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Do I have to explain how to care for somebody you love? Call them up on the phone when they're feeling blue Light up with the words they say to you Do I have to explain how to care for somebody you trust? Make them feel like there's no one else around Pick them up when you think they're going down Do I have to teach you? How to show me when times are bad How to ask about the day I had and make it alright How to listen when we're all alone How to put away the telephone and look into my eyes It's never too late to learn the way -Emily King emilyking shesingsandplaysWooooo🎶🎸 doihavetoteachyou itsnevertoolatetolearntheway loveinducesgrowth 💛 callthemup lovelightstheway musicbringsjoytomysoul ilovemusic

2 months ago

LET MY SOUL ROCK ~ still rockin’ now even on a Sunday night 3am ~ because the music was awakened in me again ~ one who lives from the heart ~ with compassion for all ~ and possesses a tenacious enthusiasm for music, life, and the planet ~ michaelfranti grammyawards aliciakeys who invited a depth and conscious kindness into every word as usual dianaross who celebrated life at 75 and got the good ones flowing free gaga who entertained from the deep places jlo who gave her all and repped Motown despite the critics dualipa who sung her heart out drake who had something pertinent to say smokeyrobinson who is class all the way rickymartin who can zest up anything seanmendes who is and talented and dripping with joy beberexha who was style and glamour and fought for it and showed up radiant arethafranklin who we miss as the queen of soul allthefeels and so many more inspired but aliciakeys you and your magical peaceful balanced soul shine bright and deepand you, Queen, commanded the word stage to respect themselves, and others. You, are a Musical Queen of your domain and you set the necessary tone 🎹 for the world to sing on key 🎼 and in time 🎶I am grateful for how you stand in your potent influence in any realm. truebeauty keysclub lionessarising alignment 🎸 consciousliving highestself inspired awakentheworld callthemup soultribe 🎹

5 months ago

And we have a 12 year old! are supposed to grow up, and hastytimes6 and I really do enjoy watching Landon grow into a man. We pray God’s spirit continues to mold and mature and lead him in spite of our parenting blunders. What a privilege and a huge responsibility to raise a future generation of men! Hug them tightly, hold them loosely, for they are the Lord’s. callthemup sendthemout

6 months ago

This week, make a point to connect with another family member you haven’t talked to in a while. Your ’s aunt, uncle, grandparent Call, Facetime, go visit, or invite them to do a fall activity with you. Give them every opportunity you can to be a part of your ’s life. Your family can play a big part in your ’s sense of belonging. dc3canyonkids connect callthemup

8 months ago

I love this work by my artist friend ChristinaI felt it is time for me to share this part of me because of recent occurrences, and this artist has helped me love my body better with her gift! Also thanks to getrepost. Here it goes; When you see a very thin girl, and are jealous or scared for herpray, don’t scold her, shame her, call her anorexic or skinny, or any negative label. Nor don’t ever even talk about how much she eats, or how much you eat, in negative terms. Food is meant to be enjoyed! If you’re gonna have cake, you might as well enjoy every savoring spectacle. With wisdom we eat more leaves, not shaming. Saturday I saw a girl by the pharmacy, I was flooded w/thoughts like she must be anorexic and worries. But really you never know what it could be. My cousin has suffered from ibs, my grandma is on a feeding tube, my niece is on a feeding tube, for different reasons, you just never know what it may be. Today I was reminded of the purpose of my noticing was to pray for her. Because when you go through something difficult yourself, you have the power to change someone else’s life. I was called chubby and too fat to be a dancer by agents and teachers by the age of 8, and at nine it was anorexic, bulimic, skinny, all before I became them. I have had a few wise teachers and family members, believing what they spoke into over the lies have helped me immensely. labeling and name calling is not cool unless it calls someone up like “artist, ballerina, actress, or writer”. The rest are lies that unfortunately have really negative impacts and consequences on a human beings life, more than one could understand, unless you’ve overcome it. I am blessed to overcome. It took believing encouragements, the truth, books and books, and knowing God to change me. That’s what he does easier than our own strength, turns us into butterflies! 🦋 I’m reminded that the power of life and death are in the tongue. the healthy appropriate word for skinny is thin or lean always combined with healthy and whole. callthemup. I am a healthyballerina

1 year ago

Fantastic win for the Under 23s tonight who beat Crewe 2-0! 👊🔵 CallThemUp

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Just a Heads up builders and collector's if you don't know now you do I guess Hobby Lobby's are having a major clearance on model kits check your local Hobby Lobby's check your stores now $$$$7.50 on some and others $$$$6.50 seen fellow instagrammers posting up their buys as well. I haven't seen these prices on model kits since I was 9 ,10 yrs old😮 😁✌ I think I'll be back before they close up for the day🤔 grabacart callthemup seewhatsup checkitout hobbylobby sale clearence dicount bargain modelkits amt revell mpc lindberg builders collectors buyone buildone scaleauto hotrod ratrod musclecar classic impala drift showcar lowrider impala chevy racecar nascar

