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Low Me Nah The Confidence Ain’t Going Nowhere 💯😝 noteanoshade bigfacts boom isaidwhatisaid issamovement queenthoughts bye cantstopwontstop humblebrag confidencequotes confidenceissexy fearless keeptrying solid proudofme nowruntellthat joy laughter humility lovingme this keepthatsameenergy sheislit iamlegend sticksouttongue nahnahnah pleasedontkillmyvibe youknowthevibes If You Like homemadefood Not Made In Your Home Then thesustenancefoodcompany Is The Place That Ticks All Them foodie Boxes Find Us Here 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

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Happy Hump Day! Here's a throwback from Easter weekend. I start my new job on May 20th, 2 days before my 46th birthday. Great things are on the horizon for Michael and I. Thank You for our Blessings. 🙏😇🙌🙃 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ iworkout vsg gymbunny squats squatsbooty fitfam weighttraining vsginstacrew vsgbeauties fat2fit focusedAF bopo bodypositive sorrynotsorry sub 45andkillingit 5ktraining disneybound disneyvacay weightlossjourney crunchfitness filipina rny bayarea crunchsunnyvale southbae710 workhardplayhard cantstopwontstop

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💎💎💎How to Get Through an Injury Like a Bada$$ B!tch Who REFUSES to Surrender💎💎💎 Get the 7 steps that will give you confidence and power to overcome your injuries & build your body back up stronger than ever in this week's Bad Girl Ballerina Blog💪😎 . Click the link in my profile and scroll over to the Mental Tools tab or visit bulletproofballerina antibunheadfitness badgirlballerina badgirlballerinablog prehab rehab injury injuryprevention dancerinjury dancerlife injureddancer coachingfordancers howtodeal mentaltools overcomingchallenges cantstopwontstop

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🗣 SHOUTOUT TO OUR CANNACOMMUNITY 🗣 The people we meet when we are out advocating for the healing benefits of cannabis topicals are UNMATCHED! It’s this community that drives us to be the best 💯💯💯 Cheers to you amazing humans! We cantstopwontstop 🔥🔥🔥 travelinghandsmassage travelinghandscompany thc cbd cannatherapy massage painrelief infusedmassage cannabismassage cbdmassage massagetherapy holistic cannabiscommunity selfcare stress anxiety inflammation relief feelgood mobilemassage sandiego lajolla delmar encinitas oceanside lagunabeach losangeles california

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USDTRY long position, all protected, the signal was sent out this morning 06:11am, SWIPE LEFT for our price action analysis on this pair, join "THE MONEY CIRCLE " signals now, BBMA and Price action course still available, let's secure the bag💰 on a high level together 💪🏽, BBMA + PRICE ACTION on HEAVY STEROIDS💪🏽, DM ME IF YOU WISH TO BE PART OF MAGNIFICENT.FX CIRCLE, THE winnerscirlce, BBMA movement🔥🔥🔥, can't stop won't stop🙌🙌🙌, usdsek daytrader nighttrader profit results bbma bbmaomaally bbmaskilled bbmatrader bbmastrategy forexskilled forextrader forextrading forex trader trading forexlife forexlifestyle financialfreedom impiloyomhwebi lifeofatrader📝📊📈📉 lifeofatrader hustlersmindset wallstreet winnerscirlce cantstopwontstop magnificentfx

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What an incredible experience it was❤️ I had the honor of witnessing this entrepreneur marry a man that will undoubtedly stand beside her and cheer her on with unwavering support What a smart girl she is. I know God has perfect timing but dang I wish I was in my early 20’s when I learned what residual income was. I kept thinking about where she will be at my age. She can walk into a room and completely light it up while making YOU feel like the shining star 🌟 . I love watching her work hard, love on people like crazy and build a legacy based on serving others. Doing this with you is exactly where I want to be madistadel ❤️👯‍♀️ Can’t wait to travel the world together and change as many lives as we can💪 livingxcellence cantstopwontstop beautifulbride youngentrepreneur comewithus becomingmore changeagents residualincome bossbabes leadingwomen supportivehusband partnership

