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Bryce Canyon has some of the best views for your buck - lots of cool stuff just a short hike away and their astronomy events are awesome, we even got to see the ring nebula through a telescope! (look it up online)

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Sometimes you have not soooo good weather ;-) / Włoczę się, ile się da. Nawet przy złej pogodzie. I czasami wyglądam jak wyglądam - niezidentyfikowany obiekt wędrujący. Dobrego dnia włóczykija instawtorek kobiecafotoszkoła kfs dziewczynykfs dzienwloczykija wanderlust wandern walking walk foggyday fog travelersnotebook traveldiary traveller traveladdict travelling travellife travellover travelphotography bryce brycecanyonnationalpark outdoors discoverearth rain podróże obieżyświatka theglobewanderer mountain pictureoftheday photographerlife

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🇫🇷 Jour 97, nous avons passé 3 jours à Bryce Canyon ! Nous avons parcouru une quarantaine de kilomètres à pieds en bravant les territoires ours (😬😱) entre désert et forêt, admiré des lever et coucher de soleil sur les fameux Hoodoos, assister à une conférence sur les étoiles, animée par un ranger (Claire se demande encore de quoi ça parlait 😂), vu des milliers d'étoiles briller à la nuit tombée, aperçu des "prairie dogs", vu des dizaines de biches et écureuils Bref, durant trois jours nous avons profité pleinement de ce parc national et en repartons des étoiles pleins les yeux 🤩⁣ ⁣⁣ 🇺🇲 Day 97, we stayed inside Bryce Canyon National Park during 3 days.⁣ We walked approximately 40 kilometers between desert and forest inside bears territory (😬😱), we admirated sunrise and sunset above the Hoodoos, we went to a ranger conference about stars, we saw thousands of stars in the sky, we enjoyed to discover the "prairie dogs" and to see deers and squirrels ⁣ We left this park with our eyes still shining like litlle 🤩⁣ ⁣⁣ brycecanyon brycecanyonnationalpark hoodoos hoodoo utah usa visitutah visitusa americanlife america nationalpark canyon hiking navajoloop navajotrail trail nature naturephotography backpacker lonelyplanet voyage voyageursdumonde picoftheday instatravel travelwithus traveldiary

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Bryce Canyon is a ray of sunshine☀️⁠⁠ Early morning on a summer day, you can get viewpoints and trails practically to yourself. The different layers of sediment that make up the hoodoos are visible and the entire canyon is a warm orange color. The orange is still there later in the day but looks flat compared to this morning shot. The ray of sunshine was not edited into the photo. ⁠ ☀️⁠ One other thing that I wanted to tell you about Bryce is about camping there. This area, with a high elevation and lack of any large city nearby, makes it perfect for stargazing. One night, we made a pit fire (allowed here), roasted some vegan/vegetarian-friendly marshmallows and waited for the stars to appear. One by one, they appeared until we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer.⁠ 🌙⁠ There are ranger-led stargazing tours that you can go on, which would be so interesting! When camping, you can also walk to the rim and set out a few camping chairs as you watch the stars. I enjoyed camping at Bryce Canyon, in large part due to the temperature. In the heat of summer, it is cool enough to hang out at camp during the day. At night it is quite chilly, so bring a warm sleeping bag!⁠ ⭐⁠ If you would like to read more about camping in Bryce, I have a section about getting a spot and our experience in my "Utah-Bryce Canyon Hikes" post. Use the link in my bio and navigate over to the Utah page.⁠⁠ ⁠ utah BryceCanyon NationalPark Brycecanyonnationalpark NavajoLoop Navajolooptrail werutah lifeelevated Yesvisitutah utahgram westbysouthwest youtah onlyinutah wowutah utahisrad weareutahgirls gooutstayout findyourpark womenwhoexplore outdoorwomen travelpuns utahisbeautiful hikingbangers nicehike wondermore alltrails travelwell adventureoften

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“The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page” What’s holding you back? Your job? Or are you waiting for that one friend that promises you she’ll travel with you but never owns up to her word? Is it because money is holding her back? Are you that person that adds “travel” to your New Years resolution but doesn’t even make a 3 hour road trip to the town next door you’ve never even adventured? Try solo traveling, you’ll learn how brave & adventurous you really are. Don’t wait for that broke friend who rather spend her money during the weekends at the bar. Screw that 9-5 job with the boss you hate. Work with me, I’ll teach you how to make money using IG Wanderlust runs in my veins and I’m not going to let anything or anyone hold me back from adventures

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12th 13.1 mile course being my current PR pretty serendipitous • It being my only repeated Half Marathon, makes sense, plus its an amaaaazing course to PR, straight fuhhhlat AND downhillz galoooore, how else would i run max speed??! 😅😏😅😏 • ✔️ Bryce Canyon Half Marathon 12 🗓 July 13, 2019 📍 Bryce Canyon, Utah 🏃🏻‍♀️ 13.1 miles ⌚️ 1 hr 51 mins 38 secs ⏱ 8:31 average pace • Next finish line ill be crossing is marathon numba 8 Whether ill PR or not highly depends on these next 3 weeks, too bad i strained my shoulder LOOOL 😟😬🤫

