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Мой💗😍 ☆ ☆ ПОДПИШИСЬ❗ kim_seok_jintae kim_seok_jintae kim_seok_jintae ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ☆ПОНРАВИЛОСЬ СТАВЬ ЛАЙК💗ТЕБЕ НЕ ТРУДНО, АДМИНУ ПРИЯТНО🤗💛 ☆ ☆ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ prilaga btsfanart btsnamjoon btsimagines btsyoongi btsjin jhopebts btsmemes btsfunny btsvideos vbts prilaga btsxarmy btsjimin btsarmy btsrm btsmeme btsjungkook btssuga btsv lovebts btstaehyung btsedit btsloveyourself bts btsjhope btsedits

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Наш инопланетный хлопэц✌💖 • • • bts.persona.ua_ bts.persona.ua_ • • • Ставьте❤, так Я не пропаду с вашей ленты🌹 • • • ⚠️БЕРЁТЕ - ОТМЕЧАЙТЕ⚠️ bts.persona.ua_ • • • бтс bangtan bangtantv бантан бигхит арми editbts bts art army vkook lovevkook btslovemyself btsloveyourself btssea btslovemaze vstillwonder btsjk btsv btsvideo btsphoto btsjimin btsjhope btsrm btssuga btsjin btslove bts

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Twitter boyfriend au 2/7

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Your smile is my everything, i love you baby 😻💞 jiminxvideo

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why he gotta go out and be this cute??

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just coloring and motion practice <3

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i suddenly go really anxious for some reason?? whats happening to me??

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: [Weibo] 190422 | BTS_official — Trans: (you're) a 🌟, (you're) a 🏠, you're so special to me like a spring day — by: sysssssssssy on twt

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Oh crumbling dustchild from the ever fading light, How much did you drink to delude yourself? The bitter poison that lingers on your lips from each tiny drop - a wish to feed your words into the ears of others, a little hope that they will be touched by everything you say. Unfortunately not, oh soul of cowardice. For from your mouth springs that of unsung songs, the songs that mortals close their ears to. Words that they do not wish to hear from you but from the throats of the more attractive that surround you. Supposedly stolen words that you swiped from your heart - if you handed them to that of other beings, they would grab it from your very palms and exploit every last part of its mangled and broken existence. Like you. A mangled and shattered being left to crumble as the wind blows. A weak pile of ashes: the remains of what you once were as a person, now reduced to that of pathetic crumbs of the earth. Oh dying dustchild from the ever fading light, Give up.

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🔥He is fucking pure art!🔥 🏷 🏷 🏷 ~Credit to owner.Edit by me.

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MISSÃO: B-ARMYS🔥😎🕴 . Para a votação do BBMAs desse ano, vamos nos unir e nos incentivar utilizando essas tags diárias [NO TWITTER] Usem as frases/palavras, de acordo com a data, em todos os seus tweets e lembrem de sempre marcar o /BTS_twt Divulguem pra geral! Teamwork makes the dream work! ~Fighting 💪 SUGA bangtanboys army yoongi bts btssuga bangtan btsarmy 방탄소년단  防弾少年団 beyondthescene  김남준    슈가  정호석    정국  노츄  전정국  jin rm jhope  jimin  v  jungkook taehyung  bangtan  kpop

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He is a man of great passion! 20181228 KBS Gayo Daechukjae ✔️ jin theme 지민씨 💜 . IG| Follow jimin_ssi_is_my_bias for more bts bangtansonyeondan bangtan love jimin jinbts bulletproofboyscouts chimmy kimnamjoon 방탄소년단 kimseokjin minyoongi junghoseok parkjimin btsjk btsjungkook kimtaehyung jeonjungkook btsjin btsrm btsjhope btssuga btsjimin btsv btsjungkook ipurpleyou btsarmy love army Credit to owner. Do not crop logo; share the love, not take credit. As always: be kind, leave nice comments, be ARMY 💜

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Юнминыыы😍😍😍 Моя любимая парочка, просто умиляюсь с них🤗 Они такие милые вместе💞 . юнмины юнги сахарок шуга чимин youngi shuga jimin bts BTS army givebtsexemption btsxarmy btsbighit btsarmys bts好きな人と繋がりたい bangtan bantanboys bantansonyeondan btsparkjimin armyさんと繋がりたい armyxbts btssuga btsyoongi yoongibts younminbts 💛💛💛 ❤❤❤ 💙💙💙 💚💚💚 💜💜💜