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The night resulted in a major anxiety attack and no medicine could help me. It ended with me waking up by the staff and had torn up half my forehead. All I feel so unclear right now. Sitting with strict restraints, must not leave the ward, supervise every five minutes and this morning I woke up locked in my room. The room that I, by the way, broke down to when I changed the department yesterday. Now I am under section 11 of the health certificate, and the doctor believes that I should get an LPT (compulsory care) if I want to leave so I am stuck here for a while. The earliest home at the moment is after the weekend but it will probably be later. The medication is underway and today I had a new doctoral call where we adjusted a little, but still not received the antipsychotic medicine, but it is going so maybe tomorrow. I miss my loved ones there at home and think of them every day so to be told about LPT, is a bit like a blow in the stomach. Now there is no return for this. I try to accept it even if it is difficult right now suicide selfharmmm secretsociety123 ana anabitch anorexia bpd borderline cuttingmyself ihatemyself suicidal killme imtired imfat bulimia selfinjury triggerwarning cyclothymia dissociativeidentitydisorder borderlinepersonalitydisorder schizophrenia schizoaffective recovery breakthestigma mommy borderline eips bipolar gothic suicidegirls lpt

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Flowers for self care because I really am trying. 🌹

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I’ve had a few therapist in my lifetime and most of them weren’t very good I’m afraid. A couple were completely out of their depth. This particular therapist was a male therapist, he looked seriously stressed out by the sight of me crying which was a bit worrying, considering that I think crying should be very much expected in a scenario where people talk about their most painful experiences. Then there was a therapist who made sarcastic comments about my world views. We were a beginning of our work together, only 5 sessions in and her comment was completely inappropriate. I fired her after that session and she tried to coerce me into doing a few more closing down sessions. I declined. She was pushy and just awful. That experience put me off of trying therapy again for several years. And then I found the perfect therapist. By the time I’d found her, I’d read a lot about the attachment theory and I knew that I’d needed someone to work me on building healthy attachment. Basically, I needed a mother-like role model. I needed somebody to give me what my mum never could - that support and strong role model in managing emotions and having healthy boundaries. My mum loves me to bits, I know that but she’s not a healthy individual and could not show me how to manage emotions - she’s dramatic and hysterical herself - and she’s got serious boundary issues. Basically, not a healthy role model. So I knew that this is what I needed. And I knew my therapist was the right person for the job. She knows about my BPD but her line of work doesn’t believe in medical labels. Which is a limitation and a blessing at the same time. It’s a blessing as she doesn’t judge - I often hear horror stories about psychologists firing BPD patients for being “untreatable”. There are no untreatable patients, only bad therapists. But also, she doesn’t see the pattern in some of my behaviours, doesn’t see the compulsive self-destruction tendencies. But what I need her for, the role of the normal female attachment character she’s perfect. What’s your experience with therapy? Do you have a good therapist?Or a bad one? bpd bpdrecovery borderline borderlinepersonalitydisorder borderlinepersonality

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This quote really inspired me today ———————————————————— Courtesy of the incredible howmental ———————————————————— Like this post? Then why not follow _getpsyched_ for more! 👍🏻💙💛🧠 ———————————————————— getpsyched socialanxietyquotes psychology borderlinepersonalitydisorder therapistsofinstagram mentalhealthhelp mentalhealthtips timetotalkday generalizedanxiety mentalhealthfirstaid mentalhealthuk mentalhealthcommunity psychologyhumour psychologytips psychologynotes psychologybooks psychologysays psychologygraduate psychologyclub schoolpsychology psychologytest counsellingpsychology psychologydaily psychologygeek humanpsychology psychologylove mentalhealthquotes mentalhealthrecovery mentalhealthwarrior mentalhealthbreak

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This this this I promise you I’m trying and I’m not as dramatic as people think. I’m just trying to navigate my day to day without falling apart these are excerpts from an article from themightysite about Borderline Personality Disorder this is really some perfectly worded insight into me bpd borderlinepersonalitydisorder depression anxiety mentalillness

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Pretty. Beautiful. Sexy. Attractive.⁣ ⁣ These are all things that I have strived my WHOLE life to obtain, but never felt like I have.⁣ ⁣ Why?⁣ ⁣ Because I was always comparing myself to my friends, peers, colleagues, and celebrities. ⁣ ⁣ I looked at them and saw how GORGEOUS they were and thought, "I'm nothing like them. I look nothing like them." If they were attractive, and I looked nothing like them, then that must mean I'm not, right?⁣ ⁣ That little negative voice is just constantly putting me down and telling me how ugly I am, how horrible of a person I am.⁣ ⁣ I have struggled with this for my entire life. My self-esteem lives in the ground. ⁣ ⁣ When my boyfriend tells me how beautiful he finds me, I argue with him or call him a liar. ⁣ ⁣ This is something that seriously affects my mental well-being, and I KNOW that I am not alone in this. ⁣ ⁣ How do you try to counteract the negative voice in your head?⁣ ⁣ ⁣💚💚💚⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ selfesteemboost bodydismorphia bodypositivity healmybody healingvibrations soulhealing wellnessadvocate healthandwellbeing selflovetips mindbodygram youareenough selflovematters healthhappylife selflovefirst selflovejourney bpdrecovery bpdsupport fuckdepression bipolarwarrior mentalhealthmatters borderlinepersonalitydisorder healingtrauma emotionalwellness anxietyfree bpdthings bipolarawareness liveyourworth healingjourney recoveryispossible selfcompassion

