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I know it looks like I'm dressed for winter, but it's still kind of a wildcard over here in the mornings 😂 . Friends, you created a really special place on this feed yesterday. I was reading your comments on the contest post late into the night, about who's pushed you or inspired you, and how you're being kind to yourselves. I'm so grateful that you've created a space in those comments for so much love. 💛 And if you HAVEN'T read the comments from yesterday, go on over there for a truly uplifting tear-jerker of a morning! Now I just wish I could give away a shopping spree to everyone 😂 . Other morning musings Lately, I've been looking up and out the train window as it whizzes along to work. There's this one point in the journey, when we're leaving the city in the evening, that we're parallel with the highway, riding smooth as glass past the traffic. Beyond that, the condos shifting in perspective, beyond that, the lake glistening bright blue (well, if it's not too dirty that day). Yup, my commute is long, but after 5 years I'm still giving myself the license to look up every once in a while and practice wonder May30x30 no.22 _hutchison_ Sandra top (backwards!) brassclothing robe coat apogeegoods belt levis Wedgie fit jeans Old loafers

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Vivir en una ciudad puede marcar nuestras pautas de residuos y basuras de manera significativa. En muchas de nuestras ciudades vivimos rodeados de manera constante de restos hasta el punto de normalizar la situación. Las bolsas llenas de restos forman parte de nuestros recorridos diarios al trabajo, a la compra o mientras paseamos y están completamente integradas en nuestro día a día. Ya no nos llaman realmente la atención porque las entendemos como algo natural dentro de nuestro escenario privado. Esta normalización hace que nos dejemos de preguntar qué pasa con estos residuos una vez son recogidos por los camiones. Inconscientemente pensamos que una vez depositamos las bolsas de basuras en los cubos, éstas desaparecen por arte de magia. Sigue leyendo en nuestro blog, hoy te contamos què hacer con tu basura orgánica. Link en la bio. Zerowaste SayNoToPlastic ConsumoResponsable Consumoconsciente Buylesschoosewell Buylessbutbetter BuySmall BuyLocal Minimalismo Minimalisim Womanpower foto de palomafoart con pieza de lacuevastudio studio

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We couldn't agree moreAnyone else?

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When you text them you’re on the way but you still need to change your outfit another 15 times. indecisive ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Outfit details: This dress is not thrifted for once! But, I will say it was my first shameless touristy purchase from the boardwalk in OC last summer. I still love the tie dye color combo on this one- What’s your go to summer trend this year? ☀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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I ate a gelato for lunch yesterday and then a giant donut for dessert 🤷‍♀️ oops 🤣 Wearing the jumpsuit (again) my new hat and my squeakers I've rediscovered 👍 Jumpsuit: Just Jeans - 4 months Hat: Sportsgirl - new Shoes: Beau Coops - old Bag: thrifted Kate Spade. Image description: brunette woman in a navy jumpsuit, white fedora and white sneakers stands in front of a lush garden holding her almost eaten gelato.

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Look 14 of may30x30 I see some new faces, so I thought it’d be fun to share some fun facts about myself: 1. Planning actually stresses me out. I don’t get stressed out because of delays, tardiness or unproductive time (as long as the time is not spent with me sitting on the couch. I’d rather be out taking a leisurely walk or sitting out in the sun). I say “It is what it is” and “if it happens, it happens.” (I’m sure this drove jackiekim real crazy 😝) . 2. If I could get paid to procrastinate… ehh I’ll finish this later. 😂 jk. I am working on this though. Can’t procrastinate in grad school. 3. I love socializing and can strike up a conversation with a stranger with zero inhibition. In Italy, I befriended a group of tourists from the U.S. and went to a museum with them (I do need some degree of stranger danger though) 4. Me + sports involving balls = not good (basketball? Got hit in the face with a ball. ⚽️? Got hit in the face with a ball. 🎾? Hit someone in the face with a ball) This is why I like taekwondo. 5. I’m very expressive and curse like a sailor. I am good at maintaining professionalism 😉 Outfit details: Striped shirt: bananarepublic (old) Pants: Halogen (old) Blazer: thrifted Ann Taylor Shoes: colehaan (Old) Your turn! Tell me a fun fact about yourself! shopsecondhand sustainablefashion slowfashion consciousfashion ecofriendlyfashion thriftstorefinds thriftedfashion discoverunder1k ethicalfashionblogger ethicalfashion ecofashion buylessbutbetter haulternative consciouschic ethicalstyle slowfashionstyle capsulewardrobe

