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Just walking through the crowds with intentional awareness of how I feel in my body🧜‍♀️ My minds attention is on my own experience, enjoying the movement and feeling my flow🌊 Body lessons: . ➡️ I am learning that how I carry and feel in my own body is up to me💃. People's opinions reflects their own experience and thinking and I don't need to always let that in ➡️ My purpose in life is NOT a constant attempt to shapeshift my body for it to fit in to societal expectations or to please others ➡️ My body carries me through life 💗 and it is my responsibility to listen and honour my physical needs "When I embrace and own my experience I glow" 💎 . bodythoughts Bodyesteem bopo dancetoheal bodyimage bodyrespect beinginyourbody carryyourself darwin dance braziliansamba movement bodymovement selfcare selfreflection selfesteem dietitiandancer darwindietitian staynourished NonDietApproach

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Interpretations, the world of content Pt. 2

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Be your own hero. 🧡

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Why do you carry more than you need? Prove yourself to yourself not others carryyourself . Besides, these days less is more Designed for the small essentials we all really need in to make life feel like your living goodstart goodstartjones wolverhampton smallbag designerbags bagdesign bumbag utilitybag gadgetbag travelbag handluggage fashionbag designerbagsforsale handmade madeinengland custommade olive shoebag traveler backpacker student skaters artist pencilcase essentials green

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Ik ben echt een addict waar het notitieboeken en planners betreft. Deze week zit ik een week in Amsterdam voor werk en fun. Een koffer met uitzoekmateriaal mee en de afgelopen dagen heel veel werk verzet. Toch gaat er weer bijna net zoveel mee terug want ik scoorde notitieboeken, een planner en kleding. Wel ben ik veel selectiever geworden wat er mijn huis in komt. Ik ben niet voor niks al een jaar aan het opruimen. Elke maand gooi ik het aantal items weg adhv het aantal dagen. 1 mei 1 ding. 2 mei 2 dingen tot 31 mei 31 dingen (496 totaal in mei) Nu na een jaar wordt mijn huis steeds meer opgeruimd, maar er is nog steeds kleding, paperassen e.a. spullen weg te doen. Wel mogen we nu ook digitaal opruimen. (Wij zijn de opruim-goeroes :)) (na een jaar opruimen vonden we wel dat we ons goeroes mochten noemen 😂😂😂) Sinds ik dit doe ben ik me veel bewuster geworden van wat ik koop en wat en waarom ik spullen bewaar. Ik deelde de tools die ik gebruikte en mijn inzichten de afgelopen maand in de besloten FBgroep "the Toolclutch Way" Je kan het terugkijken als je er meer over wilt weten. Vraag dan via FB toestemming tot de groep. carryyourself feelgoodgirlmeetsbusinesslady planner notitieboek detox opruimen declutteren thetoolclutchway opruim-goeroes

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It’s all in the way you carry yourself. I am confident because I can admit who I am, what I’ve done, and love myself for who I’ve become. My growth game is strong and who I am is even stronger. I believe in myself and who I am becoming. I’m not even done growing Want to be part of my next chapter? Learning to grow into what we all know we are capable of being? Join me carryyourself growthegame growth believe confidence kindness doingitforme doitforyou positivevibes travel inspire lovinglife singlemom singlemomlife bossmom momofgirls amys_sweetlife

