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6 hours ago

Bruh I’m a lotta off but I haven’t did no bucking in a while and now I hurt my ankle😭😂😂😂~~~~ bucking whatever

7 hours ago

Jedna létající s naprosto vážným a seriózním výrazem ve tváři 😅 někteří byli opravdu velmi akční, museli se za každou cenu předvést jakožto schopní potenciální tatínci. Přesně řečeno, problémem nebyl skok ve volnosti, ale ani skok do volnosti, jakožto prostoru bez překážek 😇 horse horsebucking bucking buckinghorse buck bayhorse bay horses stallions stallion breedhorse breedstallion breed breeder jumpinghorse horsejump jump jumphorse jumping horseshow show showhorse stajmustang staj_mustang

10 hours ago

This sassy little princess turns 25 today!

13 hours ago

Affaire is my soul horse. She knows me best and when I'm feeling down she just know what to do to lighten my heart. ❤ She is my dream and best friend. The first time I meet her it was love at first sight and I knew that she was my horse. I actually paid more money in advance than one should to keep the owner happy and we went home and waited for her for 6 months! And that day we had putted her on our trailer she said that I was her human, no doubt or insecurity in her 🙏 Follow us jack_judy_horse for daily post 🦀 Thanks: unknow ═══════════════════════ horselifestyle wildhorses horsesaddicted beautifulhorse horseworld horses_addicted riding horsestagram blackhorse horseride horseqoutes horsepic instahorses horseshoe horsey horselove bucking pony instahorse horsevideo friesianhorses lovemyhorse horseart lovemypony equestrian happyhorse horseshop poniesofinstagram

15 hours ago

A few questions 🐴. 🌵 These are VERY LIMITED! 🐴. 🌵. For some styles- what is made is made. For what is left what size are YOU wanting? The total length for a pants romper is only for a size 12m so keep that in mind. I’m thinking of having these drop next week———— OR do you want what is completed posted with what is not completed for customization? LET ME KNOW! 🐴 shopsmall mommade freeingfaithdesigns rodeo bucking horses toddler babyclothes unique yeehaw rodeolife

18 hours ago

The last Mo in the snow ❄️amazing actionshot by 📸 🙏 Follow us valko_horse_usa for daily post 😘 📷 Via: emhtopdunchex ═══════════════════════ horsestagram worldofhorses horses_of_instagram wildhorses horselove horses horseaddiction horseaddicted horselifestyle horsepassion jockey horsesrule horseoftheday horsepicture horsesofinsta horselovers blackhorse horsestance horseshow equestriansofig horsemanship horseart horsestable horses4life horsesofinstagram bucking equestrians horsestables frisone

1 day ago

I’m always down for a buckin’ good time especially when it’s for a decent price. And for that exact reason I’ve put this faux show bill together for y’all. I’ll tell ya what, the quickest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back into your pocket. OR you could buy this print, hang onto it forever and hope that somehow it’ll be worth more in the future. 🤠🤠🤠 This multi-layer screenprint is a way for me to show my love for typography, print ephemera, and maybe my interest in the ‘Wild West’. I put this 11” x 15” print together for an upcoming show that I’ll be posting about sooner than later but wanted to extend an offer to all my followers to purchase a few of this edition beforehand. I’m selling these prints for a one-time price of $20+ shipping! Printed by hand with love on 90lb cotton paper. No gags or gimmicks here. If you’re interested, feel free to shoot me a message and we can hash things out. As always, I’ll be accepting Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, & cold-hard cash. Maybe I’ll accept a money order if you deliver it to me by horse. 🏇🏇🏇 I’ll leave you with this tidbit of knowledge this evening, ‘never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear or a fool from any direction.’

1 day ago

Ohhh I miss him soooo much bit now I Will see him sooonnnn😃🙌🏻❤️❤️❤️this Was from our little Walk some weeks ago when we had deers around us but he is a good boy saying with me just listning😊❤️thank you ALL for your kindness & caring you are amazing guys😘🌹 🙏 Follow us horse_fast_us for daily post 🦀 📷 Proud of: friesiandreamteam ═══════════════════════ horselover🐴 horselifestyle horselover horseworld beautifulhorse horseinstagram horsestagram jockey horsey horsepassion horseoftheday worldofhorses horseslove dreamhorse ilovemyhorse horseshoecrab horsesoninstagram horses4life horseofinstagram equestrians horseshoefalls horseselfies horsestables equestriansofig lovemypony horsebackriding happyhorse bucking

1 day ago

You don’t need to run, stay with me🤪 - Viktoria was really hype Yesterday so i ended up ‘lunging’ her. (Without a rope) - Igår lavede mig og Viktoria noget vi ikke har gjordt før sammen, forhindringsbane! - Den var ikke så lang men der var da både slalom, gå imellem bomme, chancement og stop ved en spand💗 - Viktoria var rigtig frisk og vi fik en god galop op af langsiden jeg kunne så bare overhovedet ikke stoppe hende igen🙈 - Jeg hoppede af og tog rebgrimen på og fik hende ud i volten. Jeg longerede hende men det tog hun som at løbe mega stærkt og bukke😂🙈 - Jeg er ret stolt over at jeg kunne longere hende uden tov🙈💗 - På lørdag skal jeg springe Mary! Håber vi kan springe en bane på omkring 75cm så vi kan øve det lidt💖 - { viktoria🏆 } - horseshowing horsevideos equestrianphotography dressage showjumping training bucking horsey

