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hey guys! sorry i haven’t posted - idk if anyone actually cares lol - but i’m about to take my last final (latin) tomorrow. anyone else ready for summer?!?! here’s a GOT meme to end your day right 💓💓💓 • • • • petebuttigieg mayorpete chastenbuttigeieg bootedgeedge peteforpresident pete2020 buttigieg2020 president southbend america pride wintheera democrats peteparapresidente firstfamily indiana belikepete democraticparty peteforpotus impeachtrump bluewave millennial 2020 politics got gameofthrones meme pete.buttigieg chasten.buttigeig credit: puerto_rico4pete

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So here’s a recap based on what we know right now - which could change. An off-duty LAPD lapdhq officer was shopping at Costco, apparently with his . Another man - unarmed - was at the same Costco, with his elderly parents. Some altercation ensues between the two men, and the officer claims he was “attacked” by the man. The officer then proceeds to SHOOT THE MAN AND HIS PARENTS The man who was shot (swipe to see photos) died. The parents are reported in ICU It’s also telling that when the gunshots broke out, the people shopping inside Costco understandably panicked and started running for their lives to the exits and into freezers So was the cop arrested after shooting THREE UNARMED PEOPLE? . No. He claimed he had injuries so he was taken to the hospital and released An entire family was gunned down by one armed police officer over some perceived threat by two old people and one unarmed man So, you still think it’s a good idea to arm teachers? . I personally don’t care what story this police officer gives - protecting his daughter? HE WAS THE ONLY ONE WITH A DEADLY WEAPON. He not only shot three people murdering one, but witnesses claimed they heard eight shots or so. INSIDE A BUSY COSTCO ON A SATURDAY NIGHT Sorry, but his daughter’s safety or his safety against an unarmed family does not justify putting everyone else in danger Hard to believe he gets released. If this was you - you’re kidding yourself if you think you wouldn’t have been arrested guncontrolnow policebrutality policethepolice

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Happy Anniversary to pete.buttigieg & chasten.buttigieg! How are you repping today, Team Pete? Shop Pete pins now- 20% off ends today! LINK IN BIO

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OMG Swoon nytimes reports that Wall Streets’s favorite Democratic candidate is pete.buttigieg (with joebiden and kamalaharris not far behind). What does this tell you guys? Because it’s pretty fkn clear to me. I’m sticking with the candidate who is most hated by Wall Street NYTimes WallStreet Banks BreakUpTheBanks endcorruptionnow endcorporategreed greed petebuttigieg buttigieg2020 kamalaharris joebiden biden corruption creepyjoebiden democrats liberals berniesanders bernie2020 elizabethwarren news politics politicalmemes politicalrevolution revolution taxtherich eattherich fightthesystem fightthepower

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With Joe Biden announcing his Presidential campaign for the 2020 election, many on the progressive left have brought up past votes and policy stances taken by Biden during his senate tenure in an effort to position him as someone who is an out of touch democrat whose views don’t represent the modern Democratic Party. One of the main criticisms of Biden’s record is his vote and continual support for the ‘Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act’, or more commonly known as the 1994 crime bill. With the ever growing belief in social justice and racial equality within the Democratic Party and society as a whole, laws such as the 1994 crime bill have fallen out of favour and those who supported measures similar to it in the past have been attacked. However there is much misinformation surrounding this piece of legislation and those who stand by this bill, such as Biden, are right in doing so. There is a belief that the crime bill was the catalyst or at least aided in the high levels of incarceration that disproportionately affect minority communities. However, this is wrong on multiple levels, not only did the incarceration rates not change at any significant level when the crime bill was signed but the majority of prisoners are held in state prisons, not federal ones. Highest estimates state that about 13% of prisoners are held in federal prisons. Meaning that the so called surge in unjustified incarceration is a problem to do with states, no with federal legislation such as the crime bill. There were also many benefits that came out of the crime bill, such as the federal assault weapons ban. The Federal Assault Weapons Ban banned the manufacture of 19 specific semi-automatic firearms, classified as "assault weapons", as well as any semi-automatic rifle, pistol, or shotgun capable of accepting a detachable magazine that had two or more features considered characteristic of such weapons. During this period of 1994 to 2004 in which the ban was in place, Gun massacres of 6+ fell significantly to only 89 deaths, compared to the decade before and after the ban when the ban elapsed and gun massacres saw a substantial increase. (Continued in the comments)

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I know before I was all Gung-Ho about Beto O’Rourke, but I think now with time I realize that Pete Buttigieg is the right man for President of the United States of America. Every time that I’ve heard him speak I have been blown away by his intelligence, personality, and kindness. He’s the complete antithesis of Drumpf on every conceivable level, it’s time for people on the local level to take the reins of power because they are the ones who really know what the people need. I know that Mayor Pete can bring this country forward and not backward, where many people want us go. The thing we need is progress and reassure our allies that they can count on us to be with them on everything from Climate, Civil Rights, Military, Humanitarian, and Democracy. Go Pete Go PeteButtigieg MayorPete 2020 2020Election President USA Progress Buttigieg2020 SouthBend POTUS America Democrat assassinscreed gameofthrones vikings harrypotter onceuponatime riverdale 13reasonswhy starwars startrek marvel marvelcomics dccomics naruto narutoshippuden disney avatar avatarthelastairbender legendofkorra

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The Electoral College is an outdated, undemocratic and unsafe electoral tool in a modern age. Let’s elect a president who supports scrapping centuries-old political methodology 🇺🇸🇺🇸 VOTE PETE BUTTIGIEG (This account will become more active soon) petebuttigieg mayorpete southbend indiana iowa democrat democrats democraticparty democratic trump debate uspolitics usa usapolitics america pete2020 buttigieg2020 petebuttigieg2020 newhampshire america news vote donate buttigieg