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I’ve recorded all of my episodes and triggers, more than just food, since 3/30. The results: High crippling levels of anxiety, and definitely exhibiting borderline tendencies like I did before 2012 with the healing I did back then. My mom was borderline, and between my childhood trauma and my mothers behaviors, I picked up many of those coping traits. The good news is that I asked the universe for what to do with specific desires- And stumbled upon dialectic behavior therapy. I’ve been keeping a daily log of all activities with time stamps and free flow conscious stream of thought. Today is day 5. It has been helpful with mindfulness, and intercepting thoughts. The mind is where all of this is reaaalllyy about to go down. My body will reflect my progress-I’ve done it once. I will do it again. I started looking for therapists in my area who work with these specific areas. dbt borderlinepersonalitydisorder mentalhealth grief behaviortraining meditation mindfulness

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repost ❤ . I really love the message that kylejaviervelasquez put out today!👊 . In trying times, when we become overwhelmed we forget that we are strong, resilient, and courageous and that we can get through it. We forget that we have already survived so much and that although we carry the scars of those battles from our past, we came out much stronger and we were able to discover what is great about us because of having gone through those exact adversities. 🦋 . Dont forget that you are a CHAMPION and you are much stronger💪 than you believe yourself to be selflovedeficitdisorder codependencynomore codependency selfloveisnotselfish loveyourselffirst youmatter selfconfidence iamnotmydisorder MentalHealthMatters BPD borderlinepersonalitydisorder borderlinepersonalitydisorderrecovery DepressionIsReal depression depressionproblems anxietyproblems anxietyrelief ptsd traumainformed ACEs shame breakthesilence breakthestigma compassion empathy healing therapyworks circleofchampionsworldwide

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good morning ✨ - backup; lilxlucipurrr - snapchat 👻; CandaceMayxo teaser; lilxbabyxcece anxiousxthot - twitter 🐤; CandaceMayxo internetxslut internetxwhore - - • ignore tags• wig borderlinepersonalitydisorder quotes medicatedsociety bongrips weedsociety kushandwisdom kushpassion kushsociety marijuanamodels vape smokeclouds marijuanalove marijuanacommunity stonerchicks stonergirl stonernation stonerdays bongbabes ganjagirls lgbt lgbtq bisexual pride canadianstoner highlife alternative vapeon vapers vapecommunity

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This one was funplease, come! bigolive.usa You can support me on patreon at 😊 Mediums used: crayola metallic colored pencils, cansonpaper_northamerica black paper notebook, sharpie silver pen, uniball white pen, gellyrollph neon pens, prismacolor white colored pencil 🖌️🎨🎨 poetry poets poetess poetsofinstagram artlixirpoetry globalagepoetry handletting bymepoetry madewords poetscommunity lettering worldwidepoetry micropoetry recovery mentalhealth ipadlettering graffiti emotionalintelligence codependency healing youarenotalone calligraphy mentalhealthwarrior borderlinepersonalitydisorder writer dbt mindfulness

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Gonna start this now I think. Just had lunch time and I originally refused food but they convinced me to go down. I had two panic attacks whilst I was there but then eventually agreed to eat half a ham sandwich and drink a small orange juice. Then I had to go have my weight done😞 Then I came back to my room and I had a knock. And there was my nurse waiting will all the bloods equipment. She came over especially to do them as she knows how petrified I am of needles. So she did that then she sat next to me on my bed and she just hugged me and told me that I was gonna get better and to let her help me. She’s gonna come back and see me Friday then I’ll see my therapist in between at some point. So lucky to have such good support💜 anorexiarecovery eatingdisorder ed recovery eatittobeatit anxiety bpd depression selfcare courage mentalhealth edrecovery strongnotskinny edfighter anorexiafighter foodie foodisfuel eatingdisorderrecovery revoveryisworthit borderlinepersonalitydisorder anarecovery anorexianervosa edwarrier foodisfuel fearfood workout health fitness exercise

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Let's just say that 2018 and the beginning of 2019 was by far the worst and best time I have ever experienced in my life. It was an emotional rollercoaster for the better. Within the span of 1 year I had an emotional breakdown, struggled with my BPD and eating disorder, fought my way out of a seriously toxic relationship, left my job to take chance at running my own business and sunk every penny I had into it, when it didn't work out I hopped from job to job until I settled and became a supervisor, faced my fears and got behind the wheel, broke my first bone in the funniest way possible, had no income for almost 3 months, got hired at a new spa, my brother tried to take his life multiple times, I got into a relationship before my heart was ready and ruined it etc, but at the end of the day I'm still here. I learned a lot about myself through these hectic times. And because I took a chance and faced my fears I became confident enough to seek out mental help for myself. I am proud to say that I started a new medication and will be getting re-evaluated by a psychologist within the next two weeks. I realized so much about myself and life in general in such a short period of time. I can control my binge eating now, realized how much I truly love my career, I'll be getting my license hopefully sometime in June, how much I hate being off work with a broken bone, how to be better with money, but most importantly how to love myself and that I'm not alone in this. I want to send out a huge thank you to everyone who has stuck by my side through this dark time in my life. Without your help I wouldn't know where I would be today. You have given my strength to carry on. 🌱🌼💫 bellletstalk health mentalhealth mentalheathawareness borderlinepersonalitydisorder bpd bingeeatingdisorder selfreflection selfcare selflove