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Tuesday thought 💭 peterpilotto skirt set | top Sz 6 | skirt Sz 6 chanel pumps Sz 38

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Day 20: Felt like putting a little curl in my hair (after going through a little hair envy from laurenmarigold and leya.anne ‘s posts) and a little color on my lips today ❤️ May30x30

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🐶 my sweet Ollie & I waiting patiently for pizza yesterday. This little cutie is growing up into such a good boy!

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•Day 21• . may30x30 . Rain may be coming down, but I’m all smiles here My PSA to everyone, specifically college students, is to learn how to SAY NO. I am the queen of taking on more than I can handle, and as the queen, LISTEN TO ME when I say you simply cannot do it all. If you want it, you can do it eventually, but see where the balance of health and happiness lies I have beens struggling just to make it through each day and commit to a sleep schedule because I have so many time commitments. So now, I am saying no and stepping back from some things so that I may continue to pursue my life dreams and such It’s scary, but hey, what else are we going to do with all this undirected time to live? . Also, I lied about not wearing this skirt again. I don’t like wearing white when it rains, so I benched my other skirt again. tshirttuesday and my rain gear make great company . How do you manage life? Let me know in the comments⬇️ . Don’t forget to like this post and follow me for more life advice and outfits💕

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Found some time to post today after all! 😊 Writing to you from the tub because multitasking 💪🏻 No. 71 in the 100days100ways challenge is to detox your bed 🕊🛌 〰️ There are many options and degrees to which you can do this. Why do it? Because conventional mattresses often contain toxic chemicals like toluene and fire retardants, which offgas into your home and into YOU. Linens are often made from synthetics that can irritate your skin and shed plastic microfibers into waterways when washed. And most often neither are produced sustainably 😞 〰️ Enter the organicbed 🙌🏻 (I got mine from woolbedcompany a few years ago and love it.) Mattresses made from naturallatex, organiccotton, and/or wool are ideal, but be warned: They are V E R Y expensive. I recommend saving up for this or buying used as it’s hard to find a new naturalmattress for under a thousand USD 😬 〰️ I started by upgrading my linens, which can be done much more affordably. Sheets made from linen (warm in winter and cool in summer), cotton, or other naturalmaterial can often be found thrifted. If you want to buy new, I’d point you to one of my favorite eco homewares companies, coyuchi 💛 〰️ My downcomforter, duvet, and all my pillows (these are stuffed with kapok or latex, but I’ve had success using a woolpillow in the past) are from them. Their prices are out of most budgets, though, so what to do? 〰️ When I buylessbutbetter I always join the newsletter to get notified of seasonal sales. protip: If you go to an ecommerce site and sit on its homepage for a minute or two, it will usually bribe you to join the newsletter with a discount code. 〰️ Another great hack for forcing a deal is something I call Cart Chicken (TM): Add the stuff you need to your shopping cart, then don’t purchase. If you’re in the system you will often get an email not long afterward—“Forgetting something?”—with a discount code 😈 〰️ Sometimes you get burned by a sale happening right after you bought something you sort of can’t afford😞In these cases it’s worth emailing to see if they’ll honor the sale anyway. Coyuchi has done this twice for me ✌🏻 Unbeatable customer service keeps me coming back 💸

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Chanel matching Bracelet & Ring chanel

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For the best buddy 🐶 Louis Vuitton dog carrier louisvuitton

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~Bloomers~ Aren’t just for girls! This gorgeous pair of bloomers went out to their new home today!

