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UPDATE: The Houston Rockets are offering Clint Capela, Eric Gordon, and PJ Tucker in trades, and are looking for the best available first rounder for each of them, according to Adrian Wojnaroski. The Celtics have the Grizzlies and Milwaukee protected 2020 first round picks, and would receive an unprotected 2021 pick from each of the teams if the protections are made. In addition, they have their own picks. Pursue or stay away? And who should they pursue (if you want them to get someone)?

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Kemba Walker appears to be the Celtics top taret in free agency 👀 — Follow CelticsNationCP if you’re a real Celtics fan!

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My Celtics’ free agency thoughts as June 30th approaches ☘️ - Kyrie: not re-signing ☘️ - Kemba: I love Kemba and I hope we sign him. The Kemba to Boston noise is only getting louder ☘️ - Horford: not worth paying him $100 mil for 4 years, he’ll sign elsewhere ☘️ - D’Angelo Russell: unlikely he signs here, and I’ve seen no reliable reports linking him to Boston ☘️ - Vucevic: he’s going to be asking for too much, I’ll pass ☘️ - Brogdon: yes please! (if we can’t get Kemba) The other issue is prying him from Milwaukee, but he’d be a perfect fit ☘️

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Cop or Drop ? | 🔥 OR 🤢 ?

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How many ppg is Carsen gonna average next year? (Repost filayyyy)

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Would you guys like Kemba in the Bean?☘️💯

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The Mavericks and Celtics are the two most likely teams to pry Kemba Walker away from Charlotte. Reporters of the Charlotte Explorer believe that it is unlikely Kemba returns to the Hornets next season. Obviously these are just rumors, but the Celtics could be in good position to sign Kemba this free agency. We’ll have to wait and see 👀☘️

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Keep Grinding ! 👁️ Never Slow down a bit ! 🔥🙌

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Build a TRIO with 6$ ! 🔥👀

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Thoughts ? 👀🤔

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I'm Back ! 🔥 Sorry for the Inactivity Guys ! 🙄

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Comment who you think Carsen Edwards player comparison is

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‪Woah this is interesting ‬

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Throwback 🕰: The official 2009 NBA Playoffs promo featuring Kanye West’s “Amazing.” Straight chills. No doubt in my mind we would’ve went back-to-back that year if it weren’t for KG’s injury. The Orlando Magic, who we steamrolled the next year, representing the East was laughable. Lakers really got lucky. - Thoughts? Comment ⬇️

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kyrie blocked curry two years in a row 🤭🔥

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Free agent guard Kyrie Irving is leaning towards a deal with the Phoenix Suns in order to play with shooting guard Devin Booker, league sources tell ESPN.

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Accroding to a NY Post source Kyrie Irving is all set to sign a 4 year $141 Million contract with the Nets as free agency begins. Thoughts?

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IT may or may not be making an appearance at the millyz show on July 26th 👀☘️ BleedGreen

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Al Horford-Resign or Let Walk? - What I think will Happen: Walks What I want to Happen: Walks (possibly Resign) - Al Horford is another interesting Free Agent for the Celtics in the coming days. While I’ve heard reports that Horford’s decision won’t depend on Kyrie’s, I think it completely does. Horford is currently 33 years old, and is clearly in the later years of his career. It seems only logical that he wants a Championship to go out, and if Kyrie doesn’t stay then the chances of the Celtics winning it all in the next few years is extremely slim. It has also been reported that some GMs believe Horford could recover anywhere from $100-112M on a 4 year contract. Why I’d be open to paying something similar to this is that if Kyrie stays, they’ll automatically be over the Luxury Tax. Why not go even more over to keep him? This isn’t desirable, as I’d prefer to pay the core in a few years, but I’d be open to it if we’re in win now mode. Most likely we won’t even have to worry about this, as it looks like Kyrie is leaving for Brooklyn. If he does, then there’s no way I’d pay Horford this. Keep the max spot and pay someone younger, or just don’t spend the cap unless it’s on a cheap deal for Horford. - With all this being said, Boston loves Al. It seems to me that it’s best for both sides to move on. The Celtics will have more cap flexibility, and Horford can possibly go out with a ring. - Thoughts?

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Who will Irving and Russell play for next season? Will Kyrie be a Laker? Or will Russell be a Laker? - Follow jrp.visualz (me) for nonstop basketball updates! 🏀✅

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How would you guys feel about this lineup? Instead of the last lineup we pick up some role players and give Tatum the keys to the offense. In this we sign Rubio and trade Hayward to the Thunder for Adams and first round picks. This lineup would still be competitive but not as good as the last one, but I feel like it gives us more flexibility in the future and if Tatum really develops for the future and our other guys follow along, this team will be a force to reckon with in just a few seasons.☘️

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Marcus Smart destroying campers 💀😂 (📹: wbztv)

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Me and cwill34 discussed a lot on our ScreensAndRhymes “Future of The Celtics Podcast” in-response to our favorite team’s fate being up in the air. 🍀🏀🍀 Soundcloud link in my bio. 🎥 by: malik_shardow02

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Should Beal stay?🔥 - Follow beal.legacy for more!

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As Free Agency is just less than a week away, here’s what our roster looks like as of today. Still many holes to fill and we got a lot of work to do but I’m loving this group of guys! Excited to see how this team gels together! Let’s go Celtics! ☘️ • • • Boston Celtics BostonCeltics BostonPride BostonStrong Beantown Celtics4Life CelticsForLife IamaCeltic IBleedGreen BleedGreen GreenRunsDeep Green CelticsPride CelticPride CelticsNation CelticNation AllAbout18 NBA LetsGoCeltics Massachusetts CsUp GoCeltics CusRISE MarcusSmart JaylenBrown GordonHayward JaysonTatum RobertWilliams

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Kyrie to Nets? 👀🤷‍♂️ - Follow ( irving.centerr ) For More! 🤟🏽

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Marcus does make a valid point. 🤔🍀 — Follow CelticsNationCP if you’re a real Celtics fan!

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Who should the Celtics go after in Free Agency?🤔

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‼️ Terry Rozier is not a good basketball player right now ‼️ Thoughts? What do you think? Where is Rozier going this summer? _ I don’t think he’s getting paid much but I’d say Orlando, I hope they find a better starter though 💦

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Ray Allen was a three point specialist. He is in my opinion the greatest catch and shoot player in NBA history. That is no knock on his shot off the dribble either, but he made a living off unleashing the ball with his extremely quick release right when he caught the ball. He had perfect form and it showed, especially in crunch time. We saw it many times in clutch situations, but the one that sticks out to me is game 6 against the Spurs in the NBA finals. Of course this marksman had the awareness to find the 3 point line and drain it which allowed for a game 7 and ultimately an NBA Championship for the Miami Heat. He holds the record for 3 pointers made in a career, but the way the NBA is played nowadays, it's inevitable that it is surpassed over this decade by the player I have 1 on this list.

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Which impersonation was the best😂🕺🏾 - Follow speedlayup for more 🔥