1 day ago

Huggge throwback on a huggge horse! This is Fable, one of my favorites that I’ve ridden. 💙 She was a youngster (as was I) in this, so she’s even bigger now! She looks straight out of a Budweiser commercial 🤩 🙏 Follow us ema_emily_horse for daily post 🤪 📷 Post by: Tag owner ═══════════════════════ horses_of_instagram horsepower horsesofinsta horsesrule horselifestyle horseworld horseaddicted horsestagram horses horseshoe horsepicture horsesaddicted ilovemyhorse horsesayings horseslove horselovers horseshop pony equestriansofig bucking equestrian horsespam horsebackriding horsevideos horsesofinstagram horseshit HorseLife

1 day ago

Looking forward to showing Gunnabeasmartwimpy, aka “ Gabe “ for the first time at the Cactus Reining Classic. 〽️〽️ , 🙏 Follow us horse_speed_usa for daily post . 📷 Via: mattmillsreining ═══════════════════════ worldofhorses horseworld horsey horseaddicted horsephotography horselove horselife dreamhorse beautifulhorse horselover🐴 ponies horsesayings horseaddict horseaddiction horselover jockey instahorse poniesofinstagram equestrian friesianhorses horseshowphotography horsevideos pony buckinghorse bucking horsephoto horsemanship

1 day ago

Thank you again Charlotte for the amazing photoshoot with you and your stunning horses! 🥰 - - www.pegasusamor.com - Taken on Valencia trip 2019🇪🇦 🙏 Follow us valko_horse_usa for daily post 🦀 📷 Via: unknow ═══════════════════════ horselife wildhorses worldofhorses horselifestyle horsestagram blackhorse horsesayings ponies horsesofinsta horseoftheday horseride horsesaddicted horsey horselovers horsephotography horseaddicted horsevideo bucking horsemanship horsesoninstagram horsestance equestriansofig poniesofinstagram horseofinstagram horseskull horsevideos horseart

1 day ago

My angel neighs. She brings me so much joy 🥰 📷 🙏 Follow us horse_ross for daily post ! 📷 Proud of: haflinger_storm_naomi ═══════════════════════ horsey ponies horsepic horseshoe horseshoecrab horseqoutes riding horsesofinsta horseaddicted horseaddict horseoftheday beautifulhorse horsesaddicted jockey ilovemyhorse horseride bucking equestrian HorseLife lovemypony horsestables horseriding horseselfies horsevideo equestriansofig ponyvideos horsejumping

1 day ago

Awkward Potato Llama edit 💓 We had a play in the field with the 2’ 6” fence yesterday and he’s really starting to figure out that he can jump it if he’s smart about his feet. We also had some fun at liberty and did some work with our bowing skills. 🙈✨ - Audio: Hearts and Colors “Girls Like You” cover ✨🎉 - Follow the amazing brands I am partnered with: leanndoodles (LAINA10 for a discount on commissions), mhmtackshop, equi.apparel, perfect.pony.pies.treatery, and ponystride_videography ✨💓 - Peace out girl scouts ✌🏻 DO not repost this photo without giving credit to laina_eq 💓✨ - Hashtags: TakodaSweetTCHA AwkwardPotatoLlama Fail FridayFail EquinePerfectFeat EquineFail HorseFail FunnyFail FailCompilation RidingFail EquestrianFail FarmFail MajorFail MajorFlop Flop Whoops Oops HorsesOfInstagram EquineOfInstagram BuckingHorse CrazyHorse SillyHorse Rearing Bucking Fall

2 days ago

Day 7 of 30 - This is Pistol, 22 yr old Quarter Horse in for a reminder that bucking off isn’t okay! So far, so good 😇💯 rjequine pistol traininghorse bucking

2 days ago

Hey guys! Haven't posted as usual 😱 I've. When super busy with school and other 💩 cuz this is the last week before spring break. I will se destiny before I go but she will not be ridden while I'm gone, which is good timing because we JUST got the ulcer meds so she will have a week of recovery to heal ok those. So enjoy pics of my uglyness eating avocado toast cuz I'm basic, if ya really want my main it's emmapierce14 ✌🏼 (also this isn't very good 9/10 don't recommend) QOTD: Do you like avocado? Follow my ambassadorship companies: americanrebelshop horse.treaty • • • • • • • • • horse throughbredsofinstagram dressgehorse jessedrent thoroughbred jumper hunter hunterjumper eventer eventing showjumping greyhorse grey canter firstjump jumping destinedtoreign canter buck bucking almostfell mare love greyottb OTTB ottbofinstagram naturalhorse naturalhorsemanship parellinaturalhorsemanship naturalhorsemanshiptraining funny

3 days ago

Beautiful weekend for bronc riding at Veater Ranch. 🤠 ZeroGravityGeorge

3 days ago

The horses are dancing this am on the ranch

4 days ago

Hollis Pippin: Hollis Pippin was born on May 03, 1950. He grew up in Jackson, Mississippi—where he graduated from the historic Brinkley High School in 1968. In the fall of ‘68, Pippin attended Jackson State College. As an avid dancer, Pippin served as a drum major for JSC’s marching band as a freshman. Pippin went on to twirl as a featured twirler, choreograph for the Prancing Jaycettes (J-Settes) as well as serve as a member of a vocal group—the Soul Train Gang. His accolades extend what is stated. I pay homage to Mr. Pippin. ancestors bucking jsettes sonicboomofthesouth afrocentric afrofuturist hbcu hbcugrad blackexcellence americansoul twirler choreographer theeilove hbcudance