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it's a wet wet Monday 🌧️⛈️ Swipe to choose how you want it? . Fresh Catfish pepper soup and ripe plantain OR Smoked catfish pepper soup and unripe plantain 🤷 After a busy day, getting home to a plate of either would be so relaxing 😍 You don't have catfish to use? Oya hit melet the catfish lady do what she does best😁 📸 noellas_ and qlatifaht packtopotcatfish stressfreecooking nigerianfoods africansoup sophcpd wivesandmothers businesswomen businessinlekki busywomen momanddad growyourgram emilyspeakslife triciabiz hustlersquare

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THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN So, it's one of of those rare times we decide to reduce the activation energy Uhmmm! Actually we do design not chemistry, okay? So, yea, let's get going that brand identity you've kept for so long. We.give you the best for less It's only for 31 days. And did you see the extra offer of a pack of cards? Now it's time to really hurry The countdown has begun already Get in touch +234 9057305557; +234 7083130462 Witty_Clicks nigerianentrepreneur logodesigner nigeriabusiness africa businesswomen smallscalebusiness nigerianbrands business artdirection minimalism trader entrepreneur identitydesign awesomeclients happyclient designlove logolove coolcolours business pleasedclient brand branding minimalism corporateidentity adobeillustrator adobephotoshop adobeindesign businesscasual sme

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Feeling like I’m winging it at mumlife, worklife, wifelife, friendlife and all the rest but when she does this little koala thing I realise I’m exactly where I’m meant to be, doing exactly what I’m meant to be doing with exactly who I’m meant to be doing it with!

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Corporate headshot in beautiful, soft autumnal light for Sabina.

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Hey, happy new week everyone! It's a rainy day here in my City so i'm sandwiched at home (beauty of being my own boss).😁 . Each day gives us an opportunity of hope to start afresh. So i'm working on prioritizing my goals this brand new day. So, here is wishing you a great week ahead and may your hope be renewed!

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Seeing this message I felt like a good teacher who's student just won a scholarship. 🙈🙈 Yes! the class was explosive. As a vendor, always seek new ways of learning things because regular posting alone doesn't bring sales If you have attended any of my class before and it was helpful please comment bellow 😊😊 If you qualified for a free audit and I'm yet to send yours please indicate in the comment section as well I wish you all an amazing week. Sales must be made. Love you plenty

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WHEN YOU RECEIVE GUIDANCE DO YOU ACT OR IGNORE??? 💕 . This last week has been an emotional roller coaster Why??? . Because I received guidance that this is the time Parts of me have errupted with excitement to receive this download and it now be the time to act on it and part of me is well shit scared What I know for sure is I am the right person for this and if I don't act on it, it will just go to someone else What guidance are you receiving and not acting on it? . Nik ❤️ . P.S Exciting Announcements to come bodylovecoach dancefit womenempowerment selflove women impact workonyourself loveyourself identityupgrade millionairemindset highvibeinaire lovemylife freedom dance speaker businesswomen bossbabes goddess success dancer fitness health

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Dr Cheryl Chapman will be holding a Public Speaking Masterclass with Pink Link on Friday 2 August. Award winning author and coach, Cheryl works with FemaleEntrepreneurs all over the world. Helping them overcome their fears and making their voice heard. Find out about the four Ps and create impact and influence others. This is for WomeninBusiness only! Whether you're a business owner, consultant, freelancer or employee - this is a must! Limited places. goalsetter amazingwomen businesswomen goaldigger womensupportingwomen Womenmeanbusiness

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The most important thing is for you to be comfortable with your life. You must be the person that you are most proud of. You must do what you feel like you are supposed to be doing. Other people's opinions about your life are just that. Opinions. You are the only one responsible for your life and your actions It's crucial to understand that God has a plan for everyone of us and that He will guide us through everything Make sure you create your life. Be free of all negative vibes you get from people quotes love quote sad life motivation quoteoftheday follow like instagram poetry lovequotes inspiration instagood quotestoliveby motivationalquotes writersofinstagram art happy inspirationalquotes photography writer lifequotes success bhfyp words photooftheday quotesaboutlife lifestyle businesswomen

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my boss told me to have a good day so i went home

