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It starts with the pharmacy, and then the store follows. If you can't tell that you're looking at a Target-CVS pharmacy counter that's because they've completely stripped it. This Target is slated to close in June and they usually clear out the pharmacy pretty quickly after a store's closure is announced. Thanks to for the heads up that this store is on the way out dyingretail tucson arizona mall southwest architecture buildings buildingphotography deadmalls deadmall dyingmall retail outlet outletmall abandonspaces abandonplaces labelscar target closed retailhistory signgeeks nostalgia retroretail closedstore deadanddyingretail cvspharmacy

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Some photos from the gender reveal shoot! Congratulations to my best friend and his family! This was a fun shoot!

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ARAHIÔ ••••• Short story about how I snapped ‘ARAHIÔ’ here, my family and I were driving through Tucson, Arizona going to explore and tour a college down there and I quickly saw this building as we drove down the street. I quickly snapped this glorious photo as we passed and I didn’t expect it to come out so may I say ‘perfect’. The glimmers n streaks of purple popping out the side of the building 💜 the crystal clear tinted sky angled all the right ways, & all the lines and angled dimensions going on; truly one of a kind. ••••• Love My Creative Edge? Follow My Other IG Accounts; thefluffydynamicduo & ganjaprincesa_ ••••• Want To Order This From Me As A Print? Email Me Here: winsomepetography Available Print Sizes: 10x10, 11x14, 12x18, 16x20 & 20x24 ••••• Thank You For Your Support 💕 And Kindness - Winsome, Empress Of W Empire™️ ••••• wempire winsomepetography poweredbywempire buildingphotography tusconarizona bigbusiness photographer print

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Demon house. Too lazy to switch out to my zoom lens for the bees, but this was a nice treat. I don’t know what came first- the bees or the piece. Shot on my Canon. ✌🏽

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Wavy home

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إن رسالة المسجد في الإسلام حشد المؤمنين في صعيد واحد ، ليتعارفوا ويتحابوا ، ويتعاونوا على البر والتقوى ويتدارسوا فيما يعنيهم من شئون - محمد الغزالي. The message of the mosque in Islam is to mobilize the believers in one level, so that they may know each other and cooperate with each other and cooperate on righteousness and piety. Mohammed al-Ghazali 📷 Shot on HTC U11+ f/1.7, 1/14, 4.28mm, ISO1488 mosque mosques ramadan moon crescent crescentmoon night رمضان nightshot nightphotography lowlightphotography green nightlights decoration islamicart islamic building buildingphotography photooftheday photography mobilephotography worldmobilephotography egypt excessdesigns

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Una bonita ciudad de calles medievales ubicada al sudoeste de Francia con una catedral de estilo gótico en su casco antiguo y un claustro del siglo XIII. Las casas de estilo vasco, con coloridas vigas y contraventanas de madera dan un color especial a esta ciudad trip holiday tourist turismo naturelover building buildingphotography views architecture arquitectura cityview travelling traveler architectural architecturephotography claustro bayona basquecountry paisvascofrances france travellingthroughtheworld thattravelblog beautifuldestinations landscapephotography landscape landscape_features_ travelphotography photography like_freebird

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'HOOD 199X'