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They go hand in hand. As our mind goes, so goes our body. Trying to be positive first thing in the morning after a bad day is the biggest challenge for all of us. How do you wake up with a genuine smile after a day that caused you stress, anger, anxiety, or sadness? We all have our times, our moments. It can be seasonal depression or whatever the hell else they want to call it. Some days you’re just off. Those days are when it’s imperative that you get out and do something that will challenge you physically. Nobody has ever felt worse mentally after exercise. It’s an uplifting thing to do. Sweat. Struggle. Push through, and do it again. They say our thoughts can dictate how we evolve physically, but I believe the opposite is true as well. The only way to get your mind right somedays is to go run. Go lift. Go hiking. Go kayaking. Whatever it is, do something that will strengthen your body, and watch how it will also strengthen your attitude and move it towards positivity. mindset positivity positivevibes inspirationalquotes inspire love healthy exercise workout goals success gym fit fitfam nodaysoff noexcuses happy weightloss yoga body wellness selfcare fitnessmotivation

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Los beneficios de escuchar música durante tu entrenamiento son muchos. Entre ellos: ✔️Prolonga el tiempo de entrenamiento ✔️Reduce la fatiga ✔️Mejora el ánimo ✔️Favorece a la producción se hormonas (endorfinas) ✔️Disminuye la tensión arterial 🎧Así que cuando vayas a entrenar no se te olvide poner una buena play list y tus audífonos para tener un mejor entreno.🎼 fit fitcoach puebla musica strong body training

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Hoy les comparto una foto de este equipo de trabajo que mas que compañeros se h vuelto una familia, hoy en su 8vo aniversario mis mas sinceras y honestas bendiciones a valentin_dance_academia la academia que se las trae y esta dando mucho de que hablar. Chicos se les quiere y se les aprecia mucho mi team. team crew baile dance family aniversario photography equipo people arte dancers body crew like like4like lfl tagsforlikes tagsforfollow me boy beyourself instamoment day good celebration iameliang eeeeliang

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💪let's LOSE 1-2 POUNDS per DAY ??💪 👆👆Link ON BIO👆👆 . 💞 Post show by celenabeanfit 💞 How to Workout to have body sexy workout, weightlossmotivation weightlosssupport workout_wl weightlossjourney homeworkouts homeexercises weightlossstory healthy exercises weightloss workoutprograms workoutroutines workoutplans workoutsesh weightlosstransformations workoutsession workoutselfie workoutswag workoutstyle workouts body bodybuilding bodytransformation Please follow me the link my Bio: 💞💞💞👍👍👍👍👍

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SLIM SPRAY ottimo contro Cellulite e Smagliature 🧞‍♀️Quello che fai oggi può migliorare tutti i tuoi domani.💧💦🍀❄️La vibrazione dell'acqua riflette i pensieri piccoli o grandi la memoria supera il tempo e si nasconde nell'acqua.💜 Ti raccontiamo gli effetti della 🌺❄️💧💦dell’AcquaSuperCoerente 💦informatizzata❄️💧 sulla salute e bellezza che potrà diventare un lavoro 🍀affascinante per te e gli altri 🌍 ❄️❄️🌼 Cambia la tua vita usando solo prodotti naturali. 🍀. 💧💧 ❄️REVOLUTION💎 Perché avere sempre eelisir 🌹SLIM 🍀facile uso Gli spray(no gas) di eelisir in mini taglia 100 ML Permettono di farlo sempre in ogni momento ❄️ Spray(no gas) da nebulizzare su 🥰👩🏻‍🦰🏋️‍♂️corpo doppio uso 💧rinfrescante Pelle e da usare anche come dopo palestra 🌼. 🌍🌸➡️.🇨🇭 🌍💜❤️➡️ 💦💎 💧Prodotto informatizzato vibrazionale💧💧❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ antiage eelisir rassodante eelisirnetwork networkmarketing cellulite anticellulite antirughe acne acqua acquasupercoerente vibrazioni olistica cosmetica natural estetica cosmetic cosmetics body face firming bellezza skincare skin makeup acqua a

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La bella stagione si avvicina 🏖 non perdere altro tempo! Contattaci adesso e prenota la tua sessione di PROVA GRATUITA! 📞 095 534577 📩 info

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Within our journey called life there are a series of events both good & bad. (Duh! 😂) However, though it's great to carry, keep & cherish our good times, it isn't healthy to do the same with the bad memories Stop carrying shit that weighs your spirit down; that depletes your energy and causes you pain RELEASE & BE AT PEACE Do what works for you & let that shit go. Leave that shit right where it happened giftedsoul giftedsteph release memories badmemories pain events good bad psychology mind body healing growth endoslayer peace peaceofmind