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~Tattoo fabric~ This fabric was so popular, it sold out on the day I listed it! Luckily for you I have more on the way! ⚓️🧔🏻🐍

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Am I foolishly idealistic?⁣ ⁣ 21 | may30x30: "People are never going to stop shopping." It's unrealistic. Unreasonable.⁣ ⁣ I hear those responses a lot. So I want to try to better convey my perspective. Because do I really want a world where there are no creative solutions or creative expression through business? Not in the slightest!⁣ ⁣ I don't see a future where we stop making stuff but as consumers, we have so much power over the stuff businesses make! Our buying power can really sway decision making. And I what I really want is businesses to be held accountable. And for those businesses that are trying to be more accountable, but aren't exactly there yet I want them to be transparent & honest & explain how important being ethical, safe and keeping their carbon footprint in check is to them. At this point, if a company isn't clearly aware of, and eager to show you, where their materials are sourced, who makes the products and where, and how they get the products to the public, I don't spend my money there.⁣ ⁣ But I will admit having been slightly jaded recently. I've been so focused on what can seem like the inevitable end of the Earth, & I haven't spent too much time thinking about the beauty that will be left when we are able to slow climate change. ⁣ I think there's a way to be optimistically sustainable & I'm determined to find that balance. Have you already figured this out? What do you think?

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On reste dans l’optique ‘on ne jette pas, on réutilise’, je dirai même " ON NE JETTE PAS, ON REVEND OU ON RÉUTILISE ! " En chinant dans la garde-robe de ma mère, je suis tombée sur ce long tutu noir ! Autant vous dire que je suis directement tombée amoureuse de lui ! Il est un poil matuvu, extravagant mais il est surtout de qualité et original ! J’adore désaxer complétement une pièce qui est sophistiquée en la cassant avec des pièces WTF, ici, un t-shirt Mickey et des vans ! Si vous ne l’avez pas encore compris, c’est le moment de faire le tri dans sa garde-robe ! On customise et on s’inscrit à des vides dressing ou on vend sur vinted, facebook ou en créant des groupes WhatsApp mais on fait de la place pour l’été 2019 ! Si vous avez des bons plans, partagez-les ici qu’on puisse tous en bénéficier 😉 📷 theoauquiere slowfashion grandmaclothes ethicalfashion sustainablefashion sustainablestyle slowfashion morewithless responsiblestyle theartofslowliving whatiwore outfitinspo casualstyle buylessbutbetter shopethical shopconsciously consciousfashion wearrewear lovedclotheslast slowliving curatedlife moderesponsable modedurable modeecoresponsable greenlife ootd belgianblogger iwi tenuedujour tutu jupe

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Look No. 1 of may30x30. I may be fashionably late, but I hope I don’t disappoint. ⁣ ⁣ I thrifted most of my outfit and accessories minus the jeans, and I’m proud to wear this look as my first!😘⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Inspired by the lovely: thestyleintermission petraalexandra alissa_etc ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ [ outfit details ]⁣⁣ top: thriftedthis metro collecton⁣⁣ bottom: gap (old)⁣⁣ shoes: thriftedthis ralphlauren⁣⁣ bag: thriftedthis straw⁣⁣ bracelet: thriftedthis gold and faux pearl⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ thriftedootd fashionconscious slowfashionstyle ethicalclothing buylessbutbetter thrifter wearrewear whatsoldisnew thriftedfashion thriftyfinds thriftedfashion thriftedfashionfinds stylechallenge neutralaboutit neutralstyle vintageaesthetic slowfashionblogger thriftedthis ootdfash ecofashionblogger

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Lightweight and so cute.

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Today is a special day! 🌼 Part of my commitment for the May 30x30 challenge was to reach out to some of my favourite partners and give something back to you Today? . 🎇 $500 GIVEAWAY for you to shop Tradlands 🎆 . But I want this to be more than a simple tag. You inspire me every day to be better, I learn new things from you, not to mention the stellar outfit ideas Rules: . 〰️ Follow tradlands 〰️ Share in the comments how you have been exercising kindness with yourself as you start to make changes to living more consciously 〰️ Tell me about someone on here or IRL who challenges, supports or inspires you - and why! Let's fill this week with a lil' more love 💛 . 🎇 Winner will be chosen on May 25 at 10pm est 🎆 . May30x30 no.21 tradlands Elms button-up levis Wedgie fit jeans everlane Day Loafers Tulip from the garden 🌷 . tradlandswornwell tradlands partner

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~Bloomers~ I’ve been making bloomers for over a year now but with each picture I’m sent I still gush over how adorable they are! High waisted bloomers are available in most of my fabrics, head over to Facebook to see what’s in stock in the fabric album!

