomesandgardens farmhousefanatics fixerupperinspired fixerupper sunsetmagazine goodhousekeepingmagazine countryhomes cozycreativehome lds americanfarmhousestyle countrylivingmagazine farmhouselife modernfarmhousestyle decor homestaging bhgstylemaker designideas interior2you house houseideas

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What do you do with leftover boardandbatten? Well, you make a sign for your kid and tell her to hold it while you take a picture and then let her read it afterwards. Man. This kid right here. Want to jab her in the throat sometimes. justkidding calmdown wekeepitreal She still cute, tho 😂

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Sundays are for house cleaning and laundry! 🏠 There's nothing better than starting the week with a freshly cleaned home. And I have yet to loose my love of these floors I still can't believe I did pattern tiles and dont regret it one bitLOVE them so much! ❤ PatternTiles AntiqueDresser BoardAndBatten BoardAndBattenBathroom DIYHome FarmhouseHooks FarmhouseBathroom FarmhouseStyle LMBPresets FarmhouseLiving AntiqueLove SimpleFarmhouseTouches ForeverFarmhouseLovesDecor FarmhouseFeelsGood HappyLittleFarmhouse BitsOfRusticCharm SweetFarmhouseOfMine TheFarmhouseMovement FarmhouseUpNorth FarmhouseFeatures MyCountryHome BHGHome CottageFarmhouse CountryLivingMag MidwestLiving HobbyLobbyFarmhouse HomeFabulous FreshFarmhouseDecor SweetSimpleHome

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Final rendering for an awesome new project on the cape. This 4,000+ sq ft home has 5 beds, 4.5 baths, excellent curb appeal, and a huge finished room over the garage. Not to mention highly detail construction documents ;) - - - Project: whitehallcustom Builder: baysidebuilding Architect: ethaneckstrom - - - newconstruction newconstructionhome farmhouse farmhousedesign design newhome house home building build red boardandbatten clapboards standingseam architecture construction eckstromhomes eckstromhomedesigns tobebuilt newhome new comingsoon keepcraftalive

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A little look back at our previous home. We added so much character to this placeand miss it quite a bit! It was a big step to do this wall(before it became popular on insta). Also, our DIY Rustic Chandelier was a fun project! 😁 • • • • modernrustic rustic modern modernfarmhouse diy diytable shanty2chic wainscoting boardandbatten ikea styleathome houseandhome styleithappy featurewall greywalls amazon peepmypad homesohard howyouhome kismetcheckoutmyhouse restorationhardware spotlightonmyhome howimonochrome neutraldecor doingneutralright homedecor showmeyourstyled betterhomesandgardens bhghome hgtv

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Loving that the snow is almost gone and temps in 50’s feels so great! ☀️ The haven’t been to the house for awhile and we thought we swing by but we couldn’t go in 😞 The tape on the door says not to enter due to wood floors. Oh well, at least the siding is 95% done and we have nailed down our exterior white color 😀 We will be back on Tuesday for tile walk through. Have a great Sunday everyone! newconstruction modernfarmhouse newbuild boardandbatten whiteoakfloors woodfloors

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Looking back 2015 to one of our first projects the before and after 🤩🤩😎😎 Such a pleasure to work along with core_homes & dwellhomesla • • • • • • • • • • • • construction siding development entrepreneur businessowner goals dreambig phantom boardandbatten photoshoot photographer photogrid newhouse customhome inspiration framing framer modernfarmhouse contractor photo project photooftheday company constructionsite building working realstateagent homeforsale luxuryhomes

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Board and batten for milesnot actually miles but around 60 feet 😳😳. Took these walls from boring to awesome! Added around 80 linear feet of picture railing that natassjadesigns was able to expertly decorate. Poplar lumber with distressed red oak picture rail for a pop of color. Awesome transformation in this home! boardandbatten farmhouse farmhousestyle transformation update character diydecor interiordesign interiordecorating wow woodworking keepcraftalive diy dublinohio columbus columbusohio 614