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It isn’t “IF”, but WHEN

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Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold if the market shuts down for ten yearsenough said Tag someone that needs to see this • • Follow Donna .a and turn on post notification 🔔 motivationalquotes successquotes cryptocurrency business businesscasual businesscards businesswoman businessman businesses businessideas businesswomen businessowner entrepreneur entrepreneurlife entrepreneurship entrepreneurquotes entrepreneurmindset invest investing investment investinyourself investor stocks stockmarket cryptocurrency blockchain money lifestyle forex binaryoptions

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“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to Truth; not going all the way, and not starting” ~ Buddha These moments captured are a constant reminder of how close I came to missing out on realising that Truth, and almost kissing goodbye the chance to let go of what I was too afraid to leave, change my life and do what I Love They were taken on my two Creative Retreats to the Greek islands, created almost 12months apart from oneanother. They’re a reminder of how much I nearly lost, the experiences I could’ve turned my back on having, the incredible women participants who join from all over the world that I never would’ve met and mostly, they are a reminder of why I left my old life behind to follow my Passion and start my own road to Truth, launching my business just two years ago and stepping into an entire other world that had been waiting for me all along. The one that makes you feel excited by life, that makes you feel unstoppable no matter what’s going on and that shows you how your Passion can open the floodgates to your lifeIt’s the very thing that inspires my Creative Retreats and this September’s Envision & Emerge Retreats to the stunning Greek islands are a creative escape and feast for the senses. We teach you the tools to harness your strengths with Photography & Writing practicums that are all about helping you achieve your greatest creative potential to do what you love and make your greatest Vision to take full flightAll details LINK IN BIO • • • • • womeninbusiness girlboss ladyboss mompreneur womensupportingwomen femaleentrepreneur bosslady bossbabe womenentrepreneurs bossbabes businesswomen womeninbiz supportsmallbusiness entrepreneur womenempowerment businesswoman savvybusinessowner entrepreneurs goaldigger femaleentrepreneurs businessowner beyourownboss solopreneur womenwhohustle entrepreneurlife shopsmall motivated womenpower

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“If you want to be happy, set a GOAL that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” - Andrew Carnegie. - CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Director of stakeholder relations & procurement mailebusi on SUCCESSFULLY completing her MBA qualification from witsuniversity 🏆. - We are immensely PROUD of this incredibly SMART (see what we did there 😉) achievement and we as a Team are truly inspired by your commitment, dedication, pure will and quite frankly remarkable intellect 🧠! - You are smart, sassy & stylish in the BEST way and we’re humbled to have you on our Team. • • • • • womeninbusiness entrepreneurs mba businesswoman entrepreneur bosslady study business mbaqualified studying smartgirl success businessowner studygram smartgirlbusi entrepreneurship studyhard businesswomen congratulations womensupportingwomen startup dreambigorgohome gottastayfocused hustle gogetter supersmart femaleentrepreneur workhard bossbabes millenials

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Nu har jag börjat min resa! Är så otroligt taggad på att få se Tarragona med 30st härliga, positiva människor från teamet! Det var dock så svårt att säga hejdå till min lilla tjej. Separationsångesten jag har när det kommer till henne är på en helt annan nivå. Det var riktigt jobbigt. MEN nu ser jag fram emot att komma bort ett tag, se nya miljöer, träffa nya människor, lära mig massa nytt och bara ha kul! 🥂 Entrepreneurs entrepreneur boss bosslife bossgoals goals dream dreamlife work workonyou mindset happiness yourchoice hardwork business businesswomen businessowner workfromhome lifestyle createyourdream buildyoulife build dog puppy baby chihuahua papillion yoga yogadog