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haven't posted on this for a bit, I'm running out of these. also, my youtube dreams are dying out and I can't tell if that's going to get me in a depressive mood or not but we'll see and maybe i won't give up. the thing is, I don't know how I would be popular like, I would feel embarrassed to personally ask people to share my video and my videos might not be funny to the majority so it would be useless and it's not really insecurities, it's fears and not knowing how. anyways, I've been getting down a bit lately but today has already been better • Don't forget to follow my main acc its.fisher • • • followme spam hashtag face latina feminism random garbage icantthinkofanymorehashtags loser cretin follow morehashtags cantstopwontstop latinasstaywinning slay goblin skinwalker photoshop pleasehelp i keep adding more hashtags 😎 👁👄👁 insecure mentalbreakdown 🤡

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So I’ve tried not to live my life by the number on the scale but that being said I’m in a group with a few friends which we call “weigh your ass Wednesday”. Every Wednesday we send pictures of the scale to show progress or in my case this week weight gain (+ 2 pounds ) every week. This group was what started me on this journey and I’m thankful to be in a group with such supportive ladies! So with gaining weight this week the old Carly would get super upset and probably say fuck it and eat like garbage for the rest of the day which would cause me to have a bad week. BUT the new Carly says shit happens and has her gym bag ready to go for when she’s done work! It’s all part of the journey! weightloss weightlossjourney weightlossmotivation workout cantstopwontstop weightgain weightlosssupport wegotthis dontgiveup

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Who knows the plan best? You Who was the vision given to? You Who has the talent to make it happen? You A person who can make insane sacrifices for what they want is a dangerous person. They are simply unstoppable. NOTE: In fighting for your dream, people will call you insane. They will say, 'don't you think you're doing way too much'? Wellthey might be right because its not their dream so obviously its insane in their eyes. I want to tell you today that no price is too high to pay for your dreams. Just because they can't go hard like you do doesn't mean you can't. Whose dream is it? Yours or Theirs? Unleash the lion(ess) in you today ! Go insane on your goals! Possess your throne powerquotes quotes lionquotes stayundefeated fighter cantstopwontstop

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So one of the areas I’m trying to tone right now is my legs these suckers just make me so self conscious, especially my thighs. I think I’m starting to notice a small difference all I know is I’m gonna keep pushing. I want this year to be the year I reach all my goals. ❤️ • • wednesdaywisdom weightloss weightlosstransformation weightlossjourney weightlossmotivation weightlossinspiration weightlossgoal weightlosscommunity weightlossstory weightlosssupport weightlossdiary weightlosshelp weightlossgoals weightlossprogress progressnotperfection beforeandafter thenandnow underconstruction newme healthylifestyle nevergiveup keepgoing cantstopwontstop fitnessjourney naturalweightloss 86poundsdown neverlookback healthyhabits fitfam fedupfam

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Had a workout buddy this morning, his nap time apparently has changed without consulting me lol, we have had to get used to this, only worked out twice last week, that's not acceptable This wk I need to at least workout 3 times, then starting next WK, Mon to Fri workouts guys! Going to Mexico in July and want to feel and look my best blessedbeyondmeasure mrzrdzjourney momlife momofboys momof4 noexcuses gottoputworkin igotgoals igotthis cantstopwontstop joinmeorwatchme operationtransformation transforming myweightlossjourney myjourney myjourneywithjaytrainzz TrainGang traingangonline myketojourney thiswaytoketo thegrindisreal motivated disciplined

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This was a HUGE moment for me this morning Counterbalancing means my core is getting stronger and my handstands are becoming more upright I’m so happy I could cry 😭 IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS PEOPLE gangsterboogie cantstopwontstop

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Happy Wednesday all. No update weight loss Wednesday this week since I'm back to the initial weight of last weekyes! This weekend splurge of pizza gained me 3ish lbs for the diet bet weigh in but happy to say I got them down. Now to keep at it to get to my goals. nonegativevibes positivethinking positiveaffirmations dailymotivation onedayatatime cantstopwontstop determined weightlossmotivation losingweight thisismyjourney weightlosssupport fitnessjourney weightlossjourney lifestylechange bodytransformation takingcareofmyself determination lovingmyself healthierme progressnotperfection

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Good morning! The sun is shining, it’s cool outside, and the day is just getting started. Do you ever have an ah-ha moment? I look at these moments as a message from God, saying “I have this for you. And I know exactly what you need and when you need it.” One of the many things I am grateful for is the time that’s been returned recently. It’s opening freedom to spend more time with my youngest daughter as she begins her day, spending more quality time with my husband and oldest , and it’s allowing more freedom to focus on the passion and purpose He has placed in my Heart. And most importantly it’s allowing me to press in to my Faith. Trusting He has it all under control. No need to worry. At the end of the day the people that matter most are the ones you surround yourself with. Love them fully for who they are and appreciate the time you have with them today.

