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Niederösterreich ist das an Großlandschaften vielseitigste Bundesland Österreichs. Im Osten dominiert das Nordöstliche Flach- und Hügelland, im Westen wechseln sich Waldviertel, Alpenvorland, Voralpen und Alpenostrand ab Landschaften in niederösterreich loweraustria instamap cartography similio_noe dataviz datascience startup gis esri statistics map maps geography oesterreich austria Австрия Oostenrijk Rakousko Autriche similio igersaustria visionsOFaustria visionsaustria

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Sketches of my piece, ‘Anthropocene Markers’ featured in the May 2019 issue of Vogue Russia for the upcoming ‘Time, Forward!’ exhibition at this year’s Venice Biennial. The piece combines what is believed to be one of the first human made ‘artificial’ materials, ceramic; with video, sculpture and contemporary satellite imagery of planet Earth. The last image is of the Surkhandarya province in southern Uzbekistan taken on June 27, 2018 by USGS/NASA Landsat. More info about the piece to follow once the exhibition is open 🌍🛰 . Эскизы моей работы ‘Anthropocene Markers’ для предстоящей выставки ‘Время, вперед!’ на Венецианской биеннале представлены в майском номере Vogue Russia, 2019. Произведение сочетает в себе один из первых ‘искусственных’ материалов, изобретенных человеком — керамику, с видео, скульптурой и современными спутниковыми фотографиями нашей планеты Земля. На последнем изображении фотография Сурхандарьинской области на юге Узбекистана, полученная 27 июня 2018 года Геологической службой США / NASA Landsat. Более подробная информация о произведении после открытия выставки 🌏🛰 timeforward anthropocenemarkers cartography surveillance satelliteImagery viewfromspace planetEarth screenperformance screenchoreography videoart ceramic sculpture voguerussia vogue venicebiennial biennaledivenezia vacfoundation art contemporaryart dariairincheeva времявперед анторопоцен картография спутниковыекарты видео керамика скульптура дарьяиринчеева

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Valley of Creation was discovered by Amal Tarim in 457 year after the Golden War. This finding shed light on the origins of mortals and gods and is considered the greatest discovery in history of Vallsadar Долина Созидания была открыта Amal Tarim в 457 году после Золотой войны. Она пролила свет на происхождение смертных и богов и считается величайшим открытием в истории Валлсадара map maps fantasymap mapmaking cartography art fantasycartography handdrawing dnd rpg mapping rpgmap artwork dungeonsanddragons fantasy worldbuilding ink inkdrawing drawing

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I treasure this beautiful 1921 Ordnance Survey contoured road map of Hastings with an illustration by Ellis Martin. I bought it when I lived in Battle, East Sussex.

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Chronique! 📝 Quand je disais hier « chronique très très bientôt », je ne pensais pas que ce bientôt serait ce matin! 🗺 J’ai été complètement happé par la lecture d’ « Une ville de papier » d’Olivier Hodasava, dont je ne ferai pas le résumé (la 4ème de couverture le fait très bien). 🗺 L’écriture tourbillonnante et d’une limpidité remarquable d’Olivier Hodasava vous embarque, dès la première page, dans un voyage spatio-temporel qui transcende les époques et que vous ne quittez qu’une fois le roman refermé (et encore pas tout à fait). 🗺 Ces 162 pages agissent sur le lecteur comme un film - et prennent autant de temps à être lues. L’écriture est très visuelle et la construction en fractale vous conduit sur les traces du jeune cartographe, puis du narrateur sur les traces du jeune cartographe, dans un fourmillement d’érudition amusante - séries d’anecdotes qui vous font perdre pied avec le réel. La frontière entre fiction et réalité est en effet délicieusement floue, et attise la curiosité et l’imagination. 🗺 Pour l’architecte que je suis, cette plongée dans une(des) ville(s) imaginaire(s) laisse rêveur, et je me suis endormi des idées plein la tête. 🗺 editionsinculte olivierhodasava unevilledepapier litterature litteraturefrancaise litteraturecontemporaine roman lecture lectureencours lecturedumoment nouveau nouveaute nouveautes livre livres book books booksbooksbooks bookstagram instalivre photo urbanism cartographie cartography architecture

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Pwy sy’n dod i ddigwyddiad Carto-Cymru eleni ar y 31 Mai? Ffocws y symposiwm fydd gwaith Humphrey Llwyd sef tad cartograffeg Cymru. Tocynnau ar gael drwy ein gwefan Who’s coming to our Carto Cymru event this year on 31 May? The symposium will concentrate on the work of Humphrey Llwyd, the father of Welsh cartography. Tickets available now on our website BlwyddynDarganfod InventorOfBritain HumphreyLlwyd450 YearofDiscovery llyfrgell library cymru wales map mapiau maps celf art cartograffeg cartography

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My morning views at Hotel Indigo in Durham, England. The DurhamARCTIC Summer School and Ice Law Conference begin today.