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What a beautiful Spring weekend! Many things to do inside but I am ready to get outside! 🌷 those first few time working in the yard kill me - May as well get them behind me! Maybe soak in epsom salt after? bathroommakeover bathroomdetails vintagedecor vintageporchlovesvintage neutralhome casualchic diyprojects boardandbatten homedetails frenchfarmhouse frenchcountrystyle modernfarmhousestyle hearthandhand targetfinds oldwindow diyhome simplystyleyourspace fixerupperstyle doingneutralright myhomevibe

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Now that I have 2 projects under construction with black interiors on the windows, I don’t think I can go back to white. It’s such a clean look and flexible enough to be paired either with a simple or detailed trim package. - - - Project: cotuitcustom Builder: vollmer24 Architect: eckstromhomedesigns Pic: vollmer24 Windows: andersen_windows - - - - Detail is the name of the game - - - newconstruction newconstructionhome farmhouse farmhousedesign design newdesign house home building architect boardandbatten clapboards standingseam architecture eckstromhomedesigns tobebuilt modernfarmhouse homedesign homeplans houseplans dreamhomeplans dreamhouse dreamhome foreverhome farmhousedesignrules

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This entire bedroom transformation was under $1800SWIPE! I think the biggest impact came from raising the curtain rod and getting longer curtains. Adding the board and batten in a rich color that grounded the room and let the top white part of the wall blend into the ceiling making it look taller. And going for a lower bed so more of the window can shine through See the full post and all the sources at! liketkit bedroom cljtransformations diy boardandbatten beforeandafter budgetdecor

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Happy Weekend! I’ve been laying low! Celebrating my hubby and trying to just be! It’s very hard for me to do that! I was thinking yesterday when you have a passion for home decor, and many of you will understand, it’s hard to be satisfied. I’m always thinking of the next project or how to change something. I have friends that once their areas are decorated, they are happy with it for years and years! Me, it’s totally different! I like to constantly change, and It does take away from the enjoyment of things. My bestie simplelifepastorswife told me to sit down and write out all the projects I’ve accomplished already this year and to ENJOY them. Fulfillment of ones wishes or expectations is the definition of satisfaction. I just want to encourage you and myself to enjoy your progress and the end result whether its home decor or not because why are we doing and doing if not to enjoy homedecorideas homedecor homedecorating homedecorlovers homedecoration farmhouse farmhousestyle interior interiordesign tennessee nashvillehomes farmhousedecor mycountryhome hallway wallpaper boardandbatten 📸 berryfieldacres

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I had 17 things on my to do list yesterday. I accomplished 4. One of the things I accomplished was a tour of the very sad plants in my front yard. That was of course not on my original list of 17 things but hey attention span of a gnat remember? So if you want some tips on plants for the northwest part of the US, watch my stories. I might even save them to my highlights. What do you think? Save or pretend it never happened? Also, Instagram says it’s best when you mention something about the photo you post in your caption instead of just random thoughts. So here is the left side of my living room. You happy Instagram? modernfarmhouse doingneutralright interior123 howyouhome homevibes roomforinspo thisishome gardeningtips storyhighlights boardandbatten rusticmodernmix peepmypad customhomedesign industrialfarmhouse fireplace manteldecor kgdesignsinterior mydomaine sunsetmag sunsetmagazine currenthomeview pnw gardentour pnw seattle gardendesigner landscapearchitect

