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25 minutes ago

The shop where we got our hidey huts, cups and other accessories gave us this carrot pee pad. Thank you! 🥕💕 Pawtner: _the_two_little_piggies_ We’re looking for pawtners and friends! Please DM us! 😊

2 hours ago

I'm Suzie, the friendly ghost 👻 Most Creative Account Faceoff Competition by piggyy_princesses

5 hours ago

We didn't have chances to get pictures today but I think this one is sweet, Happy Easter from my piggys to yours!❤🐽••• Tap for more ♞ • • • • Carrot Crew Tagged • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • guineapigsofinsta guineapigstagram caviesofinstagram cavies cavylove guineapigs cavy animals guineapiggy guineapigsofinstagram petsofinstagram piggy cute pets guineapigsof_ig animal love guineapigsofig guineapiggies guineapiglover pet piggies meerschweinchen guinea guineapiglove guineapiglife pig guineapig pigs petstagramo

6 hours ago

Happy Easter! 💖🐇🌿

6 hours ago

Today Baby tried a zucchini squash (courgette) for the first time ever. Her thoughts summarized below: "Oh boy it's a cucumber! I'm so excited because cucumbers are my favorite ever." 😊 *nom nom nom* "Hmmm wait a minute this thing doesn't really taste like cucumber" *sniff sniff sniff* "No thanks mama, I'm outta here to find myself a real cucumber! I don't like this imposter food!"✌

7 hours ago

One is a burrower and another is a mounter (can that be the antonym of burrower?) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 潜りたがりと乗りたがり

9 hours ago

Here's your nugget of piggy info for day 21! Feel free to share any snippets of info you find useful. We have an album full of all of our snippets of info on our Facebook page, that's being continually updated, so if it's easier to share the album please do go ahead and do so. 🐾 tinypaws guineapiglife guineapigfacts guineapig101 nationalpetmonth cute smallfluffy_ig guineapigs guineapigdaily instaguineapigs guineapigsof_ig guineapigfun piggiesofinstagram guineapigcages caviesofinstagram meerschweinchen marsvin cochondinde wheek pets petservices guineapiggrooming guineapighaircut guineapigbath guineapigposts101 petphotography longhair cambridgeshire

10 hours ago

We have good news we hit 600 piggy peeps! Thank you all for being the best followers out there and I’m so glad that you all like keeping up with Oakley and Olivia’s life! We will try to get our official 600 followers post up by tomorrow because mommi won’t be home until tonight. 🥰 600followers guineapigs guineapiglover caviesofinstagram guineapigslove guineapig petstagram capybara cavy pets animals animal pet guinea pig pigs piggy piggies guineapiggies guineapigs englishcrestedguineapig englishcrested crested crestedguineapig cute instagram adorable redeyerock americanguineapig like follow Shoutout to my Pawtners! xo.pepper_pippin_fudge.xo everydaypigmom creampuff_the_winterwhite d_and_s_pigs emmaava_pigs little.adventures5 monkey_the_piggie squeakers guinea_pig_whisperer_

11 hours ago