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I hope everyone had a good Easter So this past weekend was full of great food (a lot of it) and great memories with the people in my life I love the most. Being the holidays I don’t really care I still get my lifts in but what I eat I don’t really let both me. I want to enjoy every second of It and the beautiful weather we had! So today marks 6 more weeks of this cut other then a birthday party nothing is standing in my way I’m definitely eating cake 😍 hope everyone else also had a great weekend with family and friends getting fat shreddedcheddarproductions bodytransformation anytimefitness fitnessjourney bodybuildingmotivation workout workoutmotivation workouttime fitness fitnessmotivation fit fitnessaddict fitnesslife fitfam fitnessjourney fitstagram fitnessfreaks instafit instafitness shredded vascularity mondaymotivation mondayvibes underarmour bodybuilding bodybuilder bodybuildingnation

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It’s been too damn long since I’ve seen my one of my best buds 1tonsoffun73 And yes ladies this sexy beast is single! Get after him now before I whip him into even better shape! investment - hollidaybam supplementnation physique fitness gains bodybuilding fitnessmodel MASSthetics abs phaseonenutrition delts prep competitor npcmidwest bodytransformation diet vascular bff aesthetic goals strong npc fitnesslifestyle p1n fitnessmotivation classicphysique bodybuilder muscle alwaysleadneverfollow

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Transformation Tuesday – The things a photo can’t show you ! STONG MINSET I have learnt to be strong even when I don’t feel it. I have learnt to pick myself up when I fallen. I have learnt to be proud of myself when no one else is. I have learnt not to expect too much from others. I have learnt to motivate myself when I feel un-motivated. I have learnt to congratulate myself when the ones I thought would don’t. I have learnt to accept family doesn’t mean forever. I have learnt to rest but not give up. I have learnt how to pull myself out of self-sabotage. I have learnt that I am capable of so much more than I ever thought I would be. I have learnt that it’s more important to love myself that to seek love from others. I have learnt 1000 likes on a photo means nothing if you don’t like yourself. I have learnt that even if no one likes a photo, someone is all watching. I have learnt haters are confused admires. I have learnt to live from a place of gratitude. I have learnt the most people I have meet I thought were friends, always had their business hat on. I have learnt I helped more strangers in the past 4 years that friends and family. I have learnt that I haven’t even met half the amount of people yet that I will help. I have learnt it is OK to remove your-self from a toxic person. I have learnt the way people react to you is a reflection of them and has nothing to do with you. I have learnt when you change your life, your circle will change. I have learnt your circle should want to see you win. I have learnt that if I give up I will be back to where I started. I have learnt to show up and be consistent even on the bad days. I have learnt that it’s OK not to be OK. I have learnt that the opinions of others are none of my business. I have learnt that tomorrow is a new day. Much Love Tania xxxxx (Please don’t just copy and paste) prilaga liveyourbestlife focus benchpress lifestyle gymlife prilaga dedication Love strong Mumsonamisison weight pushpullgrind Holistichealth fitnessgear squats powerlifting isagenix humanAF gains motivation deadlift bodytransformation Transformation instagood diet goals workout isagenix

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Testing out my "physical week" from the new guide I'm releasing "Purposeful Calling: 90 day guide to the life you want" . That, and I really missed going Today? Chest and Tris Tomorrow? Backs and Bis selflove personaltrainer exercise fitgoals transformationfitnation proteinshake progressnotperfection dadbod fitnessaddict beforeandafter losingweightfeelinggreat instaweightloss fitlife bodytransformation fitnesslifestyle bodyunderconstruction lovefitness muscle fitfam fitnessgoals fitmotivation selfmotivation instafit health fitnessjourney bestyourightnow weightlosschallenge eatclean

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I am so excited to announce that I am one of Amazon newest member of the influencer program. I can’t wait to share some of the cool stuff I use ▫️ . I’ve already created a few lists and there is more to come. Check it out: ▫️ . When you try, let me know what you think! amazoninfluencer restartandbefit dancer dancefitness azsamba phoenix fitness weightloss dance samba brazilian brazilian brazil brasileira setaydanceandfitness movement bodytransformation riodejaneiro carioca healthylifestyle