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What an honor! Thanks for the love juniper.creek.farmhous. Good luck with your build and I’d love to see and read about updates along the way. Repost juniper.creek.farmhouse with get_repost ・・・ You guys As much as I love sharing all of our inspiration and plans, we have some REAL ACTION happening, and are getting SO CLOSE to breaking ground! I can’t wait to share it with you soon! 🤞 This home, designed by wyrickdesign and built by williamdavidco , was the house that changed everything or us. We were constantly trying to figure out what direction to go with our exterior, and nothing felt right. And then we saw this picture, and BOTH OF US fell in love. It feels so warm, and homey, it has a similar long front elevation shape to ours, and it nails the “rustic farmhouse/French country/modern” combo that we are going for. And thanks to homebunch , we had all of the finish details. So just like that, we selected our siding, paint colors, trim and windows. And soon we will get to see them all on our home, thanks to the incredibly talented duo Kristin and Josh of revival.farmhouse who are creating our 3D rendering as we speak! SO EXCITED homebuild ownerbuild tongueandgroove shiplap mybuildingjourney mybuildthisweek newconstruction customhome farmhouse modernfarmhouse farmhousestyle onestorydwelling farmhouselife myfarmandhome fixerupper fixerupperstyle brick brickporch farmhouseexterior swnaturalchoice metalroof boardandbatten woodgaragedoors woodengarage

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❤️JOIN US! 🏘 FREE 2 WEEK IG MENTORSHIP GROUP👇 Are you looking to connect with other home decor accounts and understand IG better, but don’t know where to start? Look no further! We’re here to help you grow genuine friendships in the community, and discover new accounts and inspiration! Our mentor groups will help you gain more organic engagement (Likes and Comments), expand your knowledge of IG, and grow your account following! All you have to do: 1. Like this photo and comment below with “I want to be Insta-Neighborly!” 2. Follow insta_neighborly and everyone they follow. 3. Find the “Spotlights” photo on Insta_neighborly and Like/comment “I want to be Insta-Neighborly!” New groups are selected weekly from the Spotlights applicants! Due to the flood of applicants received each week, and the limited number of classes, you may need to enter the Spotlights more than once to secure a place in the groups. (We try to note who has requested more than once.) For more information, visit insta_neighborly and read the highlights! Don’t miss this opportunity! insta_neighborly • • • insta_neighborly 614 farmhousestyle countrystyle in310sunday blackwindows boardandbatten gablebrackets corbels sidinginstallation ohiobuilders whitesiding whitehouseblackwindows shakesiding blackroof

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Hello Sunday morning 🌞 Here’s how to find my items, it’s super easy! 1) Download the app, it’s free! 2) Follow me thecoastaloak 3) Shop my looks by following me liketkit 4) You can also find my items on my blog, linked in profile. If not linked, send me a DM diyhomedecor homeprojects theeverygirlathome coastalhome coastaldecor smmakelifebeautiful naturalwood furniturediy ltkunder50 ltkunder100 wayfairathome howihaven interior123 mywhiteweekend iheartthishaven boardandbatten coastalvibes lifewithlittles momswhoblog beadedchandelier breakfastnook kitcheninspo whitekitchen

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A DECIDING FACTOR: This house was what drew us into meeting our builder. We were actually next door interviewing another builder in his new build in this subdivision when we popped into this one afterwards. This builder was so easy to talk to- the conversation flowed so well between him and my husband. We have had zero regrets going with this guy since day one. He is in constant communication with my husband about every detail. He's constantly trying to help us save money, etc. We really couldn't be happier. I'd hashtag him, but he's in the process of rebranding, so I'm not sure what to put down. If you're in NWI and are looking for a winner, let me know. Speaking of this gorgeous house above, it's in Shoji White. We LOVE the color, but decided to go with vinyl siding rather than Hardie board, etc. that has to be repainted in 15 years or so. We got two 6-ft. samples of Certainteed's Sandstone Beige and compared it to the Shoji White on this house and we're delighted to see that it was a near-perfect match! songbirdhillfarmhouse newbuild modernfarmhouse shojiwhite certainteed certainteedsandstonebeigesiding sherwinwilliams lpsmartside farmhouse andersonwindows boardandbatten metalawnings metalroof metalroofing frenchfarmhouse frenchfarmhousestyle rusticfarmhouse slidingbarndoor slidingbarndoorshutters americanfarmhouse americanfarmhousestyle nwi