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I tried on the pants with this exact pattern and fabric about 2 months ago. I tell you guys I could not even move without so much fear of ripping the entire piece! So today I thought, why not just go for the jump suit and hope for the best. And here we are☺️ not only fitting but feeling pretty damn confident!💪🏻😏 I’m not where I want to be in the end game, but this is a really nice feeling☺️ happy healthy progress progressnotperfection jumpsuit try effort hardwork nsv nonscale nonscalevictory victory progressing progresspic dressingroom new style newexperience changeyourmindset positivity bodypositive bodytransformation dreaming dream workforit transformation transformationtuesday gains fatloss

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Repost troublesince21 ( get_repost) ・・・ Have been training for eights days straight! Shall take a much needed rest day tomorrow and probably a cheat meal 👀. But what a kickass week it has been I’m not exhausted really but my body is surely asking for rest 😅 Hope you’ll have a kickass weekend too 🤘❤️ keephustling fits weekendvibes legsfordays legs workout pump girlswholift girlswithmuscle fitness fitnessmotivation fitnessmodel indianfitnessblogger bodygoals bodytransformation pretty gymmotivation gymlife gymwear workoutmotivation healthylifestyle strongwomen badass saturday fitspo fitnesslife fitnessjourney Follow us & Comment any good word letter by letter to get a story shoutout for free on the Page everyday ❤😍 Follow 👉 troublesince21 Fellow 👉 stylemyworld56 Follow the best shoutout page👉 stylemyworld56 for EVERYONE 😘💖 . 🔥Featured by💖👇 👉 stylemyworld56 👑FOLLOW 📩DM us for your shoutout. Snap uploaded in every day Hurry up 📩For Shootout👇 1)Follow page 2)DM your SNAP📷 3)Insta ID 4) Follow page then stylemyworld56 stylemyworld56

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Another day another j8challenge workout complete! Up at 3.30 possibly because every time I moved the pain in my quads woke me up 😂😂😂 so came and did upper body happy with shoulders always am but seriously need my baby triceps to grow 😩😩😩 unicorn head because no one deserves to see how crap I look this morning 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 determined to have a decent set of triceps by the end of this challenge still got a 10km walk a Zumba class and a SBZ HIIT class to teach today need to make up for the time I’ll be spending in the tattoo chair tomorrow 100’s of miles away 😍😍😍 fatloss bodybuilding bodytransformation fatlossjourney healthy

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I can't believe he's already 8 months old! Only 4 months until he's one?! Time goes by too fast! He's already standing up while hold on to something on his own and trying to walk alone! 😭

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Left was the day i got my cast off last year after tricep tendon surgery. Right was a week ago! as you can see serious atrophy in my tricep and shoulder! Did physical therapy for 15 weeks and resumed doing it myself for the past year. The tendon took a year to fully heal. It’s healed now and has been a long year of slowly making progress I’m still not anywhere close to moving the amount of weight i was able to before and with numerous obstacles being thrown at me i still have remained consistent with improving my arm my life. My attitude and outlook on things everyday. I’m thankful to have the support i have. Just taking it one day at a time progress bodybuilding bodytransformation armbrustprogym gymmotivation tricepworkout

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jóreggelt 🙋🏼‍♀️ ☕ 👀 Van amiről nem tudok leszokni. Legalábbis most még ezen a héten nem. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Bár már nem a hagyományos tejjel iszom, hanem növényitej - jel. Na azoknak milyen iszonyat áruk van! 😮 Nem vagyok spur, na, de azért ami túlzás az túlzás! Mindegy szerencsére találtam a Lidl - ben teljesen megfizethető áron növényi tejet. 😊 Vagyis a 4€ - 5 € helyett 1,09 € - ért. 😊 Azért persze mint mindig össze hasonlítottam a drágábbik márkával mint mindig is szoktam, mert kíváncsi vagyok miért drágább ennyivel? Nos én mint mindig megint nálam tápértékben az olcsobbik nyert, lehet a másiknak jobb az íze vagy nem tudom, ott egyszerűen a márkát fizeted ismét 3€ - 4€, nem pedig a minőséget 😑 De persze, mert nekem van egy ilyen berögződésem, meg véleményem, hogy nem mindig az a termék a jobb amelyik a drágább ‼️ Mindenki maga dönti el, hogy ő melyiket szereti. Nekem is vannak márkák amikhez ragaszkodom és azt veszem, persze azok nem hétköznapi cikkek, hanem évekre szólnak. 😊 Veletek is megesett, hogy még vettétek a drágábbat, mondván az a jobb, és abszolút a nem várt eredményt hozzá? goodmorning gutenmorgen jóreggelt kávé mutimitiszol summer kaffee kaffeezeit mandelmilch lidl fitlife fitfam balanceeating mik bodytransformation positivevibes onlygoodvibes happyness balancelife balance goodvibes tudatosság minimalismus minimalista

