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Olá amores! Hoje vou falar um pouco de como funciona minha consulta. Primeiro, trabalho com agendamento (mas por ordem de chegada). Ao ir em meu consultório, será feito a avaliação dita como "anamnese" que nada mais é, que uma pequena entrevista para conhecer melhor os hábitos do paciente. Logo após, faço avaliação antropométrica, com bioimpedancia (ja ja explico o que é) e adipometro (também explicarei) , tiro as medidas corporais. Faço os calculos de como anda esse meu paciente e quais as metas estimadas. A dieta NÃO entrego na hora, pois dieta individualizada demora algum tempo p ser feito, geralmente um prazo de 5 dias para ser entregue. Após entrega da dieta, sera feita o acompanhamento, meu paciente tera direito a um aplicativo com alerta de agua, diario alimentar e muito mais. Ate que chegue o dia do retorno, para verificarmos como foi o desempenho desse paciente. 🤗🤗🤗 Curiosos? Só marcar consulta que tirarei todas as suas dúvidas para alcançar o objetivo almejados! 😍🤗🍉 nutri emagrecimento strong physicaltherapy bodybuilding hipertrofia fitness insta photo Nutricionista persistencia academia esporte

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Roll, recover, repeat with rumbleroller! Foam rollers are used to relieve muscular pain and tightness (often called "adhesions". "knots". or "trigger points"). But conventional foam rollers have smooth surfaces that further compress soft tissue. Rolling on top of them improves blood flow and tissue flexibility. But the effect is limited and relatively superficial, unless you spend a lot of time rolling. The Rumble Roller was created to perform this therapy more effectively. The surface of the RumbleRoller contains specially designed bumps that are firm, but flexible. The bumps continuously knead the contours of your body. Gently stretching soft tissue (muscle and fascia) in multiple directions. This action erodes trigger points, helps restore flexibility and brings quick relief to common types of muscular pain. You can control the amount of pressure the bumps apply to your body so several of them simultaneously contact your body during most exercises. Options: RRX317  RumbleRoller, Extra Firm (black, 36% firmer) RR316  RumbleRoller (blue, original density) _ 👇🏼Buy RumbleRoller from SeriousSteel click on link in bio or go to👇🏼 _ repost from run4daysss - nevermissarecoverymonday rumbleroller + my favorite socks balega_international silver no show👌🏼 When the calves and IT band need a little extra loosening up, I need the xfirm black roller💣💣 Already feeling better! Monday, let’s do this rumbleroller roller foamroll foamroller foamrolling stretching stretchingtips stretch bodybuilding lifting training workout exercise pilates fitspo weightlifting massage weighttraining yoga roll recover recovery rehab rehabilitation deeptissue SeriousSteelFitness

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Você já visitou a loja virtual da Iridium Labs? Todos os suplementos que você precisa pra ficar monstrão, pra secar, estão lá! 💪👌 . Kimera? Tá lá. Zeus Extreme? Tá lá. Ah, você é mulher? Tem Whey Woman, Kimera Woman, Soma Pro Woman. 😍 . A nossa nova embaixadora amandammeireles é ligeira e já está com nossos produtos firme e forte no seu objetivo. 😉 . Então, pare de vacilar aí e acesse ou clique no link que está na nossa bio! 👊💥 . feitodeiridium iridiumlabsbrasil suplementos gym fitness dieta fit academia bodybuilding treino muscle nopainnogain fitnessmotivation workout proteina gymlife health foco instafit estilodevida bodybuilder fitnessmodel nutrition

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➡️➡️swipe for more of the speech. "Most People Are Weak" by David Gogginseveryone should listen to this speech"Soldiers are the toughest breed on the planet. But this man is the toughest among them. He has fought for his country for 21 years, has completed over 50 endurance races, and is widely renowned as the world’s toughest athlete. One of his remarkable achievements is completing the Mont Blanc 100-mile race. In this race, Goggins had to complete 100 miles within 24 hours and after 70 miles his body had shut down. He had stress fractures in his legs, shin splints, his kidneys had shut down, he was pooping his pants because the bathroom was too far away, and peeing blood because his organs were failing. As if this wasn’t enough, he also had a hole in his heart while he finished the 100 miles. From an average Joe’s perspective, he was almost on the brink of death. But he didn’t stop. And that’s why he’s the toughest man in the world." Need some motivationFollow him. The man is so inspiring. An absolute beast of the mind and body. davidgoggins Just did some arms and abs today. Was an easier fun workout. motivation corestrength workout exercise  fitnessmotivation gains  beastmode  healthylifestyle health fitness fit  coreworkouts inspiration  core beast  gym  healthy  yoga  quotes armday davidgoggins personaltrainer  gymquote fitnessquote bodybuilding  bodyweight crossfit fuelabbotsford fuel teamfuel