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*I HATE REFERRAL BUSINESS*🙅 People refer People to new movies for *N0.00k* People refer People to new restaurants for *N0.00k* People refer People to car dealers for *N0.00k* People refer People to the best haircut spot for *N0.00k* You refer your friends to your tailor and hairdresser for *N0.00k*, not even a thank you🙄🙄🙆 These people most times don't even know you were the one that referred your precious contacts to them🤷‍♀😕 *Breaking news!* You have been doing referrals without pay😞🤔😳😝 *Wouldn't you rather refer for great benefits?* TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL YOU NEED TO DO THE FOLLOWING:* ● *BELIEVE* – while others are doubting. ● *PLAN* – while others are playing. ● *STUDY* – while others are sleeping. ● *DECIDE* – while others are delaying. ● *PREPARE* – while others are daydreaming. ● *BEGIN* – while others are procrastinating. ● *WORK* – while others are wishing. ● *INVEST* – while others are wasting. ● *LISTEN* – while others are talking. ● *SMILE* – while others are frowning. ● *COMMEND* – while others are criticizing. ● *PERSIST* – while others are quitting. Poverty is like punishment for a crime you didn't commit 🤑 Embrace longrich and let's rewrite your financial story Inbox me for more enquires 673637474 longrichbusiness longrichproduct longrichcameroon cameroonbusiness longrich businessgrowth entrepreneurmindset businessowner beurownboss womeninbusiness instagrambusiness creativechics businesswomen letzmakedatmonet positiveminds networking networkmarketing extraincome businessopportunity businessowner businesswomen longrich longrichproduct money passiveincome entrepreneurmindset empowerment businessgrowth healthcare healthyliving takecareofurself personalhygiene goodhygiene beautytips naturalglow

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Maybe she’s born with it maybe it’s the caffeine ☕️ Whatever fuels the flow! 💁🏼‍♀️⁣ -⁣ Go-getters, have we got something in store for you tomorrow! On your marks 🏃🏼‍♀️😉

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GRATIS Ongkir Jawa Bali . Hanya R̶p̶ ̶5̶0̶0̶.̶0̶0̶0̶ Rp 250.000. Empat alasan Anda harus memiliki sabun kodok: 1. Dapat membersihkan noda darah 2. Dapat menghilangkan bau apek pada pakaian 3. Dapat digunakan untuk mencuci baju batik 4. Pada beberapa referensi menyebutkan dapat membersihkan jerawat pada muka Anda, dsb Info: P Pram 081-803-83-7878 (WA) NB: Hanya ada satu kesimpulan, BELI SEKARANG laundry laundryday laundryroom laundrytime laundrybasket laundrysepatu laundrymat laundrynight laundrysucks laundryflow laundryfordays businessman businessowner businesscards businesswomen businessowners businessclass businesswoman businessopportunity businesstrip business usahabisnislaundry

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Just living my best life ❤️✈️🌍☀️

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Hvad er 17 typiske modstande, som saboterer din business succes? OG SOM DU kan blive fri af??💚🤔 Synlighed online💫 At lave live broadcast💫 At lave videoer💫 At skrive til sin kunde i nyhedsbrev 💫 At sælge💫 At modtage en god betaling 💫 At investere 💫 At oprette sig som selvstændig 💫 Regnskab 💫 It og tekniske ting💫 At få lavet professionelle billeder💫 (Hende her kan anbefales fotograf.charlotte.dahl At tale foran forsamlinger 💫 At din personlige story💫 At bevare momentum💫 At starte og slutte og starte og slutte igen og igen💫 At lære det, der virker 💫 AT STÅ I DIT LYS 💫💥💥 De kvinder der vælger at overvinde modstandene er dem, der går med guldet. Jeg havde 13 af de her modstande da jeg startede Jeg gik den mindfulde vej for at transformere dem, for det var ikke en mulighed at slippe min drøm. Jeg valgte en praksis, der hedder: Forelsk dig og se lyset i det, du har modstand på.💫💫 Bare i nogle sekunder. Det virkede. Min business blev min transformation. Derefter kunne jeg uddelegere det jeg ikke selv kunne nå eller føler er min gave eller mit kald. Kunder begyndte at strømme ind og jeg fordoblede min indtægt. Det var og er fantastisk. Og en stor gave at give dig selv den transformation. Vil du have min hjælp til at opnå det? Vil du følges og have support hele vejen til at få sat din business op? Sammen med andre ligesindede, der bakker dig op (i stedet for at dele det med din mor eller en veninde som er mere bange eller i modstand)?. Du har fat i den lange ende med din drøm. Lad den ikke blive punkteret💓 Tilmeld dig et fedt business forløb. "Ræk ud efter stjernerne"💥 Se alt det vilde du lærer og fårklik ind på min profil og tjek Liselotteellegaard Grib earlybirden👍