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Mesmerized by simple nature long walks and the breeze on your face. It makes you appreciate life more in such a special way. It is absolutely breathtaking how I miss this long walks ✨ Happy 🌏 Day 💕 food for the soul bodybuildingcom ⁣ ⁣ gamechanger fitnessmotivation fitness fitfam fatlossjourney bosslady motivationalspeaker selflove strongwomen courage fitnessmotivation fitness fitlife health bodytransformation workoutmotivation tdot weightloss weightlossjourney weightlossmotivation losingweight fitnessmotivation fatloss slimmingworld weightlosstransformation fitgirl transformation fitlife healthyliving selfimage fitspiration muaythai

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44 today 😎 Wow 24 of my 44 years I've been studying and implementing fitness knowledge professionally. I've been through some damn crazy lows And some kick ass highs I've been like a typical human, giving excuses leading to the worse shape of my life. I have some photos to prove it and some doctor visit results as well. (🤫 I'll be showing my personal transformation from the worse shape to my best ever, in the future. And you will have the chance to see what is needed to make it possible at any stage of your life.) My excuses ranged from stress to tiredness I didn't have time for myself I would say. My obsession of wanting to give my best to everyone else allowed a path to my excuses. Guess what? You can give more to everyone around you when you take care of yourself first! When you are at a low your production and mental capacity are at all time low as well. So yes you can be giving 100% but your potential is just at 10%. So pretty much a change needs to happen sooner than later, right. I have built multiple fitness companies and have developed 10 highly leading niches in the fitness industry. Many will say well now you can coast That is the farthest from the truth because growing as a person, business man, family man All require continual failures which drive successes. No matter what stage you are in life it is never too late to become the best you have ever been. If you start now, you are still early to the party. So stop making excuses get your ass up take action now Do something about it! You might not be ready right this second, I get it! But make a deadline to flip the switch. You got this

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Selamat pagi mari kita awali hari ini dengan tersenyum dan olahraga supaya lebih semangat menyambut hari ini semangat😊😊😊 Kelas diet online - slot terbatas Program naik/turun Bb Coach dewi resep.langsing reseplangsingcoachdewi resepmakanansehat resepdiet tipsdiet bajubigsize bajujumbo bajubatikjumbo olahragadirumah dietantigagal dietmayo dietdebm dietocd dietseimbang nutrisi herbalife menukateringdiet menudietmayo menudietketo camilansehat fitnessmotivation dietpraktis dietmotivasi gayahidupsehat bajuolahragacewek bodytransformation fit

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Well I don’t have a side by side of me sitting on a horse I do have this! Can’t believe that’s what a difference of 40 pounds is! I kind of feel bad for the horse 🙀 but I was under the weight restrictions surprisingly weightlossmotivation fitness gym fitspo bingeeatingrecovery gymlife bodybuilding eatingdisorderrecovery fitfam weightlosstransformation weightlossinspiration healthy training mentalhealthrecovery weightlossjourney fit healthylifestyle fitnessjourney laurenlosing100 fitnessmotivation fitnessmodel bodytransformation muscle workout gymmotivation laurenfindingcalm motivation weightloss morgansmegababes instafit

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Ready for our daily morning routine - walkies - yeah I still haven’t won against the washing machine 🧦🧦

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Breakfast: Maple oatmeal with raisins and nuts; I forgot my morning snack; lunch: baked chicken thigh with broccoli and black beans; snack: yogurt; dinner: grilled chicken and broccoli mealprep mealplanning endomorph bodytransformation

