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1 week ago

Funniest workout ever. Almost saw my dinner, about six times throughout my workout. Made the mistake of having Subway AND a Mass Gainer Shake not long before my workout. Pump wasn't as great as it has been in the past, but eh I've noticed that I haven't been doing my Bench Presses properly 😅 so this week, before I put more weight on, I'm practicing my form, so that the Bar touches my Chest, as well as positioning my Elbows so I reduce the strain on my Shoulders. Recently finished Rehab for my right shoulder Was listening to Arnold talking about getting a smaller waist on YouTube. Mentioned briefly that he did AT LEAST 200 Crunches a day, outside his regular workout. I've never been one for volume training my Core, but I've never done that before, so this week I'm trying it. My lower Core is where I lack, so I'll be doing 200 Reverse Crunches instead Monday Workout as follows: . CHEST Incline B. Bell Press SS (Push Ups) 10,10,10 (10,10,10) Decline B. Bell Press SS (Push Ups) 10,10,10 (10,10,10) D. Bell Pullovers 10,10,10 Cable Crossovers [move past center Chest, alt lead arm] 10,10,10,10 Machine Flyes 10,10,10 . ARMS Iso. Bicep Curls 10,10,10 Preacher Curls SS (Drag Curls) 10,10,10 (10,10,10) Rope Tricep Extensions SS (Bar Tricep Extentions) 12,12,12 (8,8,8) Skullcrushers 10,10,10 . CORE Cable Crunches 20,20,20 Vacuum Holds 15,15,15 (seconds) . Weighing in at 103kg flat now. Can't wait for 120kg. ChestDay ArmsDay workout diet blueprinttocut brainisthemostimportantmuscle fitness247 airportoaks LegDayTomorrow qualityvsquantity diligence nohype everylittlestep

2 weeks ago

MEAN workout. Got a bit nervous last night because I was extremely sore after last night's workout, and I felt so fatigued that I felt physically weaker. Got me worried, but realised (after the umpteenth YouTube video) that I was skipping meals, unbeknownst to me. The lesson? Dieting doesn't just mean missing food. It means planning when you eat and with reason. Lesson learned. ChestDay ArmsDay workout diet blueprinttocut brainisthemostimportantmuscle fitness247 airportoaks