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After a couple of seasons working abroad, coming back to day to day life in England with a regular 9-5 office job was extremely difficult.  I desired to travel, see the world and go on adventures.  After we brought our house we grated and saved to take at least one holiday a year, saving 51 weeks of the year for a 7 day treat was difficult but worth it, we didn’t know of another way.  In May 2018 I saw an advert for INDEPENDENT TRAVEL AGENTS wanted, I saw an escape route, I saw a way to be able to save on my own travel, maybe make some extra cash for spending money etc Little did I know this wasn’t a short term income earner this was a LIFE CHANGING Opportunity.  Fast Forward 12 months and I have a successful travel agent business and a team of 20+ agents who are all creating the life they’ve always dreamt of. If this sounds like you, type “Info” below, I’d love to chat northernireland businessman workfromhomeopportunity instamood businesswoman opportunityknocks jobopportunity instalike instagram networkmarketingtips traveladdicts bushmills traveladdict businessowner networkmarketing traveladdicted business businesswomen networkmarketingleads traveladdictedladies solotraveller networkmarketingsuccess traveladdiction networkmarketingpro opportunity businessopportunity instapic instadaily

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‘If the desire is to make a difference in this world, we must first be different from this world.’ strippedhealth changemakers

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Sometimes work or just life can be really mundane. Accounting and the dishes are my two least favourite activities To help myself get through, I plug into a podcast and I don’t feel so frustrated when I’m doing things that I’d rather not be At the weekend I found redhandedthepod and it’s become a quick favourite, owing largely to the two presenters Hannah and Suruthi, who are fabulous What do you use the ‘eat the frog’? smallbusiness smallbusinesslife onlinebusiness onlinestore onlineshop smallbusinessau womeninbusiness eatthefrog businesswomen smallaustralianbusiness

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Follow 👉 sidehustletips ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✅ Love this post? Tag a friend! 🙋‍♂️ ✅ Daily money tips 💵 ✅ Turn on post notifications! 🔔 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Follow ➡️ sidehustletips Follow ➡️ sidehustletips Follow ➡️ sidehustletips ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Credit: corporate.bytes Please DM me for removal or credit correction! businesslife successminded businessminded businessadvice keytosuccess millionairequotes motivationalwords businessgoals businessmentor affiliatemarketing successcoach entrepreneurship successmindset positivequotes success ceo businesswomen

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The first email is a nice, well written encouraging invitation to come and see a consultant if you’re not quite sure exactly what path to take, what sort of job you should be thinking about - all good so farthe second email is a reply from said helpful consultant 🤨 so what the reply email is actually saying is - Sod off it’s Monday, I am too busy to spend anytime creating a pleasant and professional reply Some free advice - never make the first line of your email ‘I’m not sure what email you’ve been sent’ 1. You should know what email, it’s your job to know and 2. It’s rude. You don’t know who you are speaking to and what benefit this person may bring to your office income target, for all Penny knows I could be acting on behalf of Jeremy Kyle. I understand he’s looking for a new direction right now. rubbishcustomerservice publicinformation myparachutehasholesinit whatcolourisyourparachute 50pluswomen employmentagencies womaninbusiness businesswomen careerchange careeradvice

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What perfume are you wearing? Don't just smell good for 3 hours👎 Our designers perfume oil keeps you smelling good for 24 hours.💯 and last on fabric for 3 days Buy Perfume oil from 'If Scents" 📞08121645829 or send a message Testimonies from our customers has made it obvious that smelling good attracted good things and the right kind of people perfumeoilinnaija perfumebusinessnigeria perfumebusinessinwarri perfumeandhealth hustlersquare sellersquare warrihustlers warrihustlershub businesswomen businesspeople

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yesterday we shot What an amazing feeling when you walk along the street in a dress like this It's feels like a princess bye bye Disney 😘 I'm shaping my own story We got a lot of feedback during the shooting, it meant a lot! We will continue soon the —> “let me show how how beautyful you are” outfit dutch creative goodmorning fit fitgirl athlete car dress love positivevibes pretty style marketing business businesswomen beautiful beauty smile polishgirl art fashiondesigner girl blogger photo nature style fashionista fashion fashionblogger nederland🇳🇱

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Premiere of a phenomenal talk with Vicky Holland! What an incredible privilege to spend time and learn from this wonderful human being! Absolute Star ⭐️ mentalheathawareness

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