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Guten Morgen, ist das zu fassen, es ist bereits Bergfest Ich hoffe eure Woche lief bisher gut. Teil 3 Was passiert jetzt eigentlich bei einem Salz- bzw. Natriummangel? Wenn der Natriumwert im Blut zu sehr fällt, zeigen sich erste Symptome relativ schnell. Übelkeit, Erbrechen, Kopf- und Muskelschmerzen oder Verwirrtheitszustände sind die Folgen. Zudem verschiebt sich auch unser Wasserhaushalt. Das Wasser wird im Zellinneren gelagert. Dies führt wieder rum zu einem erhöhten Druck und unter anderem können in schweren Mangelfällen Hirnschwellungen die Folge sein. Aber wie bereits erwähnt, Deutschland gehört nicht zu den Mangelländern. U.a. die Industrie sorgt dafür, dass dies so bleibt, denn in sehr vielen verarbeiteten Lebensmitteln ist ein relativ hoher Anteil an Salz bzw. Natrium zu finden. Die empfohlene Menge an Salz (WHO) liegt bei ca. 6g/Tag. Wir Deutschen konsumieren durchschnittlich 6,5 bis 9g am Tag, also schon oberhalb der empfohlenen Tagesdosis. Macht euch mal den Spass und schreibt auf, wieviel Salz die Lebensmittel enthalten, die ihr am Tag esst. Setzt dies in Relation zur verzehrten Menge des Lebensmittels und schon habt ihr ermittelt, wieviel Salz ihr an einem Tag verzehrt habt. Glaubt mir die Ergebnisse werden euch überraschen. Mich hat es auf jedenfalls sehr erstaunt. Dabei ist mir etwas wieder eingefallen. Man hat mit bereits als Kind eingebläut, dass in vielen Lebensmitteln sehr viel Salz enthalten ist, darum sollte ich immer Sparsam damit umgehen. An sich echt ein guter Tipp. Bisher habe ich mich auch unbewusst immer daran gehalten. Allerdings ernähre ich mich nahezu gar nicht mehr von Fertigprodukten und industriell hergestellten hoch verarbeiteten Produkten (ab und an ein Döner oder eine Pizza gibt es trotzdem). Stattdessen koche ich lieber selber, benutze frische Produkte und wie man es mir beigebracht hat kein bis sehr wenig Salz. Was das Ergebnis dessen ist erfahrt ihr morgen ernährungsumstellung bodytransformation bodybuilding gainz spartanrace spartanracemorzine trifectaweekend spartanracefrance morzine naturalbodybuilder strong ernährungsberatung gesundundfit malemodel maleform blondguy ocr outdoor

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Late night at the gym. Bench feeling strong. Still in a hypertrophy phase so high rep stuff for now. Feeing smooth and easy at 125 lbs. Would love to go heavy but I’m sticking to the plan and resisting the urge. Barely.