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💥 How I’m starting my Monday morning! I have a million in one things to do today, I have worry in my mind, but have faith in my heart ❤️I’ve been putting myself down for the past couple months, getting back into that funk I was in months ago before I started my journey. Why? It’s my mindset. I got comfortable. I over think too much. I’m too nice. I’m too sweet. I take on too much. I’m gullibly at times. I just lost faith in myself. Not because I can’t handle something, but because the way I carry myself, people use that as a weakness or I work my ass off to have things happen like a domino affect, like my car 🤦🏼‍♀️When you think you got the answers, but get knocked two more times down! 🤷🏼‍♀️That’s ok though! Why!? Those that carry themselves ALWAYS get back up! ALWAYS! Thats where the faith come back! You have to be reminded sometimes. I’ve been hearing from a couple I have the most respect for tell me “ you have to have faith” these words can be easier said than done? But it’s so simple and they are right! Never let another person control your emotions. Speak up for what’s right?! In all aspects of life! You want a change, it’s up to YOU to make that happen, right?! Nobody else! All you can do is carry yourself, speak truth and be kind. And in hopes the people you come into contact with either see you, or follow your steps. There’s a way to life, we are better together than alone. I’m taking this Monday to reflect that everything that has happened this year already, will only make me stronger, wiser, prepared, understand betrayal, understand growth, understand Strength, understand people don’t think like you, understand I’am Me and no one can take that away I’ll sip on my tea ☕️ 🐸🌷☀️ and let my day unfold! 🙏🏼 rise up! Level up! foodforthought myjourney myfocus mydetermination struggleisreal behumble bekind carryyourself leaveanimpression 2019 getuncomfortable

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Gör det enkelt och handla present hos oss. Alla våra smycken kommer i en designad ask, innehållande ett gåvobrev som beskriver dig som person. Vilken färg beskriver dig? Gör personlighetstestet på vår hemsida

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Volgende maand op 26 mei ben ik bij LOES in Papendrecht voor een inspirerende middag " de ultieme JIJ" Wil je weten wat een life & careercoach voor jou kan betekenen? Kom dan kennismaken en maak kennis met de boardtool en de geweldige sfeer en het lekkers van LOES. Wil je als ondernemer met mij aan het werk omdat business coaching je naar het volgende level kan tillen? Op 1 juni start ik met een groep ondernemers gezamenlijk met de Online Training Jij Onderneemt Het. Hierover binnenkort meer. Zie ook link in bio. carryyourself feelgoodgirlmeetsbusinesslady lifecareerbusinesscoaching loespapendrecht onlinetraining onlinecoaching

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Inga tunga vikter idagefter mitt besök hos sjukgymnasten i onsdags så har jag fått övningar för min onda axel & överansträngda knän. 4ggr/v i 3v. Varav en övning 3ggr/dag! Så dagens PT-pass hade mycket fokus på mental styrka 🧠💪🏻👊🏻💭 rygg-& mage med efterföljande rehabövningar! Jag vill ju kunna ut å svinga igen 🏌️‍♀️⛳️🎯 Tack för dagens ’sparring’, Maria Ekberg! ❤️ Känner mig redan starkare 😉 pt_mariaekberg nordicwellnesskavlinge carryon carryyourself teamwork annagoesleanbutstrongandhealthy strongisthenewblack hjärnstark

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Generally, names have meaning, and it's the meaning that gives the name power Associating a name with a product gives context, but associating a product with a particular name gives the product meaning, identity, and that same power goodstart goodstartjones wolverhampton backpackers brandingiron videotutorial osb woodwork canvasbag canvas woodsack backpack branding rucksack mensfashion womensfashion westmidlands carryyourself carpentry sample art artist fashionbag woodcraft britishmade handmade madeinengland

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On my face a wear a smile that shows some great big teeth! To friends it brings happiness and to enemies it brings defeat! 🙌🏼 . Dont let others bring you down. Life is beautiful and full of everything good so make the most of it. Let the haters be jealous that their comments or actions do effect you like others effect them Kill'em with kindness bekind behappy happy content stunninglife liveitup instamotivation motivation saturdaytalks thinkaboutit catempire fulloflife everythinggood hatersgonnahate begraceful carryyourself power girlboss badassery blogcapetown capetownlove smile drinkwine blog girlbossbadassery dontsweatthesmallstuff

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A chance to go deeper and explore how we care for ourselves.

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With summer being upon us and comfortable outfits coming out of our closetcotton is the most required ingredient to wrap upon Teaming fabindianews cotton long skirt with a lossy dozzy white knot top 😃 fabindia cotton summerstyling likeitwrapit whitelover lookoftheday outfitinspo outfitgoal outfitinspirations lookbooks ootdshare outfitpost womenfashions womenstyleblogger dressdifferently indianbloggers carryyourself dslrshot photographylover believer willpowered love peace music karma firesignsoul