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NOT true I don’t like me! Honestly but I still love and support both Brendon and Taylor so stop fooking calling people fake fans it’s annoying as shit 🖤brendon🖤 - - - Credits: - - - • Fuck ya chicken strips • vrocrew brendon urie brendonurie urielectirc bl eebo sarahurie tøp fob panicatthedisco patd prayforthewicked iwrightsinsnottragedies closethegoddamndoor brendonurievines afeveryoucantsweatout deathofabachelor panicmemes patdmemes brendonuriememes panicatthediscomemes ryanross panicatthedisco falloutboy idkhow brendonurie beebo dallonweekes ryanross prayforthewicked prayforthewickedtour deathofabachelorbrendonurie sarahurie panicatthedisco

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Кофточки, кепки 🧢, брючки, джинсы, платья , куртки, пальто и многое другое , вы можете приобрести в нашем бутике realmodafashion

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Karen what are u doing on Dallon's head ??? honestly the fact this was made with messenger doesn't help

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One year ago today, I went to my very first concert. I still remember how excited I was to attend it and how I loved ever single moment of it. I continue to watch the videos that I took that day and cherish them even more. It was such an incredible experience that I know I’ll never forget. I really hope that I’ll be able to go to another Panic! At The Disco concert in the future.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 - panicatthedisco patd prayforthewicked pftw prayforthewickedtour prayforthewickedtour2018 pftwtour panicatthediscoconcert panicatthediscoconcert2018 brendonurie

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Me whenever any panic! Song besides high hopes and hey look ma I made it come on the radio (Because they rarely play any other song besides those 2, but I still love them) - - - credit to whoever - - -tags 🖤: panicatthedisco panicatthediscomemes panicatthediscomeme patd patdmeme patdmemes brendonurie brendonuriememes brendonuriememe beebo beebomeme beebomemes beebourie beebouriememes beebouriememe breadbinurie breadbinuriememes breadbinuriememe sarahurie zaccloudhall prettyodd prayforthewicked iwritesinsnottragedies

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THE LOVER TRACKLIST IM SO EXCITED FOR ALL OF THESE! I’m trying to stay off Twitter cause I don’t wanna know any details about any of the songs from the Secret Sessioners! I wanna be surprised! Here are my opinions based on title alone: 1. I Forgot That You Existed- This will be a total bop! It could potentially be about being so happy that you forgot about the people who were mean to you 2. Cruel Summer- this will 100% be a single. Track 2 has that kind of power. 3. Lover- the sweetest, most romantic song in the world as we’ve already heard 💖 4. The Man- we already know what this is about and I already know that it’s going to change the world! 5. The Archer- a song that both breaks my heart and makes me so happy. My favorite one that we’ve heard so far. 6. I Think He Knows- all I think of when I hear this is is her little speech before Teardrops On My Guitar at the Fearless Tour lol “I think he knows now” 7. Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince- I’m sorry is there a movie in the middle of this album??? 8. Paper Rings- I just picture this to be really beautiful song. 9. Cornelia Street- I have a feeling this will be one of my favorites on the album! 10. Death By a Thousand Cuts- I am not prepared for how sad this is going to be but I know I am going to love it. 11. London Boy- i feel like this could be the HYGTG or the Gorgeous of this album. 12. Soon You’ll Get Better (feat Dixie Chicks)- I KNOW I will LOVE this one because I LOVE THE DIXIE CHICKS SO MUCH! 13. False God- this will be the Bad Blood, Better Than Revenge & TIWWCHNT of this album. 14. You Need to Calm Down- a gay pride bop that I adore 15. Afterglow- Sexy Song???? 16. ME the happiest song ever! 17. It’s Nice to Have a Friend- I WILL relate to this song like no ther 18. Daylight-a song that hopefully features the lyric “step into the daylight and let it go” because I love that! I CANT WAIT FOR THIS ALBUM

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Society will never understand how much I want to date a 6tf tall man that plays the bass who’s name is Dallon Weekes

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At this point we all know wtf is up

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Honestly im starting this account because im bored and have emo depression

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With picturesque shades of white and dashes of blue, a beautiful sense of calm and belonging has been achieved in this elegant Greek restaurant. All the elements of style have been unpretentiously created for fine Grecian dining. Greek inspired designs are truly a glorious example of less is more!