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„Planul cetății Timișoara… cu linia esplanadei de 1000 stânjeni, ordonată în anul 1750” Cercetările noastre ne poartă de multe ori în lumea cartografiei și suntem mereu entuziaști să descoperim diferite hărți ale Timișoarei și împrejurimilor sale, hărți esențiale pentru o bună înțelegere a evoluției urbanistice a orașului, a felului în care dimensiunea urbană și cea umană s-au modelat și influențat reciproc de-a lungul timpului. Imagini: 1. Hartă din 1750, regăsită în lucrarea lui Mihai Opriș, „Timișoara. Monografie urbanistică”, 2007. Direcţia nord este în dreapta imaginii, astfel încât stânga-sus vedem cartierele Iosefin şi Elisabetin, iar în partea de jos a hărţii, Fabricul. 2. Detaliu hartă din 1911, ilustrând traseul tramvaiului prin oraș, Corneliu Bărbulescu 3. Planul orașului Timișoara, circa 1920, Editura Librăriei „Globul” “Timișoara’s fortress plan… with the esplanade line of 1600 feet, arranged in the year 1750 ” Our research frequently takes us into the world of cartography, and we are always enthusiastic to discover new maps of Timișoara and its surroundings, essential maps for a good understanding of the city’s urbanistic evolution, and of the way the urban and human dimensions have been shaping and influencing each other throughout time. Images: 1. Map from 1750, found in “Timișoara. Urbanistic monograph” by Mihai Opriș, 2007. The northern direction is towards the right side of the image, therefore we can see Iosefin and Elisabetin neighbourhoods in the upper left side of the map, and Fabric in its lower part. 2. Detail from a 1911 map which shows the tramway’s route through the town, Corneliu Bărbulescu 3. Timișoara city plan, roughly 1920, “Globul” Library Publishing TA2019 turdearhitectura cartography

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Australasia 69 years ago today: United States of Indonesia (25 Apr 1950) Dutch efforts to reconquer Indonesia in 1947–49 brought condemnation by the United Nations. Backing down, the Netherlands accepted the independence of the United States of Indonesia - a federation which included both the nationalist Republic of Indonesia and 15 states established by the Dutch. However the Republic quickly began to assert control over the other states, provoking the south Maluku Islands to declare independence. australasia history welovemaps map 1950 1950s april april25 australianhistory indonesianhistory dutcheastindies dutchempire republicofindonesia southeastasia westnewguinea maps irianjaya todayinhistory historytoday welovehistory oceania historyteacher historybuff historygeek historynerd worldhistory cartography modernhistory 20thcentury colonialism

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They found themselves making the journey to the capital in the very beginnings of autumn. The trees began to turn those sweet sunset colors sporadically. The nature surrounding them was thriving,the forest taking its best form.The stoped for a moment staring at the changing leaves and picking pink and yellow flowers. Amongst the greenery and plants they fails to notice the eyes turn on them. Suddenly a big frong-like crwture popped out or the bushes and infront of their path. The size of a small , the creature was as green as the leaves, one black line making it way from the back of its slimy neck down to its top lip. From the flowers a small head peaked out and seeing the green one a yellow jumped beside him. This one had colorful rocks on its head forming a helmet and once it took its place from the bushes beside them one red as a strawberry with green leaves around its neck joined them. The grungs seemed scared and eager to protect their home from invaders who in their mind were picking it apart🐸 dnd dnddungeon dndmap dndbattlemap dndbattle dndgrid dnd5ed dnd5e dungeonmaster dungeonmap dungeonsanddragons dungeon dungeonsandmaps dungeonbattle dungeongrid ttrpgs ttrpg rpgmap rpgbattle rpggrid rpg tabletop tabletopgame tabletoprpg nerd cartography campaign fantasy

