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5 minutes ago

Somehowsomewhere the ache of not living in a warmer climate still nestles in my heart. Where we reside, the color therapy is often grey hence, it doesn’t take much to please a sun deprived Canadian like me when it comes to an outdoor scenes like this. This lush green view of rupaa_ram ’s balcony is a perfect retreat for my eyes. As I appreciate the view, my envy is taking a back seat and I have decided to settle here for the weekend. The entire home tour is up on the blog if you missed it. For now, do swipe through here to see these well manicured and well taken care collection of Rupaa’s plant babies dotted in different corners of the home with an array of wide varieties of planters. Have a good weekend everyone! junglow urbanjungle plants indoorplants stylingwithplants plantsofinstagram green lush serene calm outdoorspace balcony balconygarden balconydecor homedecor decoratingwithplants plantsmakepeoplehappy plantstyling outdoors instadecor instaplants pinkzpassion indoorgarden plantlover plantmom

6 minutes ago

E si conclude così una fantastica avventura al Gran Paradiso, speriamo di tornarci presto Guarda la gallery per vedere l'immagine in tutta la sua bellezza 😉 _🇬🇧_ Look at the grid to experience the picture in all its beauty! 😉 peace calm dream mist granparadiso naturephoto main_vision landscape_captures awesome_earthpix natureaddict rsa_rural awesomeearth nature_wizards gottalove_a_ nature_brilliance EarthVisuals artofvisuals welivetoexplore natureaddict naturediversity ourplanetdaily earth_deluxe instanaturelover nature_prefection allnatureshots sonyimages sonyalpha sonyalphasclub sonyphotogallery aostavalley

7 minutes ago

"If you continue to collect crumbs eventually you'll have a piece of the cake or the whole thing." I believe that is the hard way to get thing because you can take what you want when you're ready BUT! For some that quote is true for them. Life comes to them in small pieces For all of you that think like themtake small step towards controlling your happiness. It start with loving and valuing you! Finding things within yourself to be excited and truly in love with. Stare in the mirror and instead of looking for imperfection look for what you absolutely love small details to big ones. I'm talking the perfect amount of space between your eyebrows, your smooth skin or that your stretch marks look like art. All love helps! All appreciation for self is vital & valuable! Love Life Today, Manifest Your Way! loa lawoflove manifest • • • 🌠 spiritualjourney pray praying amen believe religion coexist spirituality trust peace calm mind soul hope destiny wisdom compassion forgiveness thankful knowledge meditation life meditate guidance

8 minutes ago

DO NOT tell me that this album is called Lover 😑

9 minutes ago

"The air was fragrant with a thousand trodden aromatic herbs, with fields of lavender, and with the brightest roses blushing in tufts all over the meadows." - William C. Bryant English Lavender Coco Fibre tranquilplants kokedama mossgarden japan plantinspiration gardensworld urbanjunglebloggers plantsofinstagram japanese_gardens meditation gardenstyle traveljapan JapaneseGarden gardengram instagarden instagramjapan gardenstyle littledropofgreen fengshui cocofibre lavender aromatic aromatherapy relaxation calm soothe senses perfume beauty

10 minutes ago

Wishing I was still on a beach🏝 some of my favorite beach pictures from this last week

10 minutes ago

The Alps in the background, the immensity of the calm lake, the beautiful blue of the water meeting the warm colors of the Italian houses = there are so many reasons why I've been enchanted by the Lago Di Garda since the first time I saw it 💙✨ italie italian_places italy italia northofitaly norditalia alps landscape_lovers sunset peace water olympus lake lakegarda lagodigarda igersitaly topeuropephoto topitalyphoto salo desenzano gardalake ig_italia mountains landscape calm happiness life nature sirmione horizon

12 minutes ago

My train ticket didn't get confirmed but the journey had to be done. Dreading the general compartment (full of creepy men), I entered the ladies compartment at the end of the train and squeezed myself in. The floor was dirty, there was no place to even stand and near-violent fights for seats were happening behind me. While trying to stay positive, I stood in a corner looking for space to clear up. And slowly we all discovered a space on the metallic top berth right next to the luggage. Nobody else could climb up, so a little boy travelling with his mother and I (after much difficulty and dancing in the air) made it to the top. A while later everyone got some space and settled down into their calmer selves. And in a strange way, sitting on top and watching over them all made me calm too. I couldn't help but realise that life isn't all shiny for everyone even if externally. But if we hold on, we could admire the colours of the chaos and eventually, get out of it too. 😇 HappyShoesMoment trainjourneys indianrailways peopleofindia womenofindia journeys traveltruths upperberth chaos calm life thoughts philosophical

12 minutes ago

🎩✨Mirando el mar✨👔

24 minutes ago

“Ride into the sun” Down in the Albion - small piece of heaven for anyone who likes Tea/Coffee and cake Sums up my lil rockstar life style, I’ll drink all night and change to coffee and cake the next Good prices amazing food amazing atmosphere, staff very friendly and welcoming from the moment you walk in The Pete Doherty pictures were the icing on the cake (no pun intended) . petedoherty calm cake coffee cake cafe restaurant prescot downinthealbion thelibertines down_in_albion_prescot