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Been quite busy lately and have been exploring sg by walking with hb We vow to walk like 10,000 steps per day, and over weekend, we visited trails and walked like 25,000 steps, the most I have walked so far. 😅 Life is the same dealing with uncertainty on a daily basis but what can we do, just need to learn to go with the flow a bit * elizsuzann Linn tee in black linen OS (Swipe to see untucked) * jeskagrue Marsh pant in grey tweed silk-linen S-short+1 inch (I added an inch to give it a bit of length. Love it 😻) elizabethsuzann esstyled linenclothing minimalistootd ethicalclothing slowfashion ethicalmyway ethicalootd jeskagrue bigpocketpants ethicalootd ethicalstyle ethicalfashionootd ethicalfashionover40 ethicallymade ethicalfashion sustainablefashion fewerbetter buylessbutbetter fairfashion consciousconsumption minimaliststyle academiclife academicstyle sustainableclothing

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It’s back for a limited time: Infrared Red + Beachy Florals. The perfect color +pattern to compliment laying in fresh cut grass. YOU are the garden darling. Put this dress on and bloom baby. Get this racerback mini on the site now. 🌸❤️ thekit shopsustainable

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Please excuse my athleisure I plan my clothes the night before and couldn't be bothered getting "dressed up" ya know? Anyway, I went back and got the Zara flats from Vinnies 😳 And bought another pair of shoes 😳😳 and a top from the Salvos 😳😳😳 The peep toe sandals are Django & Julie, a brand I've always admired but theur shoes are a bit more expensive than my cheap ass is into,so finding this pair for $8 So excited, they make my legs look long top 👍 My shoe collection is still only 12 items (including trainers) which for me is UBER insanely small. The red top is going to be a nice piece for winter, I reckon it'll do day AND night 😈 I'm done now, I've got a little parcel on the way as part of the charity shopping challenge too 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳❤️

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Look 13 of may30x30 . Initially, a part of me equated a capsule wardrobe to a bind on my creativity and a difficulty in styling looks It’s been the EXACT OPPOSITE. It’s been so easy and FREEing. Now I find myself planning my outfit the night before and not having to deal with the “WTF am I gonna wear?!” dilemma in the morning Lightweight sweater: louandgreyvirginia Pants: loft (old) Shoes: secondhand everlane Necklace: thrifted . shopsecondhand sustainablefashion slowfashion consciousfashion ecofriendlyfashion thriftblogger styleonabudget secondhand discoverunder1k ethicalfashionblogger ethicalfashion ecofashion buylessbutbetter haulternative consciouschic ethicalstyle neutralstyle slowfashionstyle capsulewardrobe

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We love anything that makes life easy and our newest arrival, the Rosaline Jumpsuit will make everyday errands and summer travel a breeze! Shop the link in bio! ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀

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The Ultimate Sweet Sixteen! ✨⁣ ⁣ I’m late to the game but up for a challenge, so since I’m starting on Day 20 of may30x30, I thought I’d limit my selection of clothes to 10 pieces (minus a jacket, if needed), and 6 pairs of shoes (a girls gotta have options).⁣ ⁣ I chose newly thrifted pieces, oldies that I haven’t worn in a while, and ones I haven’t worn as much as I thought I would. ⁣ ⁣ Making it doubly more challenging for myself, but hopefully will see the benefit of not taking so long to make my picks in the morning.⁣ ⁣ In addition, I might add a piece or two depending on the unpredictable weather here in New York. I’m gonna try my best to stick with 16, but we shall see!⁣ ⁣ So, here’s to it - I hope you’re looking forward to seeing my daily looks as I am! 😉 ⁣ ⁣ Inspired by: thestyleintermission⁣ (adapted from and inspired by petraalexandra) .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ sustainablefashionblogger ootdfash capsulewardrobechallenge capsulewardrobe stylechallenge shopsecondhand slowfashionstyle fashionconscious discoverunder50 discoverunder100 buyvintage oldisthenewnew whatsoldisnew thrifter thriftedootd maychallenge buylessbutbetter ethicalclothing