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🆕 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK: TOP5 HELPER'S ronniecoleman8 1HR ENOUGH SAID "ALL 20 TRACK'S" THIS ONE IS ICON LEGENDARY STUFF "YEAH BUDDY" GET READY "YES SIR" usher eminem meekmill meekmillnews breakfastclubam bestvines champagnepapi serenawilliams mist_rs idriselba kingjames time timberland nike realdonaldtrump forbes officaldamedash twitter youtube spotify sony future eminem 50cent mtv bgt theshaderoom thevoicekids thevoidz youtube 12th king the mith🎖📌 GRINDING BEYOND SCIENCE GRADE:19.9 RSVP RESPONSE 🍾 THE PLACE supremenewyork soundcloud tmz_tv interscope justinbieber justintimberlake 100% END GAME STAR'S instagram worldstar world bbcradio2 bbcradio1 youtube bbc THE REAL BLOOD DIAMOND THE LEGACY OF MITH soundcloud interscoperecords boss bestintheworld bodybuildingmotivation bodybuilding muscle physique biceps gains flex gymnastics gymmotivation outstanding shredded abs thetruth flexfamily body tonight alpha selfie posing beyond power health jacked takenote icon gifted Hello kevin mikeyk is there any chance I can have a blue tick to prove that with helping others over come there pain you also can achieve your goal and for me one of them is a blue tick to prove being non famous you can still be reward 🌏 sbtvonline 2019 BEYOND TV OR RADIO GRADE:19.9 - UP8.6 OVERWHELMING TICK TICK 📌📀🔏.

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Сегодня сама себя удивила) Вес 60 кг на штанге) 😅 Порадовалась и забыла) А вот тут вдруг вспомнила)😋 ⠀ На самом деле для меня это подвиг) Но сегодня он мне дался почему-то легко) ⠀ А вот ребёнка 12 кг живого «сладкосопящего веса» плюс пуховик затащить на 4ый этаж и разуться с ней, чтоб постараться не разбудить 💁‍♀️ скажу я вам ⬇️ ⠀ Слабых мамок точно не бывает!)💪💯 ⠀

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Hi babes! I’m Heather, My cosmic profile is Pisces sun ☀️, Gemini moon 🌙, and Virgo rising ✨ and I am a Projector in Human Design 👋🏼🧘🏼‍♀️ And yes, I will cosmically profile you too if we are friends. It’s a good thing 😉 I can’t get enough of the holistic wellness world but I also believe you have to find what works for you 🌻 My happy place is anywhere near the water. I prefer the ocean 🌊 but living by a lake is close enough for now. I definitely lived a past life in the 60’s ☮️ and probably somewhere warm! 🌴 You can usually find me listening to a podcast any chance I get - some top favs right now are tobemagnetic Expanded, themotherlovingfuture, sophie.jaffe IGNTD, elevatetheglobe The Elevator, and ryanyokome Soul Wealth. The list goes on! I love being a SAHM with Juniper (3 1/2 years), Indigo (7 months), and Shredder (4 years). Wifey to jeffersong - together for 7 years, married for 1 1/2 years. My passion is connecting with women and helping them through every stage of motherhood- pregnancy, postpartum and beyond 🤰🤱 I would love to get to know you more! Either comment below with a random fact or do an About Me post and tag me! 💖

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Summer doesn’t come over night and neither does your body. What’re you doing to give back to your body? • Yoga? Healthy Eating? Weight Training? Sleep? Massage? • It takes more than just working out to refuel and replenish your body. • You only get oneTake care of it. Rennergy • 📸: treysphotostudio

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12 veckors diet - från att vilja tävla i styrkelyft till Wellness Fitness 😲😍 Hon sliter dag och och dag in! Ca -9.5kg hittills. 11 veckor kvar till planerat tävling👙👠 alströmerpokalen wellnessfitness teamXshape SÅÅ stolt över dig liindqvist91 💜

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Včera na brigádě mě potěšila jedna paní s kterou se často potkávám ve fitku. 🙈 Zeptala se mě, jestli jsem to já a pak mě chválila, že jsem dobrá a jak mi to jde a že bych se hodila na fitness trenérku a tak. 🙈 Strašně moc mě to potěšilo, bylo to moc milý. 😌🌺 Jedna z dneška. ☺️ Yesterday at the part-time job one woman who I meet at the gym asked me, If It’s me and then she praised me. 🙏🏻 She sayed that I’m great at the gym and It’s so good what I do. 🙈 It was so so kind from her. 🌺 Photo from today. ☺️ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ czech abs cute czechgirl back girl booty gainz fullbody czechfitness veins czechfitnessgirl l4l follow4follow followme smile instalike girl brunette fitnessmodel model girlwithmuscles workout fitness ahoj muscle gym body bodybuilding power fitness smile

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Der Crunch am Kabelzug ist eine meiner Favoriten-Übungen für die geraden Bauchmuskeln Mein Tipp 💡 3-4 Sätze mit 12 - 15 Wdh (Ziehe deinen Bauchnabel während der Übung nach innen und halte diese Spannung durchgehend!) . Was ist deine Lieblingsbauchübung❓ 👉 ma_personal_training 👈 👉 ma_personal_training 👈 👉 ma_personal_training 👈 crunches absworkout sixpack personaltrainer münchen bodygoals aesthetics noexcuses fitnesslifestyle body transformation eatclean traindirty focus abs bodybuilding shredded bauchtraining gymmotivation inspiration reachyourgoals muscle training workoutplan fitnessvideo stayhungry ripped

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Hello darkness my old friend.⛓