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Looking back at an amazing week with CosmosBirthdayPawty ! 🎉 Thank you EVERYBODY who joined us in celebrating! Thank you for your messages, your stories and your posts! We sure have felt the love! ♥️ pawseccohangovers birthdaypup sundaysnoozes 🎁BUT WHO WON?? 🎁 Swipe to find out Congratulations to the winner 🎉 YOU had the most votes in my insta poll AND with the gran jury! You are the winner of the cavologybrand City Leash! 🤩 I will send you a DM ~With lots of love /Cute Cosmo & his Mom ♥️ cutecosmo 4funnotlikes ———————————|Følgende er Reklame/The following is an Advertisement| 💖 Sad you didn’t win? - Go Use my code at least to get your 10% off! : “COSMO” at checkout for $ off❗️ Grab yourself something from the summer collection! It’s awesome! 🤩 💕 Also🐾 💖Meet my adorable but fierce ruby ladyfriend and her breathtaking brother Storm ournordicpaws / wondersofstorm 🐾 🐶Favourite hastags:🐕 . cavalierworld cavclub cavaliercommunity cavaliersofinstagram cavlife cavalier cavalierclub cavitude cavaliercorner cavalierkingcharlesspaniel dogs WeeklyFluff dogsofbark doggytheworld ellenratemydog dogstagram animalsinfluence bestwoof dog_features pupflix dogsofinstaworld mydogiscutest dailybarker ilovemydog

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Sunday morning snoozing ❤️🐾

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Not so much activity here this week since I haven’t been entirely well. On Thursday I started squinting with my eyes and it turned out that I have gotten cornea inflammation on both eyes 👀 So now I have to take stupid eye drops and medicine several times a day for two weeks 😡 Feeling a little bit better now but still a little way to go. Fingers crossed this thing will go away smoothly ❤️ Pic is from Thursday, it looks better today 🙏 cavalierkingcharlesspaniel ckcs cavalierkingcharles ckcsofinstagram cavaliercommunity cavalierkingcharlesofinstagram cavaliersofinstagram itsacavthing cavaliersofinstagram cavalier_corner cavalierslove_feature thecavalierway cavlife welove_cavaliers thecavalierway cavaliercorner caviesofinstagram cavalierpuppy cavalier cavalierworld cavalierpuppy tricolorcavalier tricolor dailydog dog_features dogsofstockholm puppylove

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I’m Manzo the caddie and ready for hole number one. Who is playing with me today ? ⛳️ dogswithjobs

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An epic capture of an amazing internationalcavalierkingcharlesspanielday meet up in Melbourne earlier today. More than 100 cavaliers attended the event. If you were there today, and we did not sniff meet, please comment and tag yourself below this post. Would love to connect and keep in touch at the monthly cavalier walks. Love, Sir Bobbus Bravo event organisers 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 📷 credit to millie_and_marvins_adventures cavalier blenheim cavlife melbournecavalier ckcs cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavboybobby cavalierkingcharles cavaliersofmelbourne cavalierlove dogsofmelbourne instadog cavalierworld itsacavthing cavalierslove_feature aussiedog dogsofinstagram cavaliersofinstagram cavaholic dog melbournedogs fetch masterofparks melbournecavalier dogpark friends internationalcavalierday elsternwickpark ickcsd internationalcavalierkingcharlesspanielday

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Modeling 💃🏽

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Another day in the ring, another Very Good 🥈 Ariel is done with the dog shows for now, and got a much needed haircut so she doesn’t have to trip on her ears anymore 😉

2 hours ago

We went for the annual International Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Day this afternoon. Such a windy wintry day - perfect weather to don our Adidas jumpers which by the way received lots of lovely comments. Thank you again momflipse for sending these to us ❤️💙 cavalierlover dogsofaustralia cavlove cavaliersofmelbourne cavlife cavaliers ickcsd cavalierkingcharlesspanielsofinstagram cavalierworld dogfashionista cavaholic itsacavthing cavalierlove_feature dogsofinstagram dogstagram doggies doggos pets petsofinstagram dogoftheday nature_cuties dogs dog_features bestdog elsaandfinn lovedogs cutepetclub pets_perfection igclubdogs

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I’ll keep looking at you like this until you give me your breakfast as well as mine