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mac milly 💖 happy Monday to you • had a fun busy weekend & cant believe it’s already another week, looking forward to baking vegan banana bread & finding fun vintage goods for my shop myhoneyvintage - what about you?

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Manchmal sehen wir Naheliegendes nicht. Einfach weil wir so im Alltagshamsterrad routieren. Positive Matches sind ein wundervoller Nähboden für Wachstum, wie bei Maren und mir. Genau diese Matches finden wir für euch, denn wir gehen mit euch gezielt shoppen 🛍🌱 Weil nur bedachter Konsum sich nachhaltig für euch auszahlt! 👉🏻“Wir sind der neutrale, wertfreie Blick von außen, den es braucht.” 👈🏻 Wir begleiten euch Schritt für Schritt hin zu einem Kleiderschrank, der eure Persönlichkeit widerspiegelt, nur aus euren Lieblings-Teilen besteht, die sich miteinander kombinieren lassen. 📸 evafredrichs watchstories wardrobegoals declutteryourlife closetgoals wardrobeconsultant wardrobedeclutter closetorganization outfitinspiration capsulewardrobeblogger outfitrepeater ootdideas wearingtoday outfitinspirations minimalistwardrobe lessstuffmorelife bemorewithless becomingaminimalist buylessbutbetter livingbetterwithless wenigeristmehr lessismore buylesschoosewell bylessbutbetter livewithless essentialism personalshopping personalshopper outfitinspiration collectmomentsnotthings

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Day 19: For one of my classes this semester, the prof is incorporating a weekly self-reflection assignment and listening and responding to Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk on following curiosity was this week’s assignment. It resonated with me deeply and I thought I’d share: “The world is divided into two kinds of people: there are the jackhammers and there are the hummingbirds. Jackhammers are people like me. You know, you put a passion in our hands and we’re just like (insert drilling sound effect) and we don’t look up and we don’t veer and we’re just like focused on that ‘til the end of time. …Hummingbirds spend their lives doing it very differently. They move from tree to tree from flower to flower…trying this, trying that. And two things happen. They create incredibly rich, complex lives for themselves. And they also end up cross-pollinating the worldBecause you bring an idea from here to over here where you learn something else and you weave it in and then you take it here to the next thing you do. So that your perspective ends up keeping the entire culture aerated and mixed up and open to the new and fresh…If you do that, if you're willing to just release yourself from the pressure and the anxiety surrounded by passion and you just humbly and faithfully continue to follow the trail of the hummingbird path…one of these days you just might look up and realize "oh my word" I am exactly where I am meant to beIn other words, if you can let go of passion and follow your curiosity, your curiosity just might lead you to your passion.” Happy Monday 🧡 May30x30

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•Day 20• . may30x30 . New day, same jeans. monomchromemonday . I threw this together as I was running out the door for class, but we ended on a good note My poor day gloves need a repair after they got chunked on some uneven sidewalk, but the mark isn’t that noticeable. Oh well After a couple busy weekend, I would love to have some time to paint this weekend. I’ve written and studied and worked to no end, but God, would I love to acquaint more color and canvas. Something to look forward to How do you feel about today’s look? Let me know in the comments⬇️ . Don’t forget to like this post and follow me for more outfits!❤️

