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“It's easier to get free WIFI than it is to get free water, and people act like nothing is wrong with the world.” - Anonymous Today is World Water Day. I know that I take the safe water I have in my house for granted. 2.1 billion people globally, or 3 in 10 people, lack access to safe, readily available water at home, according to a 2017 report by WHO and UNICEF. 844 million of these people do not have even a basic drinking water service. It is time for things to change. Let’s also be thankful for the safe water we have at home Also if you are looking to support an incredible organization contributing towards changing this, I can highly recommend dropinthebucket. They work to eliminate poverty and water related illness by building wellness, supporting education, providing sanitation and empowering girls. (Please DM me for more information). And to the dropinthebucket team: thank you for the amazing work you are doing. You rock and are inspirational worldwaterday water education girls poverty timetochange makeadifference bethechange change build support provide empower thankful grateful blessed thankyou nonprofit who who unicef unicef

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ЖК «Ситимикс» (Sitimix), Москва Это настоящий город в городе. План застройки предусматривает возведение пяти корпусов монолитно-каркасного типа, оснащенных навесными вентилируемыми фасадами U-kon и облицованные клинкерной плиткой и керамогранитом. На объекте так же применена новая разработка U-kon - системное решение крепления корзин для кондиционеров. Архитектурный облик разрабатывала одна из ведущих московских мастерских «Архитектурный диалог с мегаполисом» (ADM). На сегодняшний день комплекс апартаментов состоит из трех 21-этажных монолитных корпусов. Строительство комплекса началось в декабре 2016 года, окончание запланировано на конец 2019 года. Застройщик комплекса – ООО «Ксар-Сервис» – входит в девелоперскую компанию «Апсис Глоб». юкон юконинжиниринг сиситема системаюкон ukon systems ukonsystems thermalclip thermalbrake architecture build buulding строительство sitimix ситимикс

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Country House Project. When the shell was designed (previous owner) the design of the stair case had not been considered. Ensuring the half landings intersected cleanly with the windows and the treads and risers were compliant was a rewarding challenge. Check link in-bio for more information🕵️‍♂️ build luxuryhome luxuryhomes interiors property architecture interiordesign loveconstruction construction highendhomes highendresidential property construction build luxuryhome luxuryhomes womeninconstruction primeresi considerateconstructors countryhouse cotswolds

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INTER BUILD EXPO минув, було багато класних речей представлено, декілька які найбільше сподобались я покажу тут 1. Раковини з натурального каменю, починаючи від річкового закінчуючи оніксом, коштує це все порівняно не дорого, від 230 до 300€ 2. Дерев'яні стінові панелі, вартість яких стартує від 3000грн за м² 3. Крупноформатний керамограніт, ціна якого в середньому 4000грн м² 4. Сучасні фасадні світильники вартість від 120$ за світильник 5. Декор зі стабілізованим мохом, вартість не уточнював interbuildexpo build building design designinterior exteriordesign kyiv stone керамогранит wood lightdesign

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плюсыVelox Выбирая технологию Velox, вы получаете современные дома, которые сочетают в себе лучшие качества жилого объекта — высокая звуко-и теплоизоляция, огнестойкость, прочность, саморегулирование комфортной температуры (летом — прохладно/зимой — тепло). Единая строительная система, используемая для строительства домов! house build profibud построитьдом загородныйдом проектдома купитьдом гродно беларусь минск

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Dø folløw où® proud ©háikárthî shivs_ponnappa Codavanaadbuild a strong community🙌 🔰 👉DM us traditional and casual pics📸 🔰 👉Do follow and support us🙏

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Build Ur own dreams, or some1 else will hire u 2 build theirs👍🏻😎😉

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Brunswick Project- plastering almost complete wow great job 👏

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قد يقدم لك الآخرون النصح والإرشادات، لكنك وحدك من يعرف ماذا يجب أن تعرف وماذا تفعل 👌💡 businesspassion business toptags entrepreneurship grind hustle learn education startup success successquotes build startuplife businessowners ambition dream goals lifegoals goforit nevergiveup successmindset businessman businesswoman businesslife entrepreneurlifestyle goodlife entrepreneur motivated businessowners motivationalspeaker

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•🌷iubesc soarele și vremea buna🌷• • • • • • • • • • ✏️ daliabgnr • 📷 daliabgnr • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • train vsco vscoromania romaniameafrumoasa photography fallwinter arhitecture arhitecturephotography discoverromania build romania romaniateiubesc romania romaniameafrumoasa amazingromania pleasure trip findpeace aftereffects shooting photography photoshoot vscophoto sighisoara visitsighisoara morning beautiful daliasstory

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Post workout shake 🍓🥛

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Una RISTRUTTURAZIONE CHIAVI IN MANO può essere la soluzione ideale per chi vuole rinnovare la propria casa senza pensieri! Passa a trovarci nel nostro nuovo Showroom per un preventivo gratuito ristrutturazione casa casasumisura impianti restaurare elettricista idraulico architetto piastrellista nuovacasa portoviro rovigo chioggiasottomarina venezia padova veneto italy home build building life showroom fibreliving strawoodhouse fengshui paglia legno ecosostenibile natura ambiente

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Respect lads! Happy Friday everyone👌 repost baddock_building ・・・ The mornings may be getting darker but out trademutt shirts brighten up any toolbox talk! ☀️We recently jumped on board the trademutt movement which is all about opening up a conversation about men's mental health. The stats on men's depression/suicide rates are staggering - suicide is the leading cause of death of Aussie men aged 15 to 44 - and we fully support anything which aims to tackle that. This shirt is a conversation starter and it does indeed do that. Walking into hardware shops last week, Mark was constantly explaining the rationale behind the movement and since we jumped on board we have spotted trademutt shirts at concerts, around Sydney and up in Port Stephens. As a company we proudly support anything that raises awareness/support for men's mental health.🤝 👍 trademutt conversationstarter tradieworkwear northernbeachesbuilders northshorebuilders

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Glass block wall at our Belvoir Lodge project. A great way to borrow light whilst creating segregation within the home. build refurbish maintain

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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” NT I will be leading a small sound bath my apartment 3/22/19 Friday night. I have a love for music and providing sound baths at home is one of the ways I’ve learned to express it; So come by for free 🙏 In the beginning there was darkness, from darkness came thought💡 (light) (the sun) After thought came sound “Sound therapy is known to help with treating such conditions as Stress,Depression,and Anxiety.” This is a Free event meet up from 8:11pm- 9pm DM me for address or for any questions Art By: paradigmbysg mindful808s divineinspiration higherfrequency frequency 432hz inlandempire meetup music sound ontario morenovalley corona creation vibes reprogram subconscious community build

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