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Pressie to myself. Saw this twice at the flicks, and thought both Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga were mind-blowing. Amazing soundtrack and what BC did with his voice was awesome. astarisborn bradleycooper ladygaga samelliott

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911 ? Yes my heart has been stolen dt:tagged / ac; idk one sec / cc:mine

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how much do i have to pay to give lady gaga a ballet lesson

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A Star is Born is one of those films everyone knows at least parts of, including the remake. Like everybody else, I grew up watching both the Garland and Streisand editions, and the story itself is nothing new. What’s interesting is that A Star Is Born is a fairytale for the modern world, darkness and all, and each actress who takes on the role adds a certain something making it their own which is why people are always so moved by each version. To successfully play the lead in A Star Is Born, the actress has to have a certain kind of notoriety herself in order to make us relate to her storyline. If we know her own struggles beforehand, the story becomes relatable as we watch the lead character go through that same thing. Gaga’s struggles are Ally’s struggles in a sense, and therefore, we feel for her every step of the way and it’s a revelation when she steps into her own as a performer. But for all of Gaga’s gusto as a performer, there is a moment early in the film that struck me as more important. There’s a moment in the movie where Coopers Jackson Maine takes to the stage in a cabaret show style lounge, and softly plays a song at the request of a lovely drag queen. He takes her sparkly, painted guitar and sings a song, “Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die. It takes a lot to change a man. Hell, it takes a lot to try. Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die.” In terms of the film, it was probably supposed to be talking about the characters addiction problem, but as I watched the movie, I couldn’t help but think that no statement had ever rang truer to our current time than that one. ladygaga movies moviereviews music ladygaga bradleycooper astarisborn

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Clint Westwood volta às telas da PlayArte com o drama A Mula. Siga a playartepictures Ele, além de dirigir, interpreta o personagem principal: um atravessador de drogas que negligênciou as relações familiares por toda vida. Enquanto isso, Bradley Cooper é um agente que pretende desvendar as movimentações do cartel. clintwestwood bradleycooper amula emcartaz cinema playarte

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- ФОТОСЕССИЯ - Так-так-так, что у нас тут? Фотосет для The Wrap со всеми теми, кто на слуху с самого начала наградного сезона. На снимках – Джон Дэвид Вашингтон, Адам Драйвер, Спайк Ли, Махершала Али, Вигго Мортенсен, Брэдли Купер, Оливия Колман, Гленн Клоуз, Рами Малек и другие. Больше прекрасного: MovieMJ_фотосессии JohnDavidWashington GlennClose ViggoMortensen BradleyCooper MahershalaAli AdamDriver OliviaColman ReginaKing RamiMalek SpikeLee

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Part I: pasottisince1956 the Epitome of Italian craftsmanship since 1956. It all started in 1956 with Ernesta Pasotti,  who had a rare talent for creating one-of-a-kind umbrellas that she herself sold, sometimes riding her bicycle. With the help of her husband Vittorio Giacomini, what started as a small artisan enterprise, soon turned into a large company that sells umbrellas to the most prestigious boutiques all around the world, in more than 75 countries. From Europe, to North America, Russia to China, Passoti 's limited edition handmade umbrellas, stand out for their unique design and consistent material: all exclusively Italian: enameled brass handles, Swarovski crystals, precious silk fabrics and marvellous decorations. From Ernesta Pasotti and Vittorio Giacomini to Nicola and Andrea Begotti, Pasotti is the epitome of  Italian luxury that lives on from generation to generation. pasotti tailored pittiuomo pitti coat style mensstyle ceo bradleycooper menwithclass sprezzatura jacket menswear elegant gent gentleman suit doublebreasted dapper italianstyle luxury luxurylife luxurymagazine mensfashion bespoke styleoftheday tie classy class umbrella

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— Jennifer as Serena Shaw/Pemberton in Serena, 2014. — I think this is another underestimated movie, it's a very bittersweet movie and the chemistry between Jennifer and Bradley Cooper is amazing, I also think that it was not very valued and for this reason it did not have many nominations/awards But If you do not have any plans this weekend, I recommend you watch this movie! ♡ jenniferlawrence

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(Indicados - Oscar 2019) O Oscar tá chegando e olha só esse time de atores que concorrem na categoria "Melhor Ator"! 🍿 1. Bradley Cooper, com Nasce Uma Estrela 2. Christian Bale, com Vice 3. Rami Malek, com Bohemian Rhapsody 4. Viggo Mortensen, com Green Book 5. William Dafoe, com No Portal da Eternidade E aí? Quem é o seu favorito para a cerimônia do próximo domingo (24)? 🍿🎬 Oscars2019 popcorn cinema

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The Mule is about 90 year old horticulturist Earl (Eastwood) who cares for his flowers more than anything. Even on his daughters wedding day he can't get away from work and walk her down the aisle. Family feuds continue as we fast forward 12 years to 2017 where we see a broken man as he has to sell his business, which he blames on the internet and the way things are now. He shows up at his granddaughters engagement party but is asked to leave by an unhappy ex wife and daughter. As he leaves he gets a job offer to "just drive". Earl meets at a garage location to pick up parcels and deliver them to a top secret address and come back in 1 hour for his money. He goes on numerous trips and earns big money, helping him buy a new truck and pay towards his granddaughters education. The bigger the jobs create more heat on the drug barons who are being followed by cop (Cooper) who gets help from an informant. Eventually his conscience eats him up when he thinks about past mistakes , and the sudden ill health of his ex wife. He gets found out as he gets in too deep and the Mexicans threaten to kill him. A nice ending although he goes to prison , he is gardening again. A great film with the usual dry wit from Eastwood. He may be nearly 90 but he is as sharp as ever. Funny moments, some dark moments too, but an enjoyable film that you should go and see! 7/10