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To mom's birthday we got also this wonderful didital portrait from our lovely friend Brinel mickie_king_cavalier . It is done by mainecoon_loons_and_willow_ !♥ Gino and Jerry were the first two cavaliers in mom's life. Both were very sick but they love their life with all ups and downs. This portrait melt her heart so much♥ You are so thoughtfull Brinel we appreciate this more than special gift very much❤❤ Thanks for all your love❤♥❤ thecavalierway tricolorcavalier itsacavthing kingcharlesspaniel_feature kingcharlesspaniel_of_insta kingcharlesalma kingcharlescavalierspaniel dogslover_club pupsofinstagram cklifefeatures ckcsofinstagram cavisofinstargram ckcspics cavalierlover cavalierkingcharlesapanielsofinstagram cavalierkingcharlesspanielpuppy cavalier_lovers cavaliers cavaliercommunity cavalier_feature cavalierlove_feature cavaliersofinstagram cavmom cavalierkingcharlesspanielofinstagram cavalierlife cavalier_king_lovers cavaliercorner cavaholic cavalierworld cavalier_king_for_life ================================ Via: pabloypepe Follow us for more 🔥 Tag me if you want to be featured 🐶 Using hashtag

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Keep your head up - one day it might rain meatballs 🍖🍖

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This Novermber is really getting me tired. Oh wait, May? How's that possible with all this rain and cold? Guess I'll spend another Sunday sleeping on mum's bed, like the queen of the house that I am! 👑 Happy Sunday everypawdy, hope you can enjoy sunshine more than I do! 🐶🌧🐶 cavalierking cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierkingcharles tricolorcavalier cavaliersofinstagram instacavalier cavalierlove cavalierclub cavaliercorner cavalierworld cavaliercommunity cavalier_feature lovethecav cavlife cavitude cavaholic itsacavthing cavdlingcavthings cavdoingthings ckcs ckcspics ckcsofinstagram pet petstagram instapet dog dogsofinstagram instadog dog_features

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ICKCSD PART 3: We got to go for a walk around the lake with our friends. Paris got to ride in style in Dads arms for a bit because she wasn’t feeling well. When we got back from the walk there was more socialising, we spent some time looking in Mums bag for treats as did our friends, and we cuddled up with our humans while we waited for the raffle because it got really cold 🥶 We were glad Mum brought our coats! 💜💙 cavalier cavlife ckcs cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierkingcharles cavalierworld cavalierpuppy cavaholic cavalierlove blenheimcavalier cavaliersrule cavalierkingdomaus itsacavthing cavalierslove_feature cavaliersofinstagram cavaliersofmelbourne cavaliersofaustralia dogslife dogsofinstagram dogsofmelbourne dogsofaustralia

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ICKCSD PART 2: Not only did we get hang out with lots of our cavy friends, we also got lots of pats from the humans as well! Winston in particular is very good at begging for pats. Can you believe he ran up to the photographer who was sitting on the ground, jumping on her and kissing her while she was trying to take photos 🤣🤣🤣💜💙 cavalier cavlife ckcs cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierkingcharles cavalierworld cavalierpuppy cavaholic cavalierlove blenheimcavalier cavaliersrule cavalierkingdomaus itsacavthing cavalierslove_feature cavaliersofinstagram cavaliersofmelbourne cavaliersofaustralia dogslife dogsofinstagram dogsofmelbourne dogsofaustralia

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Okay, no it's not quite this sunny where I am currently, but wish it was Although saying that, it is fun being wet with my pals and running around everywhere, it's like a zoomie race Hope everyone is having a nice bank holiday weekend 🏃Oh also wishing my human mattmc90 the best of luck today on his marathon in the sideways rain 🌦️ cavalierkingcharlesspaniel cavalierworld cavs cavaliersofinsta piesek pies perro rain sun running runningdog marathonrunner edinburgh lakedistrict keswick countrydog doggo doggomodel ckcspaniel ckcspics ilovemydogs edinburghmarathon2019 cutpuppy

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That sweet spring/summer smell of the bluebells and the sun! 🌺🌞. Bloody love it! (Ps: dad was getting Angles cause I was looking at other dad 👦🏽 and not the camera! 😂🐶). kingcharles cavalier cavaliersofinstagram cavstagram cavigram cavvie dogsofinstagram cavilove cavalierkingcharlesspanielsofinstagram cavalier_feature cavalieroftheday cavalierlife cavalierlover cavalierworld blenheimcavalier dogmodel lilliebonsadventures cavie cavalier_nation cavaliersofinsta cavlovers dogphotography cavclub cavaliercommunity cavaliercorner cavworld Cavalierkingdom 🐶🐶🐶

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Happy Saturday 🎾🥰

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