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Ab na tere reply milne ki khushi😊😊 , Or na hi tere reply ka gham😔😔, Apna attitude tu hi rakh Kyun k life banane me busy hain hum.

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Are you good at something and want to earn some extra cash, then tutoring is one of the best option for you. No matter what you know, there are people who wants to know the same skill. Comment below do you have any unique skill🤔 Tag someone who need to see this🙌 Follow billionaires_blueprint for more such updates😃 • • • 📚 school toptags schoolday class classess teacher teachers student students instagood classmates classmate friends peer work homework bored books book photooftheday textbook classroom textbooks messingaround escolar daily dailypic studying busy desk

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अब ना तेरे msg की ख़ुशी और ना ही तेरे  replyका गम….तेरा Attitude तू ही रख… पगली अब Friends के साथ busy हैं हम…

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हमारी खामोशी को हमारा घमंड ना‌ समझो बस कुछ ठोकरें ही एसी खाई है कि बोलने का मन ही नहीं करता altosindia healthislife achivedimond busy dontdisturbme entrepreneur entrepreneurship businesstips startup startuplife business businesstrip entrepreneurlifestyle businessowner mindset wisdom goals happy love instagood motivation millionaire billionaire dimond instagram instalike

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Делай то, что невозможно!✨ Процветай там, где говорят, что цветов не бывает! Живи так, как другие мечтают!💫❤️ Make up: vika.r777 Brand: brand_burda Ph: fotodusha olga_grushevskaya_photographer photooftheday art fashion beautiful pose runway busy shootmode fashionweek shooting lovemyjob onset inspo newface beautifulday posing beautyqueen sensuelle magazine fashionmodels beachbody artgirl supermodel femalemodel photosession modelmanagement light photogenic poses modelphotography

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So this weekend we are super busy 🌟 We’ll be exhibiting at our first ever yarn show on Saturday in Watford festiwool and we will be at cambridgemarket in our usual spot on Sunday ! We’ll be aiming to sleep on bank holiday Monday 😉 Pop and see us - shop our squishy delights 🌈 or shop online 😊 bankholidayweekend bankholiday busy busyweekend independentbusiness woolshop yarnshop localyarnshop wool yarn handyedyarn handyed handdyed handdyedwool handdyedyarn knitter knitters knittersofinstagram knittersofravelry crochet crocheting crochetingaddict hobby yarnshow marketstall onlineshop

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I was totally paying attention during CMS training patriceliem heHehEEhe 😈 work busy

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What do you have to do today? My to-do list contains 8 items and if today is at all typical, I will end up adding 10 more things throughout the day. No matter how many boxes I tick, my list, handwritten in one of my many notebooks (stationary addict here 🙋‍♀️) keeps me on task and reminds me how much I’ve achieved every day. What are you busy getting done? smallbusiness socialcurator todolist stationary entrepreneur list waxvendor waxaddict statiionaryaddict busy starlight thestarlightcandlecompany

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blackout_shop_brighton have had a rearrangement of my prints 😃 heart❤️available frames & unframed Repost blackout_shop_brighton with get_repost ・・・ A little re-hang of lizturner63 gorgeous lino prints as a result of a big re-shuffle here at blackou We are making way for a whole new clothing rail and shelves ready for our summer collection All change reshuffle rejig rehang linocut linoprint tintoy nostalgia framed art mayfestival exhibition lighting busy wall backroom new fresh

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Tokyu Plaza Crossing in the Ginza district of Tokyo. This place is a bit of a hidden gem of a photographic spot. From high above the crossing I wanted to capture a symmetric 4x5 crop image with a shutter speed long enough to capture movement in the traffic. Shooting through glass and without a tripodthis was pretty hard to get right! 🚦🚌🚶 . japan tokyo asia travel city streetphotography busy explore rushhour urban seetheworld ginza

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امروزه بالیاژ مو یکی از روش‌های رایج و پرطرفدار برای تغییر در سبک و رنگ موهاست. این مدل از رنگ مو، جذابیت ویژه و خاصی را برای موها ایجاد  می‌کند. اگر می‌خواهید موهایی زیبا و خیره‌کننده داشته باشید، بالیاژ مو را در اولویت قرار دهید.بالیاژ در واقع نوع خاصی از هایلایت کردن موهاست که در آن هایلایت موها رنگی تدریجی و طبیعی را از ریشه تا انتهای مو خواهند داشت و ظاهری بسیار زیباتر از هایلایت معمولی را بر روی موهاایجاد می کند. 👌حتما این عکس و پست قبلی مارو لایک کنید تا پست های هر روزمون برای شما نمایش داده بشه❤ 📸 model modellife modeling toptags shooting photoshoot models photooftheday pose fashion instamodel inspo onset runway photography art photo style shootmode posing camera busy instalikes lovemyjob love

1 year ago

True Love🍹❤