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Borough, South London Map, one of those gems in London you keep going back to explore, a fun place to hang out or go on a date to, walk around the market pick up a coffee at monmouth coffee or the grind, enjoy some cake at konditor and cook if you like pasta head to Padella go early to avoid the queues, the breakfast club is a great place for brunch and if you like something fancy head to the shard for some cheeky cocktails map maps cartography southlondon london boroughmarket travelmap ink pen  illustration  draw  rotringpen  inkstagram inkart  artwork  instaart digitalart  instagood  creative  design artoftheday  instaartist  traveldraw  traveldrawing travelvlogger  travelanddraw  travelmapdrawing

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Publicada, al Visor de cartografia de la generalitatvalenciana, la capa manual d'exemples constructius de bones pràctiques en mobilitat sostenible, què inclou enllaços web a fitxes descriptives i exemples cartography maps mapping roads mobility,4144532,1163962,4591677&nivelZoom=8&capasids=Orto_Actual;,Movilidad;11,Movilidad;1010,Movilidad;1009,Movilidad;1008,Movilidad;1007,Movilidad;1006,Movilidad;1005,Movilidad;1004,Movilidad;1003&tcapas=1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0

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En fazla kaç kg taşıdın ❓Londra, İngiltere’de çalışırken eşyalarını sırtında taşıyor. 🧰 Foroğraf: geospatial_lauren 👷🏻‍♀️ 📍İngiltere, Londra 🇬🇧 Daha Fazlası için takipte kalınız 👈 ◾️Map Engineering◾️ mapengineering GeomaticsEngineering surveyor surveying civilsurvey landsurvey realsurveyors civilengineering geomaticsengineering topography cartography survey surveylife geomatics vermessung construccion mapping topografia engineering civilengineers landsurveying landsurveyor surveyaz gps turkey inşaat totalstation surveyworld trimble geodesy

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What are your thoughts on this build? Owner - alex.choi

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Repost limesonline ( get_repost) ・・・ STORIA E GEOPOLITICA DEL VENEZUELA 🇻🇪 Il petrolio nella storia del Venezuela è stato uno spartiacque: il Venezuela rurale, agricolo e contadino ha intrapreso diversi progetti di modernizzazione nel XX secolo a partire dall’improvvisa ricchezza petrolifera; tuttavia, la sua essenza come nazione – militarismo, caudillismo e centralismo – è rimasta più o meno intatta. E appunto lì sta la chiave di lettura dei falliti tentativi di compiere il «salto» verso la modernità. Quel che accade nel 2019, duecento anni dopo l’indipendenza, è un altro balzo frustrato verso un modello di modernità socialista-militarista, sostenuto solo dal flusso inaspettato di un ciclo favorevole delle materie prime e immerso nello schema di alleanze tipico di un petrostato. Leggi l'analisi su Limesonline (link in bio) instaLimes instadaily notizie nofilter mappe mappa map maps mondo mondi geopolitica cartography igersitalia today venezuela april nicolásmaduro hugochávez

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wikipedia Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci (Italian: [leoˈnardo di ˌsɛr ˈpjɛːro da (v)ˈvintʃi] (About this soundlisten); 15 April 1452 – 2 May 1519), more commonly Leonardo da Vinci or simply Leonardo, was an Italian polymath of the Renaissance whose areas of interest included invention, drawing, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, writing, history, and cartography. He has been variously called the father of palaeontology, ichnology,[2] and architecture, and he is widely considered one of the greatest painters of all time. Sometimes credited with the inventions of the parachute, helicopter, and tank,[3][4][5] he epitomised the Renaissance humanist ideal.

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Love scuba diving? We know we do! Get yourself a Dive Map now and be inspired by and plan your trips to the hudreds of beautiful dive spots all around the world 👍🏼

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It is said that the West entrance to the ruins of the lost city of Volodor is guarded by a terrible monster that hides in the shadows of the Orchard of Bones. The orchard was once one of the beautiful underground fruit gardens of the Lost City, but now a large beast keeps its lair there in the tunnels under the orchard. This map by Miska Fredman is created with the support of my awesome patrons and published under a CC-NC-BY-4.0 license. A high-resolution 300 dpi version with multiple variants of this map is available to my patrons on Patreon (link in bio).