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. Veiniac + PumpNgrow = 🔥 • Combo the two BEST pump matrix’s together and you’ll have the best pump and vascularity of your life! More pumps equals more muscle growth and fullness! Take your workouts to the next level🔥 - 5starnutrition 5starnutritionusa liftheavyshit liftheavy riseandgrind powerlifting powerliftingmotivation bodybuilding bodybuilding_motivation bodybuilding_motivation bodybuildinglifestyle physique physiquefreak mensphysique mensfitness gym gymmotivation fitness fit fitnessmotivation fitnessmodel fitness fitnessmotivation fitnessfreaks fitnesslife fitnesslifestyle strength strongman bulkingseason pumpchasers deadlifting

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Been hiatus for a while looks like I need to get back to it 🔥💥🔥 • • • I love good mornings and what they bring to the table! Not only do they strength the glutes and hamstrings, They also heavily rely on a strong lower back in isometric contraction hold! But man do the burn 🔥🔥🔥 • • • Worked up to 535lbs deficit and then 4x2 at 545lbs yesterday as I was feeling stronger than ever! Over all I could tell a huge difference in my strength from doing a few stretches and yoga at home! I recommend highly to utilize the deadlift in multiple variations to strengthen your over all core 🤘🏼 • • • If you have any questions about how to learn the deadlift, feel free to send me a message and I’d be more than happy to help you! Let’s get this bread 🍞 💥 • • • fit fitfam bodybuilding running instafit justbringit marathon workouttime keepfit gym workout health quote muscle goldsgymfxbg fredericksburgva gymmotivation staymotivated fitness fxbgva usapl ismfs

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Enjoying this Spring weather💚💚💚

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Anything that you dream to do tomorrow, would be better done today. The problem with youth is that there is the illusion of plenty of time, it lulls us into a sense of ease. "I'm only 20, I'll have 60 years to get there" is a comforting lie we like to tell ourselves. In reality, we ONLY have 60 years left, it will be gone in an instant. Don't wait till it's almost too late to start working on the things you want, don't waste your prime years on distractions that just keep you entertained. Don't wait till you only have half a life left to make anything you value, love, ambitions, or passions, a major priority. I'm 23 and I already feel uneasy by the thought of how much time I've wasted bodybuilding classicphysique mensphysique fitnessmotivation fitness powerlifting philosophy motivation peakweek weightlifting noexcuses dedication commitment fitspo usmc marines

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Making breakfast sandwiches then back to gym.

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Z cyklu na pośladkowy mniejszy i średni🙋‍♀️ ********************* Najważniejszym elementem ćwiczenia jest stabilna miednica☝️ ✔️napinamy mięśnie brzucha, ✔️przyjmujemy stabilną pozycję stając na lekko ugiętej w kolanie nodze, ✔️ciężar opieramy na kości udowej, ręką tylko go przytrzymujemy, ✔️drugą nogę ugiętą w stawie kolanowym odwodzimy od ciała w płaszczyźnie, która najbardziej nam odpowiada pod względem czucia mięśniowego - ta kwestia jest często bardzo indywidualna - u mnie najlepiej się sprawdza odwodzenie delikatnie do tyłu ze zgięciem grzbietowym stopy👌 ********************* W warunkach domowych jak najbardziej sprawdzą się też minibandy nad kolanami🤗 ***** Enjoy babies❤️❤️🍑🍑

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Друзья, лето не за горами, а это значит что пора уже задуматься о том, как вы будете выглядеть (пуховик-то скоро снимать придется😉)💪 по всем вопросам записи на тренировки 👉🏻 40-37-47

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throwbackthursday brings me back to my first ever time on stage as a bodybuilder. This was actually my fourth competition (I had done physique in the three prior). This one was an NPC show, and I placed 4th our of 7. Though I certainly had fun, got my feet wet, and didn’t do too bad, I decided as a lifestyle drug free athlete, my place was in natural organizations. I returned to the natural stage at the Northern States Natural Classic (now the IPE Clash of Titans) two weeks later and won my natural organization bodybuilding debut, and a year later, won the entire show, being the last man standing in a group of 17 men. Posing has improved significantly from this NPC show, and I feel it’s what cost me a top 3 spot in my lineup. 💪🏽 But hey, still brought home a trophy from it regardless. Some trophies are lessons learned!

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All kinds of fuckin gainz

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My funny moments , when I am in college and classes 💪😇😇 Arm wrestling , push car and pick up boxing bag in shoulder 😂🤗🤗✌️ Every day is dream day for me I miss my all best friends 😉😍 Who take my video 💪🤗✌️🎆🎆🎆🎆🎇 Live a life you remember 😘😘🤗 never forget 2017 😉😍😍😍💪 Follow me I follow back you in one day 💪 🐯 andra Pa li hill on Sunday 👳👳👳 😇. cardiobunny gymshark _loverpage_ crossfit trainer_domi I bodybuildingcom train thenotoriousmma H i fitnessmotivation like4follow bodybuilding love instagood likeforlikes healthylifestyle fitness vscocam photooftheday throwback ootd travel fashion gym likeforfollow tbt repost fitnessmodel goodmorning friday strength picoftheday lol milano fitnessmodel fun ootd latepost workout