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So much energy and excitement last night at the celtics game!

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Kyrie hit tough bucket after tough bucket to fuel the celtics' huge comeback win in Boston! ☘️ 📊: 37 PTS | 6 3PM | 6 REB | 7 AST

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I am officially down on the Boston Celtics. I was super amped last night to watch them win. I'm going to review the tape one last time. However, while our defense does impress me, our offense not so much. We're still relying on Brad Stevens' offense which is predicated on switching multiple times until you get the matchup you want then forcing it, alongside a lot of 3 point shots. This offense may work on the Bucks as it usually does. However, it will not work vs the Raptors. The Pacers are a tough team so Celtics fans should be excited. However, relying on a switch isolation offense and one man is very risky. Didn't work for Harden vs Leonard. Won't work for the Celtics if we don't move the ball more. Do you guys follow my Logic or am I complicating it too much? What are your thoughts? • Celtics BostonCeltics KyrieIrving CUsRise

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RESUMEN DE PLAYOFFS. Los Celtics sufren para ganar a los Pacers, pero gracias a una remontada en el último cuarto liderada por Kyrie Irving, aseguran sus dos partidos en el Garden. El base acabó con 37 puntos. James Harden con un triple doble de 32 puntos, 13 rebotes y 10 asistencias domina a Utah y pone el 2-0 en la serie. Otra paliza de los Rockets a unos Jazz que siguen sin carburar. Los Bucks siguen imparables y vuelven a ganar por una amplia diferencia a Detroit pese a la buena primera parte de estos. Eric Bledsoe fue el máximo anotador con 27 puntos y Giannis dejó otra gran actuación con un 26+12. jamesharden kyrieirving giannisantetokounmpo NBAPlayoffs celtics bucks rockets jazz pacers pistons

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Good Kid Maad City Review 1. Sing about me I’m dying of thirst 2. The art of peer pressure 3. Money trees 4. Maad city 5. Backseat freestyle 6. Swimming pools 7. Sherane aka master splinters daughter 8. Bitch don’t kill my vibe 9. Poetic justice 10. Good kid 11. Compton 12. Real Overall a 9.8/10 astroworldtour mcu supervillain mfdoom kendricklamar travisscott astroworld funnymemes dankmemes hoodfights hoodmemes goodkidmaadcity endgame uzivertedits playboicartiedit playboicarti nbaplayoffs okcthunder warriors raptors celtics

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How many times has Kyrie been an ALL-STAR?! kyrieirving

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Eu já ouvi e tive que ler pessoas dizendo que Kyrie não poderia liderar esse time do Celtics à nada. Bom, eu não concordo e nem discordo. Eu só não duvido do seu potencial, afinal, Uncle Drew pode te surpreender de diversas maneiras. 37 pontos, 7 rebotes, 6 assistências e 6 bolas do perímetro, no jogo 2 contra os Pacers. MANDO DE QUADRA MANTIDO, CELTICS 2x0. ☘️ QD

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Kyrie’s staying, he’s so happy here

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I love Kyrie’s vibe he spreads so much positivity and joy with that smile😁💓

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Can you tell who I want to win the NBA Championship? 👀🍀

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Round 1, Game 2 celtics

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Most impressive win to go up 2-0 was? . We're back with another one As the NBA season came to a close, we shared our All NBA Teams, reactions to the MVP race and who we think the X factor's are on each championship contender. Head to the bio link or spotify, soundcloud, and itunes to listen giannis harden kyrie bucks celtics rockets houston boston nba nbabasketball basketball playoffs sports news podcast podcasts podcasting talk media content create trending like follow popculture worldwide good goodvibes 4ppp

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Player of the Game: Kyrie Irving with 37 points, 6 rebounds, and 7 assists. Playoffs Kyrie is here! Not to mention that his Duke brother Jayson Tatum also had a great game and has a thing with being a playoff legend!🍀 kyrieirving jaysontatum celtics kyrieirving jaytatum0 nba