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It’s this way! Finally a decision 🙄. Is anyone else terrible at making decisions? I have found that decluttering and streamlining my wardrobe and other areas of my home and life has really helped to make space for clarity, calm and focus. It may not help everyone, but it has made a phenomenal difference to me. I have concentrated on what I like, what I feel comfortable in and what suits my lifestyle. I know what is in my wardrobe so I always know whether a potential new purchase will go with another item I already own. I’m aiming for a one in one out policy and discarding responsibly. This is one of two new dresses I’ve bought from oliverbonas to replace two very old ones. I know this one will work hard for me and I have already worn it with boots and a chunky cardigan, and with sandals and a sun hat too. 30wears? More like 300 methinks 😉 wardrobedeclutter ootd simplifyyourlife sparkjoy mindfullife slowlivingforlife mydarlingminimal mystyle overfiftystyle fiftyplusstyle overforty overfiftyblogger redefineaging aquietstyle styleblogger minimalstyle proageing mystyletoday declutteryourlife inspiringsimplicity addwomen bevisuallyinspired buyless personalstyle inspireothers buylessbutbetter personalstyle leedsstylist bloggeroverfifty

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Double tap if youre ready for sunshine weather☀️☀️☀️Ten days until June arrives And we are imagining almost every day filled with summer dresses and 🍦 ice cream and wandering outside the city letting life’s little surprises delight us 🛤Shop our perfect summer travel dresses- the RACERBACKS! In strips, florals, and more. Featuring French seamed finishes, an easy to wear racerback pull on style, 97% rayon, with a pinch of stretch 3% Spandex our Jersey Charlie is a casual but feminine summer classic. PS: as always, each dress is made to order, saving the planet, sustainbable, not a drop of ink wasted ❤️ Mama earth loves you for shopping sustainable 🌍 ❤️🙏🏻 thekit

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🤱🧸 Azylové domy - jen v Česku v nich žije 5700 osob, z toho 2000 je dětí. Již před rokem jsem četla smutné příběh žen, které se na rychlo balily a odcházely jen s pár věcmi z bytu, kde jim hrozilo nebezpečí. Pomoci se jim snaží mimo jiné nadace_terezy_maxove Chtěly byste jim pomoci i vy? Koupí benefičních triček, které navrhly české výtvarnice se to může podařit. Celá částka jde nadaci a mají je na bibloo_fashion Jo a nejde o reklamu 😉

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Our longleatofficial annual pass runs out this week so we just had to make the most of it today! Of course we had to wear our leopards that were gifted from caboodletextiles! I made it into the puperita dotty dress and it was the perfect outfit for a fun filled day!

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Countdown to declutteryourcloset is 7 days! If you’re up for even more of a challenge, check out today’s blog post for Step 1 in my Capsule Wardrobe Series. (Link’s in my bio) ⠀⠀ This is an outfit that stays in my capsule all seasons: • everlane skinny black jeans • elegantees gray and white striped shirt •Old chambray outer layer •Old caramel leather watch ⠀⠀ But here’s the truth-the chambray top from Old Navy doesn’t fit the way I want. It hasn’t for years. So the easy thing to do would be to go to Old Navy and buy one that fits-I’m sure they still have one. ⠀⠀ But! Instead, I’ve written it on my “capsule purchasing priority” list and look for one each time I’m at a consignment shop. There’s also one from tradlands that I keep an eye on, should it go on sale. ⠀⠀ It takes some serious willpower, which has taken me years to develop and is still hard even now, but I think it’s worth it. If you’re wanting to create a more conscious closet, I have two ways to help: 1. Read my recent blog post to get started curating a capsule wardrobe or 2. Join The Declutter Your Closet Challenge. Both links are in my profile!

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Harvé Benard 100% Linen Wide Leg Pants Front Button + Zipper Closure Sash Ties at Waist Front Pockets Washable Tag 🏷 Size: 16 🌷🌷 •Waist: 34” •Rise: 12” •Hip: 46” •Inseam: 30” •($30) + Shipping DM to Purchase Local Pick Up Available

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I recently found this amazing pink linen top to add to my wardrobe and wear this summer. I almost bought it in white but I kept going back to the pink and decided to get it 🌷I can’t wait to wear this all summer (btw there’s a new post on the blog with more of this outfit link in bio)

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My favorite items for saving and preserving clothes! My steamer, electric fabric shaver, and cashmere/wool comb have revived my clothes time and time again. I use these items regularly to help combat kitty snags and wrinkles in my garments Yes, everything pictured here may cost fifty dollars, but it’s much cheaper than buying new clothes! I highly recommend investing in cloth maintenance item before pitching your beloved items How do you save your worn clothes? Let me know in the comments!