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Definitely me, when something looks not right, on any of my statements! 😄 callthemup fixitnow

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These are so cool to use on shoots, weddings, red carpet ready or just if you need that extra volume, damage free hair pieces in a variety of colours and lengths . Fitted with a thin transparent wire attached to each end of the hair weft , that sits on the head beautifully like a headband hair hairextensions secrethairuk instahair microring microloop prebonded nanoring microweft clipins mogolianhair virginhair callthemup hairextensions luxuryhair hairinspo instahair hairstyle celebrityhair secrethairuk longhair hairgoals celebritystylist

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What was intended to be 1 room and 1 day turned into 2 rooms & 3 days+😅 giggles galore, sore muscles, blistered hands, trips to home depot, dance parties and loss of interest in the project.😀 Alsoat 1 point a whole room to myself with my music, thoughts, prayers and declarations. Twice! 🙌I cherish this timeTo fill this place with love and blessing, peace and hope. Also working together highlighted the importance of process and projects. It's through these times questions they didn't know they had get answered and songs they didn't know were in their heart come alive. lovethem myheart newishere adventurecontinues painteverywhere respectforpainters bewhereyouarealltheway callthemup enjoythejourney

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Wassup??? Where y’all at??? I just called 212 752 5775 and the phone rang, a man with a foreign voice picked up I asked was this where I could speak to someone about slavery in libya he said NO. 😡😡😡 So I reversed checked the number and his ass was lying 😡😡😡 Nice try enslavers. We demand action, not these words on paper or lies on the phone. Our family is being enslaved we cannot give up after 1 week of calling. The phone isn’t busy now so let’s call let’s share this post and letz email. callthemup slaverytoday slaveryinlibya southafrica libya 🇱🇾

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Repost from my shop momentemfocus ・・・ You have no business shrinking back when God called you to rise up. If you're too much for some people, then those aren't yo people! freepeoplefreepeople tribegoals callthemup That's my story and I got a shirt to brag about it! Did you get your Free People Free People gear yet? (Also available we have them for babies and ) Link to my shop is in the profile or visit christianapparel girlboss bosslady chainbreaker freedomfighter lifereclaimer christianbusiness womeninministry faiththenfitness faithattire faithandfitness

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You have no business shrinking back when God called you to rise up. If you're too much for some people, then those aren't yo people! freepeoplefreepeople tribegoals callthemup That's my story and I got a shirt to brag about it! Did you get your "freepeoplefreepeople" shirt/gifts yet? (and we have them for the babies and ) Take advantage of the cyber Monday deals Link to my shop is in the profile or visit christianapparel girlboss cybermonday christianbusiness womeninministry

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fbf vibes to this year's ROAR women's conference in PA. It is a deep longing I have to see people healed, delivered, and set free. I am thankful for the work the Lord did and is still doing in the hearts of these women who traveled from all over (my own heart included!) thirsting for the presence of God. It was an amazing time with an amazing team and my heart is filled with much love and gratitude. 😌🙌🏼 teamPA squad roarinthevalley2017 womensconference donttearoneanotherdown callthemup womenriseup - - - Vid cred: lionsden617

2 years ago

So many people out here judging others during this election, it's crazy how this shit brought the true ugly side of the country. That being said I'm not voting for Hillary or trump because they are both equal pieces of shit but I will not stand here and look at how our people have been oppressed Anahuac has been raped and robbed for its riches since day 1. I have yet to hear any candidate mention the North Dakota pipeline situation & that's because they still don't fuck with us toallrelations callthemup ometeotl nodapl Fuckyourelection itsbiggerthanthat

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Un futur radieux vous attend, petits tourtereaux callthemup

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Good morning loves! Ok I need y'all to do 2 things for me or one or the other1 go download this amazing song by kimburrelllove and 2 call your local radio station and request it (do ppl still call radio stations and request songs lol) anyways call them or tag them in a post and SUPPORT KINGDOM MUSIC THANKS IN ADVANCE 😊 I think the thewallsgroup said it best "Can I get some Love on the Radio" kimburrell kimburrellfam kimburrellfansbelike Kimburrellfans teamkim teamBurrell teamkimburrell newsingle thankyouJesus thatswhatHesdone itunes amazon googleplay radio request callthemup loveontheradio

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So Today at Arm and Hammer Park I got Mason Williams, Gary Sanchez and Eric Jagielo's autographs on one ball, Aaron Judge autograph on the other ball and Greg Bird signed my hat Yankees TrentonThunder CallThemUp ⚾️⚾️