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This is the first time I've worn a sports bra at the gym lol. I'm always insecure of my stomach because I'm constantly bloated. It feels good to have achieved this short term goal. I'm working on finding foods that work for me and don't make me bloated to continue eating for a healthy lifesyle instead of living on a diet and labeling food as "good" or "bad"

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We all start somewhere and with small steps we become motivated. Don’t tie yourself into large unrealistic commitments. Don’t sign up for a gym membership or a course until you’re doing some walking each day, start adding healthy food to your routine. You will feel great when you make small easy changes. 💫

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Wake up with a purpose, what helps me is a quick shake to get me energized and then i get my workout gear on & head over to the gym. This is where i destress, i put my music on and zone out and break a sweat. The feel after i finish a intense workout is priceless! how do you guys feel after a workout ? bodybuilding fitness fitnessevolution workout bicepworkout mensworkout bodypositive bodytransformation fitnesstransformation fattofit weightlosstransformation weightloss ripped sixpack gymshark gym gymmotivation motivation motivation💪 workoutroutine

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July 16, 2019 This is take three. 🎬. Lol. Accidentally left while making the post and lost what i had already typed up. So. Sorry if it's not interesting or something lol. Anywayyys~ Forgot to say total calories consumed~1,689 Total calories burned as of 10:28 p.m.~ 3,454 Went out with fam to enjoy a day at the water park~ we stayed on the lake side to enjoy the sand between our cheeks🍑 and the fish🐟 around our toes~ 😂🤣 lol. Just kidding. As much as I wanted the fish to gather at my toes, they all refused to stay lol. Thanks johnstubblefield for taking me out today♡ At one point, me, my cousin, and her bf decided we would walk to the Wave Pool, on the other side of the park. As smart as we all like to think we are. Walking there barefoot was the worst idea ever. Made it about half way to the wave pool, before meeting up with my dad in some shade. He offered his water shoes to Nathaniel if he'd go back to get our shoes. So he did. But the damage was done. Lol. I ended up with blisters on bottom of both my feet. Nathaniel did as well I think. But not as bad. But bad enough that it hurt lol. Jas lucky little thing she is. Turned out just fine. My poor lil feet 🤧 But even with sore feet. I still had fun swimming and hanging with everyone. Here is the meal log for today!~ Breakfast-8:25a.m. ~77 cals 1boiled egg Snack- 10:30 a.m. ~170 cals 1/2 cup blueberries ~ 41cals 1/4 cup strawberries ~19cals hand squeezed orange juice ~ 110 cals Lunch- 12:00p.m. ~566 cals 1/4 cup sausage link ~187cals 1/4 cup rib ~ 159cals 1/2 oz garlic scapes~ 21 cals 2 slices avocado ~ 40 cals Snack- 2:30p.m. ~170cals 23 pcs mixed nuts Snack-5:00p.m. ~190cals 1/4 cup sunflower seeds (with shell) Dinner-8:00p.m. ~715 cals 7 leaves~ 14 cals 1/4 cucumber ~7 2tbsp mushrooms~8 1 1/2 tbsp red bellpepper ~3 1 grilled chicken breast ~526 1 boiled egg~ 77 2 tbs peanut sauce ~80 10:30p.m. 1 cup milk ~130 cals journeyto135lbs selfcare motivated beginningofchange weightloss meallog gettinghealthy motivation bodytransformation week1 food dailyupdate

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“I knew I wanted to be a fighter when I was six years old. I never thought it could actually happen, but I’ve wanted to fight since I was that . My dad was a fighter in the Marine Corps. When he started seeing women fighting in the cage, he told me that I can do that.” - stephgeltmacher . healthyeating fitnessjourney fatlossjourney fitlife weightlossmotivation food instafit eatclean strength fatlosstips lifestyle protein fat girlswholift shredded getfit bodytransformation strong fattofit weightlosstips slimmingworld crossfit gymmotivation personaltraining beforeandafter strengthtraining musclegain iifym progress healthyliving

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LegDay was a successSo guess what tomorrow is? 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

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🤜🏼No sólo se entrena la zona media por fines estéticos 😁Entrenar ésta parte del cuerpo es muy importante para obtener diversos beneficios para la salud 🤔¿Qué beneficios obtenemos? - Mejora la postura. - Previene lesiones en la zona lumbar. - Optimizamos el rendimiento y mejoramos la técnica en cualquier ejercicio. - Evitamos compensaciones y que participen músculos innecesarios weightlosschallenge instafit bodytransformation fitgoals bodyunderconstruction progressnotperfection fitnessgirl fitfam fitmotivation health fitnessjourney fitnesslifestyle beforeandafter personaltrainer muscle fitspo fitnessgoals eatclean instaweightloss prilaga fitlife fitnessaddict transformationfitnation exercise proteinshake selflove fitmom losingweightfeelinggreat selfmotivation lovefitness