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Player Spotlight: Kyrie Irving 🎥 - Last night was yet another reminder at how unbelievably talented & skilled of a basketball player Kyrie Irving is. - He scored a game high 37 pts (15-26 FG, 6-10 3PT) as the Celtics defeated the Pacers in a 99-91 comeback to take a commanding 2-0 lead in the series. - 2018-2019 (67 Games) Stats: 23.8 ppg, 5.0 rpg, 6.9 apg, 1.5 spg Percentages: 48.7 FG%, 40.1 3PT%, 87.3 FT% - Kyrie’s ball-handling flare, wide array of offensive moves, and the fact that he’s THE best under the rim finisher we have in the NBA today makes him one of the most fun players to watch in the league and what Stephen A. Smith would call “BOX OFFICE!” - Irving has made sure there is no confusion on who the alpha is on the team, he’s leading by example. Here are his top box scores from the season: - PHX (11/8): 39 pts, 7 reb, 6 ast, 13-28 FG vs. TOR (11/16): 43 pts, 2 reb, 11 ast, 18-26 FG WAS (12/12): 38 pts, 3 reb, 7 ast, 12-28 FG vs. PHI (12/25): 40 pts, 6 reb, 10 ast, 17-33 FG vs. MEM (1/18): 38 pts, 7 reb, 11 ast, 14-21 FG CHI (2/23): 37 pts, 5 reb, 10 ast, 14-24 FG vs. SAC (3/14): 31 pts, 10 reb, 12 ast, 11-28 FG PHI (3/20): 36 pts, 9 reb, 4 ast, 12-29 FG - This season Kyrie logged 18 games with 10+ assists, the most he’s ever had in a full regular season in the past was 8. - Let’s define “crunch time” in the boundaries of 5:00 left in the 4th quarter or OT when the game is within 5 points. - In crunch time this season, Kyrie Irving had a league leading 31 FGM. Players’ field goal percentages are supposed to drop during this time due to defenses tightening up, but not Kyrie’s. - He shot an ABSURD 57.4% from the field and 50.0% from 3 in crunch time this season. - He’s still only 27 years old & just entering his prime. We’re watching the ascension of an NBA Champion & a future Hall of Famer. - How do you think the Celtics will finish the season and do you think Kyrie will re-sign in Boston? - NationalBasketballAnalyst -

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Tatum goes up Via celtics

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I would’ve posted the music with this fact, but Instagram copyright-claimed my last post and took it down. You can find the album on YouTube though! - Use code “NBAFACT” on SeatGeek for $20.00 off tickets to any sporting event or concert! - Use code “DAILYNBAFACT40” on Sleefs for 40% off your next purchase! - Like what I post? Give me a follow for more daily NBA facts, and feel free to DM me any interesting facts that you’d like me to share! - nba basketball lebron kobe nbabasketball nbafinals nbaplayoffs nbadraft nbamemes nba2k nba2k18 lebronjames mj michaeljordan jordan cavaliers celtics spurs heat durant jordan bulls warriors nuggets onthatgrind dailynbafact dailyfactnation

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This playoffs who would you rather on your team?

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Tatum secures the win late in the game with the dunk and the foul😱 CUsRise Celtics

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1 Antetokounmpo vuelve a dominar el partido contra los Pistons con un 26+12+4. Bledsoe (27+4+6) le apoyo para poner el 2-0 a la serie 2 Los Celtics hacen un parcial de 10-0 en el último minuto de partido para llevarse la victoria y el 2-0 en la serie. Irving fue el jugador más destacado con 36 puntos, 6 rebotes y 7 asistencias 3 Harden consigue su tercer triple-doble en playoffs con un 32+13+10 y ponen también el 2-0 en la serie ante los Jazz 4 Una jugada de Harden que ocurrió durante el partido, que después de hacerle un crossover a Ricky, hace el shimmy shimmy y falla el triple. No me gusta esa actitud de sobrado, ni de Harden, ni de ningún jugador, así que me alegro que haya fallado el tiro 😂 Seguirme en nbaaldetalle 🏀 NBA NBAaldetalle antetokounmpo giannisantetokounmpo giannis bucks irving kyrieirving celtics harden jamesharden nbaplayoffs playoffsnba thisiswhyweplay dunk baloncesto basketball

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Pick one! 🤔

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Another tough lost for the Pacers, this now puts them in down 2-0. During the regular season it looked like they could still compete without Oladipo, but towards the end of games they just look lost out there. In the 4th, you always need that one player that you can go to, but the Pacers literally have none. This is now the 2nd straight game they blew because of the 2nd half. If they want to win, they need to stay consistent.

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Stay with me here. I think the Rockets are better this year than they were last year. Mostly, because I think JamesHarden is better than he was last year. He’s been so dominant all season long. I think it took them a little longer to realize their true potential this season, with all the players they lost and all the new guys they brought in, but I think they have a real shot at beating the Warriors. Harden won’t be nearly as run down, as the two teams will match up in the second round as opposed to the WCF. The Warriors won’t have DeMarcusCousins, which I think could allow Capela to feast. If CP3 and Harden hold up, they can give GSW a run for their money. Thoughts? ⬇️⬇️ • • • lebron lebronjames lakers kobe kobebryant giannisantetokounmpo spurs knicks michaeljordan chicagobulls bulls celtics bostonceltics kyrieirving joelembiid stephcurry sixers 76ers nba goldenstatewarriors warriors kevindurant jamesharden rockets houstonrockets

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The Jazz are yet again no match for the Rockets as Houston easily flys by Utah. They now extend their series lead 2-0! (Had to repost this one as well)

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Pierce or Irving?

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How many times has Kyrie been an All Star?