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With Fathers Day only around the corner make sure you order your personalised Star map now

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Sanddünen sind einfach cool und faszinierend, aber PolitikerInnen sind es nicht: Seit 35 Jahren, die ich Politik verfolge, sind weder Atomkraft noch Chemie, Plastik, Erdöl, Erdgas und vieles andere mehr, was dem gesamten Ökosystem und damit der Menschen Lebensgrundlage bildet, abgeschafft worden Wer glaubt eigentlich, dass sich in der nächsten Legislaturperiode etwas ändert? Energiewende Klimaschutz money brother sister love peace earth planet energiepolitik umweltpolitik instagram instagood instacool Politik europe berlin Umweltschutz wahlen2019 fridaysforfuture parentsforfuture scienceforfuture

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Um bordado lindo desse! Pra alegrar nosso dia 🌞❄️ Olhando assim, lembrando dos tantos bordados nesse pouco mais de 1 ano, eu me pergunto como eu pude demorar tanto pra ter a minha bordadeira Mas logo eu lembro que tudo tem seu tempo certo E hoje ela tá aqui, trabalhando bastante! 🙏🙏❤️ laismininelpatchwork artesanato feitocomamor bordadoeletronico brother bp1430

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Last weekend I was at a wedding party. My dear brother married a wonderful woman. 💍 I am so proud of him and very happy for them. They are a wonderful couple. 💞💕 wedding weddingguest weddingdress weddingphotography weddingday weddingphotos sister sister_love brother brotherandsister brothersisterlove loveislove loveyou happy happyday💕 happyweekend happytime happyness beautiful_world beautifulboy newlyweds newlywedlife marriedlife💍 married marriedforlife marriedcouple proudsister proudofyou proud couple

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L’amore fraterno è il più durevole; assomiglia a una pietra preziosa che resiste ai più duri metalli e il cui valore si accresce con gli anni,grazie di tutto Fratello mio,grazie per tutto,grazie sopratutto per tutto ciò che fai per me,grazie per avermi accettato,aver accettato tutto di meTI VOGLIO TANTO BENE BRÓ❤ brother family love amorefraterno photooftheday nature pool eleganceman glasses beard man italy reggiocalabria outfitoftheday instaguy instagram instagram instastyle instalike like4likes tagsforlikes followme follow4like

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🌸-TOKEI Family Photo Spring 2019🌸 キッズ時計 2019.04.07撮影会 続き┈┈┈ ・ 桜の花びらの絨毯にみんなで寝そべって( ¯꒳¯ ✧︎ 三男が眩しがってなかなか両手を顔から離さなくて カメラマンさんを手こずらせてしまったカット( ˊᵕˋ ;)💦 シャボン玉飛ばしてもらった事でちょっと手を離した隙に📸 ほんとに素敵な写真を沢山撮ってもらって感謝です(๑°꒵°๑)・*♡ これで終わりです🌸 photo: lumneux_photo 三兄弟 兄弟 男の子 兄弟写真 家族写真 三兄弟ママ kids時計 kidstokei 撮影会 福岡 福岡ママ ママリ コドモダカラ brother boy bestkidspics kids_japan kodomo_japan love_kodomo_japan

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This is my brother Raffy He’s 12 and wants to be a pilot ✈️ He might have changed his mind now though! 👌🏻

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I migliori auguri che potrai ricevere oggi sono accompagnati da questa foto, perché non importa quanti anni fai per me sarai sempre il mio fratellone con la ritrosa e il cuore grande❤️ Ancora buon compleanno 🎉🎉🎉 Ti voglio bene

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Che cos’è la felicità ? La felicità è ritratta in queste immagini , la gioia ,spensieratezza,divertimento,stare in compagnia ,no stress ,divertirsi ecc. La felicità è il mio cane che sorride , la felicità è il mio cane che vuole le coccole ,la felicità e passeggiarlo e correre insieme , la felicità è tutto quello che riguarda lui , se solo sapessi quanto sei importante 💕 italy dogstagram dogoftheday dogsofinstagram dog husky labrador labradorhuskymix happy happiness instagram instalike instagood smile fashion blogger palermo white brother fratello friends friends amici together onelove funny funnydogs

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Proud. I’ve been thinking of what to say about this man and the accomplishments and future that is in store, but all that comes to mind is Proud. Proud, because you have grown up in front of our eyes and continue to amaze us. Proud, because you get up every time you’re knocked down. Proud, because you’re my brother. Go Big Red 🎈🎈🎈

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We're over it fellas. The whole brother mentality is dick in the booty mentality and ITSHOWS. Y'all so stuffed with dick all I smell is bullshit.

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⠀ С братом перед отъездом из Ульяновска.