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If you still look cute after your workout do it again! 😅 Ladies, please stop comparing yourselves to the fitness IG models you’re following That’s exactly what they are MODELS! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Between perfect hair, makeup AND perfect lighting How many reps do you think they actually did between shots? 🤔 beyoutiful beyourownwcw workitoutwednesday hotmessexpress yourjourney sweatlikeapigtolooklikeafox sweatyselfie sweatfitness phillygyms gymflow cantstopwontstop watchme evolvewithaymee

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The big 3 0 :: 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 Damn, gettin up there. Nothing but up from here. Thank you Lord for this year, and for your spirit. Thank you for all of your clarity and guidance and confidence. Happy Birthday to me! 30 baby. We lit. 🎂🎂 cantstopwontstop

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A transformation pic on a Wednesday. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Haven’t posted one because I’m so hard on myself. I’m not where I want to be yet but I do need to appreciate those small changes. This journey is not for the weak, it takes time and discipline! Sometimes motivation is not there either, and you have to remind yourself why you started. It’s really a trial and error thing because it’s not a one size fits all, but once you find what works for you it becomes part of you and you just don’t want to stop! 💪🏼 youvsyou becomingabetterme cantstopwontstop whatkeepsmesane fitnessmotivation

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Have you ever had that- a moment where you’ve reached one of your goals- so maybe you felt done after that. Maybe the next day you took it easy, because hey you made it I’ve done that Something I’m working on is consistency To just keep going- because my goals aren’t little - they be big. All the little steps along the way - are micro accomplishments. And when I hit the big one - I can’t wait to see what I’m going to dream up next. ❤️ advocat4u invincible success beingsuccessful successful bigdreams dreamer dreamers imadreamer bigdreamer bigdreamers believer believers imabeliever dontstopmenow dontstopbelieving dontstop babydontstop cantstop cantstopwontstop cantstopme workfromhomemom workfromhomemommy workfromhomemoms girlbosslife girlbosslifestyle girlboss girlbosses girlbosstribe

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It's a vibe😜 Have you booked? • • • • • • 10-17mm- D&Cc-Curl (Ja'Winks Extensions)• • • 1on1 training is available (📞312-241-9854)• • • • jawinks jwinksteam lashlife lashes lashesonpoint lashed chicago chicagoextensions megavolumelashes eyelashextensionstraining CantStopWontStop lashout theshaderoom isolation extensions chi atl la megalashes lashextensions beyourownboss lashlife lashmaker balleralert chicagonails chicagohair entrepreneur chicagominks minks forbesbefore30

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❤😘MAKEUP SPECIALS!👧❤ Με το Can't Stop Won't Stop Liquid Foundation της nyxprofessionalmakeup θα πετύχετε το ιδανικό αδιάβροχο makeup, με 24ωρη διάρκεια και επαγγελματικό αποτέλεσμα, μόνο με 16,45€ στο WHAT'S NEW του!😱 🎁 ΔΩΡΕΑΝ ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΗ για όλες σας τις αγορές! keanecosmetics whatsnew cantstopwontstop nyxcosmeticsgreece webexclusive beautyjunkie crueltyfreebeauty

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You have to believe in you no one else can do it for you!

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DESAYUNO Y SUS BENEFICIOS: Es sabido que el hábito de desayunar es beneficioso para la salud. Esto también depende mucho de la selección de alimentos. Pero el desayuno es más que comer, en nuestra experiencia lo que desayunas puede: 1) alegrarte el día, poniéndote a sonreír temprano; 2) darte un espacio en el que sabes que estás ocupandote de ti; 3) sentar el paso del resto del día con un desayuno que te llene de energía; Hoy mi desayuno fue lamejorgranola con un cafecitoisleño (obviamente). Brindarte un buen comienzo para tus días es una de las razones principales por las que estamos aquí.

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I am so glad I decided to make it a great day yesterday. I surpassed my 10k steps goal. I ran 4.2 miles yesterday and am so damn proud of myself. I made a delicious dinner and watched the Bruins win game 7. I woke up today feeling proud and excited to make today another great day.