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わたしはグランドキャニオンより断然ブライスの方が良かった!と言っても、グランドキャニオンは高所恐怖症が祟り、ほぼ何も見れていないので、ブライスなのかもしれません😂それなのに、なぜか自ら選んでグランドキャニオンは4回も行っているので、毎回なんでまた来てしまったのかなあ、と言う思いでしかないです。 ブライスキャニオン 国立公園巡り アメリカ車旅 brycecanyonnationalpark ぐれちゃん

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Bright light and shadows fall across the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon National Park in May 2019. The setting sun helped produce the start of a rainbow in the background. The hoodoos (or Ladies with Hairdos and Fairy Castles as the French call them) are fascinating. The primary weathering force at Bryce Canyon is frost wedging. The hoodoos at Bryce Canyon experience more than 200 freeze-thaw cycles each year. In the winter, melting snow, in the form of water, seeps into the cracks and then freezes at night. When water freezes it expands by almost 10%, pries open the cracks bit by bit, making them even wider, similar to the way a pothole forms in a paved road. But I would say so much prettier than a pothole! brycecanyon brycecanyonnationalpark utah beautifulutah utahisbeautiful beautahful xputah nationalparks landscape_lovers landscapephoto visitutah yesvisitutah rainbow ipulledoverforthis enjoylifeoutside stormysky

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Bryce Canyon Riding Trails, June 2019.

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Photo & Caption connorschmidtt . It is with great pleasure that I can say… monsoon season is officially here Last week _christianloya and I headed up to Bryce. Our main mission was sunrise, but after seeing all the clouds and storms surrounding us in the afternoon when we first arrived into the area, we wasted no time in finding places to shoot before setting up camp. I came home with a few of some of my favorite images I’ve ever taken in Bryce. We got a real nice sunset that night as well from the rim, I’ll be posting those later. 😁 brycecanyon brycecanyonnationalpark nationalpark nationalparkphotography nationalparkgeek 59parks mighty5 americasbestidea divine_deserts westbysouthwest usinterior

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same tree about 8 hours apart. i really love doing photo duos like this (see my last post!). i love seeing how the environment changes as the light leaves it. the desert is special because of how hostile it is during the day, but how that hostility is still there but changes at night. i’m not sure if that makes sense but it’s something i can’t get enough of and that’s why i went back to Utah even though my theme was supposed to be mountains this year. i love exploring these places and i can’t wait to get back out there. hope you had a beautiful weekend, love you so much go pats. • • • • • • • • findyourpark astrophotography zeisscameralenses zeisscameralenses milkywaychasers sonyalpha sonyalpha space milkywaypics sonyimages milkyway adjoezroadtrip utahunique utahgram wowutah usinterior artofvisuals moodygrams brycecanyon brycecanyonnationalpark sonyimages zeissbatis18mm leicam7 leicacamera leicacamerausa thefindlab filmisnotdead ektar100 kodakprofessional idadarksky

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“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharial Nehru findyourpark nationalparkgeek brycecanyonnationalpark

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Dora the explorer and the mystery of the stolen lunches, live action

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-5 alla partenza 😎 non vedo l’ora stavo riguardando le foto fatte lo scorso anno negli States e questa mi ha ricordato una giornata stupenda La visita al Bryce Canyon 😍 Anche se non è esteso come altri famosi parchi degli Stati Uniti, di sicuro il Bryce Canyon National Park, come potete vedere, non è meno affascinante; con i suoi hoodoos e la sua spettacolare colorazione nelle varie tonalità del rosso, non ha un solo punto che non valga la pena di esplorare. Meta imprescindibile per chiunque intraprenda un viaggio nell’ovest degli Stati Uniti 🇺🇸! Io quest’anno starò ad Est ma vi assicuro che in futuro tornerò a visitarlo 😍😍😍 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Be sure to follow pamypintus and Tag me in your best travel photos for a chance to be featured ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ brycecanyon brycecanyonnationalpark canyonlands usatrip visitusa americandays utah visitutah

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|| 🌄 ROAD TRIP Through Utah! || Watch Full Video: YouTube/AdventuresWithAmie . Good evening from the Rocky Mountain state made it to Colorado Today was a blazing hot one in Utah, and I got to explore 3 stunning national parks. Mother Nature is surely amazing Tomorrow is a very long and adventurous driving day with the plans to visit 1-2 national parks You're invited with me on this amazing adventure AdventuresWithAmie FollowYourBliss CreateYourReality Worldadventurer worldexplorer wanderluster globetrotter roadtrip roadtripping nationalparks nationalpark nationalparksusa bryce brycecanyon utahnationalparks utahnationalpark utahtravels travelvideo travelvideos travelvid filmmaking filmmaker brycecanyonnationalpark brycecanyonutah hiking hiker

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Des cailloux et encore des cailloux 🐿️.