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19 minutes ago

Tofu: “get my good side ma” 😎😂

32 minutes ago

I need you to send positive vibes to my little Simón, he is not feeling too well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤ guineapiglovers guineapigs cobaya cavy Necesito que mandéis buenas vibraciones a mi pequeño Simón que no se encuentra muy bien. Gracias de corazón 😘😘😘❤❤❤

47 minutes ago

Pepper ist mein Lieblingsschwein, obwohl sie weder zutraulich ist noch Berührungen jeglicher Art mag 😏😊 (natürlich sind alle anderen auch meine tollen Meeris, Pepper nur bissi mehr 😅🤣) Habt ihr in euren Gruppen auch ein Lieblingstier? guineapig guineapigs meerschweinchen meeris cavia moppelgaeng californiaguineapig californiameerschweinchen glatthaarmeerschweinchen peruanerguineapig peruanermeerschweinchen sweetpet sweetpets haustier pet petlovers meerschwein meerschweinchenandiemacht worldofcutepets petsofinstagram instapet instagram guineapiggies guineapigsofinstagram schweinchenliebe frischesgrünzeug frischfutter cavylove cavy piggies

53 minutes ago

Can’t you tell I’m a little too excited for the aladdinliveaction movie hitting theaters TOMORROW😜🧞‍♂️

54 minutes ago

The piggies exploring their new setup 😍 They were super excited and had so much fun! 😂 Btw, the hammock on top is not going to stay there. I just put it there, because I am considering building an extra floor, so I wanted to see what it looked like.

1 hour ago

Pumpkin heard whispers in the old man's whiskers that if you close your eyes and wish a cucumber will appear 🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🌬🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒 Check out my adorable pawtners guineagurls szafir_guineapig pickleandnigel threehappyrabbits .💜🌼💜🌼💜 . guineapig guineapigs cavy cavies cuteguineapigs guineapiglovers guineapiglife guineapigsofinstagram smallanimals cuteanimals animals pets pocketpets cutepets gpig australiancavy instaguineapigs instagpig petsofinstagram animals cavylove photography

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1 hour ago

The piggies have a wonderful view of the smiling circle border the story being the hooman asked the other hooman to dig a circle border for more plants, and the hooman made a smiley face, the other hooman said it is not staying, but everyone apparently wants it to stay, we would like it to stay, it makes us smile 😁🐹 guineapig guineapigs cavy cavies guineapigview garden gardenview

1 hour ago

Arthur doing his best dairylea triangle Impression

2 hours ago

通販にて販売開始しました✨ うちの子が普段食べている牧草です🎶 穂もたくさん入っていて、青々とした香り、お値段以上の品質です。 ぜひお試し下さいませ☺️ GEX おいしいチモシー650g yahoo店 Amazon店にて販売しております。 *お写真分はうちの子用です^^; もる組 morugumi ふわもこ部 モルモット guineapig cavy 기니피그  モルモットチャンネル  yahooショッピング  うさぎ  牧草 GEX

2 hours ago

It’s odd he looks like as if his head grows bigger while body grows smaller😂🤣😅 guineapig cavy pet