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He speaks 7 languages. He’s a Rhodes Scholar. He’s both gay and Christian. He has a workable plan for de-politicizing Supreme Court nominations. He likes James Joyce and early 2000s indie rock. He understands that identity politics can’t win elections. He’s less than half the age of Bernie Sanders. Can this guy get any cooler? mayorpete buttigieg2020 radicalmoderate

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Need to be covered in Buttigieg gear from head to toe? Pick up these Pete 2020 leggings to wrap your haunches in your favorite candidate for president! https:election2020shirts.com/products/pete-buttigieg-2020-leggings election2020shirts 2020election pete mayorpete buttigieg2020

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50YEARS • 50ANTHEMS • PRIDE’19 . • For those of you who do not subscribe to Spotify, the playlist is now available on iTunes, enjoy 😉.

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June 16, 2019 | HBO • AXIOS

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“How much potential does that man have?”

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My big idea is to strengthen the American democracy.

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Ok my very long dragged out Hiatus is over I am back and back for good. School and finales is over with finally. Now it’s time for the debates •Night one Expectations: I think Warren lucked out being in this debate because, let’s be real, we know which one is the B team and which is the A team dispite this however, she is not a full fledged top tier candidate yet so being on a stage with the B team could allow her to shine. I expect Booker and Beto to try and position themselves as potential top tier candidates and get themselves out the mid tier slump they have been in (especially Beto), they could do this by attacking warren I doubt this however, I think they will try and call more attention to themselves and they’re policy’s. I think this debate will definitely be Warren, Beto, Booker centric with the others trying to make some waves Potential surprises: Tulsi gabbard might definitely try and make some waves by attacking Warren on the “Your not a real progressive becouse you endorsed Hillary over Bernie” to try and set her self up as the “second true progressive” in the race (second to Bernie). Amy Klobuchar might try and get some ground by digging into this “tough no nonsense midwestern girl who gets stuff done”. Also Jay inspire might beat in his message of climate change hard and may (if he had enough sense too) make a economic issue instead of a social one, talk about the jobs the clean energy could create, maybe even in some of these places coal has abandoned, if he can do that and do it right, he might make some waves too. Next post will be for night two. Partners: the_moderate_republican politics demdebate demprimary republican democrat 2020 america biden2020 warren2020 bernie2020 booker2020 yang2020 buttigieg2020 americanpolitics 2020primary republicanparty democraticparty

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This is what it’s come to. Accomplished NY Times reporters have to string sentences like this together to report facts that happen in the Trump era. This is what happens when a liar — and a really bad one, at that — occupies the White House. We have to stop this madness, people. Do your job, speakerpelosi. impeachmentinquirynow dumptrump

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This man has no moral fiber. He has character flaws galore. He dishonors veterans, gold star families, and makes fun of the mentally and physically disabled. He is a traitor to our country and a stain on our country’s soul. truth facts donttreadonme buttigieg2020 feelthebern tomilahren bernie2020 donaldtrump trump2020 fakenews foxnews louderwithcrowder 1stammendment 2ndammendment republicans conservative dictator liarinchief donthecon drumpf windcancer unionswork fightthetheives goldencalf rightwingextremists

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SWIPE FOR 3 CLIPS: We should be so proud of our country, huh? Listen to what phoenixpolicedepartment officers yell here - it’s very telling. Guns drawn, approaching a mother who apparently has multiple with her Is she a serial murderer? Is she a rapist? A pedophile? Did she at least rob a bank? . NOPE. One of her —a FOUR YEAR OLD—walked out - let’s even say “stole” - a doll from A DOLLAR STORE. WHOOPDEE-DOO All of this bullshit is because a stole a doll worth a dollar You should be ashamed, PhoenixPD. SHAME. Listen to what your officers are yelling with guns drawn against an unarmed black woman with all around her. Seriously, you can claim you never know who is dangerous - but show me a white woman with you would do this to over a $1 doll I’m not one to say all cops are racists, but the implicitbias is real. The mistreatment of black folks is real. STOP IT. This ought to be punished. You don’t get to treat citizens you serve like this. You don’t get to treat black people like this From occupydemocrats: . “BREAKING: New video shows a deranged cop threatening to shoot a Black mother dead because her 4-year-old toddler "stole" a 99 cent Barbie from a dollar store. UNBELIEVABLE! THIS IS AMERICA Racism PhoenixPD BlackLivesMAtter  ThisIsAmerica

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Bernie on abortion, in the 70s. “Abortion is an issue which brings out deep feelings in people, and I respect the feelings of those people who are opposed to abortion on moral grounds. I feel, however, that these people should not be allowed to impose their sense of morality or religious feelings on people who hold a different opinion.” feelthebern democrats notmeus bernie2020 berniesanders joebiden biden2020 obama yanggang kamala2020 amyforamerica votetulsi tulsi2020 Elizabethwarren esketit gillibrand2020 bravewins corybooker teamjulian juliancastro warren2020 marianne2020 buttigieg2020 beto2020 beto democraticprimary 2020election prochoice womensrights

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Take it from us, volunteering to help people learn about Pete Buttigieg is fun and easy. Got a little extra time to help? Email info pdxforpete.com and we'll be in touch.

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Join me to meet Presidential candidate Mayor Pete in Provincetown, MA on July 5. If you can’t make it, please consider a donation. Donate today (link in my profile), or join us to meet Pete in Provincetown on July 5! (DM me for link to purchase events tickets) mayorpetebuttigieg ptown buttigieg2020