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This is so much deeper than a phrase. a shirt. a pendant. a brand. It's a science. a entity. Blood sweat and tears behind this here. For those who know then you know. For those who don'there you go D.I.R.T.Y.M.A.C.K.N DIVINE INSPIRATION RESURRECTED THROUGH YOUTH MASTERS OF ART COMMUNICATION KNOWLEDGE AND NETWORK HEAVYCONTENT ORGANICNEVERARTIFICIAL ITSTILLDIRTYMACKN BOUTDATACTION BANGN4BROWN TEACH👑💥👌🏿✊🏿

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2 livin legendsLarrie & Stanleycontributors to the cultureleaders of the new schooloakland public school to makin power corporate movesin the midst of whatever I tip my hat to this fluorescent soul next to me Mr. Stanley "Fabby Davis"Cox true philanthropist and servant to our community. 📸 artbystee Mad love from a real 1 to a real 1. DOPEERA ITSTILLDIRTYMACKN BOUTDATACTION BANGN4BROWN THEMAYOR THEJUNGLESHYNA⭐👌🏿 TEACH👑💥👌🏿✊🏿

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Happy Mother's Day, to one of the most strongest, loyal, devoted, stubborn and loving woman I know Thanks for having my back, holding my secrets, motivating me, feeding my grown-ass lol, telling me when it's okay to let go, allowing me to lean on you, being the head of this family and my back bone. ECT, ECT Thou today is Mother's day I cherish you everyday and will continue to as long as breath is in my body.👸🏾👩‍❤️‍👩🤞🏾💃🏾 AlwaysLoveMyMama She'sMyFavoritGirl GaddyGirls4life 💯 DatsMyBF HappyMotherDay NoBondLikeAMother's MyBackBone 🔫FirstQuestionsLater BoutDatAction FeedAny1Hungry My💝💘

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palms up stay down on the move like grey hound M.I.P lil ski ehdayraybound wut ussy? nuttin allinyahau sedeman roundatdude gotdamn dummy (gotta had been on that corner to decipher this message ) COUGARBALL2019😎🖤👌🏿✊🏿 ITSTILLDIRTYMACKN BOUTDATACTION BANGN4BROWN TEACH👑💥👌🏿✊🏿

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I just got my cdz back n I'm old school out the trunk wit it. I came up n the Dope Era were where you could not hide behind a computer u had to put in the foot work to earn yo status these projects are both on all digital outlets but I still will always press up cds as well because they are physical documents of history. If you rock wit men my brand tap in I'm pulln up personally thanks 4 the support in advance ITSTILLDIRTYMACKN BOUTDATACTION BANGN4BROWN TEACH

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Things were moving today with all BS it happens to light my 🔥 just a tad on the docket today was some of that good bench action and not gonna lie my coach is a mad scientist and knows how to get the best out of you! First set was to hit 385 for a triple then JUMP to 455 for a dub which went fast Then to pyramid down and hit 405 for five lastly hit eight plus for 385 and hit that’s for 10 after that comes the accessories! Bruh i forgot how that crunk music hits you lol! Thanks for the spot my brotha ponamarev_sergey and fauver33 COACH: chrisgordert SUPS: combatnutra musclegenresearch nutrimartusa GYM: californiaelitetrainingcenter FUEL: simplygmeals GEAR: aesthreadics sbd.usa FAMM: supportmilitarymuscle militarymusclefoundation supportmilitarymuscle militarymusclefoundation neveralone aesthreadics iammilitarymuscle powerlifting progress benchpress fitfam USN USMC USAF USARMY progress NGU upliftothers ittakesavillage positivevibes boutdataction

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Credit im.always.petty4 The devil is a lie and so is her nigga letting her out the house looking like thanos long lost daughter bihhh thumb built bitch u kno she brush her teeth with hotdog water if Jack skeletons had skin this is how he'd look yeslawd smilebitch boutdataction thefuckery pastorshady noshade sithlordshady wishabitchwould onmommas americandad roger latinas mexican dominican puertorican salvadoran colombian cuban filipino thai bihhhhh samoan tongan fijian wastehertime2019 kardashian oj kevinhart hereforthesmoke

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Words I have read and that have shaped how I act 'Good things don't Happen to me, they Happen BECAUSE of me' I want to be extraordinary and impact those around me and my environment positively! passion committed gratitude boutdataction businessowner