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What a beautiful sunny day it is today!

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Its Guinea Pig Appreciation Day! I wanted to do something special for them so I made their cages even bigger. The first 3 photos are of the girls updated cage. They have a 6*3 on the bottom with a 6*2 loft. The boys cage is on the last photo. They have a 2*4 for now. I ordered more c&c grids to add a loft. I'm so thankful to have these amazing animals in my life. I absolutely adore them. ~~~~❤️~~~~❤️~~~~❤️~~~~ Follow my piggy pals guinea_pigsislands denewethherd denewethpiggies guineapigs guineapig ilovemyguineapigs happyguineapigs cavy cavies cavylove caviesofig guineapigsofinstagram caviesofinstagram adoptdontshop skinnypigstagram skinnypig peruvianguineapig peruvian sheltieguineapig sheltie abyssinian abyssinianguineapig abbytude americanguineapig denewethbabies

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🎶 I’ll tell ya what I want what I really really want. 🎶

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It’s Guinea Pig Appreciation Day yesterday but we missed it cause it’s DD’s Birthday So here’s a collage of DD and his sisters. ———————————————————— littlelifeoftofuudon guineapig guineapigs guineapigsofig guineapiglove guineapigsofinstagram guineapigsof_ig guineapigstagram guineapigoftheday 天竺鼠 豚鼠 guineapiggy guineapiggies guineapigbaby guineapiglover guineapiglife guineapigposts101 cuteanimals cute cavy cavies caviesofinstagram meerschweinchen pet pets petstagram petsofinstagram kidsandpets

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For all you big guinea pig junkies like me I'd like to wish you a very happy guineapigappreciationday ! And for those who are not, well I hope you can understand my crazy love for these small animals Follow two.queen.guineapigs for more appreciation. 👑💅😘💖 guineapig guineapigs guineapiglove guineapigsofig guineapigsofinstagram cavy cavies cavylove caviesofinstagram caviesofig cavymom guineapigmom (in order or appearance) poppytheguineapig rufustheguineapig skytheguineapig cocoatheguineapig jacktheguineapig peppertheguineapig

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It’s Guinea Pig Appreciation Day! I appreciate Blondie because he’s a wonderful companion. He’s sweet and snuggly and just a little bit sassy! I love my Blondie bear and I appreciate him every day. guineapig guineapigs guineapigsofinstagram guineapigsofig guineapigsof_ig guinea pig piggy piggies cavy cavyslave cavyslaveforever cavysavvy petstagram guineapigstagram guinstagram pigstagram guineapigspam petspam cavyspam caviesofinstagram pets pet petspam petsarefamily cobaya cobaye meerschweinchen

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We are so happy to have been adopted by our humans. They have been spoiling us since our arrival here with fun new items in our cage 🥰😇 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • guineapig guineapigcare guineapigparent guineapigmom cavies cavylove guineapiglife guineapigsofinstagram guineapiglove fuzzyinstapigs pawfect_piggies_of_ig smallfluffy_ig guineapigoftheday caviesofinstagram petsarefamily petsarelife love cute adopted explorepage likes likesforlikesback comment followusformore newpost checkusout petpost

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It's hard living the mer-life

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Voilà enfin, une semaine après leur naissance, les photos individuelles des derniers nés 😍 3 sont à réserver : le mâle porteur skinny, le mâle skinny et une des deux femelles. Ils sont tous agouti doré. Il seront disponibles à partir du 25 août 🤗 Je profite à donc de mes petits culs nu 😘 cochondinde chon cobaye cobaya cobayas skinnyguineapig cochondindeskinny skinnybaby skinnypig skinny skinnycarriers skinnycavia caviaporcellus meerschweinchenliebe meerschweinchen guineapigbaby guineapigslove guineapiggies guineapig breed cavybreeder caviesofinstagram cavygram cavy cavylove lepaysceltique france passion babycavy babyanimals

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Happy Guinea pig appreciation day! Appreciate these pigs Do you have a dedicated pig snack shelf in your fridge? To celebrate appreciation day Tucker was allowed to get in the fridge this time. Its getting cleaned tomorrow so it's ok 😂😍

7 hours ago

Happy Guinea Pig Appreciation Day. There has been stressful times, however the joy these little outlaws have given me far outweighs any of it, as well as giving me a responsibility for something other than myself 👍 Happy to make them happy. 😊 • • • Pawtner: purrggys lola_and_pip_ patchesofwonder Tags: guineapig love animal guineapigofig petstagram guineapiglife pet cavy cavies guinea arizona guineapiglovers pets cute guineapigs cutieguineapig cuteguineapig guineapigsofinstagram guineapiglover outlawcavies guineapiglove guineapiggies guineapigsof_ig instacute guineapiglife guineapigstagram petsofinstagram instapets guineapigherd caviesofinstagram

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What are you looking at mom? Dad said I could

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I LoVE My kALe! 🐽❤️🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬🥬

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Piggly and Wiggly having a little banana lunch! 🐽❤️🍌