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High volume low calorie overnight oats 🙌 Easy on the go meal Here was one of my go to food hacks in the last few weeks of prep that helped a tonne with feeling full but not taking to my calories up 🔹50g oats 🔹1 egg white 🔹10g cocoa powder Cook the oats untill there thick then add the egg white, the more egg white the better as it will help it set but that's up yourself and your calories. Once you've cooked the oats and egg together add half the pack of gelatin (6g) which is wisked with hot boiling water separately to the oats It will look very watery but don't worry it will set overnight or over hours in the fridge. Don't forgot to add your spices and flavours of choice and feel free to add extras such a fruit etcmine was always cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger with abit of sweetner Macros with ingredients used above : 🔹 Protein -12 g 🔹Carbs - 33 g 🔹Fat - 5 g Who doesn't love a good diet hack 😋 oats overnightoats porridge breakfast foodporn foodprep meals mealprep onlinecoaching shredded legworkout legday bodybuilder bodybuildingmotivation getstrong goals injury injuryprevention bodybuilding gym diet weightloss muscle personaltraining personaltrainer fitnessuk fitnesslifestyle fitness fitfam fatloss

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🙋‍♀️ This is me 🥊 Last year just before I came to Romania universityofhardknocksgym . My love for boxing developed at a very age when I started training with my father at the age of 8 and how he used to wake me up at 3am to watch the Pro fights 🏆 It is something I carry with me close to my heart 💖 being a diverse athlete 🥋🥇🏋🏼‍♀️ is something I am proud about 😊 I guess no one will mess with me 😋 boxing mma fitness gym kickboxing ufc muaythai training workout bjj motivation martialarts fight fit boxeo fighter sport boxingtraining wrestling jiujitsu fitnessmotivation karate fighting bodybuilding sports health boxer judo champion killerfitathletics

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Failure should never be seen as the end but as a means towards moving forward Saw a good point being made by kianaelliott recently about making corrections when failing a lift Find out what can be corrected in terms of your movement and make that change. If the lift after still doesn’t feel 100%, make another change A mistake is basically an opportunity for a lesson to be learnt. So learn the lesson so that you can move forward Three singles at 80kg. Corrections being made so I finished on a learning note techniquefirst jurmainehealthbody

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Chest Supported Straight Arm Lat Pull Down🔥. SEE BELOW👇 - Easily one of my favourite exercises to really isolate the lats👌. - 👉Having your chest supported eliminates lots of the momentum that you can use whilst standing. - Throwing in pauses helps to engage more muscle fibers = better gains.👏 - Give this a try and see what you think.👀

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2 years transformation - I honestly can't believe how far I have come. The people who have put me down and asked me why I spend so much time at the gym reason being because I want results I thrive on health and fitness. I want results that are gonna take me places. The only Success is made when you put you mind set to it, don't believe all these 8 week programs that you can do for 8 weeks and get results because it's a load of bullshit. I have been training for 5 years and I am still working to where I wanna be and I don't think I'll ever stop. Results are not a 5 second thing that come to you, you have to maintain what your doing and keep at your goals! You have to have confidence within yourself , love it for what your doing not because someone else body's looks amazing and you want that. Do it for you and what you want. 2020 I am coming for you ! 🍑

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Galti kisi se bhi ho skti h ab iska mtlb ye nahi ki use aese Shabd kahe jaye wewantchange dontsaybhangi article15 Share karo bhaiyo is video Ko 🙏 🙏🙏 JAI BHIM JAI BHARAT JAI MOOLNIVASI 🙏🙏 Follow ➡️ valmiki_community 💪💪 VALMIKI SHER 🦁🐯 JAI VALMIKI 🙏🌹 JAI VALMIKI SAMAJ 🙏🙏 VALMIKIBODYBUILDER 💪💪 VALMIKI CHOUDHARY KSHATRIYA 🚩⚔️🏹 CHAUDHARY SC 🔥🐯 VALMIKISM 🐯🔥 bodybuilding trending ayushmaankhurana pmo narendramodi sudhirchaudhary72 ravishkumarndtv aajtak

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Inspirational Monday message: “Live you life how you want. But don’t confuse drama with happiness.” -Ron Swanson- Enough said. Have a blessed week. 20% off all orders is still going down all month at! Grab your gear today! *Link in bio* TeamSwoh StackingWeightsOutHere PersonalTrainer Fitness Inspiration FitSpo FitFam Fit GymLife Work Gym Training WorkOut BodyBuilding Gains NoPainNoGain Love FitnessMotivation Black Entrepreneur InstaGood InstaFit InstaPic InstaPhoto PhotoOfTheDay PicOfTheDay Motivation Health Healthy Blessed

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