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The tag line to this movie was "every rose has its thorns." Teeth was a rollercoaster of trash. Episode out tomorrow!

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Canadian cancer society volunteers assemble! 😊 Awards night at Capitol theater 🎭! A 50 year volunteer was recognized. The theme was ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER 🔊 THAN CANCER. As a Survivor it brings joy to my heart ♥ to support such a great charity. canadian cancer volunteer awards night capitol theater support charity

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nav Label RepublicRecords Navraj Singh , better known by his stage name stylized NAV , is a Canadian 🇨🇦 and Indian 🇮🇳 rapper and producer of Rexdale based in Ontario Canada . NAV collaborates with the American producer metroboomin in the majority of these titles as well as in the mixtape perfect timing. Nav comes out are new album this end of me from Mars she really nasty nasty I listen to it for 4 days Name of the album [ bad habits ] BENDO An Alchemy announces to me the beginning and it is good with you the brother understood it well . 2nd album release of NAV YoungArtist Artist PopMusic TrapMusic Music Orchestra Vibration BlackIndian Tiger wakes up to work better . Force at Nav album terrible one and only singing wielding it's him , The English order was given paireauxshoes

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tourbts via instagram story ❤️

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Happy birthday Isa✨💓

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It’s been 5 years since I first came across Shawn

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6 years ago I embarked a journey uncertain where I am heading.Upon working alone and living away from my family I am blessed to have people who helped and molded me to be a better person and brought back the confidence once that was lost in me.Friends who turned out to be my family that pushes me always to believe in myself no matter what adversaties from the past.It is never too late to achieve my goals!I will aways be greatful for these multicultural country that respect and honor every individual rights and freedom! Thank you Canada🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 thankful life friendsforlife forevergreatful life canada canadian mycitizen canadiannasitonton opportunity diversity multicultural travelgoals blessed love