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⚠️FULL BODY WORKOUT!⚠️ Here’s a little bit of everything after a week of slacking because of the 4th! I like to start with abs because it helps to keep your core engaged during the rest of your workout! 6 sets of 20! (Don’t forget to do both sides on workouts 2,5 & 6!) 😓 Don’t underestimate the weight! A 10lb dumbbell is all you need! • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • workout transformation tuesday transformationtuesday motivation abs inspire fitness fitfam fit weightlifting healthy lifestyle exercise gym protein girlswholift strong happy muscle bodypositive bodytransformation gymlife video instadaily igers instagood instadaily style cleaneating newmexico

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Transformation Tuesday! 1,000 rep HIIT challenge! 4 exercises, 25 reps, 10 sets! 😅 No rest in between exercises, rest for 1 minute in between each set. Such a great workout for us mamas who can’t always make it to the gym! • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • workout transformation tuesday transformationtuesday motivation cardio inspire fitness fitfam fit weightlifting healthy lifestyle exercise gym protein girlswholift strong happy muscle bodypositive bodytransformation gymlife video instadaily igers instagood instadaily style cleaneating newmexico

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Monday, we meet again 😈 (When your first baby vein pops out you have to document it, amirite?! 🙋🏽‍♀️😂💀) Monday is not an excuse! You may be tired from the weekend but if you start your week off at the gym you are more likely to go the rest of the week! It’s easy to skip a few days and get off track. But don’t let it happen! Make Monday the best day! • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • workout mondaymotivation monday motivation tattoos inspire fitness fitfam fit weightlifting healthy lifestyle exercise gym protein girlswholift strongwomen happy muscle bodybuilding bodytransformation gymlife gym instadaily igers fitspo instagood instadaily style cleaneating newmexico

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Trained Back & Bi’s with this stunner tonight 💪 , So good for both of us to be back stronger then ever! - This chick right here is one of my biggest motivations and inspirations. She has done such an amazing job on her weightlossjourney all by herself with no crazy diets or surgeries! - Love you so much T! 🖤 keep smashing it fitness gym workout fit fitnessmotivation fitfam gymlife bodybuilder fitnessmodel fitspo gymmotivation instafit gains powerlifting abs strong personaltrainer fitnessaddict shredded crossfit physique body diet girlswholift suppliments beastmode ifbb bodytransformation nutrition

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Such beautiful and kind words from my f45family ❌MEMBER OF THE WEEK ❌ This legend and wonderful woman kills it in every session everyday and always has a smile on her face. Parissa is always willing to help out other members that need a little help or an extra push through their session. Parissa is always encouraging her friends to smash the class and lift heavier with her. Loves getting behind us on social media and representing F45 Chelsea .We just love your beautiful presence in the studio and your zest and passion for fitness. Thanks for being an amazing photographer also for us with your amazing camera 📷😂 we appreciate it. killingit 🔵⚪️🔴❤️ - fitness gym workout fit fitnessmotivation fitfam gymlife bodybuilder fitnessmodel fitspo gymmotivation instafit gains powerlifting abs strong personaltrainer fitnessaddict shredded crossfit physique body diet girlswholift suppliments beastmode ifbb bodytransformation

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Monday’s suck! But at least I got to tackle this Monday morning with smashing Templar’s together 💪 Definitely a tough one this morning! - When ever I lack drive and motivation I still get in the studio and smash out a session. It picks me up and gets me back on track. I feel like I have achieved something. mondayblues - fitness gym workout fit fitnessmotivation fitfam gymlife bodybuilder fitnessmodel fitspo gymmotivation instafit gains powerlifting abs strong personaltrainer fitnessaddict shredded crossfit physique body diet girlswholift suppliments beastmode ifbb bodytransformation nutrition