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Monday! New week. Same focus. So i wanted to take a moment to reintroduce myself. I’m not a fitness model. Or a bodybuilder. Or rich, or famous, or a former pro athlete. I don’t have a big house or a fancy car to pose in front of, or a professional photographer to take the pictures. My photo studio is the gym bathroom. Why? Because I’m you. I was a guy who desperately needed to take control of something in his life, so I chose to take control of my body. That one decision is still radically changing my life, every single day, almost two years later. If you feel like you’re out of control, I’ve been there. If you can’t stand the way you feel, the way you look, or the way you think, I’ve been there. That’s why I’m a coach. You know where you want to go, but have no idea how to get there? That’s where I come in. I eliminate the guesswork. I give you all the tools you need to succeed. Then you do the work and YOU reap the physical, mental and emotional rewards. Sohi, again. I’m Dave. And I’d love to be your coach. webuildchampions realtalk💯 strongaf coachinglife yourcoach onlinecoach onlinefitnesscoach personaltrainers personaltrainer anytimefitness seattle seattlefitness westseattle geekygains geekswholift guyswholift fitnessjourney bodytransformation weightlossideas fitnesspro gaymuscles gaymuscle gaycoach motivationmonday

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Remember Nancy? The lady that broke her foot and started her training with us sitting down doing some boxing. 3 months later her physiotherapist told her they don’t need to see her any more as we have her on the right track with our training. We have taken small steps but what Nancy is doing now with her training is incredible. Not only have we assisted with her recovery of her foot but also helped Nancy lose 5kgs with a boxing and resistance program. Results don’t discriminate by your age or your ability. Its your attitude that gets you your results. If you are scared of a little hard  work and soreness and prefer to do a workout that you barely break a sweat You will be that person that complains  that no matter what you do , you can’t get results. You want results, look in a pt with me and bring the Nancy attitude with you functionaltraining 8weekchallenge hiit bulldoggymbrisbane bulldoggym bodytransformation bodypositive gym gymmotivation gymrat gymlife boxing cardioboxing strength hiit hiitresults hiitworkout muaythai thaiboxing body bodybuilding exercise fitness fitnessmotivation diet nutrition muscles

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🔥🔥 Resultados 🔥🔥 Hoje apresento-vos a Carina! Tem apenas 19 aninhos, é estudante e se não fossem as redes sociais, hoje não fazia parte do nosso grupo e eu não tinha o privilégio de a conhecer! Começou por aceitar o desafio de alterar o pequeno-almoço durante 6 dias, com o intuito de continuar a tomar os produtos para perder peso, pois não gostava do corpo que tinha e isso prejudicava a sua autoestima. Sentiu-se bem com a nutrição, gostou dos batidos, tinha mais energia, mais concentração, menos volume e decidiu continuar com a nossa nutrição! Na segunda foto, diferença de 21 dias: - 3,3kg massa gorda, +1Kg de massa muscular e - 0,5 gordura visceral! Ficou tão entusiasmada com os resultados que se juntou à equipa e agora ajuda outras pessoas a ter, também elas, os seus próprios resultados com a nossa nutrição! Parabéns pelo teu foco e persistência princesa carina_csv99! Quando podias ter tantos outros interesses e focos na tua vida, escolhes ajudar-te a ti própria e investires em ti e no teu futuro! És um exemplo! 💚 Todas as referências a controlo de peso associadas ao Programa de Controlo de Peso da Herbalife incluem, entre outros aspetos, uma dieta alimentar equilibrada, exercício físico regular, ingestão adequada de líquidos, suplementação nutricional, quando necessário e descanso apropriado. Os resultados podem variar de pessoa para pessoa fitnessportugal portugalfit fitgirl fitboy fitfamily fitnessmotivation fitness workout abs summerbodychallenge results resultados focus nutrition eatclean health healthymeals healthylifestyle weighloss musclegain bodytransformation portugal motivation consistency entrepreneur freedom business businesswoman team

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En exclusivité la 💦PRESSOTHERAPIE - perte volumétrique et une silhouette retrouvée en quelques séances !😍👍🏻drainage lymphatique terminé les jambes lourdes 💦. soinvisage zen bodytransformation bodyzenter massagetherapy cellulite cellulitereduction bienetre beauté mincirensemble douleur arthrose pressotherapie pertedepoids epilation soinducorps plaisir corps soinvisage pierrechaude massage epilationlumierepulsee detox amincissement traitementantirides antirides epilationpermanente