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I forgot to share my outfit yesterday because I was too busy enjoying the summery weather with friends and eating outside while I baked in the warm rays ☀️🙌🏻 . BUT I am so excited to, after a while of having some questions about where to find sneakers like my old ones, share with you ones that look almost the same, but are consciously made! Sometimes I partner with someone because I have a gap in my wardrobe that I think everyone else might, too. Other times, it's because I know people have been asking for me to help find an option. This one's the latter While these sneakers are not vegan, we know that every brand is making steps to full sustainability. And Alice + Whittles does an incredible job as they continue to look for environmental and ethical solutions. The uppers are made from remnants of luxury car seats, and the bottoms are made with the same beautiful natural rubber that graces their amazing, lightweight rain boots More details to come on these soon, but if you've been looking for sneakers like this, keep an eye out! They've been so kind to give a special code for 15% off + free shipping with the code PETRA15OFF too! (affiliate) . [UPDATE] I'm a 7.5 standard in shoes, and wear an 8 in A+W boots as well as these sneakers. The sneakers fit looser and more true to size than the boots! They do have removable insoles 🤗 . May30X30 no.19/20 . _hutchison_ top levis vintage jacket (jackets not counted in my 30) Old skinny jeans aliceandwhittles sneakers

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New Post ❤️ on the blog. LINK IN BIO pinksoleootd

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I have been rather quiet lately Honestly so many changes have happened and I know I shouldn't expect these changes to be happening after less than a month of a nobuy BECAUSE OF my no buy but I can't help and see it as such. Without me having made these changes this last month I simply would not be able to be in the mindset that has allowed for these things to follow suit. I know I am being a bit cryptic but until everything is 100% established I don't want to jinx it. Just know that it's because of this mentality that I'm in that it has attracted am abundance in my life I was not expecting but also that I desperately needed. ethicalstyle sustainablefashion sustainablestyle slowfashion ethicalstyleblogger outfitinspo casualstyle 10x10friends buylessbutbetter shopethical shopconsciously consciousfashion slowliving springfashion2019 minimalstyle minimaliststyle simplestyle nobuy nobuy2019 vegan veganbeauty budget frugal lessismoreoutdoors

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These Beau Coops sneakers, what can I say I bought them online (half price on sale!) for $190, thinking I was investing in some good hard wearing leather trainers When I first bought them, they were super comfy, then as I wore them more they started rubbing and SQUEAKING something terrible. I tried baking powder and corn starch, which works but only temporarily (I now carry around a small can of dry shampoo 🤣) I left them in my main big suitcase with other stuff I don't use day to day for over 2 months, when I pulled them out the other day they were a little MOULDY 😭 I rubbed them down with some apple cider vinegar 🤷‍♀️ don't know if that's advisable but it's all I had I've considered donating them multiple times but because they were a bit of an investment I've persevered. I wore them two days in a row over the weekend and you know what? I do really love these damn squeakers! So the moral of the story is: I dunno. Maybe don't buy trainers online 🤣

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•Day 19• . may30x30 . We made it home safe and sound. Last night was nostalgic and fulfilling while my family and the neighbors rounded up and played a game of kickball. My team lost miserably, but we had fun nevertheless We started the day in ebbing sun and a wind that persisted and ended with a still, humid grey that primes rain and pulls on the pant leg of distance I through the turtleneck on to combat the cold between, but I felt kind of drab despite the fact I’ve worn this outfit numerous times. I don’t think it has anything to do with my clothes to be honest Now I’m plunging back into my lap top and singing to the pieces that have been calling me nonstop since I closed it last. Oh, the joys of writing Have a wonderful end to the weekend, and don’t forget to like this picture and follow me for more outfits!

