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올 여름 2019 공포가 다가온다 뚜둥 검정색 눈도 안보이는 그녀석은 건초 그릇앞에 쓰러져있고 발견한 집사는 놀라는데 2019년 최대 기대작 1000천 만 돌파 기대작 "배부른 깜투의 편히 쉬는법 (feat: 눈안보인다고 무서워 말라) .꼬밍쑴 깜투 깜투공포영화주연 눈안보임 감독:집사 주연:깜투 조연: 건초렉.깜투똥 올블랙기니피그 kkamtu allblackguineapig Guinea Guineapig cavy cavylove

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日曜日のこんばんは~♪の福ちゃん♪ 日曜日は恒例の体重測定日。 * * * 今週の体重は1,253g 先週の1,239gから14g増加。 また、大きくなりました。 💩の調子もまあまあで天候不順でも福ちゃんは元気いっぱいです。 * * * * * guinapig guniapiglove guniapigs cavylove cavy もるもる協会_No48 モルモット 天竺鼠 アビシニアンモルモット guinapig_photo 笹が好き 福ちゃん guinapig_photographer guniapigsofig 体重測定 guinapig_photo_japan ダイエットせんばね モルモットのジャンプ もるすたぐらむ 福ちゃん体重 cavya もるもる協会 福ちゃん体重測定 体重減少 extolevel エクストレベル モルモット好きな人と繋がりたい * * *

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Someone's fluffy butt is not quite as fluffy now! High maintenance piggy. She's had nails done, butt trimmed and a bath! This is half of what we trimmed. guineapigsofinstagram cavylove fluffybutt

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Always a keen nose for food 😋😋

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“We haven’t been doing anything mum, honest” 😂 Why do they both have such guilty faces?!

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Q餅 不是在吃草屑 就是在啃草 不然就是在嗑飼料 所以快九個月大的她已經890g ※※※ 蕨餅 屋子一擺進去就窩在裡面不出來 偶爾叼一根草進屋子慢慢吃 聽到飼料聲也會一個箭步衝出 但沒吃多久又進屋了 所以快九個月大的只有730g 動物写真 animalsphotography photography 天竺鼠 豚鼠 荷蘭豬 guineapig モルモット 動物 animals ペット cavy guineapiglove cavylove cuteanimal 毛小孩 guineapigs petlove モルモットのいる生活 モルモットかわいい モルモット好きな人と繋がりたい Q餅和蕨餅

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Rocko + Tiffany watching mummy busy cleaning all the guests this morning help guys ?? No volunteers cavy cavylove

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Morning piggie pals, I've not been around whilst mummy has been getting better but I'm back I am loving my run around the lawn, eating all the grass,mint and dill. Funnily enough though, I am still hungry for my breakfast when I go back to my crate! Take care Love Teddie xxx guineapigs pigs4life guineapigs ilovepiggies i_love_piggies i_love_guineapigs guineapiglover cavylove ilovecavies guineas4life love_guineas guineapigs4life guineapigsrule guineapigsgorlife thefoodpiggies crystalcitycavies ladypigforf sid_and_sebastian pipcast piggiesonwheels oliverandchestnut guineapigadventures officialpigdad puddingloki the3couchpotatoes guineapigswithfriends

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It's a jungle out there! 🦍 pepathepig

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Look at this goof 💖💖

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Sunday vibes 😍❤️ what have you got planned today friends? - Digger 🐹

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What a lazy potato🥔🥔