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- This was the closest thing to breakfast I could stomach this morning 🙃 but since I've also had muesli base with ground flax, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, unsweetened soy yogurt, oatly semi and blueberries, all served in an uncharacteristically tiny bowl and I'm now just doing my best not to hiccup 😒 - The weather is pretty shoddy today so B and I are setting up camp under a blanket on the sofa until further notice.

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Dont tell me to forgive, Made it near impossible to wanna live, Now I've learnt to believe, In the power I can receive If I work hard, it's possible for me to achieve. Want a crowd singing my stories, Always in my laboratories, My rhymes come at such ease It's a constant battle to stop Carma from Seiz-ing. Forgive and forget, Prision shiv, skip Regret I'd rather think of it as, YOU owe ME a Debt forgiveness borderlinepersonalitydisorder pushme superpower rap hiphop lyricist musicislife poetsofinstagram poetrycommunity britishwomen Gaypride quickwrite tattooedwomen music musictherapy mean fuckit

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Butit's okay.

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So many faces and I hate them all. borderlinepersonalitydisorder symptoms are fucking with me and I don't know how to stop it. I just want to crawl into a hole.

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When ur great at giving advice but somehow can’t translate that to ur own life 💕✌🏼

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An extract from ‘Bonkers’ by everymummovement This paragraph really resonates with me. For mental illness literally does rip apart your relationship. It tears off chunks, leaving you both depleted emotionally and physically which can often result in a breakdown in communication. Personally, I’m filled with anger and resentment I never used to carry. I don’t know where it comes from or how it got to be there but I can be incredibly spiteful. I’ve no doubt that I’m extremely hard to live with at times. My anxiety requires everything to be in order and clean at all times. If anything is out of place for long then anger rises inside of me. I can often be found cleaning the floors obsessively to restore the level of calm in my brain. As you can imagine this leads to high levels of tension within my relationship and can often cause rows. We’ve had some couples counselling to identify where the issues arise and we are working on them. I think part of me is searching for the kind of love we had pre-baby, pre- BPD diagnosis and pre-postnatal illness. I don’t think I’ve yet excepted that we won’t return to that but I know I need to realise that we need to try and rebuild our life into a new city of hope, for both of us and Jake. mentalhealthawareness postnatalanxiety postnataldepression pnd rebuildingmyrelationship perinatalmentalhealth perinatalmentalhealthawareness postnatalanxietyanddepression sharedexperiences mumssupportingmums borderlinepersonalitydisorder yourmentalhealthmatters

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I wonder how died Bum's parents I would have liked to know more about his mother.😔

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This past weekend has been the best. Our families closest friends got engaged and it’s reignited my love of life. However it’s also made me realise I need to nip trauma & bpd in the arse because they came at some unwelcome times & I can’t have them ruining the most special moments! Urges to relapse now are high because of flashbacks but can’t go backwards because otherwise I’ll never move forwards😳😳😳 but overall this weekend has made me realise the world is so so so beautiful and it’s the small things that really matter, pain does pass eventually 🌱 anxietydisorders suicideattemptsurvivor suicideprevention spreadingpositivity love smallvictories eatingdisorderecovery edrecovery anorexiarecovery bulimiarecovery borderlinepersonalitydisorder eupd emotionallyunstablepersonalitydisorder mentalillness mentalwellbeing future mentalhealthawareness strength recovery eatingdisorderawarenessweek body bodypositive bodypositivity bodypositivemovement

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JUST 👏🏻 HAD 👏🏻 THE 👏🏻 BEST 👏🏻 APPOINTMENT 👏🏻 SO my angel of a care co ordinator has enrolled me on one of the best group therapy treatments for EUPD, just as I was beginning to lose hope it will ever get better 🌸 it’s very popular and usually the waiting list is very long but she’s managed to get me in 🥰 I’m excited as this will be a huge step in my recovery & then hopefully some trauma therapy can follow 💪🏻💪🏻kicking mental illnesses’ arse once again 💓🥳💓🥳💓🥳💓🥳 anxietydisorders suicideattemptsurvivor suicideprevention spreadingpositivity love smallvictories eatingdisorderecovery edrecovery anorexiarecovery bulimiarecovery borderlinepersonalitydisorder eupd emotionallyunstablepersonalitydisorder mentalillness mentalwellbeing future mentalhealthawareness strength recovery eatingdisorderawarenessweek body bodypositive bodypositivity bodypositivemovement