2 days ago

Day 18: I took a break from May30x30 yesterday to celebrate two of my dear friends getting married. I felt like accessorizing a little more than usual today, and I think I like it 🙂 Happy Sunday, all! Scarf - madewell Top - thrifted Belt - thrifted Jeans - rag & bone Boots - Nine West

2 days ago

Vi har fått en ny utmaning från kladoteket som går ut på att dela med oss av ett klädminne om dagen i sju dagar. De har nämligen en teori om att värdet på kläder ökar om det finns en historia bakom plaggen. Kanske för att man har fått ärva något från en betydelsefull person i ens liv eller att man har upplevt minnesvärda saker iklädd olika plagg. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Något vi garanterat känner igen oss i är att vi har så svårt att göra oss av med t ex den där stickade koftan vi fick av vår kära mormor eller farmor ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Mitt första klädminne i den här utmaningen är jag otroligt stolt över. Det symboliserar nämligen hur långt jag har kommit i mitt tänk gällande mode och shopping. För frågan som ställdes i fact.movement innan jag sökte var om det går att vara klimatsmart och modemedveten samtidigt? Det har jag fått praktisera efter bara 3 månader. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Hela min outfit på bilden består av second hand plagg. Och det hade du aldrig vetat om jag inte hade berättat det. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Superfina och kvalitativa loafers i skinn, klassiska kostymbyxor med en tvist från Filippa K och en stilren basblus från STOCKH LM. Allt var i princip nytt. Fast ändå begagnat. Den här outfiten kostade 282 kr totalt. Alltså hur bra? 😍 Hade jag köpt allt det här nytt hade det istället kostat 3000-3500 kr. Så jag har inte bara sparat pengar, jag har sparat på miljön och dessutom valt plagg som jag älskar och som kommer hålla en lång tid framöver. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Så mitt klädminne är helt enkelt en hyllning till fact.movement och alla fantastiska inspiratörer som har bidragit med så mycket kunskap och pepp på våra workshops. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Innan jag gick med i projektet ägde jag inte ens några second hand plagg. Så tack till er och alla fina factivister som också har pushat och peppat under resans gång. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ retextile swedishfashioncouncil karuscha_styling johannanswe huldaandersson myrornaboras sellpy kollijox göteborgsregionen

2 days ago

I seriously had the best time yesterday with thriftingdivas during her thrifting tour event around the DMV! I got to take over findingyourgood Instagram page and show everyone how much fun it was! Getting to explore my own backyard and visit stores that I would’ve never visited was seriously the best👌🏽 Even though I tried (and successfully) stayed under within a budget, I still have enough to give you a haul soon! But, ya girl is tired- and I’m going back to take another nap! 📸 heartprintandstyle

2 days ago

Delicious 😋

4 days ago

Here’s something magical about THE KIT all of our clothes are original designs, hand drawn prints conceptualized from the heart of our creative director, founder and visionary danielvosovic . Just like a song Every once in a while, a pattern we create becomes a mega HIT in this case our PAPER CUT print is our number one best selling HIT KIT see this red, beige and dark purple maroon perfectly placed on our signature kit pieces: the boxy jumpsuit, the jean jacket, and the wrap kilt skirt. Swipe to explore each of these simple but genius masterpiece designs manifest on your favorite wardrobe essentials. The pattern is like a soothing melodic 70’s song with a funk punch, splashed on your clothes in the best way. You’ll be grooving in your walk, with a confident silent swagged dance in your hip. This is one KIT you don’t want to skip !❤️❤️❤️ swipeover explore thekit shopsustainable

6 days ago

Okay we want to hear from you Tell us your most EPIC/WIERD/MEMORABLE road trip memory the good , the bad, the ugly from crazy family vacations gone wrong the rendezvous with your lover euro trips solo trips we wanna hear the wild Wild West of your adventurous spirit and next time you hit the road jack, you best be wearing this Mountain print KIT! ( bonus it’s on SALE ) The earth beneath those off beaten roads will love you for shopping sustainable this summer now onto those road trip stories we know you’ve got em go! xoxo THE KIT shopsustainable shopthekit